The Best Hanging Toiletry Bags

If you are limited on counter space a great option is to buy a hanging toiletry bag. This style of the bag tends to a have better organization system with a variety of sections for storage. A hanging toiletry bag is a popular option with backpackers who frequent hostels, but it really is great for all types of travelers.

You can hang them in garment bags, a closet, shower rod, or towel rack and keep your cosmetics and beauty products efficiently organized. We love a great hanging toiletry bag and have been traveling with them for years!

The Best Hanging Toiletry Bags

Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag

We named the Vetelli dopp bag in our best hanging toiletry bags because of its design and they’ve managed to also make a great hanging bag. It’s the bag I personally carry, and I love its design. There isn’t a better toiletry bag for a stylish male traveler out there and they make for a great gift around the holidays or for a birthday. The bag is different than any other toiletry bag on the market as the majority of them are nylon. Constructed from leather, heavy fabric, and stainless steel zippers, I love this bag is tough. Many toiletry bags utilize smaller pockets that are made of nylon or rubber and can easily be damaged by my safety razor I like to use when shaving.

Vera Bradley Hanging Organizer

Vera Bradley has been making great looking toiletry bags for a long time now, their hanging toiletry organizer is no different. What we love about Vera Bradley’s toiletry organizer is how lightweight and stylish it is. The plush fabric has a great feel to it, but it doesn’t get weighed down like nylon, rubber, or leather. The bag is roomy and features a nice selection of different storage compartments. Several of the compartments are lined with plastic to fight against moisture and stains from makeup or toiletries. They come in a great selection of colors and they’re sure to have a design for anyone’s preference.

eBags Pack-it-Flat Toiletry Kit

If you’re looking for a bag with a slick design then this is the one for you. eBags really appears to have stepped outside of the box and designed an innovative toiletry tote. There are a plethora of pockets that utilize nylon, mesh, and cloth to store anything you can think of. Items like bobby pins, contact cases, eye-liner, razors, toothbrush, and even a comb all have a home with this bag that effectively maximizes space. It’s not as stylish as the Vetelli or Vera Bradley, but if you’re looking for a utilitarian solution then this is a safe bet with a limited lifetime guarantee. It’s built with nice materials that make for a sporty bag working great for both men and women. Doesn’t matter if you’re a gym rat, business traveler, or backpacker you’ll be happy with this bag.

Sea to Summit Hanging Toiletry Bag

This bag is for the easy-going packers out there. The super lightweight Sea to Summit toiletry bag is made out of a blend of nylon and polyester and it manages to save a lot of weight. I’d recommend this bag to hikers, backpackers, or anyone looking carrying a heavy load on their back. The simple design does not mean it lacks compartments for organization. It comes with enough space to even store full-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Osprey UltraLight Roll Organizer

We’re no stranger to Osprey products on our site and it’s because they make and design fantastic travel gear. Whether you’re outdoors for an afternoon or on a month long expedition to the far flung reaches of Nepal ensuring your kit is organized and protected is essential. That’s why we love the Osprey Ultralight Roll Organizer. It’s slightly bulky for ultra light hikers, but for the average traveler/hiker this organizer is perfect. Pick it up if you’re trekking Patagonia, Nepal, or the Camino De Santiago.

What Makes A Hanging Toiletry Bag Great?


This all comes down to personal preference and what kind of traveler you are. Neither of us requires many toiletries and cosmetics, but women are likely to want a slightly larger toiletry bag for their extra essentials. Whereas men may prefer a simple bag with a collection of larger pockets for storing things like cologne, shaving cream, and razors. A good bag should have enough room for all of the basics. It’s also important that it fits in any carry-on backpack or luggage.


When dealing with airlines these days we like to save weight wherever we can. So opting for light weight materials is a great idea. A great toiletry bag should also be water resistant or at least quick drying, it’s going to be in a bathroom after all. We love internal pockets with mesh that allow for wet products to dry. It needs to behave just like our favorite travel towels.


Design is an important aspect in regards to hanging toiletry bags. Unlike the standard bag there is art to designing a bag that both hangs well and allows for easy access to all of your cosmetics and beauty products.

TSA Friendly

Any bag that’s not going to take over your carry-on-sized backpack or luggage will do. However, we suggest you purchase a clear quart bag to store your liquids, that way it simplifies security.


Hanging toiletry bags in general are a lot about personal preference. Bags can be utilitarian with synthetic materials and solid colors or they can be stylish and leather.


Some hanging toiletry bags come with all sorts of bells and whistles. We love features that aid organizations like specialty-designed compartments.

These hanging bags are excellent for organizing your cosmetics and toiletries. Storing your soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and deodorant has never been easier with proper organization and the right bag. No more leaky toiletries in your luggage or lost razors!

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