12 BEST Walking Sandals For Women For All Day Comfort

In this post, we share the most comfortable walking sandals for women. You can find dressy sandals for nights on the town, waterproof sandals for days at the beach, heavily padded sandals for day hikes, and even mid-range sandals which can keep you comfortable even during a full day of errands.

Knowing what you’re getting yourself into is essential when choosing the best sandal. There are many styles of sandals, and many serve different purposes. Below you’ll find a nice mix of styles to find the best walking sandals for women for you.

Best Women’s Walking Sandals

Birkenstock Mayari

Women's Birkenstock Mayari Sandals

Price: $99 | Weight: 12 oz. | Material: Cork Footbed, EVA Footbed, Rubber Sole


  • Comfort
  • Excellent Support
  • Thick Rubber Sole
  • Cute Style
  • Cork Footbed Molds To Foot


  • “Hippie” Look

Birkenstocks are some of the most loved sandals for a good reason. They’re the perfect everyday wear sandal because the sole conforms to the shape of your foot for the ultimate support. We’re partial to the Mayari as they’re more feminine than the original Arizona style. The sandals feel adept for many scenarios, from everyday life to beach trips and short hikes.

The neutral heel profile and deep heel cups keep the weight of your body evenly distributed across your feet for the ideal comfort. They feature the patented cork footbed that contours to your foot, giving you excellent arch support and comfort.

This footbed also gives them an excellent shock absorption quality that your joints will thank you. The suede lining means they are best suited for dry urban environments. Also, the cork footbed absorbs smells, so if you are prone to stinky, sweaty feet, these may not be the best choice for you.

Birkenstock Mayari

Teva Tirra

Teva Tirra Best Best Women's Walking Sandals

Price: $80 | Weight: 18 oz. | Material: EVA, Molded Nylon, Rubber


  • Comfort
  • Thick Rubber Sole
  • Water Performance
  • Ready For Trails
  • Secure Straps
  • Not Bad Style For Hiking Sandal


  • Hiking Sandal Look

Created by a river guide in the Grand Canyon, Teva has fully embraced their adventurous upbringing and bent toward water sports. The Teva Tirra is a perfect example of this and one of the best walking sandals for women. Made with all the best features we have come to expect from Teva – like their sturdy straps and EVA midsoles – they also take water protection to the next level.

The Tirra features water-resistant polyester webbing that dries very quickly, a lightweight EVA-foam midsole for maximum comfort, and a ladder lock enclosure that ensures the best custom fit.

They also have that superb Vibram outsole that gives you excellent traction. All of this and the sandals don’t sacrifice style! These walking sandals can wear from an urban setting to the great outdoors without missing a beat. The lugs on the outsole channel away water, and the anti-slip midsole will keep you stable whether you are walking through a puddle or a river.

Rainbow Sandal

Price: $54 | Weight: 13.8 oz. | Material: Leather, EVA, Rubber Sole


  • High-Quality Leather Finish
  • Classic Style
  • Wide Color Selection
  • Durability
  • Nice Travel Sandals


  • Leather Makes Darkens When Wet
  • Thong Flip-Flop

I’m a sandal person and don’t believe any travel bag is complete until I throw in a pair. Flip-flops are great walking sandals as they take up minimal room in the suitcase, unlike bulkier versions. The Rainbow Sandal is a thong flip-flop that has a straightforward design. They are nothing like those crappy rubber flip-flops many wear.

The sandals use premium leather and nylon thread, while layers are triple glued for optimal durability. Perhaps what makes these so great is the high arch in the midsole. It allows me to wear sandals all day. It’s a sandal you can wear all day and never think twice about your feet. However, it is a thong flip-flop, so a large strap is better if you need a sandal for long walks.

Rainbow Leather Sandals

OluKai ‘Upena

Women's OluKai ‘Upena Sandal

Price: $90 | Weight: 14 oz. | Material: Leather, PU Footbed, Rubber Sole


  • No Break-In
  • Comfortable
  • Style


  • Straps Not For Wide Feet

Hawaiian baed OluKai makes some amazing comfortable sandals and slip-on shoes. We love their shoes for walking, but the Upena stands out as a walking shoe for women because of its style. It’s super cute, versatile, and, most importantly, comfortable.

