30+ BEST Travel Accessories You Want For Every Trip

We’ve been full-time travelers for nearly a decade and have tested plenty of travel products with the tagline of “best travel accessory.” Almost all of them advertise themselves as a product you can’t travel without, but the majority are just a hassle.

With this in mind, we list the best travel accessories. We’ve included practical items like packing cubes and noise-canceling headphones to luxurious travel items like a skincare set and a portable coffee maker. We use all these travel accessories ourselves, and we’re confident any traveler will love them.

We have something for everyone here, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just getting ready for your first international trip. You don’t need every travel accessory on this list, but there is likely something you’ll love!

The Best Travel Accessories

Travel Organizers

Man Pushing Trolley in Airport

Don’t underestimate the power of a good organizer as a travel accessory. A packing cube can be a great way to store and organize your clothes and other items while you travel. These come in a range of sizes and are available from a variety of brands.

Pouches are also a wonderful option for organizing small items and won’t add extra weight to your bag. To keep cords and cables organized, consider using an organizer. Jewelry can be stored in a small case to keep it from getting tangled or lost.

Leakproof travel bottles are also an excellent option for storing toiletries, beauty products, and small items like jewelry or vitamins. These can be stored in a water-resistant toiletry bag for added protection.

Passport Wallet

Herschel Passport Wallet

A travel passport wallet is an affordable travel accessory. Your passport is likely the essential travel document you will need to carry for a decade. Protect your passport in a wallet to ensure its longevity and save the headache of replacing it. Several options can protect the passport or replace your wallet. We recommend a great wallet from Herschel Supply Co.

Passport Wallet

Packing Cubes

Peak Design Packing Cube - An Excellent Travel Accessory

Packing cubes are phenomenal for the organization of any backpack or suitcase. They are one of those packing essentials that should be in every bag as they keep all of your clothes and toiletries organized. Cubes also keep clothes folded and protect them from wrinkles. Our favorite packing cubes are currently from Peak Design. It’s a slick design, and each cube has a divider to separate clean from dirty clothes. This saves the need for additional cubes and makes organization easier.

Packing Cube Recommendations

Travel Pouch

In-Seat Pouch

As a great travel tip, take a small pouch with everything you’ll need for a long flight. Once you board the flight, you can place it in the seatback pocket. It saves you from having to retrieve your essentials from the overhead bin and saves you the risk of leaving something behind.

Travel Pouch

Toiletry Bag

Peak Design Wash Pouch

Keeping your toiletries organized and separated from your clothes is always a good idea. So we love always travel with a toiletry bag. It’s not uncommon to find small or cramped bathrooms in Asia and Europe. Buying a hanging toiletry bag is an excellent option if you are limited on counter space. This bag style tends to have a better organization system with various sections for storage than the traditional option. We love the Peak Design Wash Pouch. It contains a hidden hook to hang and features terrific organization.

Peak Design Wash Pouch

Portable Jewelry Box

Vlando Portable Jewelry Box

A portable jewelry box is a staple in my packing list. It’s a great travel essential but is easily overlooked until it’s too late. It’s easy to break necklace chains or loose earrings in your suitcase or backpack. No one wants to lose or damage precious jewelry.

Before I had a travel jewelry box, I stored all my necklaces and earrings in a plastic bag, constantly untangling them. This organizer will safely keep jewelry organized and stored thanks to a straightforward design and a few compartments.

Portable Jewelry Box Recommendation

GoToob Travel Bottles

GoTube Travel Bottles

These GoToobs are my carry-on packing essentials. It’s best not to pack large cosmetic containers. Instead, place liquids in spill-proof travel bottles! GoToob Bottles are made with durable silicon that is food-safe, and airplane carry-on approved. They are 100% BPA-free and also a great eco-friendly gift idea.

GoToob Travel Bottles

Travel Luggage & Bags

Travel Luggage & Bags

Luggage and bags are essential travel accessories as they provide a safe and convenient way to transport your belongings while on the go. A good luggage set or travel bag can help to protect your clothing, electronics, and other personal items from damage while keeping them organized and easy to access.

