24 Long Haul Flight Tips and Essentials for Economy Flyers

Long Haul Flight Tips

I have a secret, I hate flying. I hate long haul flights, but I have to do them. Despite that fact, I have traveled to over 70 countries, run a travel blog for a living, and have taken a countless number of flights. Believe it or not, flying gives me anxiety. The … Read More

The 20+ Best Lightweight Men’s Jackets For Travel (2019)

Men's Jackets For Travel

Looking for the best lightweight men’s jacket for travel? Weather can be sinister at worst and unpredictable at best, especially while traveling. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a jacket for travel to protect you along the way. The best men’s travel jackets should keep the sun off … Read More

19 Best Things to do in Langkawi, Malaysia

Things to do in Langkawi

Looking for the best things to do in Langkawi? Or have you ever heard of the island of Langkawi off the coast of Malaysia? We hadn’t until a few months ago when we started to plan our trip there. Langkawi, known as “the Jewel of Kedah”  is an archipelago of … Read More

The 30+ Best Travel Backpacks: Buyers Guide (2019)

The World Pursuit Blog

The right travel backpack will make your backpacking trip much more enjoyable. For many of you, this may be the first backpack you’ll ever purchase and on top of that there is a good chance you’re going to live out of it for a week, a couple of weeks, months … Read More

The 15 Best Lightweight Hiking Shoes For Women (2019)

Looking for the best hiking shoes for women? Hiking shoes have evolved dramatically since their inception. Gone are the days of heavy leathers; in their place has risen waterproof, lightweight, synthetic hiking shoes made for every terrain. You may ask yourself why you need hiking shoes. Can’t you just pop … Read More

Best Travel Backpacks For Europe in Summer 2019

Best Beaches in the Algarve

The right travel backpack for Europe will make your life a lot easier! For many of you, it’s the first backpack you’ll ever purchase and on top of that there is a good chance you’re going to live out of it for a couple of weeks, months, or even years. … Read More

15 North Coast 500 Tips to Know Before You Go

North Coast 500

Over time we have grown to love a good road trip. It was bound to happen as we grew older. We bought a Land Cruiser in Cape Town, drove across Africa, and learned a ton along the way! I’ve solo road tripped from Auckland to Queenstown and spent a fabulous … Read More

30 Italy Travel Tips to Know Before Visiting Italy

Italy Travel tips

Italy may be our favorite country in Europe and definitely one of our favorites in the world. The iconic countryside, fantastic wine, rich history, and strong culture keeps us coming back year after year. Each time we have a new reason for visiting Italy. From the Alps in the North … Read More

25 Best Travel Sandals for Men & Women (2019)

Travel in Costa Rica - Natasha Alden on Beach

Travel sandals have long been the wayward traveler’s multi-functional best friend. You can find dressy sandals for nights on the town, waterproof sandals for days at the beach, heavily padded sandals for day hikes, and even mid-range sandals which can keep you comfortable even during a full day of site-seeing. … Read More