75+ Travel Gifts For 2019 • A List of the Best Gifts For Travelers

Best gifts for travelers

It’s tough to nail the best travel gift for that intrepid explorer in your life. They’re always on the go and live that “minimalist lifestyle.” We’re full-time travelers so we know what’s a bust and what will be the perfect gift for someone going traveling.

These travel gifts are about making life easier while crossing the globe. With limited space in luggage, we can’t afford to waste space with unnecessary items. That’s the key to finding the perfect travel gift, finding an item that makes travel easier.

Here are our favorite useful travel gifts for people who love travel. This post has been written by both Cameron and Natasha to give a good male and female perspective for the perfect gifts for people that travel.

This post is not sponsored and we weren’t influenced to write could things about anything mentioned – we just really do love these products and would pay for them 1,000 times over (and of course gift them to any world traveler!).

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Best Travel Gifts of 2019

Hydroflask Wide Mouth Water Bottle

travel gift Hydroflask Wide Mouth Water Bottle
  • Average Price: $39.95
  • Suited For: Anyone, Adventure Travelers, Eco-Conscious Traveler

Hydro Flask water bottles are everywhere these days and for good reason. They’re an awesome product. The container has the ability to keep drinks hot or cold. The double wall aluminum construction does a great job at keeping products at a consistent temperature without added weight. We’re really big on snowboarding so on a cold day in the mountains or on the slope a hot drink is really appreciated.

They come in a massive variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. However, the best seller is likely their best at 32 ounces with a wide mouth. The size feels perfect to stay hydrated and the wide mouth allows for more versatility, such as carrying some hot soup. We love multifunctional products when traveling so this makes for the perfect travel water bottle. The company is also dedicated to giving back and has made a series of grants in their Parks For All project. It makes for more than a great travel gift, it’s a great gift for anyone. If you want to check out more we have a post on the best travel water bottles on the market.

Hydroflask Water Bottle

The Best Travel Water Bottles

Packable Down Jacket

Best Packable Down Jacket
  • Average Price: $99 to $499
  • Suited For: Anyone, Adventure Travelers, Cold Weather Destinations

A solid down jacket is a classic outdoor wear staple. Unless we’re on a beach holiday we always carry our down jackets in our bags. The jackets are well known for being compact and providing plenty of warmth. We’ve tried several different types of down jackets out, but we’ve stuck with our Patagonia Down Sweaters for a while now.

They’re easily one of the best on the market, but we share more in our post about the best down packable jackets. This gift does come with a higher price tag so just make sure you really like the person before dropping $200 on a wonderful jacket. Or you could buy yourself a Christmas gift!

The Best Packable Down Jackets

Reusable Grocery Bag Set

Reusable Grocery Bag Set Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $10
  • Suited For: Anyone, Eco-conscious, Everyday life

In today’s day and age, I feel like everyone should use these in their lives. If you could help reduce waste on the planet by simply bringing your own bag to the grocery store would you? Of course! These bags are cute, reusable, and pack up nicely!

We always carry some form of a collapsible bag in our luggage. It can serve for any number of purposes like souvenir shopping, a quick day trip, take out food, or even packing stuff for a day at the beach. These aren’t just good for being eco-friendly at home either, but for traveling with just about anything in general! It’s cheap, easy, and the perfect travel gift.

Reusable Grocery Bag Set

Trtl Travel Pillow

Trtl Travel Pillow Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $29.99
  • Suited For: Anyone, Frequent Travelers,

The Trtl Pillow acts more of like a “wrap” or a scarf than the other pillows on this list. The great thing about the Trtl wrap is that it’s small and compact but still, supports your head on both sides.

The Trtl prides itself on being able to attach to other luggage, and it can fit inside a purse or carry-on bag. We love this pillow so much we gave it the top notch as our best travel pillow. It’s pretty innovative design and make a great gift to replace that old U shaped pillow your traveler has been using for years. Or you could always buy them a croissant pillow

Trtl Travel Pillow

Allbirds Tree Runners

All Birds Wool Runners Best Womens Travel Shoes
  • Average Price: $95
  • Suited For: Anyone, Young Travelers, Stylish

If you’re shopping for a new pair of travel shoes, likely, you’ve already come across Allbirds on the internet. They’ve billed themselves as the most comfortable shoes in the world, made to fight odor, be worn without socks, and generally handle the demands of travel exceptionally. Those are all some tall claims.

While you can undoubtedly contest “the most comfortable shoe on earth” claim, they are amazing. Allbirds try their best to source sustainable materials for their shoes, which we love. The style is also great, and they look even better in person than online with high-quality details.

The feeling of wearing them is best compared to wearing a wool sweater comfortable and cozy. Fit is exceptional as they come a little tight, but with your first day of wearing stretch to fit your feet, like magic. What makes these unique are the properties that wool bring such as odor and dirt resistance.

They’re also machine washable, dry quickly, and can keep your feet warm even when wet. Oh, and if they’re cool enough for Obama they’re cool enough for anyone.

Men’s Tree Runners Women’s Tree Runners

Men’s Wool Runners Women’s Wool Runners

Packing Cubes

Travel Gifts Packing Cubes
  • Average Price: $15 – $69
  • Suited For: Minimalist, Savvy Travelers, Frequent Travelers, Everyone

This is a staple for many travelers and something we recommend most people pack in their suitcase. Packing cubes allow easy organization of luggage and will surely be appreciated by any frequent flyer.

We’ve outlined the best packing cubes previously, but our favorite brand still remains Eagle Creek packing cubes. They’re some of the nicest on the market constructed with nylon. The synthetic material means they can compress your clothing and resist stains. They’re sure to be a hit with any traveler who does not have a set yet, or needs a new one.

