26 BEST Places to Visit in April

We share the best places to visit in April in honor of the changing seasons. Spring has sprung in much of the Northern Hemisphere, and April can be an amazing time to travel. Some excellent destinations to visit in April are Fiji, Jordan, Southern California, Ethiopia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Florida, and Thailand.

We love the month for travel as it’s outside traditional holiday periods, so rates and crowds are low. With longer days and shifting seasons, it’s a great time for adventure. You can go on a safari in Africa, ski on a glacier in Switzerland, dive in the South Pacific, hike comfortably in America’s most unique national parks, or explore the Middle East with mild temperatures.

The Best Countries to Visit in April


Yasawa Island Resort Beach Fiji

If you’re searching for a tropical island escape, it’s hard to find a better fit than Fiji. Its 333 islands cater well to visitors after sparkling blue water, white sand beaches, and luxurious resorts. Divers and anyone who loves to snorkel will appreciate the archipelago’s fantastic coral reefs. While adventurous surfers can find some incredible surf breaks.

Fiji is truly a unique destination worldwide, thanks to its remoteness. The closest destination to Fiji is New Zealand’s North Island, which is 1,300 miles away. This means that the island’s culture remains distinctly Fijian, who act as excellent hosts with fantastic hospitality. Fijians are proud of their cultural identity and happy to share it with island visitors.


The church on Milos Greece
Sunset on Milos Island

April is a tremendous time to explore Greece if you’re a history buff. Spring is the best time to visit many of the country’s most famous historical sites, as they can be crowded and extraordinarily hot in the summer. It’s an excellent time to see the Acropolis, Matera, Mycenae, Panathenaic Stadium, and Knossos Palace. It’s not just the historical sites but also a tremendous time to explore the country’s more popular islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, and Corfu.

While it’s not ideal for swimming at the beach, April sees a definite temperature increase in Greece with sunny days. It is ideal weather for exploring inland and relaxing on the beach, although the water is still too cold to swim comfortably. The only downside of traveling the Greek Islands in April is that the summer high season has yet to kick in, meaning many tourist-focused businesses may not be open. The upside? You’ll have the islands to yourself!

South Africa

Madike Game Reserve In South Africa

South Africa is blessed with many fantastic natural sites, but due to the country’s size and climate, it’s tough to find the ideal time to visit all of them. However, April is the beginning of fall, with dry weather throughout South Africa. Cape Town’s hot summers start to subside, and the summer rains stop in the north at safari destinations such as Kruger National Park. If you’re looking for the best time to visit South Africa, we believe it’s a great time.

The average temperature in South Africa is 18° C, so it’s not freezing and is pleasant enough to enjoy any romantic activity in Cape Town. Some evenings, however, the average temperature drops to 12° C. Bring layers for this time, especially if you go on safari. When you get into the desert areas on safari, you will want a down jacket for nighttime.

The seas are still reasonably warm, so surfing around the Western Cape is a fun option for surfing or adventure. If you love surfing, the temperature (19° C) likely won’t stop you as long as you have a wetsuit. It’s a great time of year for sightseeing and birdwatching, as the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands are stunning at this time of year.


Natasha Walks Along Pier At Maafushivaru

The Maldives are a series of coral atolls spread across the Indian Ocean. It is an enticing getaway with white sand beaches, turquoise water, and tropical weather. The water here is home to abundant marine life so diverse that snorkelers can rejoice in close encounters with rays, sharks, whales, and a dizzying number of fishes. To make it only better, some of the world’s most luxurious resorts sit on top of these atolls with indulgent water villas and beach bungalows.

April is still considered the dry season in the Maldives. However, it is the hottest month of the year. Temperatures are in the low 30s, and the sea remains warm at 29°C. Even temperatures at night time rarely dip below 26°C. There is a good chance of sunshine, with an average of ten rainy days in April in the Maldives. It’s a great time to walk around the islands, surf, read, or dive. Our biggest tip is to be mindful of sun exposure and wear plenty of sunscreen. Life on an atoll can provide dangerously high levels of UV exposure.