Luggage and bags come in various styles, sizes, and materials to suit every traveler’s needs, whether you are looking for a hard-shell suitcase for a long trip or a lightweight backpack for a weekend getaway.

They also come with wheels, compartments, and straps that help make traveling easier and more comfortable. Quality luggage or bag can last for many years, making them a worthwhile investment for any frequent traveler.

Cotopaxi Allpa Travel Pack

Cotopaxi Allpa Travel Pack

Cotopaxi’s Allpa Travel Pack is a stylish and durable carry-on backpack with a clamshell-style main compartment. The interior has various compartments and pockets for organization. The front pocket is perfect for quick-grab items, while a padded laptop sleeve on the back keeps your laptop safe and secure.

The Allpa has four exterior handles for easy grabbing and an over-the-shoulder strap for messenger bag-style carry. The traditional backpack suspension system is comfortable and sturdy, with a hip belt and sternum strap to distribute the weight evenly. The only downside is its bulk when fully packed, but it’s still an excellent choice for a short trip or any other travel adventure for one-bag travel.

Cotopaxi Allpa Travel Pack

Delsey Helium Aero

Delsey Helium Aero

Delsey’s Helium Aero suitcase is made of 100% polycarbonate, and it’s our favorite bag among Delsey’s checked and carry-on luggage collection. It has a tough shell, high-gloss finish, four substantial wheels that roll easily on most surfaces, an aluminum handle with an ergonomic grip, multiple levels, a TSA-approved lock, expandable side zip, and a rubber side handle.

As a clamshell, it features a zippered divider for organization, elastic straps for packing cubes, and comes in nine colors and three sizes from carry-on to large checked bag. Delsey offers a ten-year warranty on all of its products at a reasonable price. It’s my most used luggage and has survived at least 100+ flights.

Helium Aero

Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Tote Pack

Patagonia Ultralight Blackhole Travel Tote

The Black Hole Tote Pack is a rugged, lightweight travel tote. The bag is all about function, and its unisex style adds a lot of versatility. The tote offers an excellent range of features, such as the ability to double as a backpack.

Strap lengths and layout feel perfect, and the interior is roomy enough to carry daily items, groceries, or gym clothes. It also features a laptop pocket, a foam back panel that doubles as a seat, and two mesh water bottle pockets.

Best of all, it’s light enough to pack in your checked luggage. Despite its weight, it’s durable thanks to Patagonia’s Black Hole material which uses recycled material to create a rugged and water-repellent exterior. We enjoy Patagonia’s travel tote, whether doubling as a daypack or market bag.

Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Tote Pack

Peak Design Everyday Bag

Peak Design Everyday Bag

It’s a staple in everyday life, and they fit seamlessly between exploring a new city, a short hike, or commuting to our favorite coworking space. A daypack is excellent for carrying a camera, laptop, map, headphones, or your favorite water bottle when traveling.

Thanks to its intelligent design features and excellent quality, our favorite daypack is the Peak Design Everyday Bag. The tech bag excels at organization and looks sharp for any discerning traveler. We have more great recommendations that will fit anyone’s needs.

Daypack Recommendations

Classic Travel Essentials

romantic things to do in cape town

These items are classic travel essentials that can make your journey more comfortable, enjoyable, and sustainable. A journal, water bottle, travel towel, and reusable straw are all classic travel accessories that serve multiple functions. They are practical and convenient for your journey.

Grayl GeoPress Water Filter & Purifier

Grayl GeoPress Water Filter & Purifier

Regarding travel essentials, a travel water bottle is at the top of our list. And when it comes to water bottles, our favorite is the Grayl GeoPress purifier bottle. It saves money, reduces plastic waste, and ensures that our water is safe and free of viruses and other waterborne illnesses.

The Grayl bottle is not only practical but also innovative in design. A press-like system effectively filters out sediment, bacteria, and heavy metals, leaving only clean and safe water. Its wide-mouth top makes it easy to drink and fill, and its sleek design fits comfortably in any bag or backpack.