The Best Packing Cubes

Coffee Club Subscription

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $9 – $28
  • Suited For: Coffee Fiends

If the person you are getting a travel gift for loves coffee you need to get them a subscription to Atlas Coffee Club. I just recently found out about Atlas Coffee Club and had a bag sent to me as soon as possible. Atlas Coffee Club is an affordable subscription service for coffee. Every month a new bag of beans is sent out from somewhere around the world along with a postcard and of course a very fun and beautiful bag.

Our last batch of coffee came from Papua New Guinea and is delicious. I’m anxiously awaiting next month to see where our beans are going to come from. Who says you actually have to leave your home to get coffee from around the world?

Atlas Coffee Club

GoToob Travel Bottles

Gotoob Gifts For Travel
  • Average Price: $6 – $26
  • Suited For: Frequent Travelers, Everyone, Adventure Travelers, Minimalists, Women, Eco-conscious

Don’t lug around a full-sized body wash container, put liquids in little travel bottles instead! GoToob bottles are made with durable silicon that are food safe and airplane carry-on approved. Of course, they are 100% BPA free. The GoToob is made by HumanGear who make a wide range of reusable products.

We love their eco-friendly product line for things like their FlexiBowl, GoBites, and GoTubbs. It’s all gear made to be reusable thus eliminating single-use plastic products. It’s simple switches like this that can make a big impact on your environmental footprint.

GoToob Travel Bottles

Tile Pro

Tile Pro Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $20 – $50
  • Suited For: Everyone, Road Warriors, Forgetful Travelers

We’ve spent more time than we care to admit search for our wallet, keys, or phone. It became a regular joke that we were always searching for our keys before we ran out the door. That was until we were gifted a Tile Pro. It’s a handy little Bluetooth tracker that helps keep tabs on whatever it is we want.

Tile Pro

Smith Lowdown 2

Smith Lowdown 2 Gifts For Travel
  • Average Price: $129
  • Suited For: Adventure Travelers, Ski/Snowboard/Surf, Athletes, Mountain Lovers

As avid snowboarders, we already had a pair of Smith goggles since they make some of the best on the market, but we recently picked up a pair of their sunglasses. The Chromapop lens technology is like seeing the world with a fresh set of our eyes.

They enhance contrast, reduce glare, and reflection for superb vision while driving, walking around town, or out on the water. We also love the style of the glasses for anyone who likes to live an active lifestyle. The only ding against these are the lightweight polymer used to construct the glasses leaves them feeling slightly cheap for a premium sunglass pair.

Smith Lowdown 2

Passport Travel Wallet

Passport Travel Wallet Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $20 – $100
  • Suited For: Frequent Travelers, Everyone, International Travelers

An organized passport holder is like a breath of fresh air. It keeps all your documents, dollars, itineraries, and rewards credit cards in one place.

It’s one of our key steps to how we bank and protect our money while traveling. We recommend the Herschel Passport Holder with RFID protection. It’s a great travel wallet, but if you’re looking for more check out our post on the best passport wallets.

The Best Travel Wallets

Eye Mask

Eye Mask Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $10 – $30
  • Suited For: Frequent Travelers, Everyone, International Travelers

An eye mask is especially helpful for catching some sleep on a plane! We often find they’re slow to turn off lights and there can be a lot of distractions between other screens and reading lights.

One of the best things to take on the plane with them for a good night sleep is a quality eye mask. Our favorite is the cooling masks that are good for relaxation, headaches, migraines, and sinus pain.

Shop Eye Masks

Buff Headwear

Buff Headware Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $20
  • Suited For: Adventure Travelers, Everyone, Mountain Lovers, Women, Beach Goers

We travel everywhere with a Buff because it can serve a multitude of purposes. It’s a staple in our luggage and we pack it for every environment from beaches to the winter in the mountains. We even travel with a multitude of colors because we love their versatility and all their designs certainly make for a unique travel gift.

They can be used to protect the face, neck, worn as a hat or headband. Buff has expanded and makes a number of products now like headbands, hats, and even awesome buff hoodie hybrids perfect for those in winter conditions. The best part about buff headbands is they’re an inexpensive gift and it doesn’t hurt to have more than one.

Buff Headware on Amazon

Buff Headware on REI

Thread Wallet

travel gifts thread wallets
  • Average Price: $25
  • Suited For: Young, Minimalist,

This was a new find for us thanks to my sister and her boyfriend. We love these simple wallets for our day to day life when traveling. A lot of places around the world we don’t feel comfortable walking around with our passports on our person.

It’s a small stylish elastic band that securely holds a few cards and cash. The lightweight and minimal design make a great discreet way to carry around some payment options while traveling around the city or countryside. The best part is you don’t need to be a traveler to enjoy this gift as it’s great for workouts, the beach, or everyday life.

Thread Wallets on Amazon

Packtowl Travel Towel

Best Travel Towel - Packtowl
  • Average Price: $25 – 45
  • Suited For: Adventure Travelers, Backpackers, Anyone, Beach Goers

The biggest complaint about travel towels is that they often feel nothing like the plush cotton towels we are accustomed to at home and in hotels. However, with the PackTowl you can forget about all of that because they set out to create a towel that mimics its cotton counterparts with the technical features of a travel towel.

It’s a similar blend to other towels on this list with a polyester and nylon microfiber materials. This gives it the ability to absorb lots of water and dry much faster than cotton. It’s a great towel for those who have a little extra space in luggage or backpack. I wouldn’t recommend it for ultra-minimalist travelers or thru-hikers because there are more compact options. However, when it comes to actual use it by far the best and most comfortable to use for showers and baths.

PackTowl Luxe Towel The Best Travel Towels

Travel Sheets

Travel Sheets Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $20 – $50
  • Suited For: Adventure Travelers, Backpackers, Budget Travelers,

Travel sheets are really great travel comfort accessories to have if you’re sleeping in hostels or shared accommodation where you don’t trust if the sheets are super clean or not.

We used these when we were younger and didn’t always trust the hostel sheets. We’ve definitely been in situations (and two cases of bed bugs) where we weren’t sure how clean the bedding was and these things give us great peace of mind.

