17 BEST Things To Do In Innsbruck, Austria

Wondering what to see in Innsbruck? Five years ago, our first visit to Austria was a total accident. As two young backpackers, we had rented a car in Munich before heading South to Bavarian Alps. It wasn’t until we were sitting in a restaurant that night that Cameron asked, “Are we in Austria?”.

Sure enough, we were surrounded by Austrian flags, and that tiny dot on our GPS confirmed we had arrived. On a tight budget, the only problem was that we had to sleep in the rental car. This time around, we arrived in the Tyrol capital with plans and a list of all the best things to do in Innsbruck. With our snowboards in tow, we made plans to explore Innsbruck by sight and slopes properly.

It’s the only city where you can ski, explore a grand palace, window shop, and savor a strudel all in one day. In many ways, it’s everything we love about Austria. A modern and historical city that within minutes places you in the heart of the Alps with cowbells ringing and fresh Alpine air. Here are the best things to do in Innsbruck from our personal experience.

Where is Innsbruck, Austria?

Where is Innsbruck, Austria?
The Best Things to do in Innsbruck

Before we dig into the best things to do in Innsbruck, let’s dig into location. Innsbruck is the capital of Tyrol, Austria’s western state, and one of Europe’s best places to visit. It is the fifth largest city in all of Austria and is a popular stop for many on a European road trip. Munich is a two-hour drive away to the north, with Bolzano being 1.5 hours away to the south.

Innsbruck is well known for being an internationally known winter sports mecca. The city hosted the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics in 1984 and 1988. It’s a great spot to ski and snowboard in the winter while providing plenty of summer hiking opportunities. Innsbruck is a colorful city; to us, it is one of the most beautiful mountain cities in Europe and the world!


The Best Things to do in Innsbruck

Visit the Hofkirche

Visit the Hofkirche
The Hofkirche is one of the best things to do in Innsbruck

Wondering what to do in Innsbruck? A visit to The Hofkirche can’t be missed if you enjoy grand European churches.  The Gothic church was built in the mid-1500s and is located in the center of Innsbruck. As impressive as it is from the outside, you have to go inside to marvel.

Things To Do in Innsbruck Hofkirche Statues

The interior of the Hofkirche is grand, to say the least. The main attraction is the Cenotaph of Emperor Maximilian I, which is surrounded by 28 statues depicting his various ancestors and heroes, including Leopold III and King Arthur.

Act Brave at the Bergisel Ski Jump (Bergiselschanze)

Olympic Ski Jump Things To Do in Innsbruck

The Bergisel Ski Jump is a world-class ski jump hill that can be seen from just about anywhere in Innsbruck. It’s an unmistakable icon of the city and was redesigned by the famed Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid.  The venue has been used in two Olympic games (1964 and 1976)!  

Each year, the Bergisel Stadium plays hosts the annual Four Hills Tournament in January and a Summer Grand Prix Jumping Event. However, visitors can get views from the beautiful ski jump every day.

Olympia Ski Jump Things To Do in Innsbruck

The main tower stands 47 meters tall and provides impressive views over all of Innsbruck and the Alps. After taking the gondola to the top of the ski jump, you can look down and feel what it’s like to be a daring ski jumper. Or you can enjoy the peaks of Patscherkofel, Nordkette, Hohe Munde, and Serles from the restaurant and cafe on a clear day!

Feel Grand at the Imperial Palace (Hofburg)

Feel Grand at the Imperial Palace (Hofburg)

Unfortunately, the Imperial Palace was closed for renovations when we were in the city, but it is consistently ranked as one of Innsbruck’s best things to do!

The Hofburg

Completed in the year 1500 under Emperor Maximilian I, it is now the third most important historic building in Austria. You can wander the Hofburg freely or take a guided tour!

Check out Ambras Castle

Ambras Castle
Ambras Castle Things To Do in Innsbruck

Less than two hours after arriving in Innsbruck, we knew we had to make our way to the lovely Renaissance castle perched above Innsbruck. Built-in the 16th century and connected with Archduke Ferdinand II, Ambras Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region of Tyrol. Depending on how into Renaissance history you are, one could easily spend a few hours rambling about the castle.

Ambras Castle Things To Do in Innsbruck

Although we aren’t huge on museums, Ambras Castle is truly unique. The highlight is the Spanish Hall, a lavish and divine hall fixed with 27 full-figure portraits of Tirolean Habsburg rulers. They still hold formal events in the Spanish Hall to this day, such as concerts. Another highlight is the Chamber of Art and Curiosities, where you will find rare objects and artifacts from the 16th century giving a glimpse of Renaissance life.

Walk Around Altstadt von Innsbruck (Old town)

Altstadt Things To Do in Innsbruck

If you have just arrived in Innsbruck and have no idea where to start, head to the center of town. Innsbruck’s Old Town boasts incredible buildings, some even dating back to the 1500s. The Old Town is where you can take iconic photos of a colorful town beneath the Alps, grab a bite to eat, enjoy a cappuccino, gorge on apple strudels, shop, and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Altstadt Things To Do in Innsbruck

The Old Town is buzzing almost any time of the year throughout the day. So, it’s a great place to find tourists, locals, and students from the University. Many of the other attractions mentioned in this post are also located in the old town, and you could easily allocate a day to the old town.

