11 Best Places to Visit in June (in the WORLD)

June marks the start of the glorious summer season around many parts of the world. Planning out the best places to visit in June and where you really want to go on vacation can be overwhelming. With summer almost in full swing, there are many dream destinations to choose from.

However, it all depends on what you want! Do you want mountains, beaches, cities, or to be surrounded by endless nature? We picked out our favorite places to visit in June in this post – something for every type of traveler!

The Best Places to Visit in June

Ring Road, Iceland


Long sunny days, less rain, heavy winds that turn into light breezes – June means summer in Iceland! June is what many locals consider to be the best time of year to visit Iceland. June in Iceland has the longest daylight hours and on June 21st you will witness the longest day of the year.

The Midnight Sun, or when the sun is still visible at midnight, will be a common occurrence now and can make for some stellar photos. This is a natural phenomenon that happens around the Arctic Circle so visiting Iceland in June is extra special and a reason in itself enough to go.

June in Iceland will yield 24 hours of daylight for a few weeks. If staying up all night and partying with the Icelanders is your cup of tea then summertime is when you will want to be in Iceland. Or if partying isn’t your thing the 24 hours of daylight will give you a huge advantage if you are driving around Iceland. More daylight means more time to see things and there is plenty to see in Iceland.

Banff National Park, Canada

It’s sort of getting into summer by the time June arrives in Banff National Park. This is the end of the ski season (boo), but that doesn’t mean that Banff isn’t without anything to do (yay).

It’s a good time of year to visit Banff for hiking; the trails start to get popular in June. Though many are still a little wet and muddy. However, even though day temperatures are pretty high (we’re talking highs of 21°C), once the sun goes down, it’s still cold, sometimes hovering just above 2°C. It’s a good idea to bring some wet weather clothes, since there’s the chance of getting caught in a shower.

The good news is the glacier lakes are now thawed. Lake Moraine access road opens by early June and you’ll finally be able to see the majestic body of water. The bad news? Crowds are coming. By mid-June parking at some of the main sites becomes an issue, and you’ll definitely need to secure camping spaces early during this time. Prices in Banff creep up, up, and up, but it’s still not as bad as July and August, so enjoy it now!

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu Travel

One of the driest times of the year in Peru. June is excellent for hikes, visiting Cusco, Machu Picchu, and other historical sights dotted in the country’s Andean areas. Peru, in general, is one of the best places to visit in June.

Temperatures on average for the highlands are still 16°C, but nights are cold, so pack accordingly! The Amazon gets less rain in June; it’s much drier in the south. It’s just about the right time to trek in the southern part of the rainforest.

Basically, June is one of the best times to visit Peru if you don’t care about hot weather but like to get out and hike in nature – and see the country’s most incredible historical sights.

Sicily, Italy

best places to visit in september

June feels like spring when it first starts in Italy, but by the end of the month, it will definitely feel like summer, especially in Sicily. Temperatures follow a steady incline from 22°C to an average of 24°C, sometimes hotter.

Sicily is where it really starts to heat up; in the evening, it barely drops below 18°C. You’ll also see around 13 hours of sunshine a day in Sicily, which can’t be a bad thing when you’re on vacation.

Swimming in the sea is also beginning to feel like a sane pastime; beach days are well and truly on the cards. Beach, eat, sleep, repeat is the song of the island. And you really can get your fill of beaches in Sicily as well as your food with all the great Sicilian cuisine.

Hvar, Croatia

There is rarely a destination that is only for one type of tourist, but some go beyond. The Croatian island of Hvar seems to deliver on almost all levels. There are some fantastic things to do in Hvar, and you definitely won’t be disappointed with the number of choices here.

It is a posh island getaway that serves up a laid-back Mediterranean vibe rich with heritage and history suitable for anyone wondering where to go in Croatia. The welcoming atmosphere on the sun-drenched island of Hvar is renowned, making it a well-known destination, yet it seems poised to grow even more significant.

As celebrities like Beyonce, Prince Harry, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise continue to make waves visiting on private yachts. Visitors are provided a chance to hike along ancient goat paths to abandoned villages, sunbathe au naturale in beautiful turquoise coves, race along dirt roads, dine on abundant Adriatic seafood, and party late into the next morning.

This lifestyle becomes a regular occurrence come June. The start of the high season and summer in Europe. It’s a fantastic, but busy time to visit. Book your accommodation up early so you don’t get priced out.

Kruger National Park, South Africa

“The Kruger,” as South Africans know it, is one of the most world-renowned national parks to spot wildlife. It is the quintessential park to have a wildlife safari in South Africa.