All this being said it’s best for travelers who are on overland camping trip, budget traveling, backpacking, or general adventure travel.

Travel Sheets

Down Quilt

Kammok Down Blanket
  • Average Price: $100 – $300
  • Suited For: Adventure Travelers, Backpackers, Mountain Travelers,

This is a long haul flight essential we picked up from backpacking in the mountains. Airline blankets suck if you’re traveling in anything, but business/first class. However, it’s not very practical to carry a traditional blanket on a plane as it will consume your carry on luggage.

A down quilt is made for hiking backpackers who’s main concern is weight and space. So, it makes for an exceptional blanket on flights. It’s warm, soft, comfy, and takes less room up in your bag so you’ll feel right at home. If we’re spending 12 hours on a flight we have no problems pulling a blanket out.

Kammok Down Quilt

Travel Yoga Mat

best travel yoga mats
  • Average Price: $50
  • Suited For: Yogis, Fitness Fiends

I love to travel everywhere with my yoga mats. If your loved one happens to be a yogi know that often when traveling yoga studios can be found. We’ve found places to practice in places like Costa Rica, Bali, and Hawaii. I love traveling with my Manduka travel mat when I just want to do a couple quick stretches.

The Manduka travel mat is super light and thin. It can fold up into a square and easily be packed away in luggage. I bring this in my carry on so when I’m enduring a long layover I can stretch at the airport. At $42 it won’t break the bank and has super grip technology for those sweaty times. You can also see all our favorite travel yoga mats here!

Another fun gift for yogis is a Yogi Surprise box subscription where every month you get a present full of yogi supplies! Use code TWP25 for 25% off!

Manduka Travel Mat on Amazon

Manduka Travel Mat on Manduka

Travel Journal

Travel Journal Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $15 – $20
  • Suited For: Writers, Business Travelers,

Every traveler should have a notebook where they can write down their things to do, memories, and most importantly how they were feeling in the moment they were traveling.

Don’t get them just any old notebook though. This one is beautifully designed, has thick paper, and can easily hold business cards and other important documents.

Travel Journal

Reusable Coffee Cup Cover

  • Average Price: $8 – $15
  • Suited For: Coffee Fiends, Tea Drinkers, Everyone, Eco

We have a few of these because we absolutely love coffee and tea. And they are an incredibly useful travel accessory to have if you love takeaway coffee and being sustainable as much as we do. 

This escalates when we travel and we usually have at least a cup of coffee a day. I hate those plastic lids given out and this is the best alternative to a wasteful plastic lid. Plus I love drinking off the silicone top.

Coffee Cup Cover

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Aeropress Coffee Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $29
  • Suited For: Outdoor Enthusiasts, Coffee Fiends

If your special traveler loves coffee then there is no better gift to get them than an Aeropress. Aeropresses are the same concept as a traditional french press, but are lighter, easier to clean, and ultimately easier to travel with in every way. They make American style coffee or espresso shots that you can use in a cappuccino or latte. As someone who loves coffee and making my own around the world this invention is a lifesaver.

AeroPress Coffee on Amazon

Grayl Ultralight Purifier

Grayl Water Purifier
  • Average Price: $29
  • Suited For: Outdoor Enthusiasts, Coffee Fiends

It’s not always safe to drink water from rivers and streams. We previously used the Lifestraw Go for all those times during our travels when the water is questionable.

However, over time we became annoyed with the water bottle as the filter aged and clogged. Plus the Lifestraw leaks when it is on its side. We now switched to the Grayl Ultralight Purifier. It’s a simple design that is effective and does not leak making it a hiking essential.

Most importantly it is a purifier, not a filter. The Grayl water bottle system purifies water vs. filters which removes viruses and virtually removes all threat of waterborne illnesses. The only drawback is it costs double the Lifestraw Go.

Grayl on AmazonGrayl on REI

Airbnb Gift Card

choosing an airbnb
  • Average Price: $25 – $200
  • Suited For: Airbnb

You can’t really go wrong with an Airbnb gift card these days. Whether you are buying for a solo female traveler, a couple, backpacker, or a few guy friends almost everyone appreciates saving money on accommodation.

Airbnb is a great way to stay in places other than a hotel or resort and still put money back into the economy. See more of our Airbnb tips here.

Airbnb Coupon Code + Tips

Reef Safe Sunscreen

Reef Safe Sunscreen
  • Average Price: $7 – $28
  • Suited For: Beach Goers, Divers, Snorkelers, Eco-Conscious Travelers

When you travel, especially to beach destinations hotels, resorts, and even convenience stores will charge a premium to puchase sunblock.  We personally choose eco-friendly sunscreen when we are going into the ocean so that we don’t release chemicals into the environment. 

This is the exact kind we traveled with around the world and it works very well. I cannot recommend reef safe sunscreen enough even if it is a couple of dollars more. All the chemicals released into the ocean from people wearing generic sunscreen saddens me as it harms marine life. This is the perfect gift for world travelers who are eco-conscious.

Reef Safe Sunscreen


  • Average Price: $50 – $300
  • Suited For: Photographers, Couples

A tripod might not be your first thought for as a travel gift for a couple, but it’s a tremendous travel gift. If the couple wants any photos together, most people, a tripod makes it easy to grab photos on the run.

There are a wide range of tripods you can choose from with varying price points. One of the most well known brands out there is Manfrotto. Manfrotto makes tripods for all types of travelers. A good starter one is their aluminium Compact Travel tripod which folds up small and weighs only 4 lbs.

Check Prices on Amazon

Best Travel Gifts For Women

Toiletry Bag

travel gift toiletry bag
  • Average Price: $10 – $50
  • Suited For: Anyone, Frequent Travelers,

Many women love to travel with an array of make up. Without proper organization their bag can quickly descend into chaos. Life is much easier for travelers when it organized.

