15 Best Places To Travel In November

Where are the best places to travel in November? November is a bit of a mixed bag in many places worldwide. Autumn is typically over in most of the Northern Hemisphere, but winter hasn’t quite started.

Many of North America and Europe are just cold, miserable, and gloomy places. However, you don’t have to let that gloom affect your mood. November is a fantastic time to get away and holiday to a warmer, sunnier destination.

If you’re looking for some ideas of great places to travel to in November, we are here to help! Here are the best places to visit in November!

Best Places to Travel in November

Cape Town, South Africa

hiking in cape town
Hiking in Cape Town in November

One of the best countries to visit in November is South Africa! And if there is one city in the world I am dying to return to, it’s Cape Town. It’s a city too beautiful for its own good. One can get easily lost in the depths of nature and still have dinner at any sushi, tapas, or bistro they want at night.

There are many things to do in Cape Town; it’s hard to optimize your time there unless you have a full year. But if you don’t have a whole year and looking for a fantastic city to spend time in November, you’re in luck.

Cape Town is heading into the summer season in November, meaning more visitors start making their way to the city. The average temperature in Cape Town is a nice 18°C. It’s also pretty dry compared to other places.

The weather across South Africa generally starts to warm up beginning in November, some may say it gets unpleasantly hot in some places, but Cape Town stays pretty moderate. It should be visited before the holidays and complete high season! We recommended heading to Cape Town, before going to Stellenbosch and the winelands for a trip, followed by a safari at Gondwana Tented Camps.

The Maldives

Maafushivaru Maldives
The Maldives / Best Places to Travel in November

The Maldives are one of the best international places to visit in November. November is “shoulder season” in the Maldives, but it’s a short period to get some cheaper Maldives travel in. Once December hits, prices will rise, but you stand a higher chance of getting rained on if you travel outside of November-April.

We visited the Maldives for two weeks in November and had an absolute blast. It was one of those dream places we have always wanted to go. The weather was perfect, and we only had one rainy day the entire trip.

Also, the Maldivian resorts are not as packed as they would in the high season. If you’ve been dying to go to the Maldives but are scared of the price tag, consider traveling here in November!


Petra, Jordan
Enjoying Petra

November is a great time to consider traveling to Jordan. Tourism is lower during this time, but temperatures aren’t brutally hot. It’s technically winter in Jordan, and you may even get lucky and see some snow.

It can get scorching visiting Jordan. Walking around ancient sites like Petra and hiking in the Wadi Rum desert is no fun under intense heat. That’s why November is truly a magical time to visit Jordan. We were comfortable (though it was still pretty hot during the day) and never saw anything but sunshine.

It’s worth noting that nights may still be cold, especially in Wadi Rum, so bring extra layers.

Turkish Coast

Best hikes in Turkey

Turkey is one of our favorite places to travel to in November in all of Europe. The weather in Turkey is cooler during these months; some consider it much more comfortable than prime summertime weather.

It’s not as busy as the summertime, but you’ll still see many travelers lingering about. Prices on accommodation and car rentals will drop during this time. The shoulder season is typically a fantastic time to visit Turkey.

It’s still very comfortable, and sunny weather is typical, perfect for hiking in Cappadocia or enjoying Pamukkale. The more south you go, the better; Bodrum and the coast are lovely, but Istanbul is not a bad option either!

The Algarve, Portugal

Praia do Camilo - Best Beaches in the Algarve
We spent the entire month of November in Lagos!

One of the best places to travel in November is Portugal. We spent a month in the Algarve during November and had a fantastic time. In all honesty, we were looking for some warm weather while traveling around Europe, so we booked a one-way flight to Lagos and enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful Algarve beaches.

Sunshine, no crowds, and low prices are what met us in November. Southern Portugal is one of the best places to visit in the world in November. We were able to save a lot on accommodation, car rentals, and experiences this time. We had nothing but sunny days and even had some wonderful beach days!


Things to do in Cyprus
Cape Greco / Best Places to Go in November

On two separate occasions have we escaped to Cyprus when facing winter conditions in northern Europe. Cyprus is the go-to European vacation in November. The weather is still very comfortable, almost always sunny, and the water is still warm enough to swim and enjoy those stunning Cypriot beaches.

The best news is that after October 31st, the European crowds start to die down here. Some businesses will close, but all in all, you’ll be able to have a great time in Cyprus with minimal tourism and lower prices!


Exploring Deadvlei in November

Whenever someone asks me my favorite country to travel to, I always bring up Namibia. Namibia is unworldly and feels like stepping onto a completely different plant and one of the best places to travel in November.

We ventured into Namibia during November (after South Africa) and had an absolutely fantastic time. November is shoulder season in Namibia and the end of the dry season. Because of this, you can usually get better deals on accommodation and roll up last minute to campsites (we did this a few times).

Even though it’s shoulder season, there are still plenty of things to do in Namibia. Catching the sunrise at Sossusvlei and driving the Skeleton Coast are among some of my favorite memories. Namibia is becoming a trendy destination so in the high season, it’s tough to do things last minute, unlike in November.

Also, with the turning of seasons (from dry to wet), you’ll still find Etosha National Park to be very dry, meaning safari animals are easier to spot!


beautiful Seychelles
Sunset in the The Seychelles

One of my all-time favorite honeymoon destinations in the world is Seychelles! And the best time to visit Seychelles is in November. November is a calmer period between two trade winds that the Seychelles islands experience.

