When is the Best Time to Visit Jordan?

Are you thinking of a trip to Jordan and need to know the best time to visit Jordan? Then you’ve come to the right place. You may be picturing Jordan as a constantly hot desert country, a place where it’s all sand and no rain, but that’s just wrong. Sure, sometimes it’s hot, but sometimes it’s pretty mild; in some months it rains a lot, and sometimes it even snows. Yeah, snow, in Jordan. 

So, to help you figure out the best time to visit Jordan, we’re giving you a month-by-month rundown, including some of the best festivals that Jordan has to offer, so you can plan your trip to a T.

When is the Best Time to Visit Jordan?

Weather in Jordan in January

What to wear in Jordan

Let’s sum up January in one word – cold. We’re talking average temperatures of 5-10°C, so not exactly the best time to visit Jordan. This is also the rainiest month, with most (around 70%) of Jordan’s rainfall occurring during January. The capital of Amman is pretty windy this time of year too, with cold winds whipping through the city.

Surprisingly, there’s also some snowfall in the most famous of Jordanian sights, Petra. Looking for warmer weather? The Dead Sea and Aqaba are the places to go; temperatures at both these destinations are around 21°C.

Weather in Jordan in February

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Guess what? February continues to be pretty cold. Even Aqaba, on the usually sultry Red Sea, has chilly evenings, but it’s still a good destination if you’re looking for mild to warm days. Up in the hills in the center of the country, there can even be some snow.

The Eastern Desert, being a desert, has that classic climate of warm in the day, cold at night – that goes for February, too. Amman’s average temperature during the second month of the year is 9°C (dropping to around 5°C after dark). 

Weather in Jordan in March

Jordan at night

Spring starts to bloom in March and we’re beginning to see the start of the best time to travel to Jordan. This is when you will see Jordan’s valleys become (more) lush with greenery, and wildflowers begin to open around the place. The cold, chilly days of winter are behind Jordan at this time of year.

Temperatures are around 16°C in Amman, and ancient Petra is around 18°C; the most famous sights of Jordan are relatively quiet, with far fewer tourists than you’ll see later in the year. Nights, however, can still be pretty chilly. The Dead Sea is really starting to warm up, with daytime temperatures pushing 26°C.

Weather in Jordan in April

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April is when spring properly begins in Jordan – even the desert offers up a view of myriad wildflowers. This is an excellent time of year to visit Jordan; temperatures aren’t too warm and even the nights aren’t that cold anymore.

Being such a “perfect” time of year to visit weather-wise, this also means that it’s popular with tourists, and sights begin to get busy. Amman is a comfortable 22°C, as is Petra; the Dead Sea and Aqaba are reaching temperatures of 30°C by now. It’s not the driest time of the year yet, with a fair bit of rainfall expected, but it shouldn’t ruin anything.

Weather in Jordan in May

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It’s an awesome time of the year in Jordan in May. The winter (and early spring) rains have watered the nature of Jordan to such an extent that the country is popping with verdant flora and colorful flowers. It’s not too hot – it’s a great time of year!

However, this is obviously going to be high season – you’re going to want to reserve rooms in advance if you want your first pick at Jordan’s top sights. There are still chances of rain, but only around 5mm of rain falls for the whole month – not much at all. Temperatures in Petra and Amman hover around 27°C; the Dead Sea and Aqaba are a steamy 35°C – great if you like the heat.

Weather in Jordan in June

Petra - Best Time to Visit Jordan

Did we mention the heat? Well, June is a lot hotter than May. It’s going to make exploring the sights of the country not all that fun if you don’t like the heat. This, of course, is the start of the low season for tourism, as temperatures are so hot in the desert. How hot?

Petra sees average temperatures of 38°C throughout the month. The one saving grace is that this is a dry heat, it’s not humid. As long as you cover up and stay out of the sun, it’s bearable. You can get some pretty good deals! So it’s not the best time to visit Jordan temperature-wise, but price-wise it’s not bad.

Weather in Jordan in July

Petra - Best Time to Visit Jordan

So… if you thought June sounded hot, wait till you hear about July – it’s super hot. July features no rain and temperatures hovering around a scorching 40°C. There’s actually a reason for this – the sirocco – a dry, hot wind that blows from the south; it can even cause sandstorms!

The coolest place to head to at this time is Amman, which is only around 30°C; Petra, too. This stifling heat keeps the tourists away in July. To be honest, it’s hard to escape the heat.

Weather in Jordan in August

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No rain. The sirocco wind continues to blow. It’s very, very hot. Believe it or not, the average temperature increases across Jordan, seeing temperatures of 32°C in the capital, 31°C in Petra, the Dead Sea is 39°C, and Aqaba is around 38°C.