We’ve gone in depth about our the best toiletry bags, but a cute bag for women we recommend is the Yeiotsy cosmetic bag. This bag has a stylish design and plenty of features to help keep your toiletries organized.

Women’s Toiletry Bag

Our Favorite Toiletry Bags

Portable Jewelry Box

Portable Jewelry Box Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $10 – $50
  • Suited For: Frequent Travelers, Fashionistas

A portable jewelry box is a staple to Natasha’s packing list. It’s a great travel gift as it’s something that is easily over looked until it’s too late. It’s easy to break necklace chains or loose earrings in your suitcase or backpack.

Before she has this she was storing all her necklaces and earrings in a plastic bag and always untangling them. An easy design with a few compartments will you keep jewelry organized and stored safely.

Travel Jewelry Box

Travel Straightener

Travel Straightener Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $30
  • Suited For: Frequent Travelers, Fashionistas

Crossing the globe means that often you’ll find appliances do not work due to changing voltages. So, despite packing a bulky hair straightener it may not work abroad.

One of the best travel gifts for those who always love to keep their hair done is a travel straightener.  The key to buying the right straightening iron or appliance is that has the capacity for dual currents from 100v up to 240v.

Travel Straightener on Amazon

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $12 – $15
  • Suited For: Eco-Conscious Travelers

As we get older we’re slowly becoming hippies. We love using Lush products as they do not use hard chemicals, test products on animals, and offer a plethora of organic products.

They have an awesome company ethos and we’ve never walked into one of their stores and been met with a frowning face. Of particular use to travelers are their shampoo bars, face washes, and fragrances.

Lush Cosmetics Dry Shampoo Bar

Travel Pajamas

Travel Pajamas travel gifts
  • Average Price: $20 – $80
  • Suited For: Everyone

I always travel with at least one outfit that I consider my “pajamas.” Something that I can lounge around in on days when I feel like not doing anything. This usually consists of comfortable pajama pants and a tank top, but occasionally I will travel with a silk kimono as they are super comfortable.

Travel Pajamas on Amazon

Vacay Style

Best Travel Gifts Vacay Style
  • Average Price: $88 – $500
  • Suited For: Fashionistas,

This is a new concept and makes for an amazing gift for someone special. Vacay Style sells curated collections of clothes to help pack a multitude of styles in as few as items as possible. Tasha picked up the Syulita collection and it comes with five pieces of clothing it mixes and matches to create over 21 different outfits. It all comes with a guide to share the different styles.

It would make for the perfect gift for someone special getting ready to go on holiday. What’s great is it eliminates the need to think about what to pack – a massive win.

Buy a Vacay Collection Here!

Columbia Pardon My Trench

Best Packable Rain Jacket Columbia Pardon My Trench
  • Average Price: $69
  • Suited For: Style, Adventure, Wet Weather Destinations

There’s nothing like a good trench coat, and when you combine that with waterproof fabric, you’re left with a rain jacket that boasts double the awesome. Plus, with all the added features this jacket can offer, surprise rainfall is no big deal. Some of the features included making this option a no-brainer for our list of best lightweight travel jackets.

Two-way zip with a panel protects the zipper from the elements. Princess seams run down the front and back of the jacket for a slimming fit that looks as good as it feels. Bonus: for windier, rain-free days where you don’t feel the need to break out the hood, you can easily remove it and stow it away.And finally: looking for something a little more fun than black? This jacket comes in a wide variety of colors like red and yellow.

What I really love about this women’s jacket for travel is its blend of style, performance, and price. It’s a great well-rounded jacket! Altogether it comes together for a great travel gift for women.

Pardon My Trench on Amazon

Pardon My Trench on Backcountry

Patagonia Better Sweater

Patagonia Better Sweater Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $119
  • Suited For: Anyone, Adventure Travelers, Cold Weather Destinations

We were on a three-month snowboard trip last winter and I wore the Patagonia Better Sweater in the photo below every day. Guess what? It still looks and feels amazing, after I washed the smell out of it of course. Their fleeces like these keep me warm and comfortable in the fall and winter. We prefer the quarter zip as it fits a little more snug!

Buy Gift Here

Cole Haan Tali Bow Ballet

Walking Shoes Ballet Flats
  • Average Price: $119
  • Suited For: Anyone, Fashionistas

Cole Haan’s ballet flats are small and easy to pack up, so they make for fabulous shoes to pack for travel. What’s surprising about these flats are how comfy they are such a simple shoe. They’re formal enough to that you could get away wearing them to a wedding, opera, or any formal event. With supple leather, they form to a wide variety of feet, ensuring comfort.

As a short person, I also appreciate the very subtle wedge heel. These are made with leather and provide a synthetic sole and are great for a night out on the town in a new city. These flats are excellent quality, have great sizing and beautiful shoes. I love the bow they make for super cute walking shoes!

Cole Haan Ballet Flat on Zappos

Cole Haan Ballet Flat on Amazon

Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow Sandals Gifts For Travel
  • Average Price: $49
  • Suited For: Surf Bums

I’ve said it before (okay, I’ve mentioned it all over this site), but I’ll mention it again. Rainbow Sandals are my absolute favorite flip flops in the world. The first time I picked up a pair was in college. I was hesitant to spend $50 on a pair of flip-flops, but all the beach kids raved about them so I went out and reluctantly purchased a pair.

Those leather flip flops ended up lasting me four years, and they probably would have lasted longer if they weren’t stolen from my bag in Thailand. I am now on the second pair that I bought when we lived in NYC four years ago and they are still going strong. Never will I not own a pair of Rainbows.

Buy on Amazon

Security Door Stop Alarm

Security Door Stop Alarm Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $10 – $15
  • Suited For: Solo Female Travelers,

This is for all the solo female travelers out there, or men. It’s a security door stop. The Sabre HS-DSA is easy to set up and can be placed under the door before going to sleep. If someone tries to enter your room in the night the device will stop the door from opening and let our a loud alarm. A 120 db alarm will be sure to wake you and everyone else up.

