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The best men’s travel shoes for your next trip. Preparing for a trip always includes a flurry of lists, packing, and getting your gear squared away. From a few days to month-long trips, there’s always the stress of picking just the right gear for your journey. One item that’s often overlooked, but arguably one of the most important, is your choice of shoes.

You want a shoe that’s comfortable but durable. Practical yet stylish. Breathable but protective. You almost certainly have 2 or 3 pairs that, between them, accomplish this; but you can’t lug all of them across the world on your trip. You need just a pair that accomplishes everything you need when you travel.

We’ve compiled this list of the best travel shoes for men for just that reason. This is your one-stop-shop for finding the perfect pair of travel shoes to take on your next trip. From long travel days on airplanes to city walking and museums, and even hitting the dirt, these best travel shoes will keep you, and your feet, happy.

The Best Men’s Travel Shoes

Best Men’s Sneakers For Travel

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Sneakers are a great call for any trip. For starters, neither of us like to fly with sandals as it feels a little gross. Then when it comes to extended travel days that involve a lot of walking you want comfortable closed-toe shoes that have a thick sole.

Of course, walking around the streets of a major city, you don’t want to look like you’re on the way to the gym so opt for a stylish trainer. Sneakers should be simple, fashionable, comfortable, and most importantly, affordable. All of these sneakers are under $100 with several under $50, so you can save more for travel!

Allbirds Wool Runners

All Birds Wool Runners Best Womens Travel Shoes

If you’re shopping for a new pair of travel shoes, likely, you’ve already come across Allbirds on the internet. They’ve billed themselves as the most comfortable shoes in the world, made to fight odor, be worn without socks, and generally handle the demands of travel exceptionally. Those are all some tall claims.

While you can undoubtedly contest the claim they are the most comfortable shoe on earth, they are amazing. Allbirds try their best to source sustainable materials for their shoes, which we love. The style is also great, and they look even better in person than online with high-quality details.

The feeling of wearing them is best compared to wearing a wool sweater comfortable and cozy. Fit is exceptional as they come a little tight, but with your first day of wearing stretch to fit your feet, like magic. What makes these unique are the properties that wool bring, such as odor and dirt resistance. They’re also machine washable, dry quickly, and can keep your feet warm even when wet. Oh, and if they’re cool enough for Obama, they’re cool enough for anyone.

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

The classic travel shoe is comfortable and stylish with high-quality leather. Ecco’s elegant look feels relaxed but mature enough to be worn by all ages.

It’s tough to fault these shoes as craftsmanship is better than most of the shoes on this list. The leather laces and thick soles ensure a pair of shoes that will have plenty of longevity for tons of future trips.

adidas Superstars 2

Men's Travel Shoes Sneakers

It doesn’t get more classic than a pair of superstars. Adidas Superstars scream Rock n’ Roll and they’ve been worn by just about every famous musician at some point or another. They even made the album cover for Run DMC.

A robust rubber sole on the bottom does an excellent job at providing traction and a padded midsole makes them comfortable to wear all day long. They’re a beautiful shoe in person and they’ve been accented with the signature Adidas stripes on the side.

Merrell Burnt Rock Travel Suede

Merrell Burnt Rock Travel Suede Travel Shoe

If you’re looking at a long trip, with plenty of miles of walking ahead of you, then Merrell is a solid place to look for shoes that will hold up to the rigors of walkways and woods. The Burnt Rock Travel shoe, in particular, is an excellent bet with its attractive design but durable construction. Honestly, we’ve found you can never go wrong with a pair of Merrells.

With Merrell’s ‘Kinetic Fit’ base and EVA midsole, the Burnt Rock is an exceptionally comfortable shoe that can quickly go from box to pavement with minimal break-in time. The breathable mesh also keeps the foot cool during all your adventures, while the durable rubber base and toe cap will keep it in excellent condition for a long time.