The Birkenstock and Rainbow sandals above require a break-in period as they’re leather and cork, but the ‘Upena comes ready to go. These walking sandals do not need to worry about blisters, foot pain, or slick bottoms.

I wore them on a recent trip to the Mediterranean, and they were perfect for long walking days to an evening out in a dress. There are some more comfortable and classic designs from Olukai, such as the ‘Ohana, but we love the style of the ‘Upena.

OluKai ‘Upena

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Best Women's Walking Sandals

Price: $40 | Weight: 12 oz. | Material: Stretch Knit, Yoga Mat Foot Bed, Rubber Sole


  • Super Comfortable Straps
  • Relaxed
  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Fits Most Feet


  • Thin Rubber Sole
  • No Midsole
  • Longevity

These super cute shoes are also really comfortable and perfect for walking. At an affordable price and a multitude of colors so you can afford to pick up more than one color. They’re super comfortable, and the footbeds come from yoga mats for a soft squishy feeling.

There are two things to note. These women’s walking sandals have thinner soles, so they are not great for rough terrain. There is also a lack of arch support for those suffering from weak arches or plantar fasciitis.

If you suffer from foot problems, we recommend more robust sandals with a proper midsole as these offer none. The sandals utilize yoga mat soles and a stretch knit upper, but they have longevity issues. You’ll find far more value in more expensive sandals that will last for years.

Sanuk Yoga Sling 2

Chaco Z/Cloud

tevas vs chacos

Price: $110 | Weight: 21 oz. | Material: Dual-density Polyurethane, Rubber


  • Super Robust Sandal
  • Great For Hiking
  • Comfortable
  • Walking Sandals Outdoors
  • Arch Support


  • Style,
  • Straps Uncomfortable On Odd-Shaped Feet

The only sandal brand that can come close to the quality of Teva is Chaco. There are diehard fans on both sides of the debate with strong opinions on who should reign supreme. All that means is that when you choose to buy a Chaco sandal, you leave confident that you have purchased the highest quality outdoor sandal out there. These are a tremendous pair of women’s walking sandals if you need arch support or suffer from plantar fasciitis.

The sole also features an antimicrobial application that will prevent odor and keep your feet feeling fresh all day long. The Z/Cloud is just one of three in Chaco’s Z series and offers such great support you’ll feel like you are wearing a shoe more than a sandal. It provides the cushiest sole, but if you want more support for outdoor activities, shop for the Chaco Z/1 Original.

Chaco Z/Cloud

Plaka Sandal

Teva Sandal Best Women's Walking Sandals

Price: $35 | Weight: 16 oz. | Material: Rubber, Nylon (Vegan)


  • Style
  • Comfortable Straps
  • Color Choices
  • Unique
  • Affordable


  • No Arch Support
  • Lacks Cushion

Plakas aren’t the most durable sandals on this list, but they are more fashionable sandals. Plaka sandals are handwoven women’s sandals with a stiff rubber sole that is good to wear anywhere in the summer. These sandals are hand-made, water-resistant, and can dress up a casual beach look.

I have a pair in almost all of their styles and always manage to get compliments when I wear them! The best part? They take virtually no room up in a bag, so there easy to slip into a beach bag or purse. 

Plaka Sandals

Merrell Terran Convertible II

Best Women's Walking Sandals

Price: $99 | Weight: 12 oz. | Material: Nubuck Leather, Microfiber, Molded Nylon Arch, Foam Footbed,


  • Technology Packed For Comfort and Support
  • Strap Layout
  • Style


  • Hiking Sandal Look
  • Straps Not For Wide Feet

Merrel is a household name for comfortable outdoor footwear, and I predict they will soon get the same recognition for their line of women’s walking sandals. Gone are the bright colors and rugged look we have seen in most of their adventure footwear; in its place is a subtle, attractive sandal that gives you incredible microfiber soft footbed support and thong/ankle strap security.