We like to take the approach of it’s always best to be prepared rather than sorry. However, everything that we’ve come to find in this world is that it is far safer than the news makes it seem. Parents you can give your intrepid traveler a gift that will help you and them sleep better at night!

Sabre HS-DSA on Amazon

Best Travel Gifts For Men

California Cowboy

California Cowboy Gifts For Travel
  • Average Price: $148
  • Suited For: Adventure Travelers, Ski/Snowboard/Surf, Mountain Lovers

If I’m traveling in the fall or winter there is at least one flannel in my bag. Flannels make for great travel clothes because they are comfortable, warm, and can be worn several times without need for a wash. Also, in the right setting, they look and feel right at home.

They’re the ideal Instagram fashion choice in the fall and winter. My favorites are from California Cowboy. California Cowboy is a small apparel store out of California producing hip, crazy comfortable, and functional clothes.

Their High Sierra shirt is made out of super soft flannel, and warm thermal lining. Plus it has all kinds of pockets to keep a phone, chapstick, or a cold beer. It’s an awesome travel gift that feels more like a jacket than your standard flannel.

California Cowboy

Bluffworks Blazer

Bluffworks Blazer Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $295
  • Suited For: Stylish Travelers,

This is great for male travelers who want to look more professional in their travels, but not give up their sense of adventure. I love to pack light and can spend months in a carry on suitcase. However, living out of a tight space means items can wrinkle and crease. Bluffworks makes wrinkle-free travel clothes that live up to the hype.

Bluffworks Travel Blazer

Men’s Topo Designs Trench Coat

Topo Designs Trench Coat Jacket For Travel
  • Average Price: $249
  • Suited For: Style, Adventure, Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for something less outdoorsy and packed with style for men, the Topo Designs Trench Coat is a great choice. This stylish mid-thigh men’s travel jacket is both wind and waterproof, has a hood, and loads of space and hidden pockets.

It’s a classic rain jacket look and perfect for wet destinations like Scotland or Iceland. The Nylon exterior repels water, blocks wind, and fights stains and wrinkles which is excellent for travel.

Men’s Topo Designs Trench Coat

Men’s Topo Designs Trench Coat on Backcountry

Long Handled Safety Razor

Long Handled Safety Razor Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $29
  • Suited For: Anyone

I do not know when men decided to ditch the straight edge razor for the expensive cartridges, but it was a major mistake. The safety razor provides a closer shave, are cheaper, have a classic look, and it’s easier and smaller to pack than cartridges. It’s one best travel gifts for men and gifts in general. This is must have for any travelers toiletry bag!

Long Handled Safety Razor

Dakine Ranger Duffel Bag

Dakine Ranger
  • Average Price: $105
  • Suited For: Adventure Traveler, Outdoor Enthusiasts

I love having a duffel bag for my travels. This bag has a heavy duty exterior that is water resistant with enough handles to sling the bag around. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and in some pretty attractive colors. It’s lightweight and features straps that connect for an over the shoulder bag or backpack. The top opens wide with two J zippers allowing you to access all your stuff in the main compartment.

This is what I currently carry in my suitcase, since we are full time digital nomads I love having a bag that hold all our stuff for a few days while we island hop in Indonesia. What’s great about this gift is it’s useful for travel and everyday life. I’ve used this as a gym bag, day bag, or thrown some gear in it before taking a day out on my kayak. Adventure approved!

Dakine Ranger Duffel Bag

Leatherman Wingman

Leatherman Wingman Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $60
  • Suited For: Adventure Traveler, Outdoor Enthusiasts

This makes the perfect travel gift for the adventurous traveler or action sports addict. We can’t travel the world with a box of tools, but a Leatherman makes for a good substitute. I use to work in the film industry and these are a must have item for anyone on set.

Ever since then the habit of carrying one has stuck. I’ve tried out a few brands, but always come back the Leatherman brand name. Just remember to always to take it out of your carry on luggage when flying as it won’t make it past security.

After using about a half dozen different version of the Leatherman I still love one of their cheapest models. The Wingman has all of the basic necessities and spring loaded pliers that feel great in the hand.

Leatherman Wingman

ENO Travel Hammock

ENO Travel Hammock
  • Average Price: $69
  • Suited For: Adventure Traveler, Outdoor Enthusiasts

This is a unisex travel gift, but any guy is going to love a travel hammock if they don’t already own one. It’s the perfect gift for backpackers or those who spend a lot of time outdoors.

The hammocks are super lightweight, strong, and easy to use. I suggest to pick up the ENO SlapStraps too, as it makes it easy to throw the hammock up anywhere.

ENO Travel Hammock

Solid Cologne

Solid Cologne Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $25
  • Suited For: Anyone

This is a new one for me and I’m happy I found it. For the longest time men and women have traveled with a glass bottle of alcohol based fragrance in their bag. It was heavy and ran the risk of breaking thus ruining whatever it touched with harsh alcohol.

Solid cologne is super easy to pack and it can even be slipped into a carry on backpack with out risk. I love the scent of this cologne, but a quick search online will provide a number of options. Lush also makes some great options to check out!

Solid Cologne

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Mens Travel Boots
  • Average Price: $329
  • Suited For: Anyone

If you want a special gift for a man it’s hard to beat a pair of Rew Wing Boots. These boots are both functional and stylish. Designed with quality materials and solid craftsmanship in the USA. Red Wing’s Heritage Iron Ranger’s have a high ankle and steel toe for great protection beyond the bush.

If I was considering a serious African safari into the deep bush or adventure through South America I’d go for a pair of steel toe boots. What I love about these boots are they are some of the best damn boots in terms of style, quality, comfort, and longevity. You can’t go wrong with a classic.