The Incredible Castle Of Osaka In Spring With Cherry Blossoms

Early April is the “main” start for hanami in Japan – cherry blossom viewing season. People will start spreading their blue tarpaulins from Hiroshima to Tokyo under the pink, blooming trees, arranging themselves with friends and plenty of snacks (and drinks) to celebrate the warmer weather. There’s even a forecast for cherry blossoms on the TV weather in Japan.

The general rule of thumb is that the further south you are, the earlier it starts. Destinations like Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo get busy and crowded with tourists. People see the famous sites abloom with the quintessential light pink of cherry blossoms. April is the best month to visit Japan if you hope to see the flowers bloom.

April also marks the end of the dry winter weather. Rainfall is frequent across the main island of Honshu, but it’s still a great time to hike to some beautiful Japanese waterfalls. You’ll want to pack a rain jacket and be prepared for wet weather. While the weather is a little mixed in the North, it’s the start of the beach season on the tropical island of Okiwana.


Natasha Looks On To The Treasury In Petra Jordan
At Petra in Jordan

Jordan is a country that has been drawing travelers for over a century. It’s even the setting for my favorite travel movie, Lawrence of Arabia. The movie paints a vivid portrait of the country’s Bedouin culture and desert landscapes — visitors can still experience it in the popular region of Wadi Rum.

It’s not only the Bedouins who have left their mark on Jordan, as the country is rich in historical sites from the Romans, Edomites, and Israelites. Most notable is Petra, one of the world’s most spectacular sites and one of the New Seven Wonders of The World. After all of the exploring, no spot is better to unwind than floating in the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea.

Spring begins in Jordan in April – even the desert offers a view of wildflowers. This is an excellent time of year to visit Jordan; temperatures aren’t too warm, and even the nights aren’t that cold anymore. The reliable weather draws many tourists, and the sights can be busy. Amman and Petra are comfortable at 22° C, while the Dead Sea and Aqaba reach around 30°C in April.


The Rock Hewn Churches Of Ethiopia

Few destinations in the world may be as culturally interesting or intriguing as Ethiopia. Addis Ababa is the capital city with modern architecture, world-class museums, bustling streets, and fantastic dining. Ethiopian cuisine is unique in itself with flavors and cooking styles unlike anywhere else. The same could be said for much of Ethiopian culture, which has remained unique for millennia. It’s the oldest country in Africa, having resisted colonial influence. Aksum, the ancient capital, is the perfect introduction to the country thanks to its wealth of churches, tombs, and cities.

The tribes of the Omo Valley are renowned for their fascinating culture and ability to live in a notoriously harsh environment. While further North sites, the rock-hewn churches Lalibela are famed for mesmerizing achievement. Parts of Ethiopia are believed to have adopted Christianity before its introduction in Europe. It’s not just the culture and food that are unique to Ethiopia but its landscapes, too. The Simien Mountains, Blue Nile Falls, Danakil Depression, and Bale Mountains are all worth a trip to the country.

April is a fantastic month to travel around the country as it begins to warm in preparation for the monsoon season, which begins at the end of the month. This shoulder season makes for easy travel and lower rates, not that they’re ever too high. We highly suggest booking a tour with an operator or travel agent for a destination like Ethiopia. SafariBookings.com is great for packaged trips with great value, while Timbuktu can help craft luxurious personalized trips.


Natasha Walks Along A Beach On The Algarve

Head to southern Portugal, The Algarve, for some of the best European weather in April. The region is famed for its Golden beaches, seaside cliffs, golf resorts, charming, colorful cities, reliable sunshine, and excellent surf, placing the Algarve in Portugal on many travelers’ bucket lists. It’s a destination that offers something for everyone, from the buzzing Lagos to the undeveloped west coast.

