25+ BEST Wineries in Michigan You Should Visit

Napa Valley gets all the spotlight as the wine destination in the United States, but many are sleeping on the mitten state. Michigan started wine-producing over 50 years ago, and now there are over 100 wineries in Michigan!

It’s the sixth-largest wine-producing state, so you can rest assured there are some amazing Michigan wineries to visit. There are wineries throughout the state, but the vast majority of them sit along Lake Michigan near Traverse City. This is where the lake climate helps with wine production and protects the vines from the Michigan winter.

Whether it’s a beautiful fall day in Michigan with friends or a quick stop for a glass, here are the best Michigan wineries to enjoy!

The Best Wineries in Michigan

1. Brys Estate Vineyard & Winery 

Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery
photo courtesy of Brys Estate Vineyard & Winery / Best Michigan Wineries

One of the best things to do in Michigan is enjoy a beautiful day at Brys Estate. This family-operated facility situated on 155 acres on Old Mission Peninsula features a tasting room, lawn bar, lavender gardens, a guest house, a gift shop and a historic homestead that dates back to the late 1800s.

The upper deck area is where you’ll enjoy spectacular views, delicious food options and wine tastings. The Lawn Bar is an outdoor seating area.  Dogs are allowed in this area as long as they’re leashed.  

  • Location: 3309 Blue Water Road, Traverse City.
  • Tip: Guests can explore the estate on the Wine Wagon.  This two-hour tour takes place every Saturday, and along the way, you’ll see the farmhouse, the vineyard and winery overlook, the secret garden, the Cabernet Franc Vineyard and the winery production areas. Six wine tastings and a picnic are included in this tour.
  • Price: The Wine Wagon Tour is $65.00 per person.

2. Left Foot Charley

Left Foot Charley
photo courtesy of Left Foot Charley / Best Michigan Wineries

Left Foot Charley is quite unique as far as wineries in Michigan go! It’s situated in an urban location, modern, independently run, and offers a range of experiences to wine-loving guests.

A wide variety of award-winning red, white and sparkling wine and hard ciders are available in the on-site tasting room or garden. 

  • Location: 806 Red Drive Suite #100, Traverse City.
  • Tip: Enjoy a superior tasting experience surrounded by wine barrels in the historic root cellar known as the Barrel Room. 
  • Price: Tastings are $15.00 per flight. 

3. Peninsula Cellars

Peninsula Cellars
photo courtesy of Peninsula Cellars / Best Michigan Wineries

Only high-quality grapes are grown at this family-run winery on the scenic Old Mission Peninsula. These high-quality grapes are used to produce exceptional wines that can be enjoyed in the on-site tasting room. Tastings are available but you can also order wine and hard cider by the glass. 

  • Location: 11480 Center Road, Traverse City.
  • Tip: Reservations are not needed but both indoor and outdoor seating are first come, first served. 
  • Price: Tastings are $15.00 for four pours. 

4. 45 North Vineyard & Winery

45 North Vineyard Winery
photo courtesy of 45 North Vineyard & Winery / Best Michigan Wineries

The wine available at 45 North Vineyard and Winery is produced using grapes from on site and regional vineyards and all offerings are handcrafted at the winery making it one of the top Michigan wineries. The stunning location featuring rolling hills and countryside is just one of the fabulous things about this place!

The tasting room is a beautiful, welcoming place where you can kick back with some delicious wine in front of the fireplace. Outdoor seating is available too or perhaps you’d rather try a game of bocce while you sip.  

  • Location: 8580 E Horn Road, Lake Leelanau.
  • Tip: Take a walk along the three-mile 45 North Vineyard Trail and explore the picturesque vineyard. 
  • Price: Tastings are $15.00 for a flight of 3 or $25.00 for a flight of 5. 

5. MAWBY Vineyards and Winery

MAWBY Vineyards and Winery
photo courtesy of MAWBY Vineyards and Winery / Best Michigan Wineries

The unique thing about MAWBY wines and ciders is they are fermented twice.  The result is a variety of sparkling wines to suit every taste. Wine is available in flights and by the glass and a selection of delicious food options are available too. 

  • Location: 4519 Elm Valley Road, Suttons Bay.
  • Tip: Pets are welcome to the outdoor sitting area but must be kept on a leash and be sitting with their owners at all times. 
  • Price: Flights cost $5.00 – $18.00.

