The 15 Best Places to Visit in October (IN THE WORLD)

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Where are the best places to go on holiday in October? Autumn can be a magical time of the year across the world. It’s the time of harvest and it leads to amazing food that compliments the changing of the seasons. It’s undeniable that a hot cup of apple cider or mulled wine doesn’t comfort the soul on a cool fall day. When the leaves change and begin to die they put on an amazing show as they burst forth in vivid gold, scarlet, and orange. It is my favorite time of year.

So, while others are hopeful for an endless summer at the beach, I yearn for relief from the scorching hot temperatures and humidity. Fall is the time to return to the great outdoors! Granted like many things there are some places that are better to celebrate the season than others. Here are the 15 best places to visit in October in the world.

Best Places to Visit in October in the World

New York City, New York

Central Park in October

One of the best places to travel in October in the US is New York City. Fall is so good in New York they even made a romantic movie about it. There’s nothing better than breathing in that fresh cool air while wandering around Central Park. New York City is easily one of the best places to visit in October.

Fall in New York is when all the trees turn vibrant colors and everyone is in a happy mood. It’s where pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin art comes alive! Seriously the vibe is so good it should be experienced by every world traveler in their life. Peak fall season in New York is mid-September to late-October. Making October arguably the best time of the year to travel in New York City. If you’re heading here with your sweetheart see all my favorite things to do here.

Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia

Best place for Fall

Fall or Autumn in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia is one of the most spectacular times to visit this World Heritage-listed National Park. At just 100kms from Sydney, the Blue Mountains of NSW is a very popular destination with walkers, rock climbers and people wanting a romantic getaway.

The Blue Mountains in Australia appear to be blue due to the eucalyptus oil from the trees creating this haze. During Fall the mountains go from this blue to crispy autumnal tones during the day.

Wiltshire, England

Best place for Fall

Wiltshire is easily one of the best places to visit in Europe in October. Deep reds, glowing oranges, and bright golds – these are just some of the colors you can expect to see during the fall season. And where do I think is best to see these vibrant colors? That’s easy – Stourhead House and Gardens in Wiltshire, England; one of many special National Trust places in the UK. Surrounding a vast, glistening lake are hundreds of trees, just waiting to show a dazzling array of colors as soon as fall begins.

But when walking around the lake, you’ll also be treated to sights of secret grottoes, neoclassical buildings, and mythological statues. What’s not to love about that?

Michigan, United States

Michigan in the Fall

If you’re looking for one of the best places to travel in October consider Michigan! If your idea of fall is pumpkin patches, apple cider, and beautiful hues of red and orange then head to Michigan. My home state of Michigan is easily one of the best places to visit in October. There is nothing quite like spending fall in the mitten state and there are plenty of beautiful sights to see in the lower and upper peninsula.

September and October are the best months to see the leaves change and partake in the fall festivities.  I would suggest taking a 10-day road trip to see all the beautiful getaways the state has to offer before the winter season creeps in. I grew up in Michigan, and I can honestly say it is one of the best places in the United States to celebrate the fall season.

Martinborough, New Zealand

New Zealand

Another great place to visit in October is Martinborough. As someone who tends to follow summer, I found myself in Martinborough during fall (autumn) 2016 and it was awesome. Because the start of fall means it is harvest season in this boutique wine growing region of New Zealand. The summer had been really hot, so it was awesome harvesting the grapes in slightly cooler weather.

In the evenings, there was always fun to be had in town as the harvest season brings lots of people into town for the picking, so many positive vibes. I had a few friends come visit me on their New Zealand road trip too which was great, as I knew they’d be blown away by visiting the Putangirua Pinnacles and Lake Ferry.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Best place for Fall

There may be no more iconic place in the world to celebrate fall than in New England… and within New England, it’s hard to beat the beauty of Acadia National Park. Whether you’re driving along Park Loop Road, staring down from the top of Cadillac Mountain, or eating popovers on the lawn of Jordan Pond House, you’ll have unlimited opportunities of things to do in Acadia National Park to admire the brightly colored leaves that mark fall in this part of the world.

While crowds will pick up during fall foliage on the weekends, if you’re able to swing a weekday visit, you’ll also have the benefit of having the park–and the town of Bar Harbor–almost to yourself. Be sure to bring a warm coat: this is Maine, after all, and temperatures will be dropping. You’ll definitely need the coat to watch the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain: during the fall, you’ll be among the first people in the USA to see the sun rise for the day if you’re watching from that spot.

Prague, Czech Republic

Best place for Fall

Prague is one of the best European cities to visit in October and one of my favorite places to enjoy the Fall scenery. The city makes for a fantastic place to visit for photography and to get those colorful shots. Some of the best locations in the city are along the Vltava River, where you’ll find trees lining the banks.

These in the peak of the season become a wonderful mix of yellows, reds, oranges, and greens. These colors combined with the many awesome spots along the river, as well as great viewpoints, such as Hanavský Pavilion provides the perfect opportunity for you to capture the city. The best time to visit Prague for Fall is mid to end of October when the colors will be at their best.”