Evenings and nights are also warm, making it hard never to be hot, but at least it’s a dry heat. Remember all those flowers that filled up the valleys earlier in the year? All those beautiful flowers? Yeah, they’re gone. Sandstone and sand dominate the landscape. 

Weather in Jordan in September

Best Time to Visit Jordan - aqaba

Though technically still a summer month, temperatures do actually begin to drop a little bit in September; finally, a little bit of respite from that scorching summer sun. This is the start of the best time for diving in Aqaba. The water is 26°C, and marine life – from rays to turtles – is in abundance. Daytime temperatures here are still around 35°C.

In Amman, the temperature has decreased (30°C) and Petra is also cooler (29°C). Towards the end of September, things actually do start cooling off much more, and something of a shoulder season comes into play; less heat means exploring Jordan’s sights is much more viable.

Weather in Jordan in October

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You might think of October as fall, but in Jordan, fall isn’t particularly distinct – it’s just less hot. Temperatures have dropped by now, as the summer heat begins to wear off, but the temperature is still warm and pleasant. This is when we went to Jordan last, and found it one of the best times to visit Jordan.

The capital is 27°C, Petra is a breathable 26°C, but the Dead Sea is still pretty hot (34°C). October usually marks the first rains after summer, with around 7mm falling during the whole month. The Red Sea diving to be had at Aqaba is still top-notch, with the sea positively bursting with creatures, critters, and color pops of coral.

Weather in Jordan in November

What to wear in Jordan

November sees a rise in rainfall, meaning all that parched, thirsty ground gets to drink up and re-hydrate. Life starts to flourish again. Amman alone sees around 32mm of rain during November, and the temperature has really dropped.

We’re talking 20°C, with night temperatures of 10°C or colder. Petra as well. Even the Dead Sea has fallen below 30°C. Diving is still an option at Aqaba; the sea is reasonably warm. Sunlight hours across the board also fall, with more clouds and less daylight as winter begins.

Weather in Jordan in December

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And here is where winter starts properly – December. Temperatures drop across the country, and rainfall drastically increases; it’s one of the wettest months in Jordan. Amman is a relatively chilly but actually quite pleasant 14°C. But seeing 65mm of rain throughout the month, the possibility of getting caught in a downpour is definitely a thing.

The capital also sees just six hours of sunlight a day, making December the darkest month of the year. It’s a quiet time to visit Jordan, with far fewer crowds than in springtime, and more affordable accommodation. Nights, however, can get quite cold – especially in the desert (temperatures can hit 4°C). Snow can even fall during December. 

Festivals in Jordan

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Winter Festivals in Jordan

December in Jordan means Christmas! What? Yes, December 25 is a national holiday. There are hundreds of thousands of Jordanian Christians, part of a larger group of Arab Christians whose ancestors decided not to convert to Christianity; these clans eventually settled in Syria and Jordan. Christmas means family time and a much-needed day off, of course.

Islamic New Year falls in early January. Like Chinese New Year, it depends on the cycle of the moon. It’s called Muharam, and it’s a lot of fun, with gatherings of families and feasting.

Up in Aqaba, the Red Sea city hosts the Aqaba Traditional Arts Festival every February. The festival, celebrating Bedouin people and their culture, features a lot of crafts on sale. Bedouin people show off their skills to make sure their traditions stay alive.

For more crafts, there’s Azraq Festival. Also taking place in February, there are arts and traditional crafts galore – as well as food, music, and dancing in the streets, of course!

Spring Festivals in Jordan

March marks the start of spring, but in Amman, things are getting cultural. The capital plays host to the Amman International Theater Festival. This is a time when independent theater companies come together to show off their best talents in a multi-day extravaganza; the actors can either perform in English or Arabic, and there’s definitely a competitive edge. It’s actually the only festival of its kind in the Middle East or North Africa.

If you’re a keen runner, you might want to get yourself over to Jordan in April. This is when the Amman Dead Sea Ultra Marathon takes place. It’s pretty cool, since it starts at over 900 meters above sea level and ends at the shores of the Dead Sea at 480 meters below sea level – the lowest point on Earth.

May sees the Jordan International Rally take place. The stages for this epic race run through Jordan Valley and Rumman Forest. Also in this month is Independence Day; every year on May 25, expect parades and celebrations in the street commemorating freedom from the British back in 1946.

Also in May – Ramadan. Jordanian Muslims fast through the daylight hours, but special delicacies are eaten when the sun goes down.

Summer Festivals in Jordan

The end of Ramadan is in June and is marked with the festival of Eid Al Fatr. This is a time of celebration, feasting, and partying for Muslims. Expect disruptions to trans

port and opening hours; accommodation will also be booked up. Eid will definitely be a fun time to visit, though.

In July, there’s a music festival called Distant Heat that takes place in Wadi Rum, which is pretty much in the middle of the Jordan Desert. It’s hot, so there’s music and dancing late into the night.

