20 AMAZING Sustainable Gifts on REI

Looking for great sustainable gifts to give this holiday season? We share 20 great eco-friendly gifts you can pick up this season at REI. This all coincides with one of their biggest sales, Gear Up & Get Out, of the year where you can find 30% to 10% off the latest in outdoor gear, of course, this included some awesome eco gear for 2020.

We’re destroying the earth and it’s something that can be prevented. We can all take small steps toward reducing our environmental footprint. Even as travelers we use a plethora of eco-friendly products that can lessen our footprint.

When it comes to taking green initiatives a great place to start is to reduce waste. It is said that by 2050 the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the fish in the ocean – that statistic is shocking. We all need to replace simple items we use in our everyday lives with environmentally friendly products to have a large impact. The end goal is to continue to create a demand for eco products that drives the economy businesses to continue investing in our future.

20 Awesome Sustainable Gifts

1.) REI Co-op 650 Down Jacket 2.0 ($100)

REI Co-op 650 Down Jacket 2.0

Everyone loves a comfy jacket and we think packable down jackets make a tremendous gift. For several years, we have loved REI’s affordable 650 down Jacket, but now they’ve taken it a step further. Their latest iteration of the jacket employs a shell of recycled nylon taffeta and ethically sourced down. The end result is a more environmentally conscious gift with great performance and value.

Men’s 650 Down Jacket 2.0

Women’s 650 Down Jacket 2.0

2.) United By Blue Steel Creek Reusable Straw Case ($15)

United By Blue Steel Creek Reusable Straw Case

A more sustainable jacket is tremendous, but we love products that take aim at reducing or solving a problem. A reusable straw is a great place to start as the vast majority of plastic straws never see a recycling plant.

Straws may be a bit of selective empathy, but we’re firm believers that every bit counts! Instead of just gifting some silicone or reusable straws check out this straw and case from United By Blue.

Reusable Straw Case

3.) Hydro Flask Water Bottle ($40)

Hydro Flask Sustainable Gift

Water bottles are one of the simplest things to cut back on waste. We never buy single-use plastic water bottles. We have a wide selection of water bottles, but our favorites are from Hydroflask. The insulated aluminum water bottles keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for hours.

It doesn’t just do a good job at this, it does an excellent job and we’ve often enjoyed piping hot tea on cold morning hours after making it. As a big plus, aluminum is one of the best materials to recycle after the bottle has lived its very long life.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

4.) Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt ($89)

Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt Eco Friendly Gifts

The difference between organic cotton and commercially grown cotton is massive. It’s easy to view “organic” as a marketing term these days, but in reality, organic cotton consumes far more water and is widely considered the dirtiest crop worldwide.

Conventional cotton accounts for 25% of all pesticides in use around the world. A great sustainable gift or eco-friendly gift is an organic flannel like the Fjord Flannel from Patagonia. It’s perfect for cooler weather and fits a wide range of activities.

Women’s Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt

Men’s Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt

5.) Portable Solar Panel ($100)

Eco Friendly Gifts

This is great for adventurers, outdoors lovers, or even beach bums as it is a portable solar panel that can charge your phone, tablet, or small devices.

It’s rugged and built for backpacking adventures so it’s made to stand up to being thrown into a dirty pack. What better eco gift than a solar panel to reduce energy consumption. It’s also a great lifeline for adventurers who like to get off the beaten path.

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

6.) Toad&Co Cue Wrap Dress ($85)

Toad and Cue Sustainable Dress

A versatile dress like this one from Toad&Co is a tremendous eco-friendly gift. Tasha uses this one for everyday life. A flattering fit makes it appropriate for a wide variety of uses.

It’s made from a blend of organic cotton and Tencel, a sustainable fabric made from eucalyptus trees. The fabric is super comfortable as it’s roomy, airy, and super soft to the touch.

Toad&Co Cue Wrap Dress

7.) Reusable Utensils ($13)

Reusable Utensils Eco Friendly Gifts

We always keep some of these in our car, backpack, hiking or with us when we’re traveling. Single-use plastic utensils are wasteful so we take aim at reducing where we can with reusable utensils. It’s a great sustainable gift that’s inexpensive and can be used by anyone.

humangear GoBites Trio Utensil Set

8.) GoToob Travel Bottles ($19 – $28)

GoToob Travel Bottle Sustainable Gift Guide

No travelers want to lug around a full-sized body wash container. So give the gift of GoToobs the perfect travel accessory. GoToob bottles are made with durable silicon that are food safe and airplane carry-on. Of course, they are 100% BPA free and also a great eco-friendly gift idea.

The GoToob is made by HumanGearwho make a wide range of reusable products. We love their eco-friendly product line for things like their FlexiBowl, GoBites, and GoTubbs. It’s all gear made to be reusable thus eliminating one-use plastic products.

GoToob Travel Bottles

9.) Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat ($78)

eKo Lite Yoga Mat Sustainable Gift

Do you know a yogi? Give them the gif of a yoga mat. Yoga mats in the past have been made from all sorts of nasty chemicals and oil. We love this matt because it’s made from natural non-Amazon harvested rubber. That means it’s naturally grippy, biodegradable, and doesn’t use any dyes. See all our favorite yoga mats here!