This water bottle is handy for travelers spending a significant amount of time in developing nations where water supplies may be questionable. Additionally, it’s also a convenient choice for outdoor activities such as hiking and saves space in our daypacks. It is an expensive water bottle, but it is a must-have travel essential as it provides safe and clean water when we’re on the go.

Grayl GeoPress Water Purifier

Travel Towel

Nomadix Travel Towel

We always pack a travel towel when we’re on the road. It’s one of the best travel accessories for international travel you can buy. They pack up small, antimicrobial, and lightweight, so they will save you from always needing a new towel or constantly washing yours.

The biggest complaint about travel towels is that they often feel nothing like the plush cotton towels we are accustomed to at home and in hotels. However, with the PackTowl, you can forget that because they set out to create a towel that mimics its cotton counterparts with the technical features of a travel towel.

A towel is necessary for backpackers as hostels often do not supply a towel. However, they’re also excellent for those not on a budget for excursions such as a waterfall hike, snorkeling, or beach days.

See Our Recommendations

Reusable Straw


A reusable straw is a great travel accessory for several reasons. First, it helps reduce waste and is more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic straws. Second, it is convenient and easy to enjoy drinks while on the go, whether in a hotel room, at an airport, or on a plane. Third, they are lightweight and easy to clean, making them ideal for travel. Additionally, many reusable straws are made of durable materials such as stainless steel, which can withstand the wear and tear of travel.

Reusable Straw Recommendations

Moleskin Classic Journal

Moleskin Classic Journal

This is one of the best travel accessories to have for long-haul flights. Think about it, you’re bored on the plane, and you don’t want to watch movies, so you start writing! Keeping a journal of your travels is timeless. It helps one digest the information they receive daily and has proven mental health benefits. Moleskin’s line of journals is classic, well-made, and stylish.

We both carry a moleskin journal and love them for long plane rides, sitting in the back of the bus, or lying on the beach. If there is one travel accessory to carry out of the whole bunch, it’s a good journal.

Travel Journal

Tech Accessories

Woman Listening To Headphones

Having the right tech gadgets in your travel bag can make your trip more comfortable and convenient. A travel adapter to use in foreign countries, headphones, an e-book reader, a streaming device, and a smartphone case can all be very useful. While an Apple AirTag keeps tabs on your luggage and valuables while you’re on the road.

Travel Adaptor

Ceptics Travel Adapter In White

An essential travel accessory for any international trip is a universal power adaptor. We recommend picking up one before arriving at your destination. Once at your destination, finding one that is not overpriced or poor quality can be challenging.

Also, I never want to be searching for an adaptor when I have just come off a long travel day and need to plug in my computer. I want to have it with me and ready to go. We’ve tried a bund of adapters, but this one from Ceptics has to be our favorite in our travels. It has multiple plugs and USB ports it also works as a surge protector.

Travel Power Adapter

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle For Road Trip Essential

A Kindle is an essential travel accessory for travelers who love to read. As much as we love an actual book, they are too heavy and take up too much room in my suitcase. We recently upgraded to the Kindle Paperwhite and love it. It’s small, has touchscreen functions, and has a backlight to read at night without a harsh glare.

Kindle Paperwhite

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTags are great travel accessories because they allow you to keep track of your items, such as your luggage, purse, or camera, while on the go. Additionally, the AirTag has a built-in speaker that can play a sound to help you locate your item if it is nearby.

It’s small and discreet, making it easy to attach to a variety of items or throw in your luggage, that way, you can locate your valuable items. The little tag also allows you to see the last known location of your device and get notifications when the item arrives or leaves a specific location, making it easy to keep track of your luggage while flying. On tight flight connections, it’s nice to know we can keep an eye on our luggage remotely.

Apple AirTags

Mobile Phone Case

Peak Design Mobile Case

A great travel accessory is a mobile phone case that makes life easier. Many cases can protect your phone, but the Peak Design Mobile Case is the first to enhance your phone. Its innovative design works with wireless charging and has handy accessories. It utilizes magnets and a locking ring to connect to a mobile wallet, car mount, desk charging station, or tripod mount.

