Getting Wet & Wild Rafting Croatia’s Cetina River

 We’ve been testing out our adventure skills while in Croatia and the rest of the Balkans. After rock-climbing in Hvar and cycling in Niš, we decided we needed to get a little more, wet. That’s where the Cetina River came in!  

The Cetina river is a beautiful 63 mi long river in Croatia that flows straight into the crystal clear Adriatic Sea.  The river makes for a great place to hang out by and enjoy a picnic; however, we were able to get even closer to it with Adventure Dalmatia.

Rafting Croatia’s Cetina River with Adventure Dalmatia

We were excited to wake up early in Split and spend the day in the sun getting active on the river. Cameron has whitewater kayaked numerous times, and I spent my summers at camp rafting the rivers in Wisconsin. It still had been quite a few years that either of us had taken part in the sport.

The day started with the Adventure Dalmatia team picking us up at the entrance to the famous Diocletian’s palace in Split. We hopped on a bus and were then transported to Zadvarje Village, our launch point, for a day of rafting. It took about 45 minutes to get to this point from Split, but we had a fun and lively group with us to keep us entertained!

Once we arrived, we picked out our wetsuits, helmets, life vests, and rubber boots before listening to a 10-minute safety briefing. Compared to other whitewater rafting experiences, I would say that the Cetina river is a “light” version. There are no class 5 rapids in Croatia, and no one will likely be getting hurt while rafting the Cetina. Regardless, it’s always essential to wear a helmet and life vest. Safety first!

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Rafting the CEtina River

Unlike many other rafting trips, there is not a guide in each raft, and there are only three people max per raft. Cameron and I got lucky and had a whole raft to ourselves! A little more arm work – but we didn’t mind! We were nestled in our raft, had our handy GoPro fastened on, and began paddling!

White Water Rafting in Croatia

Our Guides

Although we didn’t have a guide on our particular raft, many did. All of the guides on our tour were wonderful and skilled. They were always jumping into the freezing waters to assist wherever needed and were fun, engaging, and helpful! We felt comfortable with our leaders knowing they were certified by the International Rafting Federation and could speak both English and Croatian.

The Cetina River

The Cetina River is one of the most famous rivers in Croatia. Most people flock to the coast, but this river and its surroundings are stunning! The water flows calmly with many light rapids to keep the adrenaline pumping.  Between the two of us, we had a great time in the quiet parts of the river enjoying the sounds of the birds and trees blowing; but also couldn’t wait to battle the rapids!

Rafting the Cetina River with Adventure Dalmatia

As mentioned before, the Cetina River has fairly “light” rapids. Most are rated a whitewater grade of two or three, making rafting enjoyable for all fitness levels.  Adventure Dalmatia operates daily in the summertime with a total rafting time equalling three hours.  The distance from start to finish is about 7 miles, so we felt we got a great upper body workout in! There are a few points where rafters can jump out and take a swim, but we weren’t quite brave enough to face the April weather.

Recommended for a day of Whitewater Rafting

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Drinking Water
  • A waterproof camera (We love our GoPro!)

We loved our rafting experience with Adventure Dalmatia! As always, all opinions remain our own.\

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