Zhiwa Ling Hotel • An Excellent Base To Explore Paro & Tiger’s Nest

Welcome to the tranquil paradise of Zhiwa Ling in Bhutan, where we had an unforgettable stay drawn by the allure of the famed Tiger’s Nest and the promise of a serene retreat in the Himalayas. Nestled strategically just 15 minutes from Bhutan’s only international airport, this 45-room gem, named “Land of Peace,” captured our hearts when we arrived.

Tiger's Nest Bhutan

The architecture, a blend of classic Bhutanese style with its heavy stone walls and exquisite hand-painted details, stood proudly against the backdrop of rugged cliffs enveloping the Tiger’s Nest Temple. It’s the perfect spot to base yourself to explore the Paro Valley and trek up to the famed temple.

Zhiwa Ling

Zhiwa Ling Entrance

Each room is full of the country’s weaving heritage, reflected in the elegant bedcovers and drapery. Modern amenities like WiFi and Swedish underfloor heating complemented the traditional charm seamlessly. The rooms are beautifully decorated and provide every comfort one could need. We loved the private deck, interior seating, and comfortable beds.

Zhiwa Ling Bedroom

Upstairs, a Buddhist shrine crafted from 450-year-old wood exuded an aura of serenity and spirituality. And speaking of exploration, the resort’s surroundings significantly provided a stunning backdrop when the sun dipped behind the peaks, casting a regal glow over the entire property.

Zhiwa Ling Interior

Dining at Zhiwa Ling was a delight for the senses. While Bhutan might not be known for its cuisine, the organic salads, particularly the indigenous red rice and corn with artichoke hearts, were a pleasant surprise. The staff, fluent in English and eager to ensure our comfort, struck the perfect balance between attentiveness and giving us space to immerse ourselves in the tranquility of the surroundings.

Zhiwa Ling Pagoda Bhutan
Natasha Zhiwa Ling Bhutan

The panoramic views from the hotel’s rooftop were simply breathtaking. We often found ourselves lost in the valley’s beauty, enjoying meals or merely soaking in the surrounding serenity. Zhiwa Ling isn’t just a luxurious escape; it’s a gateway to experiencing Bhutan’s unique culture and spirituality. From yoga sessions overlooking the iconic Tiger’s Nest to hiking to monasteries and villages, the resort offered many experiences that enriched our understanding of this enchanting country.

Cameron Zhiwa Ling Bhutan

Whether meditating with monks or exploring the birdlife with knowledgeable guides, Zhiwa Ling curated an immersive experience that encapsulated the essence of Bhutanese hospitality and culture.
In essence, Zhiwa Ling is more than just a resort; it’s a harmonious blend of luxury, tradition, and spiritual nourishment—a haven where the heart finds solace, and the soul finds peace amidst the stunning beauty of Bhutan’s Paro Valley.

Tea House Sign Zhiwa Ling Bhutan
Spa At Zhiwa Ling Bhutan
Zhiwa Ling Bhutan Landscape

How We Planned Our Stay

Zhiwa Ling

We booked with Zhiwa Ling directly. However, most travelers will want to speak with their travel agency to book a stay with the resort. Current Bhutan laws require many travels to utilize a local travel agency or tour guide to travel around Bhutan.

Happiness Kingdom organized our ten-day tour of the country, and we had a wonderful time with our driver and guide. You can also get a 5% discount if you mention “The World Pursuit” when booking a tour with them.

For another excellent hotel recommendation, check out Gangtey Lodge, where we found the perfect escape in Bhutan.

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