Peak design Mobile Case

Roku Express

A streaming device is a travel must-have. Don’t count on hotels or vacation rentals to have a smart TV. A streaming device like the Roku Express is excellent as it comes with a remote and does not require a phone to control like the Google Chromecast. Plug the streaming device into any TV, connect to Wifi, and voila – Netflix!

Roku Express

Anker Power Bank

Anker Power Bank

I love traveling with a power bank to ensure my electronics never die. I usually don’t need to use it on long flights as some new international flights provide entertainment systems with USB ports! (Always make sure your charging cable is handy when boarding the plane.)

We also make sure to find a charging point during layovers, but getting to a new city without your hotel reservations and map can be a significant pain. I recommend purchasing this power bank because it’s a great value with solid reviews.

Anker Power Bank

Sony WXMH5 Headphones

Sony WXMH5 Headphones

Almost all international flights have entertainment systems, but the headphones are often lackluster. That’s why I think headphones are an air travel accessory you need.  Traveling with a decent pair of noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones is best for comfort.

The Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones are perfect for travel with their top-notch noise cancellation, high-quality sound, clear hands-free calling, long battery life, and comfortable design. The multipoint connection and intuitive touch controls make it easy to switch between devices and control your music. The redesigned case allows for easy carrying, and the instant pause/instant play feature makes it convenient.

Sony WH-1000XM5

Classic Clothing Travel Accessories

best travel clothes for men

When traveling, having classic clothing accessories that are both functional and stylish is essential. A down jacket will keep you warm in colder climates and provide a smart layer to your outfit. Stylish sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and can add a touch of fashion to your look.

Comfortable shoes are a must-have, especially if you plan on doing a lot of walking. They can make or break a trip, so choose a stylish and supportive pair. These classic clothing travel accessories are the perfect combination of form and function, making them ideal for any traveler looking to stay warm, stylish, and comfortable.

Stylish Sunglasses

Ray Ban Sunglasses

We don’t need a dozen iterations of products we use in life. For a timeless pair of sunglasses, it’s tough to find a more versatile pair than the Original Wayfarer. Another wonderful option for sunglasses is the Clubmaster.

We love to travel and hike around the world. Sunglasses like the Ray-Ban Wayfarers are perfect for mountain summits or new cities. They work for a trip to the French Riviera or a ski trip to Park City, Utah. There isn’t a scenario or journey that these don’t feel appropriate.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Down Jacket

Arc'teryx Cerium

There are only a few items we recommend everyone has, and one of them is a down jacket. A down jacket is a staple for travel and outdoor activities as it’s versatile. They pack up small and come in incredibly handy whenever you find yourself just a wee bit chilly.

We always recommend you bring a tremendous packable down jacket on any extended trip. When dealing with vast temperature shifts, it’s a great way to keep warm without eating up too much space in your luggage.

Down Jacket Recommendations

Comfortable Shoes

Allbirds Woolrunners

Hitting the sidewalk and letting a city unfurl around you is one of the best ways to get familiar with a city. A comfortable pair of shoes for both men and women are essential when packing your bag. However, I wouldn’t recommend packing clunky hiking shoes or athletic shoes many tourists like to bring. You’ll stand out like a sore thumb.

A pair of casual sneakers are a great travel accessory. Most international cities are walkable so be prepared to spend a lot of time in them. We love to wear our Allbirds, but any comfortable casual shoe will work.

Travel Shoe Recommendations

Lifestyle Travel Accessories

Telunas Private Island

Traveling can be hard on the skin and body, so having the right accessories can make a huge difference. A facial lotion, lip balm, and face mask can help keep your skin hydrated and protected from the elements. A hammock and yoga mat are perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating after a long day of travel.

The hammock allows you to relax in nature and enjoy the scenery, while the yoga mat provides a comfortable surface for stretching and meditation. These lifestyle travel accessories are essential for staying comfortable and refreshed while on the go.