Manduka eKO Lite Yoga Mat

10.) Solo Stove Lite Stove ($70)

Solo Stove Sustainable Gift

This awesome little or big stove is awesome for perfect for cooking food using natural fuel. Solo Stove is a wood-burning stove designed for backpackers or campers in lieu of the traditional propane/butane burners. It’s a great sustainable gift for a hiker who wants to reduce the weight of their pack.

I’ve included the small backpacker version, but they even make large ones for the backyard to grill out or enjoy as a fire pit. (It should be noted wood releases more carbon dioxide than gas for the same amount of heat).

Solo Stove Lite Stove

11.) Ursa Major Natural Deodorant ($18)

Natural Deodorant Sustainable Gifts

There are all sorts of nasty stuff in your average deodorants such as aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, and triclosan. That’s why we long ago decided to make the switch to natural deodorants both for our health and the environment. Giving the gift of natural deodorant isn’t particularly exciting, but given its higher price tag, it’s sure to be appreciated.

Ursa Major Natural Deodorant

12.) Donation to National Forest Foundation

National Forest Foundation

Make the gift of a future for your loved ones or friend with a donation to the National Forest Foundation. They take action to help protect millions of acres of forest and replanting millions of trees more.

National Forest Foundation

13.) Bee’s Wrap ($19)

Bee's Wrap Sustainable Gift

Ditch the silly single-use plastic cling wrap for something that is both natural and reusable. They’re made from organic cotton, beeswax, oil, and tree resin for a fully natural product.

They work a lot like traditional cling wrap except you’ll need to warm them up in your hands to shape and stick, plus and most important they’re washable. It’s a tremendous sustainable gift and we love these ones with the bear print!

Bee’s Wrap

14.) Pela Case ($39)

Pela Case Sustainable Gift

Almost everyone these days has a case on their phone to protect it drops and falls. A phone case may be far from single-use, but it definitely has a shelf life. These cases made from Pela are 100% compostable and made from plants!

Pela Case

15.) tasc Performance Shirt ($38)

tasc Performance Shirt

This is probably the most comfortable performance shirt in the world. Made from a blend of organic cotton, bamboo viscose, and spandex the fabric is both eco-friendly and super soft to the touch. The durability of shirts is impressive as they do not pill or fade even after multiple washes.

Over the years they’ve developed a loyal following, and the shirts deserve the praise. You’re going to want to order at least two of these shirts because you’ll want one for yourself too.

Women’s tasc Performance Tank

Men’s tasc Performance Shirt

16.) Raw Elements Eco Sunscreen ($19)

Raw Elements Eco Sunscreen Sustainable Gift

Modern sunblock has a slew of damaging chemicals in them that have proven toxic to coral, marine life,. It’s been estimated that a whopping 14,000 tons of sunscreen makes it way into coral reefs each year.

In that sunscreen are chemicals such as oxybenzone and octinoxate that are known to be toxic to coral. Raw Elements is a Hawaiian based sunscreen manufacturer whose aim is to produce coral safe sunscreen. Help save our reefs and give the gift one of our favorite eco-friendly products, reef-safe sunscreen.

Raw Elements Eco Sunscreen

17.) REI Co-op Life Outdoors Small Tote ($5)

Tote Sustainable Gift

Ditch the plastic bags for a super cute canvas tote! There are a plethora of fun designs and prints you can find anywhere, but we love this one from REI. If you want to make is a full set consider giving mesh reusable produce bags as a sustainable gift.

REI Co-op Life Outdoors Small Tote

18.) prAna Vaha Pant ($79)

Pair of pants sustainable gift

These are my favorite pair of pants to ever bee worn. They’re also eco-friendly so when our package from prAna arrived with no in a paper envelope with no plastic packaging we were impressed.

Hemp and recycled polyester give the breathability to the pants with quick-dry, and odor-fighting qualities along with being a heck of an eco-friendly product. We’re pretty big fans of prAna so we highly recommend checking out some of their products. The women’s pant is the Summit pant and the men’s is the Vaha pant.

prAna Vaha Pant

19.) MPOWERD Luci 2.0 Solar Lantern ($20)

MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Inflatable Solar Lantern

These sweet little solar lights are sure to be loved by anyone. MPOWERD makes small solar rechargeable lights that are great for camping, emergencies, outdoor adventures, or the backyard. However, what really makes them great is the initiative behind them that uses a portion of the profits to bring solar power to those in need around the world.

MPOWERD Luci 2.0 Solar Lantern

20.) BioLite HeadLamp 330 ($50)

BioLite HeadLamp 330 Sustainable Gift

Traditional outdoor headlamps have used disposable batteries such as AAs or AAAs. Batteries require lot of minerals and resources. A great sustainable gift would is a headlamp that is rechargeable via USB, such as the BioLite 330. If you combine this with the solar panel above a backpacker could be off the grid for ages without need for extra batteries and everyone likes a lighter pack!

BioLite HeadLamp 330


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