Five Reasons to Go Traveling During the Off-Season

It’s November, you’re traveling around Eastern Europe and then you see it…snow. You know this weather is just the beginning, and you start to ponder your life choices. Why are you traveling during the off season again?

“Why the hell didn’t I do my Eurotrip in July like everyone else?”

It’s easy to focus on the “what ifs” and second guess yourself, but before you do, realize it’s not so bad!  There is a beauty to traveling during the off season.

Reasons to Travel During the Off Season

Low Prices

From accommodation to flights, and even restaurants, prices are bound to be cheaper in the off season. Vendors are struggling to fill those seats, and bring people into their businesses.  This is the best time of the year to see that expensive destination you have been dreaming about but could never afford to go.  I often book flights for as low as $20, and can even find hostels in Western Europe for no more than $10/night. I often even find that I get upgraded for accommodation since the owners have so many rooms available!

No Crowds

No more waiting in hour long lines to see the Vatican, or being swamped with hoards of people around the Eiffel Tower. Traveling during the off-season gives you a break from the relentless crowds that otherwise crowd these popular sites during the summer seasons. One time I was the ONLY person on Japan’s Bunny Island because it was February and there were virtually no other visitors.

traveling during the off season
Snowboarding the Japanese Alps in low season

Genuine Travelers

Tourists tend to spend their two week vacation time gallivanting around in peak season. I find that traveling during the off-season gives you a chance to be around more like-minded travelers.  During the off season, you will find more people traveling off the beaten path, getting to know the area and location better than your average tourist.  The seclusiveness of traveling during the off season puts people more at ease and there is a general more relaxed feeling in the air. I have met many great people in near empty hostels, and down less crowded streets because I chose to travel during the off-season.   Read More: {Why Off Season Travel is the Most Romantic}

Friendlier Locals

Locals are much more friendly and accepting when there aren’t crowds of people swarming their city.  I find that you get a much richer experience with the local people with the relaxation that the fall and winter months bring.

traveling during the off season


Traveling during the off seasons gives you a chance to be more flexible. Because hotels are generally vacant, you can book the night before – or even an hour before you arrive! We once bought a ticket out of Istanbul the night before the flight while traveling during November.  This is so great for someone like me who “wings it” a lot when traveling.  No more restrictions on when and where you must go while you’re exploring. Traveling during the off season offers more flexibility – period.

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