15 Beautiful Switzerland Waterfalls You Have To See

Switzerland is known for its spectacular scenery, from vast verdant valleys to the immense slopes of the Alps. Visitors flock to explore the natural wonders of this part of the world and enjoy chasing Switzerland’s waterfalls and outdoor adventures such as skiing and hiking. Plus, partaking in the famous tasty treats made here, namely chocolate, is enough reason for anyone to spend some time in Switzerland. 

A lesser-known, but equally alluring draw, is that throughout this enchanting landscape, there are an array of breathtaking Switzerland waterfalls. It’s a Switzerland fact that there are over 150 freely flowing falls found in Switzerland, ranging from hidden gems reached only by arduous hikes to accessible popular hotspot attractions.

Each of these captivating cascades offers its own unique beauty. One of my top Switzerland travel tips is to visit any of these beautiful Switzerland waterfalls on your trip.

The Most Beautiful Waterfalls of Switzerland

Staubbach Falls

Staubbach Falls / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

Otherwise known as the Lauterbrunnen Switzerland waterfall, or “Switzerland waterfall town,” Staubbach Falls reach a staggering height of almost 1,000 feet. It’s one of the highest waterfalls in the entire country.

Set above the charming village of Lauterbrunnen near Grindelwald is this beautiful setting. This valley, in particular, is famous for its abundance of falls, 72 to be exact. The rushing river plummets over a stark rocky cliff, creating a cascade that is almost entirely a free fall, a rare and special spectacle of nature to be sure.

The trek to arrive is short from town and leads to stunning vistas from behind the rushing, plunging river. Staub, meaning dust, is a reference to the wide-reaching spray and mist that flies off of the falls creating a magical, and very refreshing, scene. While you can walk right up to the waterfalls, I actually love the views from the town as well as up above in the town of Wengen!

One of the best times to see this waterfall in Switzerland is during the summer when the glacial melt from the mountains is rushing into town.

Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

Rhine Falls is a natural wonder and the largest cascade in all of Europe. By largest, it’s measured in terms of volume, not height here, but either way, its immense power is sure to delight. It’s set near the quaint town of Schaffhausen, only a quick day trip away from Zurich. An impressive rock towers right in the middle of the falls, forming a one-of-a-kind cascade.

There’s an incredible viewing platform from this famous middle point, as well as several on either side, so it’s fun to try and find the best possible vantage point and photo-op at each one. You can even ride a boat right up to the center of the plummeting waterway, which is ideal for any thrill-seekers. Be prepared for lots of stairs here, but taking in this tremendous beauty is well worth any climb. 

Trummelbach Falls

Trummelbach Falls / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

These subterranean waterfalls are a fascinating sight in Switzerland. They’re located in Lauterbrunnen Valley, right in the heart of the Bernese Oberland region. They are made up of the meltwater from the glaciers of the Jungfrau Mountains. Up to approximately 20,000 gallons of water flows through the dense cliff walls every second here.

It cuts through these rock faces over a series of ten tiers, making a thundering noise that can be heard way before arrival. The underground area is illuminated, which is an astonishing sight, as are the tunneled paths through the intricate cavern spaces. It’s a super easy one to access, just take the quick elevator ride up to the top viewing platform. 

Engstligen Falls

Engstligen Falls / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

Engstligen is the second largest waterfall in Switzerland. Several streams join together to create the awe-inspiring falls and become the Englisten River post plunge. The drop over the rocky cliff is almost 2,000 feet, between the upper and lower sections!

You can take the rocky path and get up close and personal with this fantastical feature, or soak up its beauty from afar in the adorable village of Adelboden. The trek down to the base of the falls is super simple and short. To reach the top, arguably the coolest observation spot, you can either hike or take the cable car. 

Rosenlaui Falls

Credit: Jungfrau Region / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

Rosenlaui is a glacial gorge set close to the tiny mountain village of Schwarzwaldalp, best accessed by a Swiss rental car. The falls carry the melted waters powerfully through a ravine, carefully carving its path over the course of millions of years. It becomes Rosenlaui Brook which tumbles into a seven-tiered cascade.

