Many people know about the beautiful blue waters of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. However, did you know that in the winter the entire lake freezes and you can ice skate on it? It’s true! As soon as the lake freezes the Chateau Lake Louise creates a few separate ice rinks on the lake. Nearby, they rent out ice skates for winter lovers to enjoy a skate or hockey game! We were actually very surprised how great of shape the hotel kept these little ice rinks. If you’re not a skater it’s still possible to enjoy a walk across Lake Louise and through the trees. Watch out for the horse-drawn carriages taking visitors through the winter wonderland. This is one of the best things to do in Banff, especially in December when Christmas is in the air.
Enjoy the village atmosphere in Mont Tremblant
Mont Tremblant has to have one of the prettiest villages in North America. It has all the European ambiance and charm, except on the North American continent. The village itself is compact and designed to be car-free, almost everything is a short five-minute walk between each other. From the village center, visitors have access to the beautiful mountain, trails, restaurants, shops, an ice skating rink, and restaurants. As Mont Tremblant is surrounded by the lovely Laurentians there is no shortage of summer or winter activities to enjoy – including amazing skiing and snowboarding. We spent two full days navigating the mountain here on our snowboards and found it to be well designed for families, couples, or even a friends trip.
Birdwatch in Newfoundland and Labrador
Did you know that Newfoundland and Labrador is the bird watching capital of North America? With over 29,000 kilometers of coastline, 35 million seabirds nest around the shores here. Gannets, storm petrels, black-legged kittiwakes, common murres, and even puffins can be seen making a messy and load racket. Witless Bay Ecological Reserve and Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve are two great places to get our your bird books and marvel at our winged friends. They say you don’t even need binoculars as the birds are so close. Watch out for the birds of prey! 800 bald eagles nest on the shores of Newfoundland and Labrador making it one of the largest populations in North America.
Go on a ski/snowboard holiday
Canada and ski trip are synonymous with each other. The entire country is scattered with resorts for those looking for an active winter holiday. Places like Revelstoke and Whistler are constantly regarded as some of the best ski resorts in the world. We found our favorites in Alberta and British Columbia and had some of our best powder days in Canada. Some ski resorts like Banff Sunshine run from November all the way to June or July – so if you’re looking to extend your winter Canada is a good place to travel to!
See where Amelia Earhart made history
On May 20th of 1932, the legendary Amelia Earhart left a small airfield in Harbor Grace, Newfoundland. 15 hours later she landed in Northern Ireland, alone and accomplished. She was the first woman to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic. Early aviators would often start their trans-Atlantic flight in Newfoundland as it’s one of the closest places in North America that you can get. Nowadays you can visit this iconic landmark and see the Spirit of Harbour Grace and a statue of Amelia Earhart right where she took off.

What to bring to Canada

  • Jacket or Fleece: No matter the season you should always travel to Canada prepared for cold weather.
  • Trekking Shoes: Canada is a nature lovers paradise. Make sure you can explore the country by having the right footwear.
  • Amazon Fire Stick: Most places in Canada have good WiFi. So we like having our Amazon Fire Stick to stream.
  • Flannel: Because nothing says fall or winter in Canada like a flannel shirt.
  • Day Bag: Bring a comfortable day bag to accompany you on all your treks.

Pick up travel insurance