The Best Travel Umbrellas To Stay Dry

Looking for a perfect umbrella to bring with you to travel. We break down our favorite travel umbrellas in this post for your next trip! Neither rain nor wind should keep you from completing your plans when traveling. After all, some of our favorite destinations like Hawaii and Costa Rica are known for frequent rain showers.

Whether you’re hurrying to an important business meeting on the road or you’re only visiting a particular city for a couple days and need to see the sights, a little rain shouldn’t be allowed to stand in your way!

Enter the travel umbrella – not the clunky full-length umbrellas that are nearly impossible to pack for travel, but the compact and durable umbrellas that can you throw in a piece of carry-on luggage. There are a surprising number of different points to consider when investing in one of these travel buddies!

Will it be large enough, strong enough, rainproof enough, or sun resistant? All valid points that when combined with the sheer number of potential options online, make for a stressful decision!

Well, don’t sweat it, we’ve put together a comprehensive buying guide to cover all the essential aspects to finding the perfect travel umbrella and applied each and every one of them as we pulled together the top 10 travel umbrellas for you to choose from!

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The Best Travel Umbrellas

NameRatingSizeAverage Cost
Repel Windproof
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Actor Travel Umbrella
Lewis N. Clark
totes Travel Umbrella
Bodyguard Travel Umbrella
AmazonBasics Umbrella
Crown Coast Travel Umbrella
EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella
Vumos Umbrella
Knrips 811 Travel Umbrella

Repel Windproof

As you probably gathered from the name, this umbrella is exceptionally suited to waterproofing and wind resistance. It features nine semi-flexible ribs that slightly flex in high winds to help absorb the energy, but will not collapse nor turn inside out when the wind starts howling. This is in part due to the resin-reinforced fiberglass material that has exceptional strength properties, making your umbrella one tough cookie that can be as adventurous as you!

The Teflon waterproofing is also a crowd favorite that sheds water like a duck’s back and therefore dries in a snap once the rain blows over. All this weather protection folds down into a very compact bundle that weighs less than a pound, with an overall length of just 11.5”, making it a prime ‘pack and forget’ contender to stash away in a backpack or purse!

We are also fond of the lifetime warranty that is attached to these umbrellas. If your umbrella ever breaks, for any reason, you can get a free one sent out to you immediately.

Actor Travel Umbrella

Once again, the name tends to speak for itself; this umbrella is designed to withstand even the harshest and windiest weather. Like the previous contender, this umbrella relies on fiberglass reinforced ribs that can take extreme wind punishment and not break or deform greatly. In fact, the company claims that their umbrella can withstand winds up to 70mph, which is very impressive! So rest easy if you’re ever going forth boldly into a full-blown tropical storm!

The canopy itself is also reliably waterproof to keep the water at bay for as long as you’re out in the elements. Furthermore, the 38” diameter is generally sufficient to keep both you and perhaps a backpack dry. That large wingspan then collapses down to a very manageable 11” length for easy packing and storage.

Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella

Working our way down in packing size slightly, we have the Lewis N. Clark contribution to the travel umbrella world that packs down to 11”. The small packing size, however, still yields a respectable 38” diameter canopy to keep you nice and dry through the elements!

The umbrella, in this case, utilizes metal ribs in order to give rigidity and durability to the design. These ribs perform admirably in the face of higher winds. While they may not offer the same durability as their fiberglass brethren, they still get the job done. The Lewis N. Clark umbrella also incorporates mildew-resistant technology into the canopy, keeping you dry and preventing those nasty spores from growing if you’re forced to fold down your wet umbrella for an extended time.

totes Compact Travel Mini-Umbrella

If space is an absolute priority for you on your travels, you’ll need your umbrella to fold down to practically nothing and simply disappear into your bag. Well, Totes has an umbrella that can do just that! According to the Totes website, their incredibly compact travel umbrella folds down to a mere 9”! That’s small enough to slip into the smallest crevice of your bag, take up almost no space, and bide its time until you actually need it.

And when that time comes, you’ll be amazed by just how much coverage that tiny little umbrella can provide! A whole 44” diameter canopy will unfurl before your eyes to provide ample coverage for you and any luggage you might happen to be toting. Totes’ NeverWet technology consistently keeps the water at bay for its entire use, while the SunGuard technology reliably blocks UV rays to keep you nice and cool in the blazing sun!

Bodyguard Travel Umbrella

If you’d like a dash of style in your umbrella choice, then Bodyguard is happy to oblige with their contender. First and foremost, you’re provided with our favorite resin-reinforced ribs – 10 of them – that perform phenomenally in harsh winds. These ribs support a Teflon canopy material that in turn provides some of the best water repellency on the market.

On top of this, however, you will also receive a very sleek leather carrying case for your umbrella when it’s folded down to its manageable 11.5” size. You are furthermore treated to an automatic raising and collapsing button on the handle to eliminate any fiddling with the umbrella mechanism to lower the canopy in the middle of a rainstorm. We believe that the durable and fashionable presentation for this umbrella makes it the perfect professional travel companion!