Like the Teva above, Merrell has taken all the key elements of a superb hiking shoe and converted it into sandal form. The Terran Convertible II boasts all-encompassing support and protection in a comfortable package. Once you hit the water, the sandal will immediately expel it and begin the drying process. As you may have guessed, the Terran Convertible II is for water-intensive adventures, but don’t let that drive you away if you’re more terrestrial.

The sandal sole is comfortable and supportive for hiking, while the rubber Vibram outsole provides excellent traction over almost any obstacle. I also find them to be some of the most attractive hiking sandals I’ve had the pleasure of wearing.

Merrell Terran Convertible II

Crocs Serena

Women's Croc Serena Sandals

Price: $29 | Weight: 12 oz. | Material: Croslite™ Foam


  • Comfortable
  • Support
  • Style For Crocs


  • Crocs

I have been a fan of crocs for years. I find them one of the best walking sandals for walking while still looking cute. Yes, I said attractive. Crocs make some pretty charming women’s sandals. The original crocs are so ugly they are a fashion statement; this version is more subtle.

I have had a few pairs and even wore them to the club at a younger age. Crocs are super affordable, comfortable for a day of walking, and waterproof. Yes, my mom does all of her garden work in them. Just not in the attractive Crocs Serena women’s walking sandals.

Crocs Serena Sandals

Sketchers Reggae Slim Vacay

Sketchers Reggae Slim Vacay Best Women's Walking Sandals

Price: $40 | Weight: 12 oz. | Material: Fabric, Rubber


  • Comfortable,
  • Easy To Put On Straps
  • Cheap


  • Sketchers Quality
  • Not As Good As Tevas, Chacos, etc.

Sketchers are an award-winning international footwear brand that prides itself on high quality at an affordable price, and these are some of the best sandals for walking. Their Reggae Slim Vacay walking sandals adhere perfectly to this brand model. 

The sole has a great memory foam feature that cradles and conforms to your foot similarly to a cork footbed but without the concern of odor absorption. The highly comfortable faux leather straps are adjustable, giving you the perfect fit whether you have wide or narrow feet.

These sandals have some of the best value considering their cost and features. The quality and longevity of these sandals are inferior to better brands.

Sketchers Reggae Slim Vacay

Clarks Leisa Cacti Sandal

Clarks Leisa Cacti Sandal Best Women's Walking Sandals

Price: $85 | Weight: 12 oz. | Material: Leather, Rubber, Foam


  • Great Comfort
  • Good Coverage Over Toes
  • Leather
  • Heel
  • Arch Support


  • Style Not For Everyone

The Clarks Leisa Cacti Sandals are some of the most comfortable sandals you can find. They combine an extra-soft footbed with subtle arch support to prevent those achy feet that can come with a full day of travel.

It has a great style that feels less casual than many of the sandals above. They have more coverage over the foot if you don’t want to shoe so much skin. They’re a fantastic option for someone who wants a more mature sandal than a sandal like the Rainbow or Teva above.

Clarks Leisa Cacti Sandal

How to Pick a Walking Sandal?

There’s a lot to consider before jetting out, so here’s a breakdown of what to consider in a women’s walking sandal and some of the best options currently on the market. 

Intended Use For Your Walking Sandals

As we alluded to before, knowing the intended use of your walking sandals is a biggy! You don’t want to be stuck with blistered, achy feet because you figured “a sandal is a sandal,” right? So, let’s look at essential features based on your intended purpose. 

Urban Walking

Comfort and style are essential if you plan to spend your days running errands and walking the city streets. So you’ll need a hybrid sandal. You can choose thinner straps in any pattern that strikes your fancy and opt for designs that complement your wardrobe versus the bold look that many outdoor sandals have. 

You’ll want to keep a thick footbed in mind, as walking on concrete and pavement can be hard on your joints. Also, footbeds with a decent grip should consider those days you get caught in a downpour. You don’t want to slip out of your sandals onto the street. 


