The 11 Best Men’s Travel Shoes

Are you seeking the best men’s travel shoes for your next trip? Preparing for a trip always includes a flurry of lists, packing, and getting your gear squared away. From a few days to month-long trips, picking just the right items for your journey is always stressful. A pair of travel shoes may be the most important thing you pack.

You want a shoe that’s comfortable but durable. Practical yet stylish. Breathable but protective. You almost certainly have 2 or 3 pairs that, between them, accomplish this, but you can’t lug all of them across the world on your trip. No travel shoe will achieve all of this. The best packing strategy is to pack the right shoe for the right destination.

The most versatile shoe we pack for a trip is the classic sneaker. A good pair of travel sneakers are stylish for everyday wear and double as athletic wear for a long run, hike, or the hotel gym. These travel shoes for men will keep you and your feet happy.

The Best Men’s Travel Shoes

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Best Travel Shoes Men

Sneakers are a great call for any trip. For starters, men in sandals on a plane feel a little gross and slobbish. Then when it comes to extended travel days that involve a lot of walking, you want comfortable closed-toe shoes with a thick sole.

Of course, walking around the streets of a major city, you don’t want to look like you’re on the way to the gym so opt for a stylish trainer. The best travel sneakers should be simple, fashionable, comfortable, and, most importantly, affordable.

Allbirds Runners



  • Super Comfortable
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Wide Colorway Choices
  • Simple Style
  • Antimicrobial Wool Properties


  • The “Toe Hump”
  • Longevity

If you’re shopping for a new pair of men’s travel shoes, you’ve likely seen Allbirds Wool Runners online. They’ve billed themselves as the most comfortable shoes in the world, made to fight odor, be worn without socks, and handle the demands of travel exceptionally. Those are all tall claims.

While you can undoubtedly contest the claim they are the most comfortable shoe on earth, they are amazing. Allbirds try to source sustainable materials for their shoes, which we love. The style is also great, and they look even better in person than online with high-quality details.

The feeling of wearing them is best compared to wearing a wool sweater comfortable and cozy. If that sounds hot for travel in a warm destination, they make a breezy Tree Runner version of the shoe. Fit is exceptional as they come a little tight, but stretch to fit your feet like magic with your first day of wearing. Wool’s properties, such as odor and dirt resistance, make these unique. They’re also machine washable, dry quickly, and keep your feet warm even when wet.

As the shoe uppers are made of a thick wool fabric, you can see the big toe through the top of the shoe. The “toe hump” detracts from many, and it’s a little polarizing, but we still love the shoe. As it is wool, you can wear thin spots in the fabric if your feet move around a lot in the interior. However, we’ve never experienced premature wear in these shoes and consider them the best travel shoes for men. They have traveled with us to over 25 countries now.

Allbirds Shoes Review: The Most Comfortable Sneaker?

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Vivobarefoot Gobi III

Vivobarefoot Gobi III


  • Style
  • Superb Packability
  • Foot Health Benefits
  • Leather Upper
  • Durability


  • Wide Toe Box Style
  • Barefoot Tech Is Polarizing

Many of the foot and joint issues that plague modern-day humans are from overdesigned shoes. Most shoes cause our feet to move in unnatural manners, making our feet wither! VivoBarefoot is a company here to fix our troubled feet the natural way.

These trendy shoes have made waves with health enthusiasts and minimalists obsessed with details. Thanks to the build quality and lack of midsole, the shoes last longer than a traditional sneaker. The leather upper style makes for an excellent men’s shoe that works in various environments.

These shoes pack up well in a suitcase for the ultimate travel shoe. The leather uppers and grippy soles make the shoes decent for short hikes and rugged terrain. They are great for people with wide feet who need more room in their shoes. – they are broad, thin, and flexible to promote the foot’s natural movement.

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adidas Ultraboosts 22

adidas Ultraboosts make excellent travel shoes


  • Excellent Urban Style
  • Huge Range Of Colorways
  • Super Comfortable
  • Maximalism Style


  • Not Technical Running Shoes

adidas Ultraboosts make perfect travel shoes as they’re stylish sneakers and very comfortable. They hit the target between a sneaker and running shoe with enough tech to fit either environment. The sleek design with maximalist colorways is the highlight, and they look great on the feet. With a wide range of colorways and models, it’s easy to find a design that fits your style.