AmazonBasics Umbrella

Here we have a standard, minimal fluff approach to the question of travel umbrellas, and we’re definitely pleased with the result. The support system features steel ribs that work adequately to keep the umbrella in shape for most winds that you’ll encounter on a day-to-day basis. Meanwhile, the canopy material incorporates waterproof polyester to keep you nice and dry, which also works very satisfactorily.

We’re also pleased with the automatic raising and collapsing functionality provided by the button on the handle for minimal fuss. When collapsed, the umbrella measures right around 11” long, which is a very manageable size. You’re also provided with a basic sleeve for storage or traveling purposes – nothing fancy, but it definitely gets the job done!

Crown Coast Travel Umbrella

Crown Coast has produced an excellent product that works very well in bridging the gap between canopy size and wind-proofing. The larger your canopy coverage area, the larger the target for the wind to tear into, and ultimately bend or break. This Crown Coast umbrella, however, utilizes its flex memory frame technology to allow the 39” diameter umbrella to bounce right back into shape after being buffeted by winds up to 60mph.

The canopy itself is a water-repellent polyester that also includes anti-mold treatment to keep it at its best for as long as possible. In fact, Crown Coast has rated their umbrellas to a massive 6000 openings, now that’s a lot of use out of this umbrella!

EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella

Why keep beefing up your umbrella frame to resist the wind when you can just let it pass right through? That’s EEZ-Y’s philosophy with their travel umbrella anyhow, and it certainly seems to get the job done. The umbrella features a vented double canopy design that keeps the rain out as reliably as ever, but also allows the wind to pass right through and seriously lower the hassle of fighting your way down a windy street!

To make absolutely sure you never have to worry about the frame-breaking, this umbrella also incorporates the rugged fiberglass ribs that we’ve seen earlier to hold up the rain-repellent polyester canopy. This sleek design easily folds down to a travel-friendly 11” to make sure you take your rain defense everywhere you go!

Vumos Travel Umbrella

There’s nothing worse than coming back to an umbrella after you’ve left it in your car or hallway after use and finding a great big puddle under it. Well, with the Vumos travel umbrella, you can rest easy; they provide a waterproof carrying case to easily store your umbrella after use and minimize any unintentional water dripping. To further help you in this department, the canopy material is constructed from treated pongee that repels water like a charm; one quick shake after use, into the case, and you’re good to go!

The 39” canopy is supported by several fiberglass ribs for optimal strength and longevity, as we definitely require a good travel umbrella. Lastly, the umbrella folds down to 11.5” for storage, making it among the larger travel umbrellas on our list, but definitely still manageable!

Knirps Compact Travel Umbrella

We couldn’t possibly omit an entry by the company that pioneered the modern umbrella industry way back in the 1930s! The German company Knirps was among the very first producers of the modern umbrella as we know it, and they’ve continued a tradition of excellent products with their small travel version. The polyester canopy material perfectly protects the 37” diameter area from the elements, while the finely crafted aluminum rib structure is truly built to last and will last just as long as your travels do!

You will be provided with a handy neoprene carrying case for convenient storage, and you also have your choice of a few snappy colors for it! Lastly, Knirps wasn’t mincing words when they said ‘compact’ – the whole umbrella folds down to a mere 7”, making it an exceptional choice for space-strapped travelers.

You now have all the information you need to pick out the absolute best travel umbrella for your adventures! From the nitty-gritty details of what to look for in an umbrella to our top 10 travel umbrella selections, you should be able to give any nasty weather a defiant smirk as you pop open your shiny new umbrella and get on with it your trip. So get out there and enjoy!

Rating the Best Travel Umbrellas

Umbrella Size

Naturally, if the umbrella is going to leave your shoulders exposed to the elements, or perhaps a backpack, then you’re just about right back where you started, right? Therefore, don’t make the mistake of assuming that all umbrellas are the same size!

Take the time to look at the size and consider if it will be big enough for you and your needs. This is doubly important if you are often toting a backpack around (especially with a laptop!), or if you’re traveling with your significant other.


Most of us who have used umbrellas on a regular basis have probably experienced the hassle of the wind turning it inside out or squishing it down so it’s no good to anyone. Well, don’t let that happen on your travels! Look for umbrellas that are designed to be used in wind and perhaps have reinforced ribs in order to maintain their shape.


The integral word to the travel umbrellas we’re about to cover is the actual travel, and with travel comes a certain level of portability. After all, you can’t slide a three-foot umbrella into your luggage, right?

You want something that can fold down nice and compact to take up the least amount of room possible. Ideally, you’ll be able to pack your umbrella down in the bottom of your backpack or suitcase and forget about it until the need actually arises.

Sun Resistance

Although a minor factor, it’s worth pointing out that prolonged sun exposure can degrade your umbrella’s waterproofing under certain circumstances. This becomes a larger issue if you’re hoping to find an umbrella that can also function as a sunshade on those hotter days. In that case, it’s worth completing a little detective work to make sure you won’t be slowly chipping away at your umbrella’s ability to protect you from the rain.

Now that you’re aware of the top buying considerations for your travel umbrella, it’s time for us to put them to use and pull together the top 10 travel umbrellas on the internet. So let’s now dive straight into our list with one of our top choices, the Repel Windproof.

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