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger on REI

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger on Amazon

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger on Zappos

Best Travel Electronic Gifts


Sennheiser Over Ear Headphones Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $130 – $350
  • Suited For: Frequent Travelers, Music or Film Buffs, Long Haul Flights

I listen to music and podcasts all the time when I travel. We have conflicting opinions on headphones here at The World Pursuit. Natasha likes to opt for a cheap pair of headphones because they’re easy to lose or break. While, I’m a little too much of an audiophile for the cheap headphones and opt for a mid range pair with a decent range.

For a super cheap pair we recommend picking this pair of Panasonic earbuds. While, I’ve tried several different headphones varieties over the years Sennhesier has made some of my favorites. For the active user the CX685 are a great earbud as they’re washable, remain in your ear, and sound great. Check out our travel music playlist for more!

Sennheiser HD 4.50 Headphones

Roku Express

Roku Express Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $59
  • Suited For: Frequent Travelers, Film Buffs, Everyone

Bet this useful travel accessory is one you haven’t thought about. Just because we are traveling doesn’t mean we like to fall behind on our shows and movies.

We have traveled for three years now with a Google Chromecast and Roku Express and it seriously makes Airbnb’s and hotel rooms so.much.better. We just plug in the streaming device to any TV when we travel and Voila – Netflix!

Roku Express

Mobile Power Bank

Mobile Power Electronic Bank Gift For Travel
  • Average Price: $15 – $130
  • Suited For: Everyone, International Travelers, Business Travelers

We’ve named this one of our essential items to have for a long haul flight, it’s easy to understand why. In this day and age, we use electronics a lot and we’re pretty much attached to our smartphones for better or worse. Running out of power in a device sucks and can leave you in a bit of bind on the road.

As travelers we carry our reservations, tickets, and directions on our smart phone so we carry mobile power bank to top our devices back up with juice. They make great gifts for travelers and they’ll always thank you.

Powerbank On Amazon

Headphone Jack Splitter

Headphone Jack Splitter
  • Average Price: $5 – $30
  • Suited For: Everyone, Couples, Friends

This may be one of those other funky travel accessories you have never heard of, but if you are a pair then trust me a headphone splitter is worth it. They make a number of options that includes ones for Iphones lighting plug.

We’ve been traveling with a headphone jack splitter for years since we are a couple. This handy little tool essentially allows us to plug both of our headphones in so we can watch the same movie on our laptop or phone together. It’s really nice on travel days when we want to watch something together on the plane, train, or bus.

Headphone Splitter

Amazon Kindle

Kindle For Road Trip Essential
  • Average Price: $129
  • Suited For: Everyone, Book Worms,

The Kindle transformed the way we read books and now accounts for more than 50% of all book sales in the U.S. It’s the most convenient piece of technology for travelers. The Kindle takes up less space than a regular book and can store thousands.

We also love the non backlit screen as it’s easy on our eyes and not like reading on an LCD screen. We recommend opting for the standard Kindle Paperwhite over the Fire. However, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced tablet it’s hard to argue with the appeal of the Kindle Fire.

Amazon Kindle

Google Pixelbook

Pixelbook Gifts For Travel
  • Average Price: $999
  • Suited For: Everyone, Casual Laptop Users, Film Buffs

We just got our hands on the Google Pixelbook which is an ideal computer for most travelers who don’t have to work all the time on the road. It’s super slim, lightweight, and does everything your computer at home can do. We love the way it flips around too so that we can stand it up and watch movies on the plane with it.

Some other fantastic features of the Pixelbook is that it houses all apps, like a phone – except it’s a computer! An all-day battery delivers up to ten hours of power from just one single charge. If you don’t have the time to charge it I love that you still get 2 hours of battery life from only 15 minutes of charging. It also has automatic security, software, and features from Chrome OS.

Shop Google Pixelbooks

Sony Rx100 I – V

sony rx100 best cameras for blogging
  • Average Price: $400 – $1,000
  • Suited For: Photographers, Anyone, Outdoor Enthusiasts

There are several versions of this camera so the final choice depends on your price point. The only one model I don’t fully recommend is the latest, the RX100 VI as the price point ($1,200) puts it in competition with interchangeable cameras.

We have the RX100 V, which has one of the fastest fps in the world for still images (24 images a second), it contains a one-inch sensor, and shoots 4k video. The built-in lens is also plenty fast enough opening to a 1.8F stop and it has image stabilization for video. You can also gain full manual control with an ability to shoot RAW images even with the RX100 base model that retails for under $400.

This produces wonderful images and you’ll hardly notice the difference between them and a full frame camera, unless you’re a professional or hobbyist.

Sony RX100 VA on BHphoto

Sony RX100 VA on Amazon

Canon Rebel SL2

Best Cameras For Blogging Rebel SL2
  • Average Price: $550
  • Suited For: Entry Level Photographer

The small lightweight Rebel SL2 makes for one of the most reliable and reasonably priced cameras available. Even though the Rebel is more geared towards beginners, the SL2 still incorporates the DIGIC processor which is used in many professional cameras. Like other high-end cameras, the Rebel SL2 is complete with touchscreen capabilities, WIFI connectivity, as well as a highly effective live view autofocus sensor.

What the Rebel SL2 lacks is 4K video which is so common with most models today, the Rebel only shoots up to 1080p. While it does have Dual Pixel AF in live view, it uses the outdated 9-point focus system. Overall, the Rebel SL2 is a well-built camera meant for beginner or casual photographers.

Canon SL2 on BHphoto

Canon SL2 on Amazon

Fujifilm X-T3

Fuji Xt3 Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $1,500 – 1,800
  • Suited For: Travel Photographers

This definitely isn’t a budget camera, but if you are looking to spend some money on great gift consider the Fuji camera series. We just upgraded to the Fuji XT3 and ist is beautiful, weather resistant, and mirrorless. It is easily the best ASP-C camera on the market and gives a serious run at many of the full frame cameras. After all, is a full frame camera really a necessity? In my opinion, not at all!