The park is roughly the size of Israel and visitors are almost guaranteed to spot the “Big Five” in one day. However, given the popularity of the Kruger finding the sweet spot can be difficult without totally going broke.

Kruger is the largest South African National Park and has one of the highest densities of the wildlife of all the national parks. Kruger is home to approximately 517 birds, 147 mammals, and 118 reptiles.

The best news is it’s one of the best African parks to self-drive. Visitors to the park are offered a wide range of services. The park offers guided drives, bush walks, backpacking trails, and golf. It’s also the only park we’ve visited in Africa where the rest stops are stocked with cappuccinos, tasty snacks, and even souvenirs, and the road is pretty much all paved. If you’re looking for a park that has all the creature comforts of the west then Kruger National Park is the one for you.

June isn’t the busiest time in the park, and temperatures are cooler making it a pleasant time to visit.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia

Best places to visit in June

Bet you didn’t think the middle of Australia would be one of the best places to visit in June, did you? Have you heard of Australia’s famous monolith? Uluru is a sacred site to the Aboriginal people and as you visit and see it for yourself you will see why. Almost as if a spirit placed the enormous rock in an endless desert themselves, Uluru is truly a spectacle.

It’s not just Uluru that is special, but the entire Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. If you’ve ever wanted to visit a desert with flowering plants, and dingos calling in the night head to Uluru in June.

Why June? Truthfully, it’s the desert and temperatures are at their lowest in June. It’s best to arrive at Uluru at sunrise or sunset and beat the heat of the day!

Milos, Greece

Things to do in Milos, Greece

The Greek island of Milos had been on our list of places to visit in Greece for years. We had seen photos of the moonscape beaches and heard about how quiet the island was in comparison to others, so it was only a matter of time before we ventured to Milos ourselves.

After visiting 10 other Greek islands, including Santorini, Crete, and Mykonos I can without a doubt say that Milos ranks up there as one of our favorites. Milos has everything you could want out of a trip to the Greek islands. Great food? Epic beaches? Amazing sunsets? Friendly people? Yup! All those things are what make Milos so special.

June is the start of the high season on the Greek Islands. It’s busy, but it’s still a good time to visit. The weather is glorious with almost all sunny days, and the peak summer crowds that come in July and August haven’t arrived yet. You still might even be able to score a deal on accommodation and renting a car!

Scotland, U.K.

Scottish Highlands - Getting Active and Healthy

June means it’s finally getting to be summer (ish) in Scotland. It’s finally an ideal time for you to vacation in Scotland. Temperatures range from the average temperatures that run between 10°C and 16°C, but you’ll still see some wet days. That being said it’s rare for it to pour the entire day, and instead, you’ll likely just get some scattered showers with clouds to make your vacation photos moodier.

Scotland doesn’t have the most ideal weather after all, but if you want to be safe book a vacation here between June and early September. In June, some of the best things to do in Scotland is enjoy Edinburgh, drive the North Coast 500, or head out to the Isle of Skye.

Hokkaido, Japan

Best places to visit in June

Though June is the first slice of summer in Hokkaido, the temperatures hover around the late-teens and maybe just above 20°C. You may even be able to leave your jacket or sweater at the hotel as June kicks off.

While tsuyu – or Japanese rainy season – is pelting the island of Honshu to the south, Hokkaido is basically unaffected by either the downpours or the high humidity, remaining pleasant. Even the sea temperatures are around 14°C. Hokkaido’s lakes also start opening for the tourist season. Hiking and splashing around in water become suitably acceptable.

This is when the flowers really start to look incredible in Hokkaido; head to Biei for row upon row of colored petals at its flower farms.

Wilmington, North Carolina

Enjoying the beach in Wilmington!

I’ll always encourage people to visit my favorite city in North Carolina! Wilmington has a lot to offer visitors who want to hit up the beaches in the Southern USA, but still have fun in a historic downtown area. Downtown Wilmington, with its historic building and homes, fully deserves to be appreciated. I love our historic waterfront and find it one of the best cities to visit in North America.

Beyond downtown, there are plenty of other things to do in Wilmington. It has a gorgeous coastline, a thriving college, and so many unique restaurants and sights to keep visitors entertained for days. Make sure to head to Wrightsville and Carolina Beach, and once you get to Carolina Beach keep driving to Kure. They are all so wonderful to visit.

Make sure to enjoy the June weather though, because this is essentially the last bearable month of summer. July and August are absolutely brutal temperature-wise in Wilmington, and the only place you’ll want to be is at the beach or in AC.

June, however, still sees some cool days and lower humidity. Try to visit Wilmington earlier in June for more comfort and lower prices.

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