Seoraksan National Park, South Korea

Best Places to Visit in October

Still, wondering where to holiday in October? Every fall, many people head to Seoraksanan National Park. The park is already one of the most beautiful places in South Korea, but in the autumn, the changing leaves add another level of beauty to the mountains. Seoraksan National Park has a variety of hikes for every difficulty level, from short trails to multi-day backcountry hikes.

Highlights of Seoraksan include Biseondae, Gwongeumseong Fortress, Heundeulbawi Rock, Gyejoam Grotto, Ulsanbawi Rock, and many waterfalls. Best of all, Seoraksan National Park is close enough to Seoul that it can be accessed as part of a day trip, making it a must-do for any visitor to South Korea in the fall.

Rotorua, New Zealand


Rotorua in North New Zealand is a remarkable city with amazing contrasts. Known for its natural geothermal hot springs and steaming geysers, the city offers a fantastic combination of adventure, outdoor as well as cultural activities. Home to a volcano valley and craters filled with thermal water, Rotorua is surrounded by 16 lakes and lush redwoods forests. You can spend days hiking in the forests, cruising the lakes, and exploring its idyllic landscape.

Te Puia is one of the most visited attractions, where next to experiencing its spectacular geothermal landscape you can learn about the Maori culture through various cultural performances including a visit of the Maori Arts & Crafts Centre and the Kiwi Conservation Centre. A scenic flight of Rotorua is also a must to get an insight of Rotorua picturesque landscape from the air. On this post you can learn more about all things to do in Rotorua.

Banff, Canada

One of my favorite places to celebrate fall is in Banff National Park. This part of Canada is gorgeous year round but during the fall the weather is great, the trees are changing colors, and there are way fewer tourists. One of my favorite things to do is get on a Banff helicopter tour, the view from a helicopter is out of this world.

If you travel in September and October you have the chance to run into snow on the Icefields Parkway, which if you ask me makes the mountains magical with fresh snow. Come mid October you’ll also find the larches in yellow and orange splendor.

Stowe, Vermont


Looking for an amazing fall destination guaranteed to have gorgeous fall foliage? Stowe, Vermont is the ideal place to go. Set in a valley between some of Vermont’s prettiest mountains, Stowe is as quaint as it gets, with a white-steepled church, a charming general store, and an old-fashioned vibe.

To make the most of fall, head out on some of the great area hikes (Sterling Pond & Stowe Pinnacle are among choice hikes, or climb Mt. Mansfield, Vermont’s tallest peak). End your day in front of a roaring fire, sipping on hot apple cider and recalling your adventures.

Oregon, United States

Oregon Mckenzie River

Still wondering where to go in Ocotber? One of our favorite places in the world to celebrate fall is the state of Oregon in the USA. Oregon is a haven for nature lovers and has a wide variety of activities and regions to immerse yourself in. Although the abundant natural beauty makes it a great year round destination the dry, warm, fall season is often the most pleasant.

At this time of year you can hike trails full of changing colors and flowing waterfalls, view the grape harvest in wine country, partake in Octoberfest in beer crazy Portland or walk along the near deserted spectacular Oregon coastline. Fall in Oregon is the perfect combination of fewer crowds and perfect weather.”

Nagano, Japan

Nagano Fall

Japan is a fantastic place to go on holiday in October.  In our case, we made the pilgrimage up the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route which is located near Nagano, which is northwest of Tokyo.  While we did not specifically plan our visit with the aim to see the fall leaves, we definitely enjoyed the show! 

Being higher up in the mountains meant that we were able to see the first blush of the fall colors which would progressively make their way to the lowlands areas in Japan.  For future trips to Japan I would definitely plan to align my trip with the fall colors and festivals in Japan!

The Pyrenees, Andorra

Best place for Fall

Looking for one of the best places to go on holiday in October? The Pyrenees are a great destination in fall, and not only because of the beautiful colors of the landscape, but it’s also less crowded than in summer. Many say the most beautiful part of this mountain chain is found in Andorra, a tiny country between Spain and France.

This small country is really a hikers’ paradise and one of the nicest hikes in Andorra is the route around the Pessons Lakes. The scenery is really picturesque since you pass several beautiful lakes. It’s a circular track and when you climb up to Collado de Pessons (Pessons Mountain Pass) you will have a simply sensational panoramic view of all the lakes in the area – a highlight of any October holiday destination.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv in the Fall

If you’re looking for a hot holiday in October, Israel may be a great option. Although Israel is labeled a hot desert country, fall in Tel Aviv is curating a different story. September, October and November, the extremely hot temperatures cool down which makes the Mediterranean city a different kind of “cool” concept and one of the best places to travel in October, when other places are too cold.

The nightlife in Tel Aviv is one of my favorite things to explore because this department never stops no matter the season may be.

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