13 Photos That Will Make You Put Crete on Your Travel Radar

Stefanou Beach

The island of Crete is the largest Greek island, and quite possibly the most unique. It is not quite as alluring as Santorini or Mykonos. However, in Crete, it is possible to step into small towns and villages where the 10,000th tourist of the day has yet to arrive by tour bus.

While exploring the island, we rented a car and were able to snap dozens of beautiful photos, enjoy traditional Cretan meals, fantastic wine, sweeping views, ancient ruins, and isolated bays. Even pictures of Crete do not do it justice.

It is a beautiful island that requires some work to crack into its hidden gems.

Experiencing Crete requires escaping mass tourism on the northern beaches of the island. All inclusive resorts, significant hotels, beach bars, “Tavernas,” ATV rentals, and mega clubs all dominate this region as do many visiting Europeans who are anything, but Greek. However, with effort, Crete holds some beautiful sights to be seen and experienced.

Sunset Lifeguard Station Crete

Stefanou Beach

Minoan Palace

Balos Beach

Tasha In Lyrarakis Vineyard

Greek Monastery

Cat In Crete Village

River banks of Crete

Cretan Coastline

Cretan Roads

Preveli Beach

Lahissi Plateau

Cretan Village

Want More of Crete? We put together a detailed guide to experience most of the island.


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