A narrow footpath surrounded by cliff walls leads to the stunning river. This gradual ascent can be a bit of a strenuous journey, but surrounded by the wonderful wilderness it’s well worth it.

It’s a beloved natural fixture of the nation and is idyllic for any nature lovers interested in exploring off the beaten path in Switzerland. 

Reichenbach Falls

Reichenbach Falls / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

Famously featured in an episode of the BBC drama Sherlock, and as the setting for The Final Problem in the collection The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. However the Reichenbach Falls are a popular pick for many other reasons as well. It’s a part of the Bernese Oberland area on the Rychenbach River. The dramatic drop is a total of 820 feet, falling over a course of seven steps.

The upper falls, called the Grand Reichenbach Fall, is by far the tallest segment and is known for being one of the highest waterfalls in all of the Alps.

To reach these heights you can hike to the top for a bit of adventure, or take the funicular for an easier and more relaxing route. Here you’ll be rewarded with sweeping panoramas out over the Hasli Valley. At certain times of the year, a hydroelectric company will harness its mighty power, which will diminish the impressive effect for any visitors. 

Foroglio Falls

Foroglio Falls / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

Foroglio Falls are a remarkable natural attraction tucked away in the gorgeous Val Canegia Valley. It’s within the Ticino region of the country, known for its Italian influence, near a charming town of the same name.

The peaceful and pastoral surrounding area is just as much of a draw, boasting a well-preserved culture. It’s commonly referred to as the “gnome village,” so it’s recommended to spend some time traversing through the town.

Take the informational trail, which travels through the forest floor up to alpine meadows at heights of over 6,000 feet. Wandering your way up to the top of this 350 foot drop makes for the most fantastic grand finale possible. 

Murrenbach Falls

Murrenbach Falls / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

Murrenbach is the tallest waterfall in all of Switzerland! It’s found in the famous-for-falls Lauterbrunnen Valley and is often referred to as the crown jewel of this natural wonderland. It’s divided up into five different falls. Since it’s pretty much located right in the center of Switzerland, it’s easily accessible and super convenient to see.

The walk is calm and peaceful, even passing a couple of cute eateries along the way on the valley floor. Keep in mind that it is an especially stunning sight in the springtime when the glaciers begin to melt.   

Giessbach Falls

Giessbach Falls / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

The Giessbach Falls near Interlaken have so much spectacular scenery to offer. These falls are best reached by a short ferry ride on the sparkling Brienzersee Lake, which ends right at the bottom of the beautiful cascade.

The Giessbach brook drops down 650 feet from high valleys over a series of 14 steps. The Grandhotel Giessbach is an iconic institution in the area, and a superb stop to make here for a stay, a meal, or even just for the breathtaking vistas.

To get closer to the falls there’s a moderate hike, both to the lower and upper sections, each offering some stunning vantage points. It’s just over a mile each way on a narrow dirt path that does have some steep sections. There is a charming vintage funicular that goes up and down the mountainside as well. 

Cascata Piumogna

Cascata Piumogna / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

The Piumongna Falls are some of the most photogenic in Switzerland. Plummeting down 140 feet over verdant valleys into a crystal clear turquoise basin at the bottom makes for a magical scene. Set in Ticino, it’s widely considered to be the most beautiful one around. The lower falls are easily accessible by foot and the upper falls require a bit of a hike or a quick trip up on the cable car. The trek is just under four miles round trip.

The suspension bridge that crosses over the enchanting creek is such a fun surprise along the way as well. Pack your own snacks and enjoy a bite with a truly breathtaking background at the picnic area here.  

Saut du Doubs

Saut du Doubs / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

The river Doubs is a fjord-like feat of nature that never ceases to amaze its visitors. It is set literally right on the border between France and Switzerland. It forms the stunning Brenets Lake and of course the coup de grace, one seriously alluring cascade. It’s a slow river, sometimes called lazy, that weaves its way through alpine cliffs culminating at the falls at a much faster pace where you can really see its full power potential realized.

The drop is from 88 feet high, and the surrounding scenery is truly enchanting. It can be reached by foot on a three-mile hike through the untouched wilderness, or via cruise from the lovely lakeside. So make sure to put hiking shoes on your Swiss packing list.