Chuck Taylor All Star

Chuck Taylor All Star Mens Travel Shoes

There is hardly a more classic sneaker than the Converse All Star. They’re perfect for travel as they’re lightweight, stylish, and comfortable. Plus they have universal appeal as you can find them the world over whether you’re exploring London or Beijing. If you’re looking for that old school look with a pair of jeans these are a great call.

What’s great about Chucks are they’re affordable and reliable in their shoe fit. It’s just a great canvas shoe that has been around decades. There are some drawbacks such as longevity and the fact they lack arch support. If you have custom insoles you can always fix that though. We travel with a pair and swap them in and out of shoes.

Best Men’s Dress Shoe For Travel

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A pair of dress shoes for travel are always great to have in a suitcase if you’re on your way to a city. They’re stylish comfortable and can sag underdressed for any unplanned dates.

It all depends on your plans, but I also love to bring a pair of casual leather boots in lieu of dress shoes if it feels right.

With dress shoes, you can find a pair of shoes that look stylish, allow you to blend in with stylish locals, and are comfortable enough to wear all day.

Johnston & Murphy Mcguffey

You can leave it to Johnston & Murphy to produce a stylish shoe that will look at home in any fancy restaurant in town. The company has been producing formal shoes for over 100 years and knows how to make you look the part for the city scene.

The McGuffey Plain Toe has a comfortable rubber outsole. With an attractive array of different colors, you can pick out an incredibly soft leather. They’re great for a more casual wedding out of town.

Clark’s Tilden Walk

Clarks Tilden Walk Mens Travel Shoes

These are a great looking pair of dress shoes that are casual enough to be worn around town and handle more formal occasions. A Dual goring across top of the shoe provides added comfort and orthopedic footbed ensures comfort all day.

It’s a super comfortable dress shoe that is affordable and can be worn as an everyday shoe. The Clark Tifden is a comfortable shoe with a round toe and thick outer leather.

Cole Haan Original Grand Shortwing

Cole Haan Original Grand Shortwing

These are a nice pair of shoes that combine comfortable rubber soles with a more traditional wingtip shoe. They are casual enough to be worn around town and handle some formal occasions.

It’s a super comfortable dress shoe that is affordable and can be worn as an everyday shoe. Cole Haan delivers a comfortable shoe perfect for travel and long days on your feet.

ECCO Helsinki Slip-On

ECCO Helsinki Slip-On

These are so comfortable and appropriate for formal occasions. They’re perfect for a travel shoe that is affordable and provides excellent support.

The color is a nice rich brown or dark black, and the leather quality looks good enough for dress shoes. They look great with a pair of slacks, jeans, or a suit. The seam line and toe on the shoes are attractive with a slight round rectangle shape.

Best Men’s Athletic Shoes For Travel

Vivo Barefoot

We love to get active in our travels and we find ourselves seeking out more wild locations every year. While a pair of trainers or slips on might work on city streets, you need a tough shoe to take on the trails in the mountains or jungle. These shoes are for men who want to hit trails, gym, mountains, or streets full steam.

4.) Vivo Tracker Esc

It’s been said that many of the foot and joint issues that plague modern-day humans are from overdesigned shoes that you can now get just about anyway. Most shoes actually cause our feet to move in unnatural manners actually making our feet weather!

VivoBarefoot is the awesome company that is changing that. They have some amazing shoes in their line, but our favorites are their hiking boots.

We’ve been trying out the new Tracker Forest ESC on our hikes around the world. These boots pack up well in a suitcase and make hiking while traveling easier. What I specifically love about these Vivos is that they are naturally water-resistant with a nonslip sole and arch grip. So if you are a bit clumsy they are super helpful in allowing you to stay sure footed. On top of that, they are great for people with wide feet that need a little more room in their shoe. – they are broad, thin, and flexible to promote the foot’s natural movement.

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Shop Vivobarefoot Tracker Esc

Brooks Ghost 12

Brooks Ghost 12 Travel Shoes

These are a go-to running shoe for serious runners and have been so reliable they’re now in their eleventh version. The newest version comes with the Brooks DNA Loft midsole for a smooth ride that aids foot health.

