14 Best Honeymoon Destinations When You’re on a Budget

On a budget and on the hunt for a cheap honeymoon destination? Not a problem! There are so many inexpensive honeymoon destinations in the world to choose from.

Not every honeymoon couple has to spend thousands jet setting to the Maldives and the Seychelles. Oh no! There are plenty of beautiful and romantic places in the world that can be experienced on a low budget. Read on for a few cheap honeymoon travel ideas!

Best Honeymoon Destinations For Budget Travellers

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in Italy


Italy is one of my favorite countries of all time to travel. Cameron and I have traveled there together on a romantic trip more than a few times, we have also traveled with family before, and I even tackled the country on my own doing the solo female backpacker thing. There is really nothing not to love about the beautiful country.

A stunning Mediterranean coastline, rolling hills with vineyards, world-class cuisine, skiing in the Dolomites, and €1.30 cappuccinos? Italy may sound like it’s going to be an expensive honeymoon, but in reality, you can enjoy an Italian honeymoon at an affordable price. First, you have the flights, which there are many from North America making them cheaper. Then there is always a wide range of accommodation options, transport options (train, bus, car rentals), and don’t you worry about the food. One can have a fantastic romantic meal with neverending wine for easily under €50 a person. We break down exactly how much it will cost to travel Italy here.

So what’s not to love! Some of the most romantic places in the country to honeymoon are Perugia, Florence, the Cinque Terre, and the Amalfi Coast. After you book your Italian honeymoon make sure to check out our things to know about Italy.

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in South Africa

We spent three months traveling around South Africa. Heck, we even bought a car there! The country is vast and extremely varied from region to region making it one of the best honeymoon places in Africa. It’s typical on holiday to spend a few magical night in a safari lodge only to be dining in one of the best wine regions in the world the next day – all at an inexpensive price!

Follow that up with a city escape in the iconic Cape Town and road trip down the amazing Garden Route. There is just so much to explore in South Africa. We also love lesser known destinations like the Drakensberg, Kalahari, and Sunshine Coast. To make matters better traveling in South Africa makes for an affordable African honeymoon as prices are some of the lowest in Africa. I’m not joking, a safari in Kruger National Park is one of the most affordable places in all of Africa. And you can easily enjoy a beach holiday in Cape Town for under $50 a day!

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in Namibia

If you want to wake up among the world’s tallest and oldest sand dunes then an inexpensive honeymoon in Namibia will make you and your lover very happy. Namibia is a honeymoon destination country that many know nothing about, even my parents haven’t even heard of it!

When we traveled there we were blown away by the beauty of the country. It almost didn’t even feel real! It’s a great place to honeymoon and enjoy some romantic solitude in the African desert. What makes a honeymoon in the desert is the solitude. Standing alone in the middle of a sea of red sand is humbling and almost deafening, and you really can’t get more romantic or isolated than in Namibia. It’s a huge country with a population of only 2.5 million people.

My favorite part about Namibia is that it’s a budget friendly to travel. You can go on safari in Etosha National Park for under $10 a day! And even a luxury lodge like Wolwedans will only set you back $300 per person per night (a steal when we’re talking about luxury lodges in Africa.)

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in Croatia

Rock Climbing in Hvar

Croatia is a big draw for many honeymooners and even backpackers. It’s easy to see why! The country packs a whole lot of history, beautiful beaches, surreal sunsets, and outdoor activities in for a fraction of the cost of other destinations in Western Europe.

We’ve done a few Croatian road trips, and can definitely recommend Istria for great food, wine, and scenery while towns like Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik in Southern Croatia are great for a beach getaway. Croatia is one of the more budget friendly beach destinations in Europe. It’s where one can soak up the sun in Split, enjoy a coffee, wander the old town, and have a great meal with wine, and stay at a nice guesthouse for under $60 per person per day!

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in Turkey

Best honeymoon destinations

Turkey may not be what you normally think of when you plan a honeymoon; however, the country is wonderful to travel through and the Turkish people are among some of the most hospitable. Two highlights for honeymoons are Cappadocia and Bodrum.

Cappadocia is a fairytale town well known for its Chimney house rock formations. Take a romantic sunrise hot air balloon ride and feel like you’re floating through an Alien world. Bodrum is a beautiful seaside town perfect for yachting, ancient history and ruins, and a great nightlife. Bodrum the hip and happening beachside resort town in Turkey, but the truth is you can stay at a cliffside hotel for under $50 a night! Turkey also has very moderate climate, meaning it’s a great place to travel year round!

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in Bali

Best Bali Waterfalls

It’s no secret that Bali has been a honeymoon destination for decades. With the rise of social media just about everyone has seen videos and photos of the gorgeous island. The tiny Indonesian island is welcoming to foreigners and offers so much to tourists it’s hard to say no to a cheap honeymoon here.

The island is incredibly beautiful with lush green forests, clean beaches, and rich culture. It’s easy to escape to find your zen in places like Ubud, while still enjoying the coastal vibes and party atmosphere that many go to Southeast Asia in search of fun. One of the best parts? Bali is still considered a cheap destination by Western standards to travel through so it’s a great budget honeymoon destination! Seriously you could be staying a jungle villa for $50 a night, enjoy delicious healthy smoothie bowls for $4, and have the best Balinese massage of your life for under $10.