Things To Do in Innsbruck

Olympia SkiWorld Innsbruck

Things To Do in Innsbruck Ski Resort

The main reason we were dying to go to Innsbruck (besides the beauty, of course) was Olympia SkiWorld. As the “Capital of the Alps, there are a plethora of ski slopes. Olympia SkiWorld is a ski area with nine resorts within the Innsbruck area. They are easily accessible from Innsbruck, and there is a free ski bus to shuttle you around.

The ski resorts that are included are Kühtai, Nordkette-Seegrube, Patscherkofel, Axamer Lizum, Muttereralm, Rangger Köpfl, Glungezer, Schlick 2000, and the Stubai Glacier. We planned for three days in Innsbruck and only had time for a select few resorts.

Gondola Things To Do in Innsbruck
Things To Do in Innsbruck

On our first day, we made our way up to Nordkette as the funicular is located right in the city center. Unfortunately, when we reached the top of Nordketter, there were whiteout conditions, and our visibility was no beuno.  But we enjoyed playing in the snow, admiring the alpine trees, having a gluhwein, and dancing inside the Cloud Nine Iglu Bar!

Ski Nordkette Things To Do in Innsbruck

There is something around Innsbruck for all levels and abilities. Just because it’s the Alps doesn’t mean you have to be an expert skier. Prices are pretty reasonable to get the Olympia SkiWorld pass, which gives you lift tickets to all nine resorts; check here for more info.

Head Down or Up Nordkette

Things To Do in Innsbruck

One of the best things to do in Innsbruck in the winter and summer is going up to Nordkette. The mountains are always close to Innsbruck, and you can travel from the middle of Innsbruck to 1900 meters above sea level with the Nordkettenbahnen lifts in less than thirty minutes.

Nordkette Things To Do in Innsbruck

Nordkette is the northern mountain range that stands above Innsbruck. The view from the top is simply astonishing and presents several hiking and photo opportunities. In the winter, the mountain is best known for freeriding down some of the steepest routes in Europe. It’s truly a paradise for off-piste riding! Check out our ski and snowboarding packing list if you plan to ride!

Become a Bobsledder!

Bob Sled Things To Do in Innsbruck

One of the best things to do in Innsbruck in the winter is seeing the Olympic track. At the Olympic ice track in Igls, adults and older children can experience the feeling of Olympic a bobsledder barrelling down the track. Don’t worry; you don’t have to train like an Olympian to get a feel for this activity.

Two guests can be cradled between an experienced driver and a brakeman while racing around 14 corners in under 60 seconds. You must book this activity in advance.

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Admire the Golden Roof

Goldenes Dachl Things To Do in Innsbruck

One of the best free things to do in Innsbruck is to check out the Golden Roof. “Goldenes Dachl” in German is an iconic landmark in Innsbruck’s Alt Stadt. The gold roof dates back to 1500, when it was built for Emperor Maximilian I to mark his wedding to Bianca Maria Sforza.

It is decorated with 2,657 fire-gilded copper tiles and is truly a sight to be seen. Although you can’t observe festivals and tournaments like the Emperor, you can certainly admire the handicraft of this gorgeous roof from down below.

Cross Country Ski

Nordic Ski Things To Do in Innsbruck

There are many cross-country ski trails around Innsbruck to enjoy the surrounding nature. All you need is a pair of skis, and you’re off into the beautiful Austrian countryside.

Some notable places to take to the trails are the Bilgeriloipe trail in Kuhtai, the Mieming Plateau, and the village of Praxmar. Ask any local, and they’ll be sure to tell you this is one of the best things to do in Innsbruck.

Toboggan Ride

Toboggan Things To Do in Innsbruck

An excellent alternative to skiing or snowboarding, especially for families with young children, is tobogganing! You don’t need much to get started, just some warm clothes and a sled. Spending a day or night on a sled doesn’t cost much, and it’s a great way to enjoy the fresh winter air!


We didn’t realize how exhilarating sled riding was until we tried it in Trentino. Now we are completely hooked and try to do it at least once a winter. Innsbruck offers several toboggan runs, some at night. Maria Waldrast is located at the base of Serles Mountain and is one of the most popular places to go for a ride.

Go for a Hike

Hike in Innsbruck

Another great free thing to do in Innsbruck is go hiking. Even though Innsbruck is a city, there are plenty of places around to hike and enjoy the fresh air.

Hike in Innsbruck

There are so many beautiful places to be uncovered around Innsbruck and Tyrol, from easy to multi-day mountain treks.

Some notable trekking areas are:

  • The Karwendel – One of the largest natural landscapes in central Europe.
  • The Zirbenweg Trail – One of the largest stone pine forests in Europe and extremely popular for hiking
  • Lüsens – A good base for climbing the surrounding peaks

Visit the Alpenzoo

Visit the Alpenzoo

After a year on safari in Africa, it’s safe to say we aren’t zoo people anymore. However, Innsbruck’s Alpenzoo is one of the highest in Europe and is home to many Alpine animals. That means you can come here with the family to see bears, wolves, moose, bison, and many birds of prey.