I am a pretty avid runner, and I’ve tried out a number of the top brands. I’ve settled on a pair of Ghosts and rank them as one of my favorite cushioned running shoes. The Ghost 12 is a beautiful cushioned shoe that offers excellent support and allows for marathon mileage coverage that leaves your knees and feet feeling fresh.

Ghost 12 is a road running shoe, so it’s a good fit for those who are looking to hit the pavement running while abroad. Given that many streets around the world are uneven, we recommend a cushioned shoe like these as the best men’s running shoes for travel.

Running on cobblestone makes it easy to pronate or supinate so opt for a shoe like this on rough surfaces. They aren’t for everyone as they’re very cushioned so if you like a little more feel and nimbleness in your shoes I’d look elsewhere.

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX

Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX Mens Travel Shoe

If you are traveling with only outdoor adventure on your mind, then these Ultra 3s may be just what you need. Often voted one of the top hiking shoes on the market, these are built with only the rocky trail in mind. Salomon has strong name recognition and there is a good reason for that.

From their waterproof but breathable design, down to their grippy and rugged bottom soles; these shoes will support you through every trail hike on your trip. Naturally, their design is aimed at only intense outdoor sports, and we wouldn’t recommend them for a city-oriented trip. However, they’re super useful for tackling mountains.

Hoka One One Speedgoat 4

Hoka One One Speedgoat 4

Hoka One One Speedgoat 4 is my absolute favorite trail running shoe out there. I recently upgraded to the Speedgoat 4, which has been named the Editors Choice by Runner’s World, and they are great for traveling. First, they are lightweight, saving you weight in your precious airline luggage.

They fit well, are durable, and stable, and fit for any day on the trail. I’m particularly happy with their traction, which has kept me from falling more than once on some muddy trails in South America. As for comfort the Speedgoat 4’s have a nice cushion feel and decent arch support. Hoka One One is famous for having strong arch support and helping people who pronate or have flat feet that aid proper running form.

Merrell Moab 2

These shoes are built tough, built to last, and are just in general good men’s travel shoes. I have probably put over 500 miles, and they got me through a year of bushwalking in Africa – I still haven’t thrown them out. They are well padded, extremely comfortable, and for about a $20 different you can get the Gortex version (waterproof).

You can easily walk all day in these shoes through all different terrains. Seriously Moab Ventilator, you are some of the best men’s walking shoes for the outdoors.

Best Men’s Casual Boots For Travel

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A great pair of boots are a timeless look and will still hold up well for modest hikes and modern cities. I love a great pair of leather boots that are versatile enough to take a wide range of settings.

Danner Mountain Light Cascade ($360)

Danner Mountain Light Travel Boot

Danner has been crafting some of the best travel boots for decades, but when it comes to blending hiking and travel for those adventurous spirits out there, the Mountain Light is top dog. The boot is finely crafted to be ruggedly stylish and will hold up to just about any escapade you can throw at it. Those classic looking boots you saw in the movie Wild, yup those we’re Danners.

Starting from the bottom, we have a rugged Vibram outsole that provides excellent shock absorption for a smooth ride, while also providing great traction over some tough terrain. The upper Sienna leather has a very attractive retro aesthetic while maintaining its utility with very durable construction.

While not inherently waterproof, we love the classic construction that makes these boots functional in the outdoors, yet classy enough to wear elsewhere on your travels. It’s a classic boot that is stylish but delivers reliable performance.

Red Wing Iron Ranger


Red Wing has a well-earned reputation for nearly indestructible boots that will last through rain or shine, which is exactly what we’re looking for in the perfect travel boot! The Iron Ranger combines high-quality construction with a fashionable and eye-catching design that makes it perfect for city traveling. It’s the recipe for a cult-like following that has been beloved for decades.

The 100% leather upper construction is exceptionally comfortable and durable, but we recommend adding some waterproofing for even more protection. Working our way down, the outsole is composed of nitrile cork, providing a cushy and supportive ride that will keep you on the move from the airport to the city sights, and as you dance the night away!