For any photography enthusiast, the Fuji XT3 will literally check everything down your list of expectations for your ideal camera. This state-of-the-art mirrorless camera has a highly sophisticated autofocus function, due to its cutting-edge CMOS 4 sensor and X-Processor. Almost unheard of by its competitors, the XT3 can shoot up to 30 frames per second with its electrotonic shutter and 11fps with the mechanical.

For those wanting to shoot video, this Fuji camera also shoots in 4K High Definition. There is little to complain about when looking at the XT3. The only things which could be improved are its battery life. Also, for such high-end video performance, it lacks image stabilization. For the fastest processor and autofocus available, the Fuji XT3 will make sure you never miss a shot, even with the world flying by you.

Fujifilm X-T3 on BHphoto

Fujifilm X-T3 on Amazon

DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic Air Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $799
  • Suited For: Travel Photographers, Videographers

One of the newest and latest drones from DJI is by far the most compact. As travelers, when we saw the release we got super excited and now carry it with us on our travels. It fits in the palm of your hand and takes up minimal space.

The drone is capable of flying at speeds up to 43mph and it films in 4K. I also love the wide range of flights modes that the camera offers such as programmed flight paths and follow features. It’s amazing how fast DJI has progressed the drone market. You can not beat the size and convenience of this drone!

DJI Mavic Air

GoPro Hero 8

GoPro Hero 8 Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $15 – $130
  • Suited For: Athletes, Extreme Sports, Beach Travelers, Backpackers, Divers,

The GoPro is the perfect travel gift to give someone for any occasion. It’s small, lightweight, and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as some cameras on the market. If the person you are shopping for is into adventure and action there is no better thing to get them than a GoPro.

We love to play in the water, snowboard, and use it for all different kinds of adventure shots. You can also pick up a helmet mount, selfie stick, or all kinds of other GoPro accessories. If you don’t want to shell out the cash for brand name consider looking at our GoPro alternatives.

GoPro Hero 8 on Amazon

GoPro Hero 8 on REI

Luggage Travel Gifts

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Peak Design Everyday Backpack Best Daypack For Travel
  • Average Price: $259
  • Suited For: Minimalist, Savvy Travelers, Frequent Travelers, Everyone, Techies, Digital Nomads, Business Travelers

This is an awesome daypack and backpack that works well for travel and everyday life. We love the gear we have from Peak Design and it’s all exceptionally high quality. Their Everyday Backpack provides a level of accessibility, organization, and quality we’ve seen in no other backpack so far.

It starts off with the top access which uses a patented MagLatch technology that pretty nifty in use and makes for quick access. Access is not limited to the top as both sides open for quick access to your bag that can be section via padded interior sleeves similar to a camera bag. The side pocket also comes with a plethora of pockets and storage that makes for easy organization. For travel, the tuckaway straps and integrated luggage carry system to make it easy to slip on top of a roller suitcase. It’s the perfect travel gift for techies and business travelers, albeit a bit expensive.

Peak Design Everyday Backpack on Amazon

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Osprey DayLite

  • Average Price: $65
  • Suited For: Everyone, Adventure Travelers, Backpackers, Day Hikes

This backpack rocks. It’s slim, lightweight, durable, and it’s designed to clip on to a full-size pack. With two mesh pockets for water bottles and an inner pouch for a water bladder, it’s also easy to stay hydrated with this pack.

It carries weight, like most ospreys, really well. Even though the straps are slim I regularly carry six-eight kgs in it all day never notice the weight on my back. It’s smaller than most of the bags on this list, but if you’re looking for a great carry-on bag that can double as a daypack this is the one for you. If you’re wondering I can fit my 13″ Mac Air inside too.

Osprey Daylite on Amazon

Osprey Daylite on REI

Eagle Creek Packable Daypack

Packable Daypack Travel Gift
  • Average Price: $32
  • Suited For: Everyone, Minimalist, Lightweight Travelers

Eagle Creek Packable Daypack is made from fairly strong material and should be able to hold your daily essentials. It’s one of the cheapest options in this guide. If you plan on carrying a laptop, camera, or books this probably is not the daypack for you.

The loose design means things sit oddly on your back if they weigh anything. We personally used this pack in conjunction with our other daypack for shopping at the market. However, it’s fantastic for stuffing in luggage or your car for whenever need a daypack

Eagle Creek Packable Daypack on Amazon

Saddleback Leather

  • Average Price: $589
  • Suited For: Fashionistas,

Saddleback Leather makes some of the best quality backpacks – hands down. Their leather backpacks are the best daypacks on the market and we don’t travel anywhere without them. They aren’t cheap by any means, but they are quality. Saddleback Leather ensures their products with a 100-year warranty. They only use sturdy materials on their bags including full grain leather, pigskin lining, and marine grade polyester thread.

The lower back section is padded with Neoprene and the shoulder straps are completely adjustable. No, this bag won’t hold all of your luggage but is perfect for an overnight bag or as a carry-on addition to your main luggage. We also choose this bag as our go-to for safari bags!

Saddleback Front Pocket on Amazon

Nomatic 40L Travel Backpack

Nomatic Travel 40L Best Travel Backpack
  • Average Price: $279
  • Suited For: Minimalist, Savvy Travelers, Frequent Travelers, Everyone, Techies, Digital Nomads, Business Travelers

Nomatic is fairly new to the anti-theft backpack game, only getting started after raising over 5 million dollars on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. They claim to have created the “most functional travel bag ever!” Based on their design scheme, they just might have. 

A roomy 40L bag, individual removable organization panels, headphone and charger cord pass-throughs, magnetic snap-back side pockets, and backpack to briefcase versatility, it really does seem like they have thought of everything. 