The Jerash Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Jordan. This well-loved event, taking place for three weeks through July and into early August, is a huge celebration of music, dance, poetry, and art. It started in the 1980s and has been a hit ever since.

Catch some traditional concerts and performances in August, held at the Odeon and Roman Theater in Amman (yes, the last one really is a 2nd century AD Roman Theater). For some real craziness, the Petra Desert Marathon (also in August) really pushes marathon-running to the limit. The clue is in the name.

The end of Hajj – the traditional annual pilgrimage to Mecca (Islam’s holy site) – means Eid Al Adha. Usually falling at the end of July or sometime in August, this is a time to return to family homes for meals and celebrations. Being a four-day feast, stores around towns may be shut.

Fall Festivals in Jordan

Fall isn’t really a thing in Jordan, but we’ll honor this season by name anyway. It starts with September, and though there’s not a lot going on in this month culture-wise, the Amman International Book Fair begins at the end of this month and goes on for two weeks.

For more goodness in the capital during October, there’s Amman Design Week. Supported by Queen Rania Al Abdullah, this is a week of conferences, talks, workshops, and various other things aimed at celebrating the creativity and design flair of the capital. Good for design-heads.‬

Also in October is the Middle East Dance Festival. Taking place in Jordan Valley, it features performances by local groups and classes, so you can learn how to dance like a real Jordanian.

There’s also more running on the cards in October, with the Jordan Running Adventure Race. This one is also crazy: it’s a 160-kilometer ultra-race from Petra to Wadi Rum. It’s just one single stage, meaning no breaks.

In November, it’s the perfect time to go for a float in the Dead Sea. There’s not much else on, so go and enjoy the cooler temperatures as you experience one of the saltiest seas around. November is the best time to visit Jordan for decent and comfortable temperatures so just enjoy it!

When is the Best Season to Travel to Jordan?

Best Time to Visit Jordan
High season (March-May, September-November):

Due to the intense heat that Jordan sees between June and early September the best time to visit would be around those. March-May and September-November mark the high season in Jordan. Temperatures will be lower (but still hot), making any trip more enjoyable. However, tourism is high and you’ll face crowds around the popular sites.

Shoulder Season (November – February)

Tourism is lower during this time, but temperatures aren’t brutally hot. It’s winter in Jordan and you may even see some snow. Nights will be cold, especially in Wadi Rum so bring extra layers.

Low Season (June-August)

This is the hottest time of the year to visit Jordan, and you won’t want to spend a ton of time under the sun. If you visit during this time you’ll likely always be looking for shade or AC. However, prices are at their lowest, but you’ll also find many establishments closed for the low season.

When is the Absolute Best Time of Year to Travel to Jordan?

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We personally visited Jordan in October, and although it was hot it was never too hot. We stayed in Wadi Rum comfortably, walked for hours around Petra, and swam in the Dead Sea. Crowds were high at the main sites, but we were still able to get last-minute accommodation deals. I would suggest visiting Jordan during the high seasons (March-May and September-November)

When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Jordan?

Travel in Jordan - Petra Views

The cheapest time to visit Jordan is in the low season. This is from June-August when the temperatures are brutal. If businesses are not closed they will be competing for the few tourism dollars they can. However, Jordan is not an expensive country to visit and personally, my comfort outweighs the price. Although this time may be the cheapest I would avoid traveling during this heat.

When is the Best Time to Visit Petra?

Best Time to Visit Jordan

Petra is going to be amazing any time you visit! Crowds will be at their highest during the high season, but an early start will grant you empty views of the Treasury. Once you keep walking past this main site you’ll notice crowds thin out a lot!

Quick Travel Tips for Jordan

travel in jordan - Petra Size
  • Currency – 1 Jordan Dinar – $1.41 USD
  • Language – Arabic. However, with good education and a strong tourist industry English is widely spoken.
  • Official Name – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
  • Capital City – Amman
  • Constitutional Monarchy – King Abdullah II of Jordan
  • Visa – Most visitors to Jordan will need to obtain a visa. US citizens can get a visa on arrival payable by card or cash. If you have plans to go to Petra it’s worth it to get the Jordan Pass which includes your visa and access to all the main tourist sites in Jordan.
  • Wondering What to Pack for Jordan? We got you covered here.

What to Pack for Jordan

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Skin cancer is for real! Don’t forget your SPF when traveling around Jordan. We recommend ordering some online before leaving the house as you will need it underneath the sun in the summer.

We highly recommend getting an eco-friendly sun cream that does not contain harmful chemicals.

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Remember that Jordan uses the Europlug. Make sure you find a good adapter like the one I have to keep you charged. Otherwise, you may be paying for a cheap one once you land.

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