Best Time to Visit St Lucia: St Lucia Weather Month By Month

St Lucia is a Caribbean island famous for its beaches, carnivals, and vibrant culture. When it comes to the best time to visit St Lucia, there is no right or wrong, it just depends on what you want! There’s plenty of nature to explore here, a plethora of awesome dive sites, and some cool resorts where you can spend your days lazing around.

The best time to visit St Lucia can be tricky to work out, however, as they’ve got wet and dry seasons going on – which is why we put together St Lucia weather guide. We even threw in a list of the best St Lucia festivals, too!

When is The Best Time to Visit St Lucia?

St Lucia Weather in January

best time to visit st lucia

In January, St Lucia sees average temperatures of 26°C – pretty warm. The second month in the country’s dry season, there’s not much rain to be seen. However, since it’s only the start of the dry season, many of the hills around the country remain lush and green, making it one of the best months to visit St Lucia.

There’s plenty of sunshine at this time of year, and towards the end of the month, there are 11 and a half hours of daylight per day. It is 55% cloudy throughout the month, and the sea temperature is a very inviting 27°C. With relative humidity that fluctuates between mild and very muggy, it’s a pretty good time of year to visit St Lucia.

St Lucia Weather in February

Jade Mountain
Enjoying the views at Jade Mountain

Another of St Lucia’s dry months, there are average temperatures of 26°C – with highs of 29°C – throughout February. There is plenty of sunshine to be had, with nine hours per day (on average). There is very little rainfall in February compared to the rest of the year – the least, in fact.

Though the temperatures may seem hot to you, February is actually one of the cooler months on the island; it may be a good time of year to visit St Lucia if you can’t stand the heat. It is also a fairly breezy time of year, so expect some fresh, light winds coming in off the sea. Like hiking? Then you may find February in St Lucia is perfect for you.

St Lucia Weather in March

Jade Mountain

The weather in March in St Lucia is great, this is when we visited last and had a fantastic time. It’s definitely one of the best times to visit St Lucia. Visitors to the island during this spring month can expect plenty of sunshine and a lot of warm weather. The average low is 24°C, while the high is 30°C. This month is pretty popular for kite flying and kite surfing, thanks to the northeast Trade Winds that begin to blow.

If that sounds like something you’re into, this might be the best time of year to visit St Lucia. The sea has a temperature of 27°C, which is very pleasant. It’s an excellent time to come if you’re keen to go hiking and enjoy the island before the heat really starts to increase.

St Lucia Weather in April

Hot and dry days are the order for April in St Lucia. Those Trade Winds are still blowing, and cooling things down in the process – mainly on the coast. Being the middle of the country’s dry season, those lush green hills are looking a little more parched than they have been.

Humidity is comparatively low, so the heat isn’t exactly unbearable; the average temperature in St Lucia during April is 27°C, with highs of 30°C and lows of 24°C. Though it is quite dry and there are, on average, nine hours of sunshine per day, there’s around 70% cloud coverage throughout April, which steadily increases towards the end of the month.

St Lucia Weather in May

May is a transitional month for the island. It’s not the best time to go to St Lucia, but certainly not the worst. The wet season is right on the horizon, which – towards the end of the month – means a little more rain than the month before, but not much. May is a good time of year to visit St Lucia if you want to attend the island’s famous Jazz Festival, which traditionally kicks off the summer months.

Temperatures in May rise to 28°C, so things certainly are warming up; humidity is also on the rise, at around 70% across the month. The Trade Winds are not blowing as strongly as they were before, so expect plenty of sunshine and enjoyable days, not to mention lovely sunsets!

St Lucia Weather in June

jade mountain

By the time June rolls around in St Lucia, the rains have already arrived. That’s right; June marks the start of the wet – or rainy – season. Don’t worry, though; the rain is still quite tame and won’t by any means ruin your vacation.

There is twice as much rain going on in June than there was in May, so you will certainly experience a downpour, or at least a light shower, while you are here. The Trade Winds are nowhere near as strong as they were earlier in the year, which means less of a breeze, but increased humidity. In fact, three out of four days see high humidity. Beautiful sunsets can be seen in June, however. The temperature? On average, it’s 28°C.

St Lucia Weather in July

July is a very hot month in St Lucia – very humid, too, so not exactly the best time to visit St Lucia. The highs hover around 31°C, which feels a lot hotter with that humidity. It also happens to be a popular month to visit the island because of school vacation beginning this month for much of the world.

That means – towards the end of July – things can get a little busy on the island. It’s maybe not the best time of year to visit St Lucia. It’s also the St Lucia rainy season, with an average of six inches of rain falling across the entire month. Downpours are common. However, it is a cool time to visit St Lucia if you want to catch part of the St Lucia Carnival – one of the Caribbean’s best.

St Lucia Weather in August

Not only is it still raining in St Lucia in August, but it is also the middle of Hurricane Season in the North Atlantic. These don’t tend to be a huge threat to the island, but they can affect it, so it may not be the best time to visit St Lucia. Temperatures are an average of 28°C but can drop as low as 25°C.

If you are worried about the rain, don’t be; it usually only rains for a couple of hours at most, and the rainy days are mixed in with glorious, sunny days. It’s very humid in August: three out of four days reach as high as 90% humidity. With schools still out, resorts can be busy. If you want to avoid heat (and crowds), this may not be the best time to visit St Lucia.

