Gondwana Eco Camp • Eco-Tourism in South Africa Done Right

Ecotourism at Gondwana Game Reserve

We arrived at the Gondwana Game Reserve, eager and ready for our week at their new tented Gondwana Eco Camp to experience ecotourism in South Africa. We had only done one self-drive safari through Kruger National Park and were more than ready to see more giraffes, buffalo, and (maybe) even the elusive cheetah in South Africa. …

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An Awesome South Africa Road Trip Guide and Itinerary

A road trip through South Africa is the ideal way to explore the country. South Africa has a good infrastructure of roads and plenty of sights during a long road trip. It was our first introduction to Sub-saharan Africa and our first destination for safari. We arrived in South Africa bright-eyed and excited to embark …

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A Relaxing Weekend at Hemingways Nairobi

Hemingways Nairobi

After driving 25,000 miles across Africa in a truck older than ourselves it was time to hit the reset button. We landed in Nairobi ready for a new take on Africa. Instead of driving and camping, we would take bush flights and stay in hotels like Hemingways Nairobi. We entered Kenya with a rush and excitement visiting …

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The Ultimate Southern Africa Bucket List

Wild Horses Of Namibia

It’s hard to nail down a Southern Africa bucket list. Between Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Zambia there are so many must-do things. Visitors can choose from wildlife safaris in the bush to diving with whale sharks in Mozambique. There is just so much to do and see in the massive area. …

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Why You Need to Stay on Ushongo Beach in Tanzania

Ushongo Beach

We’ve been finding ourselves lost on the Tanzanian coast at Ushongo Beach recently, and don’t ever want to leave. It’s this feeling of being cast away on the shores of Africa in countries like Tanzania, Mozambique, or Kenya that is truly magical. The feeling is nothing like the beaches of Greece, Jamaica, Thailand, or even …

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12 Famous Japanese Waterfalls You Have to See to Believe

Kumano Kodo

Around 73% of Japan is mountainous. Away from the gentle temples and shrines or the hustle and bustle of its frenetic neon cities, there is a wild country to explore. Nature lovers in Japan can expect epic drives, rewarding hikes, and getting deep into forests that cover the land. All those mountains mean waterfalls—or taki, …

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The Ultimate Central America Packing List

central america packing list

Central America packs a punch of natural diversity, fascinating cities, wildlife, and intriguing cultures. It’s hard not to be enamored by its volcanic peaks, sandy beaches, and tropical rainforests. However, the huge range of climates, landscapes, and things to do can make it difficult to pack. We find it a fairly easy destination to pack …

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Inside Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park • Your Ultimate Safari Guide

Lower Zambezi

Zambia’s Lower Zambezi National Park is an unspoiled wilderness in Africa. Unlike South Africa’s Kruger, Tanzania’s Serengeti, or South Luangwa in Zambia you can have a safari here without ever seeing another tourist. With an ever-present water source and its inaccessibility, the park has become a wildlife haven. Five minutes after landing in the Lower Zambezi we …

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6 Best Things to do in Stellenbosch, South Africa


Just a 45 minute drive away from Cape Town lies one the best wine regions in the world. Of course, many travelers get caught up with names like Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Burgundy, but don’t forget about the fantastic New World wine regions in the Southern Hemisphere.  The wines around the Western Cape are just as quality and at a fraction of …

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Ultimate Australian East Coast Road Trip Guide • Sydney to Cairns

Australia is a big place, a land of many climates, landscapes, and the ultimate “Downunda” getaway. It takes people years to see everything in Australia, even a lifetime for many. With such a varied country it makes it hard to choose where to go in Australia. So hopefully this ultimate Australian East Coast road trip …

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