However, this is also high season in Seychelles, so you may find many resorts and hotels are booked up and more expensive. You have to pay for paradise in Seychelles! Does this November list have you debating the Maldives or Seychelles? We’re here to help!

The Philippines

The Philippines is one of the best places to travel in November!

It’s best to make the long journey (depending on where you are in the world) to the Philippines in the dry season. The dry season in the Philippines is between November and April, with November being the very start of the dry season.

Like most places, the “start” of any season means tourism hasn’t really picked up yet, and things are just starting to liven up again. This is very true for the Philippines.

Because of this, you’ll find pleasant weather and lower crowds. It’s excellent for a diving holiday in Moalboal or to just chill out on the beach. Our favorite island was Siargao!


November is the end of Spring in Australia and still a lovely time to visit before it gets brutally hot, and summer begins. In the north, like Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, temperatures range in the 70s-80s°F and are lovely. The further south you go the colder it gets. Tasmania, for instance, is still hovering around the 50s-60°s.

It’s relaxed and comfortable, and the crowds are lower. The perfect time to do a Sydney to Cairns Australia road trip

Hong Kong

Having Fun in Hong Kong

Any visitor to Hong Kong knows that it can be a hot and humid place. It’s a subtropical destination, but November is a perfect time to visit if you want to visit a city. November in Hong Kong typically means clear and sunny days with mild temperatures.

There are so many things to do in Hong Kong you’ll need days of exploring, and that’s best done without breaking a massive sweat or trying to find AC all day. Seriously, I’m not lying when I say Hong Kong is one of the best places to visit in November!


hawaii packing list

If you’ve wanted to go to Hawaii for a romantic honeymoon or even for a family vacation, November is a fantastic time to do it!

There’s never a wrong time to plan a trip to Hawaii, and November is considering the low season. Meaning you can score some outstanding deals on flights and accommodation during this month, which is great as Hawaii can get pretty pricy.

If you have wanted to enjoy a luxurious romantic trip, but don’t quite have the budget for Hawaii, consider November, which is after the school holidays, but before the holiday madness in December.

Luxury hotel prices can dip as low as $250 a night, which may not sound like a steal, but trust us when we say that’s a decent deal for Hawaii.

Hawaii in November also means fewer tourists, so you can enjoy the fabulous beaches of Maui and Kauai without hordes of others.

However, it is essential to note that November is the start of Hawaii’s rainy season, though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! The rain brings cooler temperatures, with daytime temperatures dipping to 25°C, an incredibly comfortable temperature. Nevertheless, you should still get a travel rainjacket and umbrella.

If you’re a surfer, you may already know that November marks the start of Hawaii’s prime surfing season, with large waves hitting the north shores of each island.


Hiking in Arizona

Thanks to Arizona’s position in the Southwestern USA, it is a year-round destination. However, summer in Arizona is HOT and crowded, so it’s best to avoid these months if you have the flexibility.

The best time to visit Arizona is from September to April when the temperatures are comfortable, the crowds are few, and you can score some good deals on accommodation.

It’s a great time to take an Arizona road trip and hit up sights like Sedona, Tucson and Page. Make sure to do some desert hiking during the day, though you will want a jacket as temperatures drop drastically at nighttime.

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing the Grand Canyon or Horseshoe Bend, now is your time while the crowds are away!


Egypt is easily one of the best places to travel in November!

November is an excellent time of year to visit Egypt. During the summer months and well into October, temperatures during the day are often above 27°C and can reach up to 35°C (!!) with high humidity.

This may not sound too bad, but trust me, it’s brutal everywhere except on the coast, where you’ll enjoy the ocean breeze. On our Nile River Cruise, we were up every day at 4:30 am, exploring before 6 am, and back in our rooms before 11 am, as we needed to beat the heat for the day.

However, come November, things start to cool off with temperatures near a mild 22°C. You’ll even want a light jacket when thinking about what to wear in Egypt.

The further the month goes along and the cooler it gets. It makes it a great time to go to Egypt and explore the many temples and ancient sites without sweating your butt off. There are so many fantastic places to go in Egypt; you’ll likely want as much time as you want in the country. We spent two weeks there and barely scratched the surface.

The Florida Keys

key west
Strolling Around Downtown Key West

Come May; the Florida Keys start to get hot. July and August are almost unbearable, and September marks the beginning of hurricane season. I bet you know where this is going to go. Yes, one of the best places to visit in November is the Florida Keys.

In part because of low autumn crowds, part because it’s the end of hurricane season, but also because temperates fluctuate between 72 and 80 F. Can you say ideal?

Because it’s the shoulder season, you can score some great off-season pricing. However, bring a rain jacket for the occasional and quick downpour – but don’t worry, it shouldn’t last too long! What you thought getting a good deal on a hotel room in Key West came without consequences?

To make the most out of your trip, I recommend flying into Miami and driving from Key Largo to Key West for the ultimate Florida Keys road trip. There are so many interesting sights along the way, such as the Marathon Turtle Hospital, Morada Bay, and Robbie’s to feed the Tarpons. Don’t worry, visiting in November means you can eat at the best restaurants in Key Largo and Key West without making a reservations.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide of the best places to travel in November. We break down the other months of the year here!

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