However, it would be better stated that this is a business/travel backpack with anti-theft features, such as RFID protection and lockable zippers, rather than calling it primarily an anti-theft bag. This isn’t just great as an anti-theft backpack, but a general travel backpack.

Nomatic 40L Travel Backpack

Nomatic 40L Travel Backpack on Amazon

Osprey Farpoint/Fairview

Osprey Farpoint Best Osprey Bags For Women
  • Average Price: $179
  • Suited For: Digital Nomads, Backpackers, Adventure Traveler, Everyone

This has become the golden standard for travel packs. With a big easy access zip, solid suspension for hopping around cities, lightweight, a removable daypack, zip-away suspension, and a side handle to top it off.

For the new digital nomad traveler, this pack is a terrific choice. The only drawback of the pack is the less comfortable suspension and its unisex design. However, it’s portability makes it an awesome choice for the best women’s backpack or men’s.

It’s also awesome for carry on luggage as we named smaller sized 40L version of this bag is also our pick for the best carry on backpack.

Check Prices

Away — The Large

Away Travel Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $295
  • Suited For: Savvy Travelers, Frequent Travelers, Everyone, Business Travelers

You’ve probably seen this bag on social media and across the internet as they’ve marketed heavily over the last couple of years. We even ran an ad with the bag several years ago on @theworldpursuit. After years of use on our travels, we can now confirm the bags live up to the hype.

Away has managed to design a lightweight and sleek bag that feels modern yet robust. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee that we believe will last. Like the rest of the luggage on this list, they use a polycarbonate shell that should stand up to most airfare and the rigors of travel. The exterior uses a textured shell to avoid scratches, has a sturdy telescopic handle and a TSA approved lock. It comes in 9 attractive colors so you’ll find your own unique

Above all, it’s a stylish bag that can deliver essential features for your everyday travels. If you’re okay with spending around $300 on a bag, this is a great choice you’ll be more than happy with your purchase (Away offers 100-day return policy). My one complaint would be the small wheels that feel a little small for the bag on rough surfaces.

Away — The Large

Delsey — Helium Aero

Travel Luggage Travel Gifts
  • Average Price: $229
  • Suited For: Savvy Travelers, Frequent Travelers, Everyone, Business Travelers

This suitcase from Delsey is a 100% polycarbonate and has terrific features from on the top bag companies, Delsey. We own several bags from Delsey love them for their quality and style.

Helium Aero is one of Delsey’s most popular checked luggage choices due to its price point with a tough shell and a high-gloss finish in a selection of colors. The four wheels are substantial and roll with ease on most surfaces. An aluminum handle with an ergonomic grip and multiple levels feel comfortable in your hand. On the exterior are essential features like a TSA approved lock, expandable side zip, and rubber side handle.

As a clamshell, the zippered divider keeps your items inside organized and elastic straps work well to keep packing cubes in place. The Helium comes in nine colors and three sizes that range from carry-on to a large checked bag. On top of all this Delsey delivers a ten-year warranty on all of their products at a reasonable price.

Helium on Amazon

LowePro Flipside AW II

Gifts For Travel Photography Backpack
  • Average Price: $99
  • Suited For: Travel Photographers

Even with a low-price tag, this camera bag still packs a punch with the number of features included in it. We had this bag for years before just recently upgrading to another LowePro. The LowePro Flipside AW II can carry a camera with an attached lense as well as three other lenses, a laptop, and several jackets or even other articles of clothing needed for the trip at the top.

On the side of the bag, it can even accommodate a tripod or bottle of water. The backpack also includes a rain cover for protection from all kinds of weather from monsoons to sandstorms. Comfort can be an issue, however, with the straps known to dig into the shoulders. The Lowepro would be best suited for those going on short trips, no more than a few hours.

Check Prices Here

Gifts for Business Travelers

Travel Mug

Hydro Flask Tumbler Cup Gifts For Travel
  • Average Price: $29
  • Suited For: Everyone

Chances are your special business traveler either likes tea or coffee. We travel around with a tumbler so that we don’t have to waste plastic and we can take our hot (or cold) drinks on the go with us when we travel. It’s one of the most useful travel gifts in our entire bag and one that can’t seem to find abroad.

Hydroflask Tumbler Cup

Best Travel Coffee Mugs

iPad Pro

iPad Pro Gift For Travel
  • Average Price: $999
  • Suited For: Everyone

Anytime I get on a plane without an entertainment system I immediately wish I had an iPad as pulling out my Macbook on a plane is too big. As a full time traveler I don’t even think I fly half as much as business travelers.

Let me tell you that long haul plane rides can get miserable and boring. Having a backup entertainment system like an iPad Pro helps with that. Obvioulsy it’s not only good with flights, but every other aspect of travel too.

iPad Pro on Amazon

Messenger Bag

Messenger Bag Gift For Travel
  • Average Price: $40 – $200
  • Suited For: Everyone

I really love messenger bags for their ability to conveniently hold a laptop, phone, important documents, and anything else a business traveler may need. The Vaschy vintage has a super sleek look and can hold anything from pens to business cards. Perfect for carrying onto any long haul flight.

Messenger Bag on Amazon

Gifts for Traveling to Europe

Guide Book

  • Average Price: $20
  • Suited For: Everyone

We like to look online and at other travel blogs for inspiration on what to do in Europe. However, sometimes it’s nice to take your eyes off a screen. We always have a Lonely Planet or Rick Steves guide book in our bags.

Check Prices Here

Travel Adaptor

  • Average Price: $12
  • Suited For: Everyone

You will definitely need an adaptor for your electronics on your packing list for Europe. We always keep one handy in our carry-on bags, that way we can charge electronics on arrival or at the airport.

You’ll need the British “Type G” three prong adaptor for the United Kingdom. However, most of Europe uses the Type C, F, and E adaptor. Check out the one I have which is good for all of Europe.

The exception is if you’re going to Switzerland where you may need the Type J Adapter.

Travel Adapter on Amazon

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