St Lucia Weather in September

St Lucia

September is the time of year in St Lucia when summer is coming to an end. Resorts get cheaper as children of the world go back to school. However, the temperature is still 28°C – rising into the early 30s – and sea temperatures match. If you love heat, this is a good time to visit St Lucia.

There is still quite a lot of rainfall, however, just slightly more than in August. While you will experience some rain during your stay, it most likely won’t ruin your vacation. It is still very humid, around 89% for three days out of four. Sunshine is definitely lacking: it’s the second rainiest month of the year, with only 8.1 hours of daily sunshine (compared to 8.5, on average, for the year).

St Lucia Weather in October

Jade Mountain Review

Were you wondering about October? Well, accommodation is cheaper, so it’s an excellent time to visit St Lucia if you like to travel on a budget. But everything else remains pretty much the same as it was in September.

It’s still rainy, it’s still around 28°C, the average low is still about 25°C, the sea is still about 29°C, it’s still very humid, and there’s still just over eight hours of sunshine per day. Expect rain every day (short, sharp showers, for the most part). It’s generally one of the worst times to visit St Lucia, but also one of the cheapest times to visit St Lucia.

St Lucia Weather in November

In November, there is finally a break in the relentless heat and humidity that has plagued the island for the past few months. November is also the end of the Hurricane Season and the last month of the wet season. So all in all, not a bad time to go to St Lucia.

The rain does start to ease by the end of the month, though there is still plenty of it around. Most days will see a morning downpour, but there may be a couple where it rains all day. The hills are glowing green and looking very beautiful; it’s a good time to go out on excursions.

St Lucia Weather in December

jade mountain

The first month of the dry season, December is a great time to visit St Lucia – which is good, because this is also the Holiday Season for many people around the world.

Visitors to the island in December can expect lots of dry days, a little bit of rain, temperatures around 27°C and – especially towards the end of the month – less humidity. Christmas in St Lucia, anyone? Sounds good to us.

Festivals in St Lucia

Spring Festivals in St Lucia

St Lucia observes Holy Week, which occurs during April. Many people attend mass and take part in Catholic traditions, including religious meals. Because of the family – and church – time involved, it is one of the more somber times to visit St Lucia.

In early May, Castries sees the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival – one of the most renowned festivals not only in the country, but in the whole of the Caribbean. Popular names in modern jazz  (Amy Winehouse once appeared here, for instance) perform on big stages and at small venues alike. Needless to say, it’s a big deal. 

Summer Festivals in St Lucia

Taking place between June and July, the St Lucia Carnival is a colorful event. A kaleidoscope of events occur during this time, such as steel pan competitions and inter-commercial house calypso competitions, with plenty of vibrant carnival costumes, live bands, DJs, parties, fetes, and community events besides. It’s recognized as one of the top carnivals of the Caribbean.

The last Sunday in June every year (that’s June 28 in 2020) is time for the Fishermen’s Feast – or Fête Pêche, in French. This Thanksgiving celebration includes church services and, aptly enough, feasting.

In July, Mercury Fest brings people together in the name of one simple thing – partying on the beach. Attendees rock up at a beach at Pigeon Island National Landmark from the neighboring islands and gather for live music, boat parties, and all-round good times.

For something a little less crazy but still super cool, La Rose Flower Festival takes place on August 30. This is a community-minded cultural event that makes up one of the island nation’s two strangely rival flower festivals (the other being La Marguerite). It’s all about observing and appreciating St Lucia’s cultural heritage, history, and collective memories.

August 23-25 is when the St Lucia Roots & Soul Festival is about new voices in the realm of music. Free performances take place in various locations across the island, ending up with a big party at Pigeon Island National Landmark.

Fall Festivals in St Lucia

Do you like snorkeling or scuba diving? Fall might be one of the best times to visit St Lucia for you. It’s now you can check out the Saint Lucia Dive & Adventure Week – a time to celebrate the island’s world-class dive sites and diverse marine life. This watery bonanza takes place from September 6-13.

Later in September (21-27), St Lucia plays host to the Wellness Music Festival. This sustainable and environmentally aware music festival is all about healthy living and being good to yourself – all on a background of good music.

Celebrated since 1981, Creole Heritage Month is celebrated throughout October. With dance, cuisine, and music taking center stage, it is a celebration of the diversity of the island’s culture, culminating on International Creole Day on October 27.

The second of St Lucia’s flower festivals, La Marguerite Flower Festival sees members from a local community dress in blue (as opposed to La Rose’s red) as a display of their pride in the La Marguerite flower. 

Winter Festivals in St Lucia

December 13 is when CECF St Lucia takes place. CECF stands for Caribbean Equine Cultural Festival and spans two days of lifestyle and racing events, all held at the Royal Saint Lucia Turf Club.

Also on December 13 is the country’s National Day. Celebrating its patron saint of St Luce, it is also called “the Festival of Light.” There’s a lantern competition and parade, as well as a Christmas show (since the festive season is just around the corner) and illuminations galore. It all ends with fireworks. 

On February 22, it’s St Lucia’s Independence Day. Celebrated since 1979 – when St Lucia gained independence from the United Kingdom – throughout the week, there is kite flying, parades, and other festivals. One of the events taking place during Independence “Week” is the Independence Squash Open – like a tennis tournament, but with squash instead!

What to Pack for St Lucia?

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