Portugal is another one of the best countries to visit in April. It is a beautiful spring month in Portugal; this is when you’ll enjoy some good Easter celebrations, too. Weather-wise, it’s getting good in April. Lisbon hits highs of 20°C, but be warned, it can still get quite cold in the evenings. It’s a great time of year to visit Portugal, especially the countryside or the Algarve.

Sunshine, no crowds, and low prices are what travelers can expect in April. We were able to save a lot on accommodation, car rentals, and experiences this time. We would spend many days walking around Lagos, watching old Portuguese men play chess, enjoying their coffee, and soaking in the sunshine without the crowds in April.

The Philippines

Visiting An Island Off The Coast Of Siargao

The Philippines is well known for having some of the best beaches in the world, but it doesn’t stop there. The Filipinos are among some of the friendliest people we have ever met and can speak English better than many people I know! For those who are into surfing and other watersports, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Siargao, and places like Moalboal are great for waterfall exploring free diving, and scuba diving.

It’s best to make a long journey (depending on where you are in the world) to the Philippines in the dry season. The dry season in the Philippines is between November and April, with November being the very start of the dry season. Like most places, the “end” of any season means tourism is winding down and crowds are few. This is very true for the Philippines. Because of this, you’ll find pleasant weather and lower crowds.


Natasha Looks Down On Machu Picchu After Hike

Peru is the quintessential destination for those looking to explore the Andes Mountains. No visitor’s trip to the country is complete without the classic Machu Picchu, one of the world’s most incredible wonders, along with many other Incan sites and trails for visitors to explore. However, there is much more to Peru than the former Incan Empire. The country has a fantastic coastline with surf, the Amazon River, a vast swath of rainforest, and historic colonial towns.

April in Peru is the shoulder season, bringing increasingly beautiful weather without the dry season crowds. Rain showers fall less frequently, but the greenery of the wet season remains. Orchids sprout from nearly every crevice in the jungle and mountains. If you’re seeking fewer crowds and mild weather, April is one of the best months to visit.

It’s a dry and sunny month for Peru’s coastal regions and the deserts. Lima sees highs of 24°C and lows of 18°C. It’s shoulder season in the country, and things should be cheaper and less busy. The rainy season starts to ease off in the Andes in places like Lake Titicaca and Cusco. There’s a high of about 19°C and still quite a lot of cloud cover, but the natural scenery is beautiful here. The Amazon Rainforest is still hot and humid, with highs of 31°C; rain occurs in the afternoon either in downpours or all-out storms.

Cayman Islands

A Gorgeous Sandy Beach On The Cayman Islands

One of the best places to travel in April is the Cayman Islands. With lower rates, fewer crowds, and fantastic weather that sees temperatures soar to an average of 84°F most days, April is one of the best times of year to travel to the Cayman Islands. 

This is also the dry season, and rain is a rarity, so you can rest assured that most of your days will be spent lounging on beautiful, sandy beaches, participating in a range of water sports, and visiting top attractions such as the Cayman Turtle Centre, Pedro St. James, and Starfish Point. Be sure to tour the Camana Bay Shopping Area and the incredible underground Cayman Crystal Caves.

Sri Lanka

A Sunset In Sri Lanka With A Swing On The Beach

Head to the vibrant island nation of Sri Lanka for a heavy dose of culture, food, beaches, jungles, and history. April is a beautiful month to visit Sri Lanka as it falls between its two rainy seasons and experiences warm temperatures. Sri Lanka is well known for its hospitable people, tasty food, and unique landscapes. It’s the last month of “prime” tourist season. Despite April being when Sri Lanka’s monsoon season starts, it’s still a great time to visit, especially towards the beginning of the month.

Settling in towards the end of the month, rain increases and is a daily feature till June. The southern and western coasts are the first areas of Sri Lanka to see an increase in rain. Kandy gets temperatures around the mid-twenties and is prime for trekking: try out trails in the Knuckles Mountain Range. That being said, if you get there before the 15th of the month, most of April is generally pretty warm and sunny, with temperatures in the early 30s and plenty of sunshine to get out there and enjoy!


