How To Nail The PERFECT Airport Outfit For Women (Comfy Outfit Ideas)

With this helpful guide, I’m happy to help you assemble the perfect airport outfit. We all dream of jet-setting in a stylish outfit, but truthfully, we don’t want to be uncomfortable when we hop on a long flight.

An airport outfit is all about comfort, as long travel days are bad enough that we don’t need our clothes to cause any extra discomfort. We all want to look and feel fresh when arriving at our destination. If we can do that and gain some style points, it’s a win.

The excellent news is athleisure is very much in, and it’s pretty easy to craft a comfy outfit that still looks great. Packing a comfy outfit for a quick change on the plane is always possible, but that can be a gamble with airplane restrooms. With a few tips and ideas of what not to wear on a plane, you’ll be happy from start to finish.

Long Haul Flight Essentials For Your Next Trip

How To Craft The Perfect Airport Outfit

Getting ready for our flight in my Chillax Hoodie and Handful Leggings


Handful Hoodie

Planes are cool environments, and you will want something for some warmth. For air travel, this is a great time to accessorize and make a statement for your outfit and destination. We love a classic sweatshirt or hoody for most trips if it’s not a business trip.

You probably don’t need a trench coat or heavy cardigan if you’re off on a beach trip. Instead, opt for a lightweight hoody that is easy to store in your backpack or luggage once you arrive at your destination. A great option for women is the Handful Chillax Pullover Hoodie. The loose hoody has the perfect fit that looks as good as it feels. As a bonus, the plush terry material uses a blend of cotton and recycled polyester.

Handfull Chillax Hoodie

A Comfortable T-Shirt

A Comfortable T-Shirt

A classic t-shirt or tank is comfortable and the perfect base to layer. A wardrobe staple, we can not imagine a trip without at least a couple. Graphics are a good way to make a statement, but they lack the versatility of solid colors that can be mixed and matched on a trip for more outfits.

Technical fabrics are a great option to stay comfortable and, most importantly, fresh on long travel days. Cotton shirts tend to get funky and smelly fast. Instead, I recommend synthetic materials like nylon or polyester, or you can go natural with wool.

A great option I love is the lightweight Hello Sunshine V-Neck from Handful. The shirt is made from recycled polyester for a bit of eco-friendly cred and it always provides UPF+ 50 for lightweight protection no matter the destination! I find the fit super flattering and the material cool and comfortable. It’s pretty much the perfect t-shirt for an airport outfit. If you prefer tanks or long sleeve shirts, Handful also Hello Sunshine versions of those!

Handful Hello Sunshine V-Neck

Casual Joggers

Casual Joggers

Athleisure has come to dominate fashion, a trend I can get behind. Joggers are an awesome way to remain comfortable and still look stylish. Handful makes some fantastic joggers that look sharp, offer excellent performance, and feel great for long plane rides.

While the joggers may feel casual, a matching hoodie can produce an adorable look. I matched my joggers to my hoodie from Handful with their Chillax line of clothing. You can’t go wrong with a pair of joggers; they’re great for running, long flights, or relaxing at home.

Chillax Joggers

hi-five Leggings

Handful Leggings

I’ve been wearing Handul leggings for years now. I have about every color you can imagine, but for an airport day there’s really nothing quite like a solid pair of black leggings.

The hi-five are easily the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever had. When more in the mood for compression and leggings over joggers, I’ll reach for the 7/8 length leggings.

Handful leggings have a high waist design that hug all the curves. They are squat proof and provide complete coverage that is not see-through – perfect for doing a few yoga stretches at your boarding gate. What I love most about the Hi Five is that they have pockets, which are always appreciated at security when I’m trying not to lose my passport!

Handful Leggings

travel packing hacks

Wool Underwear

best hiking underwear

Long days to your destination are inevitable, so staying comfortable is best. Poor or old underwear is one of the easiest ways to make a long travel day worse. I love wool underwear for flights dry quicker and have antimicrobial qualities.

It’s essential for women as wool underwear provides better hygiene than cotton. Plus, they stay fresh longer and keep you more comfortable. After a lot of testing, my favorites are from Icebreaker. They have many different styles to match your preference. I prefer a bikini cut for long flight days.

As an added tip, carrying an extra pair of underwear for long-haul flights is a great idea. Restrooms on planes may not be the best place to change, but it’s nice to have lounge access on a layover or as a backup once you land.

Wool Underwear

Sports Bra

handful sports bra

A properly fitted and comfortable bra is another way to make long travel days more enjoyable. I prefer a sports bra because it offers the proper support and better technical fabric. The key to a smooth travel day is to minimize any source of discomfort.

Handful makes some decent joggers and travel clothes, but they got their start with exceptional sports bras. As an active woman who loves running, hiking, snowboarding, and practicing yoga, I know my way around sports bras. Handful easily makes some of my favorites!