It uses a Primeknit upper and fits like a slip-on for a great fit on the top of the shoe. A plastic midfoot cage with laces allows for adjustment in fit despite the slip-on design. That upper is comfortable and fits well, but the knit is breathable, which keeps the shoes fresh. Under the foot are a heavily cushioned midsole and high stack height for exceptionally comfortable shoes. However, that does sacrifice some performance.

Avid runners or hikers will want to look elsewhere as the shoes are a little clunky and heavy. The travel shoes are great for gym wear and light runs for most. We have an excellent recommendation for the Speedgoat 4 below if you’re after a high-performance running shoe.

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Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker


  • High Quality Leather Finish
  • Classic Style
  • Wide Color Selection
  • Durability


  • Casual Use Only

The classic travel shoe is comfortable and stylish with high-quality leather. Ecco’s elegant look feels relaxed but mature enough to be worn by all ages. It’s a classic shoe that’s highly versatile and comfortable. Thanks to its simple leather design, the shoes look more appropriate for dressier occasions such as business environments, restaurants, and bars.

It’s tough to fault these shoes as the craftsmanship is better than most of the shoes on this list. The leather laces and thick soles ensure a pair of shoes with plenty of longevity for tons of future trips. The insole in the shoes is leather molded for reliable comfort and even breathability.

While the shoe is comfortable for walking all day, it is a heavier sneaker. It means they’re not suitable for athletics or hiking. However, the versatile shoes sit right between a dress shoe and a traditional sneaker.

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Hoka One One Speedgoat

best mens travel shoes


  • Lightweight
  • Very Comfortable
  • Great Cushion Underfoot
  • Excellent Performance


  • Height Can Make Them Unstable
  • Polarizing Style

It’s tough to beat the performance of the best-selling trail running monster Speedgoat. They have a robust cushion underfoot, so they’re super comfortable and feel great for running on hard surfaces. These shoes are perfect for active travelers who love to enjoy adventure activities, hikes, and trail runs.

The shoes focus on running, offering minimal upper protection to save weight. Hoka One One specializes in neutral running shoes. They provide fantastic arch support and a stable platform to assist people who pronate or have flat feet. The large platform is supported by a thick midsole, making for a comfy ride. The rockered outsole offers excellent traction and feels very nimble underfoot.

We like Speedgoat as they’re the most versatile active shoe for everyday life. They are appropriate in the gym, running on the road, or the trail. If you’d like a lot of bang for your buck, this is a great option. These shoes feel great for the athletic crowd or those who prize comfortable shoes.

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Tropicfeel Canyon

Tropicfeel Canyon


  • Water Performance
  • Decent Style
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Packable


  • Not Great In Cold Weather

Tropicfeel shoes sell themselves as the ultimate travel shoe. That’s a tall promise. However, they’ve demonstrated they are attractive shoes capable of handling many environments. When it comes to footwear and clothes, travelers can put items through the wringer.

They’re fantastic as shoes at coastal destinations as they’re essentially water shoes. The shoes are great for coastal destinations such as Bali, Hawaii, Greece, or even on the boat. Plus, you can easily pack these shoes as they’re very light and the top is soft.

They work well as a casual shoes for errands around town, or you can work out comfortably in them. I have done a light run in the shoes, but they lack the correct ergonomics for more serious runs, and they are too loose. However, they are perfect for a quick workout in the hotel gym!

Tropicfeel Shoes Review: The Most Versatile Travel Shoes?

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Lems Primal 2

Lems Primal 2


  • Style
  • Superb Packability
  • Foot Health Benefits
  • Leather Upper
  • Durability
  • Value


  • Wide Toe Box Style
  • Barefoot Tech Is Polarizing

Like the Vivobarefoot, Lems specializes in barefoot shoes to correct our problematic feet. These shoes have a period of “breaking in” that’s really about your feet getting used to the sensation of being barefoot.