The Great Pyramids Of Giza With Three Camels In Front

The mighty Nile has been the lifeblood of Egypt since the beginning of civilization. Along its fertile banks, surrounded by the sands of the desert, ancient Egypt prospered. Thousands of years lure visitors in with the remains of breathtaking monuments, a rugged coastline teeming with coral life, and a culture that has evolved over millennia. There are so many amazing places to visit in Egpyt.

Egypt is the gift of the Nile, so there is no better way to explore than a cruise down the Nile. You’re transported to a pastime as you cruise down the Nile. Egypt is among the best places to travel in April because of its near-perfect weather — comfortable, warm days and cool evenings/nights. You won’t have to wake up at dawn to beat the day’s heat. Check out other great months to visit Egpyt in our post about the best time to visit Egpyt.

What is one of the best countries to visit in April? Egypt! April is a month of change weather-wise, making it an enjoyable time to visit. Alexandria and other northern areas lack humidity and now see warm, sunny days with only a bit of patchy rain here and there. Cairo is warm, with some rain, average temperatures of 24°C (though it can drop to 14°C at night), and exceptionally high humidity – 60 to 70%.

Hong Kong

Natasha Gives The Peace Sign At Building Project In Hong Kong

Hong Kong remains one of the most interesting major cities around the world. After a 99-year lease to the United Kingdom, the port was returned to the Chinese. It’s now the fascinating intersection of British and Chinese cultures. The most surprising thing to note about the world’s most densely populated cities is the amount of green space throughout the city. Its towering skyline is flanked by lush peaks that surround the city. While on the ground, travelers will enjoy the delicious Cantonese cuisines and bustling street markets.

There are so many things to do there you’ll never get bored. You could spend a layover here or enjoy the month in Hong Kong and find delicious food on every corner, incredible hikes, and fun nightlife. April is spring in Hong Kong, meaning it is beautiful to visit. Spring is also shoulder season, so it will be less crowded, but don’t expect it to be quiet by any means – it’s Hong Kong, after all. Each new street brings something new and exciting. The food, the sights, the buildings, and the textures make Hong Kong a must-visit destination in April!


Natasha Watches The Sunset At The Delicate Arch In Utah

Utah is one of the best places to visit in April, especially if you want to hike in the desert. The last time we traveled to Utah, we were so happy that we were there in early April. The sun was plentiful, and the temperatures were perfect for getting outside. From hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park to seeing the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park around Moab and jetting off on all the best hikes in Bryce, there were only two things we could think about…

How amazing the landscapes were and how brutally hot it must be in July and August. If you want to get to the American Southwest, we highly recommend venturing there in April before the weather gets too warm. April is fantastic in the desert, but if you head north, you can still get fantastic skiing at all the impressive Salt Lake City ski resorts!


Cameron Walks Along Deadvlei In Namibia

Namibia is one of the best countries to visit in April. A trip to Namibia feels like stepping onto another planet. Even though it’s shoulder season, there are still plenty of things to do in Namibia. Catching the sunrise at Sossusvlei and driving the Skeleton Coast are among our favorite memories.

Namibia is becoming a trendy destination, so in the high season, it’s tough to do things last minute, unlike in April. Also, the turning of seasons (from wet to dry) is a popular time for photographers who seek to snap photos of the pops of green. During this time of year, the average temperature is 79°F.  Some top attractions include Etosha National Game Park, Fish River Canyon, Spitzkoppe, Swakopmund, and Cape Cross Seal Reserve.


Cameron And Natasha Have Sunset Drinks In Florida Keys
Enjoying the Florida Keys

Florida is diverse, beautiful, and full of things to do inland and along the coast. In April, one of the best times to visit the state, the temperatures reach a high of about 82°F, so it’s not too hot but certainly not cold either, and the sun shines most of the time! 