It’s also the only zoo in the world where you can find the wallcreeper bird. Although the animals at the zoo may not be in the wild, the Alpenzoo is famous for reintroducing species back into their natural habitats, including the Alpine ibexes in Austria!

Admire Swarovski Crystal World

Swarovski Crystal World Things To Do in Innsbruck

The Swarovski Crystal World just outside of Innsbruck is extraordinary. A day trip here is a fun way to explore all things crystal. The Crystal World has the world’s largest Swarovski store, and it’s sure to dazzle.

Crystal isn’t the only attraction here; the Swarovski crystal world features an outdoor garden. “The Giant” is the thematic centerpiece of the whole area. It is said that the Giant set out to experience a world of wonders and settled in Wattens to watch over the gardens and his wonders. It’s a stunning piece of artwork and impressive.

Have a Drink at the aDLERS Hotel

Adlers Hotel Bar

If you’re looking for great views in the city of Innsbruck, then the best place to head to is aDLERS Design Hotel. aDLERS Design Hotel is the tallest building in the city and provides astonishing views of the capital of the Alps (and, of course, the Alps themselves).

Floor 12 has a beautiful modern bar that provides innovative cocktails or coffee for those looking to relax while doing some work.

Adler's Hotel Bar View of Innsbruck

Right next door is their restaurant which serves up delicious food to guests of the hotel and outsiders! We had a few cups of coffee here and a few meals and thoroughly enjoyed the hotel, bar, restaurant, and even outdoor terrace (although it was a bit chilly).

We stayed at the aDLERS Hotel while in Innsbruck. Every room here has open views of the city, and it’s literally right next to the train station. Could it get any better?

Day Trip to Seebensee and Drachensee

Overlooking Seebensee
Overlooking Seebensee

Seebensee and Drachensee are two of the most beautiful lakes in Austria, and the hike to them has located just a 1.5-hour drive away from Innsbruck. One of the best days out in the mountain you can have is hiking to these beautiful alpine lakes.

Seebensee is a high mountain lake that sits at 1,657 meters. It is surrounded by colossal peaks that make up the Wetterstein mountains and Mieminger Chain. Reaching the lake requires a bit of hiking, but you can cut some of the hiking out by taking the Ehrwalder Almbahn (cable car) to Ehrwalder Alm to start your hike. The hike to Seebensee is an easy hike along a well-maintained trail that will take you anywhere between 3-5 hours.

Strudel at the Coburger Hütte above Drachensee
Strudel at the Coburger Hütte above Drachensee

For a bit more Austria hiking, continue hiking 250 meters up to the Coburger Hütte for a fantastic apple strudel and to get the best views of Drachensee. From the Coburger Hütte, you can hike down to Drachensee to get an up-close look at it! We loved our day out hiking to these two lakes and consider the day trip one of the best things to do in Innsbruck.

The Best Restaurants in Innsbruck

Innsbruck has just about anything you could want in terms of dining. You’ll be able to find tapas restaurants, Italian, sushi, Mexican, and of course, Austrian cuisine.

  • Machete – Burrito Kartell: If you’ve had enough schnitzel and want something a little different. This is the best Mexican joint in Innsbruck!
  • Gasthof LAMM: This is an upscale fine dining restaurant we highly recommend for romantic evenings out.
  • Restaurant Olive Wiltener Platz: Simply amazing vegan creations creating a fresh and sustainable menu in the heart of Innsbruck.

Where to Stay in Innsbruck

Things to do in Innsbruck – General Info

Innsbruck Austria
  • We were surprised to find that Innsbruck has its own airport, and it’s literally right in the middle of the city. Several direct flights from around Europe include Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Stockholm.
  • Innsbruck is well-connected by the ÖBB rail network. Travelers can easily connect Innsbruck to Vienna, and onto Salzburg.
  • Innsbruck is the fifth largest city in Austria.
  • Much of Downtown Innsbruck is walkable; however, they also have an efficient bus network to get you around!
  • To make the most out of your trip to Innsbruck, check out the Innsbruck Card.
  • Check out our European packing list for your trip to Europe!
  • Austria is within the Schengen Zone. Make sure to check your embassy’s website for visa restrictions.
  • Austria uses the Euro note (€).  ATMs are easy to find around the city – check out our travel banking post for more.
  • Learn Hello’ and ‘Thank You’ in German –“Hallo” and “Danke”

The Innsbruck Card

Get the Innsbruck Card to maximize your savings and experiences!

The Innsbruck Card grants free entry to 22 museums and attractions, selected lifts and cable cars in the region, free use of public transport and free use of the Sightseer hop-on hop-off bus. Calculate how long you are staying as the card can be purchased for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

  • 24 hours: € 53.00 adult / € 26.50 children
  • 48 hours: € 63.00 adult / € 31.50 children
  • 72 hours: € 73.00 adult / € 36.50 children

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