32 Facts About SWITZERLAND (Fun and Interesting!)

switzerland facts

Looking for some fun facts about Switzerland? Switzerland is a country that is busting at the seams with alpine lakes; dramatic cliff faces, mountains, Swiss waterfalls, modern cities, flower-filled meadows, charming villages, fresh air, alphorns, and free-roaming dairy cows; it’s easy to see the allure. What is Switzerland known for? Well, for starters – it’s one …

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30 Fun Facts About Greece You Should Know!


Seeking some fun and interesting facts about Greece? The country and people are some of the most gorgeous in Europe and they’ve been drawing in tourists for decades. The Greek islands are filled with thousands of beautiful beaches, amazing food, and rich history. Does this sound like something you want to learn about? Here we …

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34 FUN and Interesting Facts About Bulgaria To Know

fun and interesting facts about bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country in Southeast Europe and home to beautiful natural landscapes, historic landmarks, monasteries, and seaside towns. If you’re planning to travel to Bulgaria, there are some important facts about Bulgaria to know before you get there! Knowing some fun Bulgaria facts will definitely impress any new Bulgarian friends you’re likely to make …

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