Key Largo To Key West: 30 MUST Visit Stops

The drive across the Flordia Keys is an iconic trip in the U.S. Few vacation destinations can compete with the Keys, blessed with warm weather, sparkling azure water, and gorgeous white sand beaches. Travelers have long been enamored with the chain of tropical islands. It’s no secret that the Florida Keys are one of America’s …

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35 BEST Tropical Islands to Visit in the World 

maldives - tropical islands in the world

There is really nothing in the world quite like a tropical island vacation. The warm air, the palm trees swaying, bright blue water, and coconuts falling from the trees can all combine to create the best of vacation memories. While some may think visiting a tropical island is boring, to me there is nothing more …

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Jade Mountain Resort Review: 5 Star Luxury in St Lucia

Jade Mountain

Where is the most beautiful place you have ever visited? We were asked this the other day, and as two people who have traveled to over 95 countries, I must admit it was a tough question to answer, but the Jade Mountain Resort in St Lucia often springs to mind. A few other places also …

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26 Best Beaches in Europe to Visit


We should know where some of the best beaches in Europe are after traveling to almost every country in the Mediterranean. Some of our favorite beaches in the world lie on the coastline of Europe. This list features what we consider the best beaches in Europe. However, these beaches barely scratch the surface of what …

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51+ Beach Essentials & Must Haves: What To Bring To The Beach

renting a boat on corfu

Are you heading to the coast for vacation and wondering what to bring to the beach? Use our beach essentials list to help pack everything you need for a great trip. This beach packing list includes all the essentials to enjoy fun in the sun. Plus, it’s helpful for family beach vacations, party beach trips, …

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26 BEST Black Sand Beaches in the World

If you’re thinking about a unique place to head to for your next vacation, it may be time to think a bit outside the box. Black sand beaches are a beautiful part of nature, only found in certain parts of the world. A vacation centering around black sand beaches is not unheard of, and thankfully …

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Planning a Trip to Hawaii • 10 Steps to an Awesome Hawaii Vacation

Plan Trip Hawaii - Napali Coast

Aloha! Need help planning a trip to Hawaii? We just spent an incredible two weeks exploring the best of the Hawaiian islands. The trip wasn’t completely seamless to plan, though. Even though you’re traveling to the United States, the 50th state almost feels like another country. There are few destinations in the world that attract …

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