What to Wear in Costa Rica • Costa Rica Outfit Ideas

costa rica packing list

We share some essential tips on what to wear in Costa Rica and a few of our favorite products and Costa Rica outfits. Hopefully, it makes your Costa Rica packing list a breeze. It’s a pretty easy destination for travelers to pack, as there are only two seasons. It also helps that there is plenty …

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What To Wear In Switzerland? A Switzerland Packing List

what to wear in Switzerland

We’re here to help you plan what to wear in Switzerland. Every traveler will debate about what to pack for the famous alpine country. When it comes to hiking in the mountains, functionality is vital. Pack sturdy hiking boots, waterproof pants, and a warm jacket. Layering is also essential, as temperatures can change quickly at …

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What to Wear in Portugal • The Ultimate Portugal Packing List

Tonel Beach

Are you wondering what to pack for Portugal? We share some helpful tips and products to make your trip to this beautiful country in this Portugal packing list. We share some obvious what to wear in Portugal, but as always, view this packing list as a guideline, not strict rules. As Portugal is a long …

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51+ Beach Essentials & Must Haves: What To Bring To The Beach

renting a boat on corfu

Are you heading to the coast for vacation and wondering what to bring to the beach? Use our beach essentials list to help pack everything you need for a great trip. This beach packing list includes all the essentials to enjoy fun in the sun. Plus, it’s helpful for family beach vacations, party beach trips, …

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What To Wear in Europe • Ultimate Packing List for Europe

Natasha Alden in Venice

The secret to a superb packing list for Europe is a selection of versatile pieces that match the seasonal weather and region. It also matches local fashion trends, mainly smart casual with neutral colors. Europeans rarely dress to stand out but never sloppily. After a decade of travel in Europe, you can see our recommendations …

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What to Wear in Bali • Clothes For Bali To Bring

Wondering what to wear in Bali and don’t know where to start? Bali is a vibe. Most importantly, it’s an island of many contrasts. Bali, a Hindu island, contrasts with Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim nation and conservative in values. So traditional Balinese culture is starkly different from their neighbors. While still conservative by Western standards, …

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prAna Swimwear Top Picks & Why We Love Them

prAna swimwear is one of our go-to lines before a trip. It’s no surprise that new clothes and travel often go together. We shop for new clothes or a swimsuit just before a trip. It’s a great time to find the perfect swimsuit or outfit. Once we know what to add to our suitcase, we …

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The Ultimate Peru Packing List • What to Wear in Peru

visiting Machu Picchu

Are you heading to Peru and need a packing list? Since it’s a climatically diverse country, travelers are always baffled about what to pack. Depending on where in Peru you’re going and during what season, you might need nothing but swimwear, shorts, or all the thermals you can find! Lima is the capital, and the …

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Is The Nomatic Backpack The BEST Travel Luggage? (2024)

Nomatic Backpack

The Nomatic backpack promises to deliver the perfect backpack and claims to be the best luggage for digital nomads and travelers. After years of living out of a backpack, we were eager to test out and write a Nomatic Backpack Review. Nomatic has created a travel backpack designed to carry all modern essentials, including electronics, …

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What to Wear in Jordan • A Packing Guide

What To Wear In Jordan Treasury Petra

What to wear in Jordan is one of the final things to consider once you plan the basics of your trip. Packing for Jodan can be very simple. The climate is generally hot and dry during the day, and at night, temperatures drop. The weather was very comfortable and mild during our time in Jordan, with …

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