These trendy shoes have made waves with health enthusiasts and minimalists obsessed with details. Thanks to the build quality and lack of midsole, the shoes last longer than a traditional sneaker. The most significant difference between these shoes and Vivobarefoot above is the use of vegan materials.

These shoes pack up well in a suitcase for the ultimate travel shoe. The breathable uppers and grippy soles make the shoes decent for short hikes and rugged terrain. They are great for people with wide feet who need more room in their shoes. – they are broad, thin, and flexible to promote the foot’s natural movement. We love these shoes!

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Salomon Speedcross

Salomon Speedcross 5


  • Salomon Speed Laces
  • Extremely Reliable Grip
  • Lightweight
  • Exceptional Performance


  • Lacks Versatility

The Salomon Speedcross is the gold standard of trail running shoes. It’s wonderfully versatile, aggressive, lightweight, comfortable, and has incredible traction. A real go anywhere and do anything shoe that seems to excel in various locations.

We have several pairs of the Speedcross and love them. They’ve built a stripped-down shoe that offers everything you need and nothing that you don’t. You don’t have to be a runner to benefit from the comfort and capabilities of these shoes.

I’ve watched others slip and slide in muddy/icy trail conditions while I breeze right by them. I’ll have the next pair in the closet before I even wear out the first, and I don’t think I’m alone. The best shoes!

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Chuck Taylor All Star

Chuck Taylor All Star Mens Travel Shoes


  • Classic Sneaker
  • Comfortable
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight


  • Very Casual
  • Longevity

There is hardly a more classic sneaker than the Converse All-Star. They’re perfect for travel as lightweight, stylish, and comfortable. Plus, they have universal appeal as you can find them the world over whether you’re exploring London or Beijing. These are a great call if you’re looking for that old-school look with a pair of jeans.

What’s excellent about Chucks is they’re affordable and reliable in their shoe fit. It’s just a great canvas shoe that has been around for decades. There are some drawbacks, such as longevity and the fact they lack arch support. If you have custom insoles, you can always fix that, though. We travel with a pair and swap them in and out of shoes.

Chuck Taylor All Star

Merrell Men’s Moab

Best Hiking Shoes Merrell Moab 2


  • Very Comfortable Shoe
  • Affordable
  • Rugged
  • “Adventure Shoe”


  • UGLY!
  • Not Great For Difficult Terrain

Truthfully these aren’t sneakers, but hiking shoes. The Moab 2s have Merrel air cushion midsole technology, so you’ll be able to tackle any terrain with ease as your shoes work overtime to absorb the shock and keep you in stride.

They are lightweight at 12 ounces and utilize breathable mesh inlays that prevent sweat buildup, keeping your feet cool and dry. These shoes are an excellent fit for almost every hiker and can go from flat pavement to steep grades without missing a beat.

They’re more skewed to casual use and well-worn trails as they lack essential performance. The soft toe caps, heavier weight, and soles are better suited for mud, not rock. However, for long multiday hikes, these are tremendous on trails like the Appalachian Trail or similar less technical terrain. I’d recommend this shoe if you’re taking a trip to go hike the Inca Trail, climb Kilimanjaro, or visit the Canadian Rockies.

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Blundstone BL585

Best Travel Shoes Men


  • Iconic Style
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Easy Slip-On
  • Thick Rubber Soles
  • Steel Shank Insoles
  • Super Durable Heat Resistant Sole


  • Not Technical
  • Lacks Ventilation

These are a solid go-to for travel for a stylish men’s travel shoe. The BL585 has great tread, insoles, and strong arch support, which makes it much more than a stylish boot for men.

Not only can these boots feel comfortable in a more formal or stylish event, but they’re equally at home on a ranch or going for a walk in the woods. An EVA footbed with special technology in the heels ensures all-day comfort.

The boots are made of thick, soft leather, have durable stitching, and are incredibly comfortable. I love the slip-on fit, and the pull tabs make it easy to put on and take off. As a tip, I’d pick up some leather treatment to protect the boot and add a level of water resistance. Altogether they’re one of the best travel shoes for men.