Seerenbach Falls

Seerenbach Waterfalls / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

With the Seerenbach Waterfalls you get three for the price of one! Each is impressive in its own right, but the middle cascade is actually the second highest in Switzerland at 1,000 feet. The upper falls have a drop of 164 feet and the lower falls are 623 feet tall. At a grand total of a roaring 1,800 feet, it’s quite the spectacle.

They’re located near the idyllic village of Betlis. From here there is a forest trail that leads up to one of the most jaw-dropping vistas on the list. Plummeting powerfully over a vertical cliff face, it originates from a huge hidden cave system to join the Rin Spring down below. 

Jaun Waterfall

Jaun Waterfall / Best Switzerland Waterfalls

The Jaun Waterfall has been shrouded in mystery for many years, which only adds to its allure. It’s said by local legend to have healing powers and positive energy that can be breathed in if standing close enough.

Vast quantities of rushing waters appear as if from nowhere, flowing at the rapid rate of 1,500 gallons of water per second. A far away river that travels underground was revealed to be the source once it was dyed.

It then turns into the Juanbach River after the dramatic 40-foot drop. It’s easily reached from the small village of Jaun, and a charming catwalk leads right up to the thundering cascade itself, so close that you can feel the droplets. It’s all lit up at night as well, making for some unique photo ops. It really is a resplendent natural wonder any time of day, surrounded by mossy rocks and pine forest. 

Berglistuber Waterfall

Berglistüber wasserfall/ Best Switzerland Waterfalls

The Berglistuber also called the Berglistüber wasserfall is located near Linthul in the gorgeous Glarus Valley. It’s a mighty force flowing from high up the mountains as the Fatschbach brook has carved its way through the limestone over the course of countless years. In total it rushes down three falls over 1,500 feet. Berglistube being the middle and most beautiful of the set, with a drop of over 140 feet.

The path is super short and easy from the parking place, making it an accessible choice of falls. It even takes you directly behind the water curtain of the falls for a super unique experience, though in some seasons it is deemed too dangerous. It’s often referred to as one of the most beautiful Switzerland waterfalls to go see. 

Segnesboden Waterfall

Switzerland waterfalls - Segnesboden Waterfall
Segnesboden Waterfall / Best Waterfalls of Switzerland

The Segnesboden Waterfall is an ever-changing fixture of an always important natural landscape that’s so exciting to explore. It’s set just northwest of Flims in the Graubunden region of Switzerland. From here it’s quite a hike, about four miles and a steep ascent up to a height over 3,000 feet above sea level. It follows alongside the river Flem through well-preserved fenland areas and ancient plateaus.

This terrain is a special habitat for many native plant and animal species, so keep your eyes peeled. To cut the hike in half there is a cable car to take you part of the way.

The special draw of Segnesboden is the impressively high altitude, which is not so common for other European falls. It takes you through otherworldly rock formations, stunning gorges, and the site of the largest landslide on the continent. 

Switzerland Waterfalls Map

How to Travel Around Switzerland

You can get to all these amazing waterfalls in Switzerland several different ways!

Travel Switzerland

Train travel doesn’t get any easier than in Switzerland. The country has an incredibly efficient rail network that can get you anywhere – even in the mountain towns. This is the only way we have ever traveled to Switzerland, and it’s very enjoyable. Eurail passes work well in Switzerland, as you can purchase a Swiss Rail Pass for extensive travel. Without these passes, you’ll want to book all your train travel in advance or you could pay a premium on the train. Make sure to be on time – punctuality is key in Switzerland!

Long Haul Flight Tips

For such a small country, interestingly, Switzerland has three major international airports:  Zurich, Geneva and Basel, It’s also possible to fly into Milan, Frankfurt, Munich, and Lyon travel right into Switzerland.

Rental Car

You’ll need to get your own rental car in Switzerland if you want freedom and flexibility. Some car rental comparison sites are:

My favorites to look at are:

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Switzerland Travel Planning Resources

  • Packing Guide — Check out our Europe Packing Guide to help pack your bags and ensure you don’t leave anything at home.
  • Rent a Car — We suggest most visitors consider renting a car for the best trip possible. Try Discover Car Hire to compare quotes from different rental agencies. Check Price Here!
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