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in Costa Rica

Are you an adventurous couple traveling from the US? Costa Rica is the perfect honeymoon destination that won’t break the bank. With cheap and short flights to the country, it’s no wonder Costa Rica is a tourist hotspot.

The central American country is rich in flora and fauna so things like hiking, biking, diving, rafting, and surfing are very popular to do while on honeymoon. If you’re heading there make sure to stop at one of our favorite lodges in the country.

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in Zanzibar

This East African island packs a whole lot of punch for things to do and experience. It’s safe to say that excitement and relaxation can be had on every corner of Zanzibar. At the same time, you can still easily relax on a beautiful beach and dive into the warm clear water.

To me, Zanzibar is the honeymoon island experience to combine with an African safari. If you go on safari in mainland Tanzania or Kenya I would recommend saving a honeymoon in Zanzibar for last so that you can go home relaxed and refreshed. Zanzibar is also great if you want cultural immersion as it has it’s very own unique vibe I haven’t seen anywhere else in Africa.

It’s one of the best cheap honeymoon destinations you can find with warm blue Indian Ocean water, Zanzibar really can’t be beaten. From backpacker to luxury there is a price range here for every budget.

Have an Affordable Honeymoon on the Mozambican Coast

Mozambique White Pearl

Mozambique is truly one of the best honeymoon destinations in Africa. We have sung praises about Mozambique in the past. We went into the country uncertain of travel there and left with a strong desire to return immediately. Do you want to swim with whale sharks on your honeymoon? Do you want to sit on a beach without anyone else around? Then head to Mozambique!

Vilanculos, for example, is the gateway to the stunning Bazaruto Archipelago. It is here that some of the last dugongs reside (and you may even get lucky and see one). Bazaruto Island is an isolated white sand island offering incredible views of the bright blue Indian Ocean.

Tofo Beach, is where you can yourself swimming among whale sharks. And not at one of those over touristy animal exploited places either. Here it is truly wild.

Getting there will probably be your largest expense. But once you get to where you’re going you’ll find $1 beers, $4 crab curries, and heavenlike beaches. You can also find very affordable beach-chic lodges like Trevessia Beach Resort, one of the most exclusive romantic experiences ever.

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in Portugal

Praia do Zavial 2 - Best Beaches in Algarve

Portugal is a year-round destination where honeymooners can be found body surfing, parasailing, deep-sea fishing, water skiing, and surfing year round. Like Croatia, it’s an affordable place to travel in Europe and enjoy a proper beach honeymoon.

We spent an entire month in Portugal and found cheap wine, food, accommodation, car rentals, and free world-class beaches. It’s definitely one of those honeymoon countries that doesn’t require a lot of money to enjoy.

The best part is it’s extremely popular with Europeans and North Americans, so there are plenty of flights flying in and out of Lisbon at decent prices.

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in Greece

Fall in love with the islands of Greece, a long-time favorite of travelers. Greece has well over a hundred inhabited islands to explore. There is an island in Greece for everybody and every budget.

The historic Greek islands are full of epic beaches, charming seaside towns, delicious food, and rich culture. Speaking of that culture it’s tough to find a more hospitable or proud bunch than the Greeks. Romance is alive and well in Greece.

Aside from Mykonos and Santorini Greece is an affordable vacation for young travelers. We loved our time on Milos, Paros, and Naxos! Where you can find seaside accommodation for under $60 a night, and eat all the olives and tzatziki you want for cheap! See the full breakdown of how much it costs to travel Greece here.

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in Thailand

Bangkok Thailand

I’m not sure there is a more famous “cheap destination spot” than Thailand. Made famous by numerous travel movies and books, Thailand is a go-to honeymoon spot for those looking to save money.

It’s here they have world class beaches, delicious Thai food, cheap massages, and mango sticky rice! Haven’t heard of mango sticky rice? Just get to Thailand and eat it all up.

In all seriousness though, couples can enjoy an affordable honeymoon to Thailand. We even stayed in a huge villa on the Thai islands for under $100 a night! The big budget breaker will be the flight to Bangkok, but with its popularity means loads of flight options and varying price points on transport.

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in the Philippines

things to do in Moalboal

The Philippines is a wonderful country to visit, and it’s super cheap by Western standards! There’s a vibrant culture to discover on its hundreds of islands, with huge cities and beaches comprising the places you should be exploring in this Southeast Asian nation.

Besides the beautiful beaches, the Filipinos are among some of the friendliest people we have ever met. Imagine staying at a beautiful private guesthouse on the beach, waking up to a smoothie bowl and coffee for $5, and then enjoying world class beaches next to amazing people. Honeymoons really don’t get much better.

Before you plan your trip make sure to check out the best time to visit the Philippines however. Being prone to typhoons and bad weather you don’t want your honeymoon to be ruined by the weather.

Have an Affordable Honeymoon in Banff

I need to mention at least one beautiful North American destination on this list. So may as well be our beautiful backyard of Banff National Park. Most people think of North America as super expensive, and it is. But it is possible to have an affordable honeymoon in Canada.

People come to visit Banff National Park for the nature, and nature is free! That means any activities you get up to during the day in Banff will be no cost (besides the national park pass). Meals can also be found for under $10 a plate, car rentals run under $50 a day, and as long as you book early enough you’ll be able to score some sick deals on accommodation!

If you want that wilderness honeymoon you’ve always been dreaming of, the Canadian Rockies are the perfect place to head.

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