Head to the coastal areas to enjoy snorkeling, diving, swimming, and boating. A Florida Keys road trip is particularly lovely this time of year. Or head a little north or further inland, where you’ll find some renowned attractions that put Florida on the map, including Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, Everglades National Park, Daytona 500 International Speedway, and Busch Gardens


Amsterdam Canal Waterfront With Famed Black Home

April in Amsterdam is splendid whether you want to wander the picturesque neighborhoods, admire the famous canals, or party the night away! This is the time of year when the brightly-colored tulips start to bloom, and the weather warms to a more comfortable 55°F.  

If you happen to be in the city on April 27th, you can participate in one of the city’s top events, King’s Day. This is when everyone dresses in orange, and almost everything in sight is painted or covered in orange in honor of the king. Some of the city’s top attractions include The Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank Museum, Stedelijk Museum, NEMO Science Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark, Royal Palace, and Rembrandt House Museum.


Flamingos In The Salt Pans Of Bolivia
Bolivia / Best Places to Travel in April

During the rainy season, it rains a lot in Bolivia, but in April, that rain is a distant memory, replaced with long, sunny days and comfortable temperatures of around 63 degrees. When everything dries up, the salt flats are visible again, and 4X4 adventures start-up, making Bolivia one of the best places to travel in April.   

The Andes Mountains, Amazon Basin Rainforest, Lake Titicaca, and Atacama Desert are just some of the natural features of this diverse landscape. If trekking around the country’s remote corners is not your thing, the capital city of La Paz has a thriving arts scene, incredible restaurants, and fascinating museums.  Some of the country’s top attractions include Ojos del Inca Laguna and Tiwanaku Madidi National Park


Natasha In A Bathtub At Luxurious Lodge in Zambia At Sunset

Zambia is where travelers head to when they want to immerse in nature, escape the tourist crowds, and have unique experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. April is the best time to travel there, particularly if you’re interested in a safari to see Africa’s Big Five. This is when you are most likely to see animals, and the weather is dry, with temperatures averaging about 77°F. During the dry season, animals congregate near watering holes, making game viewing much easier.

Besides going on at least one safari, the other must-do when visiting Zambia is visiting Victoria Falls, one of the biggest waterfalls on earth!  Zambia has many national parks, including South Luangwa National Park, Kafue National Park, Lower Zambezi National Park, Kasanka National Park, Liuwa Plain National Park, and Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park.

Zermatt, Switzerland

A Lift Station In Zermatt With Matterhorn Behind

While most people are seeking somewhere warm and sunny to head to in April, if you’re someone who wants to hit the slopes, Zermatt is the place to be! It’s not all that cold, with a temperature of around 60°F. Still, in those mountains where cooler temperatures and state-of-the-art equipment keep snow on the ground almost all year round, you’ll enjoy pristine downhill skiing conditions at their best in April. 

This ski resort area has the highest lifts in Europe and a fabulous après ski scene. Bonus: in April, there are fewer crowds and cheaper prices! Interested in other nearby attractions and the best things to do in Zermatt? Check out the Gornergrat Railway, the Matterhorn Museum, Gorner Gorge and Trümmelbach Falls.

Byron Bay, Australia

Aerial Drone Shot Of Byron Bay, Australia

April in Australia is the perfect time to soak up the wonders of Byron Bay and beyond. While the iconic Byron Bay Bluesfest draws music enthusiasts from across the globe, the month offers much more. The weather is perfect, boasting sunny days with temperatures hovering around 75°F, inviting you to explore Wategos Beach, Belongil Beach, and Tallow Beach.

Beyond the sand and surf, April travelers can marvel at the Cape Byron Lighthouse, enjoy the untouched beauty of Arakwal National Park, and discover the laid-back charm of Lennox Head. Whether seeking the blues or coastal tranquility, April in Australia promises an unforgettable escapade.