The big negatives on Red Wings are the high price point. They’re also not made for performance out in the mountains. If you need a travel boot for hiking look at some of the other travel boots on this list.

Blundstone BL550

Blundstone BL585 Mens Travel Boots

For a stylish men’s boot, these are a reliable go-to for travel. The BL550 has great tread, insoles, and strong arch support, which makes much more than a stylish boot for men. Not only can these boots feel comfortable in a more formal or stylish event, but they’re equally at home on a ranch or going for a walk in the woods. An EVA footbed with specialized technology in the heels ensures all-day comfort.

The boots feature thick, soft leather, durable stitching, and they’re incredibly comfortable. I love the slip-on fit, and the pull tabs make it easy to put on and take off. As a tip, I’d pick up some leather treatment to protect the boot and add a level of water resistance. Altogether they’re a tremendous travel boot for men.

Best Men’s Hiking Boots For Travel

Hiking in Canada

Travel doesn’t have to be all about drinking a beer on the beach or exploring a new city. I love getting out in the mountains so much that we now call it home, and feel more comfortable in a pair of hiking boots than anything else. There are a plethora of trips and destinations that call for more robust shoes and that’s when I reach for a pair of hiking boots.

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX

Best Hiking Boot Salomon GTX III

Salomon has been at the top of the hiking boot game for a long time. With exceptional quality, outstanding durability, and solid overall construction, it’s easy to see why. Now they have entered their contender in the lightweight hiking boots fight, and we couldn’t be happier.

Weighing in at just under 1lb, the Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid hiking boots will have you walking longer and faster without even noticing. The mid-ankle design gives you great support, the improved lugs provide excellent grip, and the toe protection is robust. Overall, these lightweight hiking boots for both men and women are a fantastic option for hikers of all levels. 

It’s a good boot for anyone looking to have a lightweight boot without sacrificing performance. If you’re seeking a boot to move fast and run downhill with some ankle protection this is a great hiking boot.

Merrell Moab II

Best Hiking Boots - Merrel Moabs

Merrel is one of our favorite boot brands and they deliver some of the best value on the market. They make entry-level boots that are super comfortable for long distances and with weight on your back. Merrell has managed to keep these boots affordable as they haven’t updated the design in years and it’s proven to be a reliable boot. It’s not broken don’t fix it.

The boots are a blend of leather, textile, and synthetic. They are waterproof, comfortable, rubber soles, and high ankles. On the outsole is tough Vibram soles that provide good cushion and traction on slick surfaces. The major downside of the boot is its lack of support.

The Moab 2 operates more as an easy trail boot that something designed for scrambling or traversing craggy trails. If you spend a lot of time in the Rocky Mountains with lots of scree and rough rocks you may want a more robust hiking boot. However, if you spend more time out in warm environments these boots are great. As a bonus, they come in a non-waterproof vented version to keep your feet cool.

Vasque St. Elias GTX Hiking Boots

Vasque St. Elias GTX Hiking Boots Travel Boots

If you are planning on setting out on exceptionally rocky and wet terrain, look no further than the Vasque St. Elias GTX Hiking Boots. Designed specifically for environments like the Appalachian Trail, these boots hold up through mud, rain, rocks, and snow. There are go-to boots when we’re at home hiking around Banff.

They are slightly heavier than the Salomon X Ultra’s, weighing in at 2lbs 15oz. The added weight comes from the comfortable leather exterior, and rugged foot protection, which we think are definitely worth the trade. These boots come in both men’s and women’s sizes, and a variety of colors depending on your style preference. 

La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX

La Sportiva Nucleo High GTX Best Hiking Boots

La Sportiva’s Nucleo High GTX hiking boots were designed to increase breathability throughout. A Gor-Tex Surround liner allows airflow through the top of the boot, as well as the sides and bottom of the footbed. It also boasts Nano-Cell Technology, which is a web-like mesh found on the sides of the boot.

Weighing in at 2lbs 1.6oz, it is hard to believe they were able to get away with the large swathes of leather throughout that gives these hiking boots notable foot protection against some of the most rugged terrain. The only downside would be the narrowness of the footbed. These boots will not work well for men or women that generally wear wider styles. 

Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX

Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX Best Hiking Boot

The Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX brings heavyweight hiking boot quality to the lightweight category. These supportive, durable, lightweight hiking boots are made to handle heavy loads for multiple days of backpacking, without the added strain of bulky boots wearing you down. The mid-ankle height gives you excellent stability, while the PU and EVA midsole blend combines the phenomenal shock absorption of the PU with the cushy quality of EVA.

There are not many other hiking boots that offer this blended option. Also, their choice of a suede upper rather than leather gives these boots a boost in the breathability department – surprisingly, without sacrificing the waterproof abilities. It’s a great boot for those more skewed towards mountaineering and scrambling.

Best Men’s Sandals

beach packing list

If you’re going to spend some time at the beach you’re going to want a pair of sandals in your luggage. There are three great choices here that range from the beach to hiking to help with plantar fasciitis.

Rainbow Sandal

Rainbow Sandal For Travel

I’ve had Rainbow flip flops for almost eight years now.

In those eight years, I have only had two pairs of Rainbow flip flops, and I only had to replace the first pair because of theft on a bus in Thailand. In my opinion, these are the best brand of flip flops.

The sandals are made with premium leather, nylon threads, and are triple glued for optimal durability. Perhaps what makes these so great is the high arch in the midsole, this allows me to wear the sandals all day.

Teva Terra Fi-4

Teva Terra Fi-4 Best Travel Sandals

Teva owns a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the most rugged hiking sandals in the business, and the Terra Fi-4 is an excellent example. Constructed as a classic open-toe sandal, this footwear hides a few important tricks under the hood to make it a powerhouse on the trail.

The outsole features Teva’s ‘Spider Original’ rubber which provides reliable and long-lasting traction in nearly every environment. The sole itself is cushioned with Teva’s ‘Shoc Pad’, giving superb heel cushioning for those long days on the trail. Durable and quick-drying polyester webbing and odor protection round off the ensemble for an excellent light hiking sandal.

Bedrock Cairn Adventure

Bedrock Cairn Adventure Best Travel Sandals

If you just can’t give up on that flip flop feel but want the added stability and support of an outdoor sandal, look no further than the Bedrock Cairn. The thong-like design with ankle strap gives you that great, barely-there feel, while the Vibram outsole is tacky enough to climb mountains. 

Their comprehensive adjustment system means the sandals are custom secured to your foot, and the basic construction relieves you of any pressure points. However, because of the strap construction, these are recommended for hiking in strenuous terrain, but they are stylish enough for urban adventuring and durable enough for long day hikes. 

Birkenstock Arizona

Birkenstock Arizona Best Travel Sandals

Birkenstocks have long been associated with hippy culture and free-living ideology, so naturally, they would make phenomenal sandals for travel! However, Birkenstock Arizonas is much more than a name. They feature the patented cork footbed that contours to your foot, giving you amazing arch support and comfort.

This footbed also gives them an excellent shock absorption quality that your joints will thank you for. Keep in mind though that these men’s travel sandals are lined with suede, which means they are best suited for dry urban environments. Also, the cork footbed absorbs smells, so if you are prone to stinky, sweaty feet, these may not be the best choice for you. 

I find Birkenstocks to look goofy on my feet, but they are super comfortable and plenty of people love them for a reason.

Men’s Insoles For Travel

If you have weak arches or problematic feet a pair of insoles can help make any pair of shoes work for you.

Wiivv Insoles

The sandals are listed above, but the same tech can be used to create a pair of insoles custom molded to your feet. Wiivv used images of your feet to custom map your feet and then ship you specialty insoles to your home.

We love our insoles and use them in our hiking boots as we cover a lot of miles in them. Of course, you can pull them out of shoes and swap them around as you need them.


Walking Shoes Insoles

This is a great affordable option for insoles if you have mild foot pain. I don’t know if I’d recommend them for someone with plantar fasciitis. They don’t operate like those cheap gel insets you find at the drug store but focus on distributing your weight across your feet properly.