Avène Facial Product

Avene Facial Mist A Travel Accessory

Avène facial mist and lotion are great travel accessories because they are lightweight, easy to pack, and can help to refresh and hydrate the skin during travel. The facial mist can refresh the skin throughout the day, especially on long flights or in dry, air-conditioned environments. The Hydrance Hydrating Cream provides hydration to the skin, helping to keep it feeling soft and smooth.

Both products are formulated with Avène Thermal Spring Water, known for its soothing and anti-irritant properties, making them ideal for use on sensitive or stressed skin. Additionally, both of these products are non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, so they are suitable for all skin types and can be used in any situation.

Avène Facial Products

Sleep Essentials

Eye Mask

An eye mask is beneficial for catching some sleep on a plane! We often find they’re slow to turn off lights, and there can be a lot of distractions between other screens and reading lights. Many airlines provide them, especially if you’re flying business class. However, if you don’t want a cheap one from the airline, consider a nicer one to make your long flight just a little more enjoyable.

Earplugs are a small but valuable long-haul flight essential. Airplanes are pretty noisy whether you’re flying in business class or economy. A good pair of earplugs will help you catch some vital shut-eye. As a bonus, eye masks and earplugs are great for your destination in case of any pesky lights or noises in the bedroom.

Eye Mask Recommendation
Earplug Recommendations

The Scrubba

The Scrubba Washbag

The Scrubba is a tiny, lightweight mobile laundry machine that makes washing clothes while traveling easy. Add dirty clothes, water, and soap to the bag, seal, and scrub. With the Scrubba, you can wash your clothes anywhere with water.

This travel accessory is worth the $50 price tag as it saves you money in the long run by avoiding expensive laundromat or hotel laundry fees. Its eco-friendly design also uses less water and no energy. It’s a great gift idea for travelers and hikers.

Scrubba Wash Bag

Travel Laundry Soap Sheets

Travel Laundry Soap Sheets

I hate doing laundry when I travel! It’s always a pain to find a washer when you’re on the road, and it’s expensive to pay for hotel laundry. But when I find a laundry machine to use, I always seize the opportunity to do a load of laundry. Of course, you don’t want to buy a whole bottle of laundry soap when you’re traveling, and that’s where travel laundry soap packs come in handy. They are also a fantastic add-on to the Scrubba above!

Laundry Soap Sheets

Travel Yoga Mat

Manduka Eko Super Lite Travel Yoga Mat

A travel yoga mat is a great travel accessory because it provides a comfortable surface for practicing yoga or stretching while on the go. It’s lightweight and easy to pack, making it perfect for travelers who want to maintain their yoga practice while traveling. The compact size of a travel yoga mat also makes it easy to bring along to the beach or park for a quick yoga session in nature.

Additionally, many travel yoga mats are made with durable and eco-friendly materials, making them an environmentally-friendly option for the conscious traveler. It’s a great way to stay active and healthy while traveling, whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting. We love the Manduka eKO Lite Travel Yoga Mat, but several options also fold.

Travel Yoga Mat Recommendations

Eye Drops

Eye Drops

Just like your skin, it’s easy for your eyes to become dry and irritated on a plane. To make it only worse, you’ll probably arrive a little tired and groggy at your destination. A bottle of eye drops does a great job of keeping your eyes happy and healthy.

Eye Drops

ENO DoubleNest Hammock

ENO Double Hammock

One of the top travel accessories for adventure on this list is a hammock. There are so many places around the world that are accessible places to lounge around and do absolutely nothing. If you are wondering what to pack for an outdoor adventure, consider a travel hammock that you can string up between trees. It’s perfect for those times when you want to relax in nature.

The ENO hammock was the original producer and the first travel hammock we bought. Now, you can find many cheap ones online as they’re easy to manufacture in China, and people love to buy and sell them on Amazon. I’d still stick with the original.

Eno Hammock

Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas Tote Bag

Traveling with a canvas tote bag in your luggage is great for shopping around your destination. Now that short-term rentals with kitchens are standard for trips worldwide, it’s great to visit the local markets with a reusable bag. A canvas bag is versatile and takes up less room than a T-shirt.

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