34 BEST Things To Do In Zakynthos, Greece

Nestled in the heart of the Ionian Sea, the island of Zakynthos blesses travelers with jaw-dropping coastlines, beautiful white sand beaches, and small, picturesque villages. Despite areas of the island having a big party reputation, including the likes of Laganas, parts of this beautiful Greek island are relatively unexplored, and there are many things to do in Zakynthos beyond the famous Shipwreck Beach.

With a full week, you could easily explore the entire island. Sunbathe on Gerakas Beach, catch the sunset over the Myzithres from Keri Lighthouse, or rent a boat and explore the blue caves. That sounds like one bucket list trip to Greece!

Without a doubt, with so much natural beauty, this Ionian Island should feature on your next Greek Itinerary. We’ve spent two months exploring the Ionian Islands, and along with Kefalonia, Corfu, Ithaca, and Lefkada, Zakynthos can be considered one of the best places to visit in Greece!

The Best Things to Do in Zakynthos

Take a Boat Trip Around The Island

boat tour on zakynthos

Cruising around the wonderful coastal highlights of Zakynthos is one of the most popular things to do on the island. You can spend the day diving into crystal clear waters whilst experiencing the backdrops at spectacular locations. Popular destinations to visit by boat are the famous shipwreck at Navagio Beach along with luminous Blue Caves. 

There are typically two options for taking a boat trip around the island, renting a private boat or taking a guided tour. Both are great options that allow you to see the main highlights, but we’d recommend renting a private boat purely due to the flexibility of driving around the coastline yourself! Big Blue Motorboat rentals rent out boats starting at €150 for the day (not including fuel) and charge €50+ for a skipper if you want someone to captain the boat. Although we’ve rented plenty of boats in Greece without a skipper, we think it’s advisable to rent one on Zakynthos with a skipper as navigating in and out of the caves and around Navagio Beach would be very difficult for the inexperienced.

If you have a group of 4 or more, it’s one of the most reasonable things to do in Zakynthos for the day. We always say that having a boat day in Greece is one of our favorite activities. Though, if you don’t want to worry about having your own boat, or hiring a skipper, it’s possible to book a spot on a big group tour for around €30 per person.

  • Price: Private Rental €150 (+ €40 gas and €50 for a skipper) 
  • Guided tour: €30 per person   

Visit Navagio Beach: The Famous Shipwreck Cove   

Navagio Beach
Overlooking Navagio Beach

This best things to do in Zakynthos list couldn’t be complete without listing the island’s most photographed site and one of which is on many people’s bucket lists. The famous Navagio Beach is a whole other experience to see in real life and one of the best places to visit in Europe. With surreal views of stunning white sandy beaches and impossibly blue waters, it is a true spectacle. 

Overlooking Navagio Beach

This beautiful Greek beach is home to the rustic remains of the MV Panagiotis, a ship that became stuck in the cove in the 1980s and has a fascinating history behind it, including a possible story about it being a smuggling ship! Apparently smuggling a cargo of illicit cigarettes for the Italian Mafia, the Panagiotis journeyed from Turkey, and after being pursued by the Greek Navy ended up in the shallow cove.

The line to take a photo of shipwreck beach
The line to take a photo of Shipwreck Beach

Other stories exist, but I guess you’ll have to talk to a few locals to try and get the full truth! Regardless, the dilapidated ship is now located in the northeast of Zakynthos. There used to be two main ways to see the beach – by water or from the white limestone clifftops. 

Tourists overlooking Navagio Beach

However, after a large rockfall that happened a few years ago, which injured a few tourists, in addition to frequent landslides the government has decided to close access to Navagio Beach. Yes, from Summer 2023 onward, no one is permitted on the famous Shipwreck Beach as another rockfall or landslide could happen at any instance. Locals told us that although this closure is marketed as “temporary,” it’s likely that access to Navagio Beach will be permanent.

Though the actual beach is now closed, it’s still possible to enjoy a boat tour and see Shipwreck Beach from the sea, though no swimming in this area is allowed. Beyond that, it’s always still possible to see the beach from above, which is the best vantage point anyway. Better yet, now you won’t have any tiny ant people in your photos!

Navagio Beach
Big party boat viewing Navagio Beach

Well signposted, the viewing points are easily accessed by land and this is where your best vantage point will be. It’s also the best place to grab a photo of the beach. There’s a designated place to see the beach, where you’ll typically find a long line waiting to grab a photo, as there is only space for two or three people in a gate like overview. Or you’ll also see an area to your right, a path leading through a torn down fence, with a huge warning sign, that obvious warning is of possible death if you fall, which is evident given the sheer scale of these cliffs.

While the signs are a warning of the danger, it’s evident that this is where most go to grab a photo. This is where the best photo point is of Shipwreck Beach, and it’s a 10 minute or so walk to get to the vantage point on rougher terrain. I would recommend putting tennis shoes on your Greek packing list, and wearing them here as the rock is sharp and uneven. I had flip flops on and had wished I had closed-toed shoes.