The result is better comfort, foot health, and even back health in the long run. The Superfeet Green is by far the most popular option. The only negative of Superfeet is. They may not be robust enough as they do not custom mold to your feet like Sole or Wiivv.v.


Walking Shoe Best Womens Walking Shoes

Soles are a cross between Superfeet and Wiivv as they are affordable and custom mold to your feet. Instead of a custom mapping, they are heat molded which you do at home. We’ve used their sandals, and they are some of the most comfortable sandals we’ve ever worn.

What to Consider When Buying Travel Shoes

Best Mens Travel Shoes


As you undoubtedly already know, matching your shoe choice to your destination is crucial. You wouldn’t take a stylish pair of sandals to Iceland in the winter any more than you would take a pair of clunky hiking boots for a trip to Paris. Your first step is therefore very simple: do some research. Where are you going? What weather are you expecting; hot or cold, wet or dry?

Once you’ve got your destination sorted, it’s time to add some forethought on what you’re planning to do. Are you looking to spend your trip pounding the pavement in a city as you visit the sights and local eateries? Or are you perhaps hoping to jump out to the mountain and get some intense trail runs and hikes under your belt? Or perhaps you’re right in the middle, with a healthy balance of city and nature. In any case, your activities will correlate directly with the performance of your travel shoes.


Performance correlates heavily to your destination research. Once you’ve selected your destination and the activities that you’re looking to do, take a very close look at the overall performance of the shoes that you are considering.

This means delving into the shoe specifics. Are they waterproof? What’s the upper made out of and how long will it last? Is the sole durable enough for what you’re planning to do? What’s the comfort rating? Will your feet be screaming after spending all day in these shoes?

We’ve tried to answer many of these questions with our forthcoming shoe descriptions. But always remember to consider exactly what you’re planning to do with these shoes. Out on the mountains 90% of the time? Then high-performance is definitely the way to go. On the other hand, if you’ll be spending most of your time enjoying the city, then you’ll probably spend some more time thinking about design.


Although a non-issue in most cases, design and appearance can play a monumental role in travel situations. Most seasoned travelers, this writer included, blanch at the thought of being pegged as a tourist the moment they step off the plane.

Being marked as a tourist can almost immediately open the floodgates to being targeted by scammers, inflated cab prices, and petty thievery in some cases. We know that your favorite running shoes are incredibly comfortable, but rest assured, nearly everyone and their dog will know that you’re a tourist as soon as you leave North America. If this concerns you, then take the time to consider what the locals are wearing and factor that into your decision-making process.


Shoes get dirty, plain and simple. No matter where we wear them or what we do, they will eventually get soiled. However, if you’re on a trip and have condensed your standard top three pairs of shoes down to one travel pair, then your travel shoes will get dirty even faster.

It’s therefore suggested that you give some thought to how you’re going to keep those shoes clean on the go. Shoes that just need a little brush down, or perhaps the occasional rinse, are preferred. Those that require a special cleaning agent, or get gouged easily, or need in-depth preventative layers applied all the time, will be quick to rack up annoyance points.

How to Travel With Your Shoes

I always travel with shoes in a separate part of my luggage. I don’t want the dust and dirt from the street to get on my clothes. If I’m traveling with a suitcase I will place my shoes in either a reusable bag or a packing cube and place them sole up at the bottom of my bag. My travel shoes never go next to my best outfits, just in case they do happen to get dirt everywhere. See more of our packing hacks here.

If I am on a backpacking trip I will still wrap my shoes in a reusable bag and place them at the bottom of the backpack. If they are travel flip-flops or rugged tennis shoes I will either wrap them by their shoelaces on the outside of the bag or place them on the side holders. Just watch out for theft if you leave your bag!

There are always at least two pairs of shoes in my bag, but sometimes more depending on where I am traveling and the season.

  • Sneakers: For everyday use and exploring.
  • Casual Shoe: I use this in the form of a dress shoe or nice leather boot.

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