Galapagos Cruises Best Women's Walking Sandals
The Galapagos Islands

Protecting your feet should be high on your list if you’re traveling to an outdoor location where you intend to spend your days’ hiking, biking, running or climbing. In this scenario, the entire construction of the sandal serves a purpose. You should look for walking sandals with thick, well-placed lugs on the outsole to gain maximum traction on rocky terrain. 

The straps should be extra secure to prevent your sandals from coming loose at a pivotal point on the trail. You’ll want to ensure the sandal’s footbed is highly supportive, especially around your foot arch, and look for materials that can take a beating without becoming frayed or broken. 

You may even want to consider walking sandals that give you toe protection, especially if you are heading to rocky terrain. While stylish adventure sandals exist, this takes a back seat to the overall functionality when the outdoors are your intended terrain. I have loved having a more robust sandal in destinations like the Galapagos, Canadian Rockies, Africa, and Costa Rica.

Water Activities

Bali Waterfalls -Sekumpal Waterfall

Whether you’re heading to a beach destination, spending a weekend on the lake, or planning to do a lot of kayaking or rafting, all the best walking sandals for water activities have the same thing in common: they have excellent water resistance and grippy footbeds. 

These two things will keep you both stable and comfortable throughout your trip. Water resistance usually comes in quick-drying synthetic nylon or polyester materials that naturally wick water out. Just a few minutes in the sun, they’re ready to go again! Teva and Chaco are both made to tackle water activities, and we love them for this!

Walking Sandals For Women At The Beach

things to in hydra

The beach is the most common and least demanding scenario for a pair of sandals. It’s probably why so many people opt for those uncomfortable rubber flip-flops. It’s a fundamental piece of footwear meant for a few steps across the beach or pool deck.

Flip-flops do not need to be uncomfortable for walking as they make more robust sandals. We love Rainbow Sandals for beach life, perfect comfort, style, and practicality.

What To Consider When Picking Walking Sandals

Materials in comfortable walking sandals

Best Women's Walking Sandals

It only makes sense that the materials used in constructing travel sandals affect longevity and comfort. However, some materials are better than others in various situations. For example, leather is durable and stylish material but can become waterlogged and ruined in wet environments. 

Synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester are excellent in wet environments, retaining their shape and drying quickly. Velcro-strapped sandals are great for a day at the beach because you can quickly and efficiently take them off and on. However, velcro, like long-distance hikes or climbing adventures, can become frayed over time if put to extreme use. 

One universally excellent material used in the soles of the best travel sandals is Vibram rubber. If you see this label on the travel sandals, you’re considering. You know that you’re getting a high-quality product. 

Walking Sandal Straps 

Best Women's Walking Sandals
Chaco straps are super comfortable.

Finding the proper straps for your travel sandals is like the goldilocks effect: there’s no right fit for everyone, but there’s a right fit for you! Remember that choosing thinner straps can cause them to dig once strained over all-day use. 

Straps that are too wide can be constricting and lack the breathability you’re trying to get by wearing sandals in the first place. The perfect straps usually fall in the middle based on your foot size. 

Walking Sandal Soles


More and more podiatrists agree that no one should wear flat-soled flip-flops. It is hard on your feet but also puts extra strain on your back, knees, hips, and overall posture. 

That’s why choosing a walking sandal with some arch support is crucial. Luckily, manufacturers of walking sandals have seen this concern and have started producing sandals with high-quality soles that can even stand up to their boot and shoe counterparts. 

Walking Sandal Fit


Like any other footwear, you want to find a women’s walking sandal that fits your foot like a glove. They should be tight without constricting, gripped to the bottom of your foot, and long/wide enough that no part of your foot hangs over the edge.

Some brands run small, and others run narrow, so look up the reviews before shopping and try on your sandals before leaving the store. If you’re purchasing them online, consider this, and once you get them, take them for a test run before heading out on your trip, long walk, or event.

Plan For Your Trip

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