6. Verterra Winery

Verterra Winery

Verterra Winery is another family-run wine estate on the scenic Leelanau Peninsula. Fruit that’s grown on site is used in the production of more than 20 fine red, white, rose and sparkling wines and many of these wines have won awards over the years. Wine tastings are available in the on-site tasting room. 

  • Location: 103 E River Street, Leland.
  • Tip: You can also enjoy tastings at The Ridge of Verterra, the on-site tasting tent. 
  • Price: Wine tastings are $5.00 for three pours and $8.00 for five pours.

7. Mari Vineyards

Mari Vineyards
photo courtesy of Mari Vineyards / Best Michigan Wineries

Mari Vineyards offers an array of amazing experiences at their beautiful estate.  A variety of red and white wines are available, and they’re produced from both appellation and experimental grape varieties.

Kick back in the tasting room or on the scenic patio and enjoy wine by the glass or flight complemented by a delicious charcuterie board. Tastings are available and include five wines for $12.00.

  • Location: 8175 Center Road, Traverse City.
  • Tip: Embark on a 45-minute private walking tour and be automatically eligible to participate in an exclusive wine tasting. 
  • Price: The private walking tour costs $30.00.

8. Boathouse Vineyards

Boathouse Vineyards
photo courtesy of Boathouse Vineyards / Best Michigan Wineries

At Boathouse Vineyards, all wines are produced using grapes that are grown right on site. The winery specializes in cool-climate red and white wines that can be sampled in the scenic tasting room overlooking The Narrows waterway and surrounding hills.

Wine is available by the glass and can also be enjoyed near the fireplace or on the covered porch. 

9. Walloon Lake Winery

Walloon Lake Winery
photo courtesy of Walloon Lake Winery / Best Michigan Wineries

Old meets new when it comes to the production of the award-winning wines at Walloon Lake Winery. You can also expect healthier and more sustainable wines that are produced with organic soil using no herbicides. At this family-owned estate, you can enjoy outdoor wine tastings for $8.00. 

  • Location: 3149 Intertown Road, Petoskey.
  • Tip: From time to time, themed dinner pairings are hosted at the winery. 
  • Price: Dinner pairings are $75.00 per person. 

10. Bowers Harbor Vineyards

best wineries in michigan

Since the early 1990s, Bowers Harbor Vineyards, which is situated on the Old Mission Peninsula, has been producing and serving a wide variety of wines including sparkling, white, red, cherry, port and dessert wines.  The estate is home to 20 acres of vineyards where Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Merlot and several other varietals are grown.

All wines are gluten-free and can be sampled in the on-site tasting room where you’ll also be able to enjoy some cheese, pretzels and other snacks with your beverages.  

  • Location: 2896 Bowers Harbor Road, Traverse City.
  • Tip: Dogs are allowed on the patio and other outdoor spaces and dog treats and toys are available to purchase. 
  • Price: Wine flights are $6.00 to $40.00.

11. Shady Lane Cellars

Shady Lane Cellars
photo courtesy of Shady Lane Cellars / Best Michigan Wineries

Shady Lane Cellars is a historic property that’s also one of the top winery destinations on the Leelanau Peninsula. A visit to this winery is quite the experience and it goes beyond simply tasting delicious, high-quality wines and ciders. A comfortable tasting room is available but you can also enjoy a tasting outdoors under the covered pavilion. 

  • Location: 9580 E Shady Lane, Suttons Bay.
  • Tip: A variety of events, such as live music and wine pairing meals, are held at the winery. 
  • Price: Wine flights are $12.00 for three tastes. 

12. Bonobo Winery

best wineries in michigan

At Bonobo Winery, you’ll enjoy a laid-back atmosphere where everything is savoured including the wine and the stunning scenery of the Old Mission Peninsula.

The 19-acre vineyard features a wide selection of grape varieties including Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc that are used in the production of the estate’s world-class wines. Guided wine tastings are available for $20.00 per person. 

13. Blustone Vineyards

best wineries in michigan

At Blustone Vineyards, you’ll enjoy an amazing wine tasting experience featuring unique wines made on site. The large tasting room features floor-to-ceiling windows so you can admire the lovely views that are all around.

Wine is also available by the glass and finger foods made from locally sourced ingredients are available. If you’d rather be outdoors, there’s a patio that’s open during warmer weather or you can sit around the fire pit. 