I love the Adjustable Bra for an airport outfit, as it’s easy to tailor the fit. Plus, the straps are lightweight, so they do not become annoying after a long day.

Handful Adjustable Bra


You’ll want some comfortable footwear if you’re going for the athleisure look. adidas Ultraboosts make great travel shoes as their stylish sneakers and very comfortable. They hit the target between a sneaker and running shoe with enough tech to fit either environment.

I prefer more active sneakers with an athleisure outfit, but my favorite daily travel shoes are from Allbirds. You can’t go wrong with comfortable shoes, but I love sneakers that can double as gym shoes. Staying active while traveling provides you with more energy.

Allbirds Sneakers

Belt Bag

Losing your essentials when traveling is easy, and organization can be challenging. A belt bag is my favorite accessory that is as practical as stylish. It can easily carry my phone, keys, AirPods, chapstick, passport, and wallet. It’s one of those items you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Not to mention it’s a pretty awesome accessory for your outfit.

Lululemon Belt Bag

Travel Tote

There are a couple of options for travel luggage, but one of my favorite stylish options is a travel tote. Many options are available, but my favorite comes from the Longchamp. The Le Pilage is an iconic travel tote.

It’s a classic carry that offers as much function as it does style. Thanks to its use of nylon and structure, the bag can fold to the size of a paperback book. This makes it a great travel accessory, as you can even pack it in your luggage when you reach your destination.


Travel Backpack

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip

I need a bag with the organization as I travel with photography equipment and a laptop. For this, I love the exceptional quality and practicality of the Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip.

The backpack provides accessibility, organization, and quality I’ve seen in no other pack. Plus, the 20L backpack in black is pretty sleek looking. I love using the carry-on pass-through to carry the bag on my roller suitcase.

Peak Design Everyday Zip Backpack

Carry-On Suitcase

Carry-On Suitcase

Suitcases with four wheels are best for the ability to roll sideways down the aisle of an airplane. Airline employees tend to go with two wheels, but those brands offer many discounts to employees. Plus, they have the luxury of boarding first, and no one is weighing their bags.

I prefer hardshell as it does a better job at protection and security. A hardshell suitcase is also a bit more stylish as they come in various colorways and patterns. My favorite bags are from Delsey.

Carry-On Suitcase

Airport Outfits That Look Great When You Get To Your Destination!

Wearing my Squeeze Play Leggings and Hello Sunshine UPF Long Sleeve in Canada
Wearing My Joggers in Scotland
Wearing my Hello Sunshine UPF Tank in Cape Town
hiking sports bras
Wearing a Handful Sports Bra at Moraine Lake

Basic Travel Tips For Women

Always Have a Hat Or Hair Tie

Having a great hair day after an eight-hour flight to Europe is tough. I mostly wear my head up when on travel days. However, having a backup plan to manage my hair with a cute hat and a few spare hair ties is always a good idea.

Pack Eye Care

Airplanes are dry environments, so it’s a good idea to pack some eye care. Pack a spare set of contacts and glasses if you wear contacts like me. Everyone will benefit from eye drops to keep their eyes hydrated and reduce strain.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is one of travelers’ most common challenges on long-haul flights. It’s very easy to get dehydrated on a long flight, which compounds the effects of jet lag. I suggest you carry a travel water bottle with you on flights. It’s a no-brainer long-haul flight essential.

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What Travel Outfits To Not Wear

airport outfits


Rompers and jumpsuits are super comfortable and cute, but they have a fatal flaw any woman knows about involving the restroom. If you’re on a plane, the last thing you need is an outfit that makes the cramped and often dirty bathroom more difficult. So think twice about that romper.

Uncomfortable Undergarments

Ditch the old undies and opt for something more comfortable. Not only is it better for your hygiene, but sometimes travel days involve a lot of sitting. This goes the same for socks old cotton socks tend to stick, so opt for new socks or choose wool ones. Wool is also great at temperature management which keeps your feet comfy.


Your bare feet are not the place for an airplane or an airport. In most cases, fellow passengers and cultures find it unhygienic. Not to mention bare feet on an airplane floor or security is gross. No one wants their feet on that ground.

There are some cases where sandals are okay such as short flights to beach destinations, seaplanes, etc. You get the idea, but in general, sandals are a big no for a travel outfit.


Leave the PJs in your luggage unless you’re flying in an Emirates First Class cabin. While Athleisure looks sharp, there is a line between comfy joggers and sweats and your pajamas when traveling. The latter looks slobbish.


Be careful with white outfits or bottoms. They look great, but it’s easy to stain the pants when you travel. The cramped plane seat or public transport is an easy spot to spill food or drink on your lap.

Revealing Outfits

We don’t need to show off everything on travel days, not to mention planes are generally cold. Being a mid-cut shirt/sweatshirt feels appropriate when traveling if you’re comfortable with your stomach showing while you sit. For guys, there is no need to give everyone a ticket to the gun show when you’re flying. Keep the tanks for the beach.

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