A Waterfall On The Island OF Madeira

With temperatures at about 68°F in April, Madeira is a top choice for outdoor adventurers seeking a perfect climate for exploring the area’s natural wonders. Whether trekking through lush forests, hiking to beautiful waterfalls, climbing up volcanic mountains, or along steep cliffs, Madeira has many adventures. 

Keep your eyes peeled when hiking along the coast because you might see some whales or dolphins! April is also when the flowers bloom; depending on the year, you might be fortunate enough to catch the Flower Festival. Some top attractions are Monte Palace Madeira, Pico do Arieiro, Cape Girão, and Santa Catarina Park

Toronto, Canada

Chairs Along The Lakeshore In Toronto

In summer, Toronto, Canada, is unbearably hot. In winter, Toronto is unbearably cold. In the spring, the weather is just right for exploring this energetic city with endless things to see and do. The prices are also lower in April because it’s not peak season yet, and the temperatures hover around 54°F.

Late in the month is when the beautiful cherry blossoms start to bloom, but anytime during April is a great time to check out the city’s attractions, which include the Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, Ripley’s Aquarium, and the CN Tower. The Toronto Islands and Distillery District are among the best things to do in Toronto!

San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge From Bakers Beach

When most people think of California, they think of sun and heat, but, in reality, not everywhere is like that. It is great for people looking for a getaway to explore amazing attractions in comfortable conditions. San Francisco is one of those places, and in April, the temperatures are usually between 50°F and 66°F. As things warm up, the flowers bloom, and green landscapes materialize. 

San Francisco has so many amazing attractions that I couldn’t list them all here. Still, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Palace of Fine Arts, the Exploratorium, and The Walt Disney Family Museum are a few of the top ones. 


Natasha Walks Through Temple In Chiang Mai

Head to Thailand for tantalizing food, wonderful people, and lovely beaches. The top attraction in Thailand in April is the Thai New Year celebrations that see crowds of people take to the street for a giant water fight. Destinations like Phuket, Bangkok, Khao Lak, Koh Samui, and Chiang Mai have ideal weather in April. It’s a great time to snorkel around Phuket, lay on the beaches of Khao Lak, or enjoy the jungle mountains. It’s one of the best times of year to travel around the country and explore all it has to offer. The weather is generally warm and dry across the country and rarely too hot.

The culturally exciting and wonderful city of Chang Mai hosts its world-famous Flower Festival – a three-day holiday full of flowers, dancing, and parades. As the weather is stable across the country, April is a great time to visit some of the lesser-traveled mountainous regions in the North. It’s hard to pick a better time to visit the “Land of Smiles,” but this does mean traveling during peak season with slightly higher prices and crowds.

Best Places to Visit in April – Quick Answers

What are the prettiest places to visit in April?

South Africa, particularly around the Drakensberg can be incredible around April. Japan for the cherry blossoms, hiking around Utah, and enjoying the beaches and landscapes of Madeira.

Where are some of the warmest places to visit in October?

The Florida Keys, Australia, and Thailand

Where is hot and cheap in April?

Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, and Morocco.

What city has the best weather in April?

Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Amsterdam

What is the best island to visit in April?

Phuket, Maderia, Florida Keys, Sri Lanka

Is the Caribbean Okay to Visit in April?

One of the best places to visit in April is the Caribbean. The Caribbean region offers the most favorable weather conditions and is considered the prime season for tourists to visit from December to mid-April. This period boasts of lower humidity, the driest climate, and pleasant temperatures that typically range from 75°F to 85°F (25°C to 30°C).

What Beaches Are the Best In April?

Beaches around the Red Sea, the Maldives, and many of the fabulous Greek beaches are uncrowded in April.

Where Should We Honeymoon in April?

An African Safari honeymoon would be a great April trip. Thailand, The Maldives, and Portugal would all make great honeymoon destinations.

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