Ecuador Backpacking: How to do Nine Days for under $400

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Budgeting Ecuador

Travel doesn’t always have to be expensive.  Most of the time I travel for less per day than what it would cost me at home in my own country!  This past April, I decided to take a vacation to Ecuador after finding a cheap flight on Skyscanner. Miles earned from my Barclay World Elite Mastercard paid for the $473 RT flight from New York to Quito, so my goal was to do all nine days on less than $500 on the ultimate Ecuador backpacking route. I came in significantly under budget and had a great time traveling my first South … Read More

The Five Best New York Coffee Shops

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Locals New York Coffee

New Yorkers take their coffee seriously. It is a city with swarms of overworked people, plenty of money, and trade ports that crawl with activity; coffee in New York is abundant. We take it seriously here. Yes, you can find Starbucks all over the city; but ask any serious New Yorker, and they will have a favorite coffee spot for you that is not a chain. We love our independent spots. Coffee was made for this town. Each person has his or her own spot, and opinion. Often, it’s due to convenience. For me, it was a little shop called … Read More

What is Christiania?

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What is Christiania

The whole city seems to have an aura of this overcast haze; it creeps through the canals and falls around the cities landmarks. Yet, Denmark and Copenhagen for that matter are said to have some of the happiest citizens. Something has to give. What is it about this socialist playground that makes people so happy? It could be the food. But every culture has its food, and although the Danes have great food, new and inviting food, they even have chefs like Chef Rene Redzepi, and his restaurant It could be the food. But every culture has its food, and … Read More

Rail Pass: To Buy or Not to Buy

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Should you get a rail pass?

The million dollar question.  There is no yes or no answer when people ask if they should purchase a rail pass for the countries they are traveling.  Personally, I have traveled with a Japan Rail Pass and also with a Eurail Pass, which I will touch on later. Before I go on, the number one thing I want to stress is a rail pass is what you make of it. I have seen more places than I would have originally because I had the rail pass.  Knowing that I could travel anywhere within the network for “free” (because I already … Read More

Best Apps for Backpackers: Traveler to Gadget Geek

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The Very Best Travel Apps For Backpackers

As interesting as it would be to travel like our parents did it’s hard to ignore the new digital age. It is important to always have the best information readily available when needed.  Here are some of our favorite and best apps for backpackers to make life a little easier.     The Best Apps for Backpackers We use Skyscanner to book almost all of our flights.  The key to using this app is flexibility.  Skyscanner lets you search for flights in terms of days, weeks, months, and even the whole year! I love that you can type “everywhere” into the destination … Read More

Rabbit Island, Japan: Take the Okunoshima Ferry to Wonderland

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Visiting Japan's Bunny Island

Rabbit Island, Japan.  Yes, you read that right.  On the small Japanese Island of Okunoshima lies a land filled with enough Peter Cottontails to fulfill all your childhood dreams. I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this place, and knowing I couldn’t miss it I hopped on the next ferry out.  As the crew from the Okunoshima ferry waved bye to me and traveled onward to their next destination, I realized it was just the rabbits and I. Rabbit Island, Japan: Life after the Okunoshima Ferry Japan is a world of great mysterious to most Westerners.  Japanese culture and people … Read More

Why You Should Visit Stockholm

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You need to visit Stockholm. Home of Vikings, Reindeer, and Meatballs I’m in the Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city. I was expecting something different, something frozen; instead, I’ve found a pleasant summer, filled with beautiful vistas, great food, and healthy lifestyle—they have a strange obsession with strawberries. You take a deep breath here and you’re like yeah, these Swedes have it pretty good. When I thought of Sweden before it was a mix of an Ikea Hell, of Heavy-Metal, of a frozen tundra, and reindeer everywhere—granted Sweden has all of this, but it’s also so much more. The countryside in the … Read More

Living in NYC on a Budget: How We Saved Over $50k to Travel the World

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Living in NYC on a Budget

Living in NYC on a budget is a phrase that contradicts itself to most degrees. If you’re familiar with our blog you may be wondering how two twenty-somethings have been fortunate enough to travel so much. It’s the number one question we receive, and I myself was always very curious years before we left on this life of adventure how people do it. Over the past seven or so years I have saved up, left to travel, depleted the savings, saved up again, deplete again…etc. That’s what we do. Save and work. We didn’t have much money when we moved to … Read More

Eight of the Best Ways to Access Money Overseas

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Getting Currency Abroad

I get a lot of questions about the best way to access cash abroad.  As much as I love using credit cards and racking in the miles, the local Thai man with the pad thai cart is probably not going to accept my Visa. Travelers checks are a thing of the past, but there are other ways to access your money abroad.  I find these ways the cheapest, easiest, and safest options to keep my hard earned cash close to me. So here are my tips for the best ways to access money overseas.   The Best Ways to Access Money Overseas … Read More

World Trip Planning: Immunization Recommendations for Travel

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Immunizations to get for your trip around the world

Getting the correct vaccinations for your travels can eat up a lot of time and money. There are so many immunization recommendations for travel and there is no cost graver than contracting a disease in the midst of your travels. Choosing which vaccinations to receive ultimately depends on your frame of mind. I am a hypochondriac and once was convinced there were bugs inside my brain while backpacking Thailand because of this article. If you like to live life more on the edge you may not feel the need to get any vaccines before your trip. For my first RTW … Read More