Check Prices on Blundstone BL585

What to Consider When Buying Travel Shoes


Best Travel Shoes Men
Wearing Tropicfeels in Hong Kong / Some of the Most Comfortable Sneakers for Men

As you undoubtedly already know, matching your shoe choice to your destination is crucial. You wouldn’t take a stylish pair of sandals to Iceland in the winter any more than you would take a couple of clunky hiking boots for a trip to Paris.

Your first step is, therefore, straightforward: do some research. Where are you going? What weather are you expecting; hot or cold, wet or dry?

Once you’ve sorted your destination, it’s time to consider what you plan to do. Are you looking to spend your trip pounding the pavement in a city as you visit the sights and local eateries? Or are you perhaps hoping to jump out to the mountain and get some intense trail runs and hikes under your belt?

Or maybe you’re right in the middle, with a healthy balance of city and nature. In any case, your activities will correlate directly with the performance of your travel shoes.


Hiking in Switzerland
Running in Salomon Speedcross in Zermatt

Performance correlates heavily to your destination research. Once you’ve selected your destination and the activities you’re looking to do, take a very close look at the overall performance of the shoes that you are considering.

It means delving into the shoe specifics. Are the shoes waterproof? What’s the upper made out of, and how long will it last? Is the sole durable enough for what you’re planning to do? What’s the comfort rating? Will your feet be screaming after spending all day in these shoes?

We’ve tried to answer many of these questions with our forthcoming shoe descriptions. But always remember to consider what you’re planning to do with these shoes. Out on the mountains 90% of the time? Then high-performance is the way to go. On the other hand, if you’ll be spending most of your time enjoying the city, you’ll probably spend some more time thinking about design.


Best Travel Shoes Men
In the Ecco Soft Sneaker in Canada / Best Travel Sneakers

Although a non-issue in most cases, design and appearance can play a huge role in travel situations. Most seasoned travelers, this writer included, blanch at being pegged as a tourist the moment they step off the plane.

If you look like a bumbling tourist, it opens the floodgates to being targeted by scammers, inflated cab prices, and petty thievery in some cases. We know that your favorite running shoes are incredibly comfortable, but rest assured, nearly everyone and their dog will know that you’re a tourist as soon as you leave North America.

If this concerns you, then take the time to consider what the locals are wearing and factor that into your decision-making process.


Travel in Costa Rica - Rio Celeste Waterfall
Hiking in the Hoka Speedgoat in Costa Rica / Best Travel Sneakers

Shoes get dirty, plain and simple. They will eventually get soiled no matter where we wear them or what we do. However, if you’re on a trip and have condensed your standard top three pairs of shoes down to one travel pair, your travel shoes will get dirty even faster.

Shoes that need a little brush down or the occasional rinse are preferred. Those that require a special cleaning agent get gouged easily, or need in-depth preventative layers applied all the time, will be quick to rack up annoyance points.

How to Travel With Your Shoes

Best Travel Shoes Men - Faroe Islands
Getting Married in Blundstones in the Faroe Islands / Best Travel Shoes for Men

I always travel with shoes in a separate part of my luggage. I don’t want the dust and dirt from the street to get on my clothes. If I’m traveling in a suitcase, I will place my shoes in either a reusable bag or a packing cube and place them sole up at the bottom of my bag. My travel shoes never go next to my best outfits, just in case they get dirt everywhere. See more of our packing hacks here.

If I am on a backpacking trip, I will still wrap my shoes in a reusable bag and place them at the bottom of the backpack. If they are travel flip-flops or rugged tennis shoes, I will either wrap them by their shoelaces on the outside of the bag or place them on the side holders. Just watch out for theft if you leave your suitcase!

There are at least two pairs of shoes in my bag, but sometimes more, depending on where I travel and the season.

  • Sneakers: For everyday use and exploring.
  • Casual Shoe: I use this as a dress shoe or nice leather boot.


Walking Shoes Insoles

Superfeet is a great affordable option for insoles if you have mild foot pain. For example I’m not sure if I’d recommend them for someone with plantar fasciitis. They don’t operate like those cheap gel insets you find at the drug store but focus on adequately distributing your weight across your feet.

The result is better comfort, foot health, and even back health in the long run. The Superfeet Green is by far the most popular option.

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