  • Location: 780 N Sylt Road, Lake Leelanau.
  • Tip: Foodie Friday takes place every Friday night in June, July and August.  A local chef prepares a signature dish to be paired with your favorite Blustone wine. 
  • Price: a $5.00 deposit is required when booking the wine tasting. 

14. Black Star Farms Suttons Bay

Black Star Farms Suttons Bay
photo courtesy of Black Star Farms Suttons Bay / Best Michigan Wineries

Black Star Farms Suttons Bay is located in a stunning rural area amidst rolling hills and beautiful vineyards. On-site facilities include several patios and terraces, a cafe,  nature trails and an equestrian facility.

There are more than 40 world-renowned, handcrafted wines and brandies available in the tasting room along with a selection of delicious farm-to-table dishes. 

15. Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery

best wineries in michigan

Situated only a short distance from Petoskey, this beautiful winery features spectacular rural scenery, beautiful vineyards and a relaxing tasting room. The property is open to the public all year long.  In the summer, outdoor patio seating is available and in winter, guests take to the cosy tasting room. Enjoy tastings any time of year!

  • Location: 3720 Atkins Road, Petoskey.
  • Tip: Food items, including wood-fired pizza, are available. 
  • Price: Wine flights are $12.75 for three pours and $21.75 for five pours. 

16. Bel Lago Vineyards & Winery

Bel Lago Vineyards & Winery
photo courtesy of Bel Lago Vineyards & Winery / Best Wineries in Michigan

Translated into English, Bel Lago means “beautiful lake” and that is the perfect word to describe the stunning lakeside location of this winery and vineyards. On site, over 100 grape varieties are grown across 37 acres including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and Chardonnay.

Enjoy wine tastings in the on-site tasting room or kick back on the outdoor patio where your dog can join you as long as they are kept on a leash. Bel Lago is another one of the top wineries in Michigan.

  • Location: 6530 S Lake Shore Drive, Cedar.
  • Tip: Pizza and other snacks are available to enjoy with your wine or cider. 
  • Price: Tasting flights are $16.00.

17. Chateau Grand Traverse

Chateau Grand Traverse

This lovely family-owned wine estate near Traverse City is the place to head to if you want a true Wine Country experience. Take a complimentary tour of the wine-making facilities before taking a seat in the tasting room or on the patio to savour delicious wine and snacks. 

  • Location: 12239 Center Road, Traverse City.
  • Tip: Specialty wine tastings are offered, and knowledgeable staff is on hand to provide the background information on every wine you taste. 
  • Price: Tastings are $10.00 for five wines. 

18. Chateau Chantal Winery and Inn

Chateau Chantal Winery and Inn

Since the mid-80s, this delightful combination of a winery, working vineyard and inn has been welcoming guests to explore and enjoy the 65-acre property. Facility tours are available, and a variety of food options are offered to pair with your wine. Flights cost $10.00 and can be enjoyed on the outdoor patio or terrace.

During your visit, you can also explore the Founder’s Trail vineyard walk.  Live music is featured on Thursday nights during the summer months. 

  • Location: 15900 Rue Devin, Traverse City.
  • Tip: On certain days, special multi-course wine dinners take place on site. Dinner is enjoyed outdoors, and the experience also includes a vineyard tour. 
  • Price: Wine dinners are $95.00 per person. 

19. Chateau Fontaine

Chateau Fontaine

Located in the center of the Leelanau Peninsula, Chateau Fontaine offers a wide selection of top-quality French and German-inspired wines including Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.  

20. 2 Lads Winery

2 Lads Winery
photo courtesy of 2 Lads Winery / Best Wineries in Michigan

Situated on 58 acres, this estate on the Old Mission Peninsula focuses on the production of cold climate red, white, rose and sparkling wines and sustainable farming practices are used in this production.  

  • Location: 16985 Smokey Hollow Road, Traverse City.
  • Tip: Tastings are available and wine cocktails and small bites are also served.
  • Price: Tastings are $18.00 or $5.00 if you make a wine or merchandise purchase over $50.00. 

Best Southwest Wineries in Michigan

south haven restaurants
Beautiful South Haven

Almost all of these wineries in Michigan are located around Traverse City and Northwest Michigan because of the lake effect mentioned previously. However there are some fantastic wineries popping up elsewhere in the state, specifically Southwest Michigan!

Best Michigan Wineries Map


I hope you enjoyed this guide on the best wineries in Michigan. Here are a few relevant articles for more travel around Michigan.

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