The path to the viewpoint of Shipwreck Beach

If you want the best photo, you’ll have to head out to the very end of the peninsula here, where there is a Greek flag waving. Be extremely careful while walking and taking your photos here. One wrong step too close to the edge would lead to a sure death. I have a 3-foot rule, where I don’t get more closer than 3 feet to a sheer edge like that, and I must sit down to steady myself, which you can see in our photos. However plenty of tourists are more risky than I am. What I am trying to say is be careful and don’t risk your life for a photo!

Keep in mind there are no tracks leading directly to the beach anywhere, so if you’re looking to get up and personal with the shipwreck, the only option is by boat tour.   

  • Price: Shipwreck boat tour prices vary as you can do a full day boat trip or just head to Shipwreck Beach.
  • Clifftop Access: Free  
  • Top Tip: Don’t pay for a trip just to the shipwreck, lots of boat tours include a visit here along with other spectacular destinations for a similar price.   
15 Things to Know BEFORE Visiting Navagio Beach (Shipwreck Beach)

Take a trip to the Blue Caves  

 Blue Caves  

When visiting Zakynthos, a trip to these magnificent sets of limestone sea caves and natural arches is a must-do activity. Only accessed by water, the blue caves are located a few minutes boat ride from the little harbor of Skinari, where there is also a lighthouse. Once arriving at the caves, you will be stunned by their natural beauty, with the caves sparkling in the sunlight reflecting off the aqua blue waters.  

  • Price: €15 with Potamitis Brothers, can combine this trip and do a Shipwreck and Blue Caves combo for 25.
  • Top Tip: Head here either in the early morning or late afternoon to skip the midday crowds, as the Blue Caves are a popular destination for tourists on the island.   

Explore Zakynthos Town  

Zakynthos Town  

If you have done a lot of traveling in Greece, you’ll know there are some stunning main towns. That is not the case in Zakynthos, as Zante Town is far from the most picturesque town in the Greek Islands. It hasn’t acquired the best reputation amongst visitors as there’s not too much really notable about it. Compared to the Cyclades’ beautiful towns, or even others in the Ionians like Kioni (Ithaca) and Fiskardo (Kefalonia) Zante Town is really quite unattractive. Despite not hearing the best things before heading to the town, we actually didn’t mind exploring it and shopping around on one mixed weather day.

The town is home to a nice seafront promenade with various restaurants and pockets of plazas where you can spend the morning or evening exploring authentic markets. Many shops and establishments take a little siesta in the middle of the day, so we recommend nighttime for a livelier vibe.

We wouldn’t recommend spending more than a day here, and we wouldn’t recommend basing yourself here with your hotel. However if you have time on your hands, and are sick of beach days an afternoon exploring Zante Town is a great experience.

  • Top Tip: Grab a meal at one of the restaurants in the local plazas rather than the seafront promenade, they are much cheaper, and the food tends to be more authentic.   

Relax on Porto Limnionas Beach  

Porto Limnionas Beach  
Porto Limnionas Beach  
Porto Limnionas Beach  
Porto Limnionas Beach  

Located near a fjord on the island’s west coast, the pristine beach is nestled between high white cliffs hollowed with rocky caves. Spend the day dipping in and out of shimmering blue waters whilst soaking up the sun reflecting off gorgeous green rocks surrounding the cove. 

Swimming around Porto Limnionas Beach  

You can finish your day with a meal overlooking the sea at Limnionas Taverna, which serves up a great selection of reasonably priced food and drinks.   

However, don’t head here expecting to have a comfortable sunbathing experience, there’s only one small “beach” area large enough for just a few towels. Everyone else can try and find a spot on the hard concrete and rock or pay up for a sunbed at the taverna overlooking the beach.

Since we couldn’t get comfortable lounging, we came here for an hour-long swim in and out of the sea caves. The area is quite well protected on a windy day, and makes for excellent and calm swimming conditions when the rest of the beaches are quite windy. We didn’t stay long after our swim as there was nowhere comfortable to sit with our books and sunbathe.

Experience a night out on the Laganas Strip   

the Laganas Strip   

Laganas is the most popular resort town on the island and is a firm favorite with young people looking for a party. It is one of the Greek Islands’ party capitals, packed with lively bars and extraordinary clubs. If you want a night out, this is likely the place you’ll head.

A trip to the Laganas strip may not be for everyone, but I can assure you it will be a night to remember (or perhaps not remember). The town also has a beautiful beach hosting spectacular sunrises, so for those late-night partygoers heading to the beach to watch the sun go up is an excellent experience.  

For an epic time check out Zeros, one of Zante’s super-clubs, they often have cool events taking place, including famous DJs and foam parties.   

Marathonisi (Turtle Island)  

7. Marathonisi (Turtle Island)  

Located in a little islet on the south of Zakynthos is the mesmerizing Marathonisi. Nicknamed ‘Turtle Island’ Marathonisi is home to the nesting grounds for the Loggerhead Turtle. Now luckily a protected area, there are plenty of tour operators that will take you to see the turtles. However, I’m including this item in this post to tell you not to go with these tour operators and ignore taking a tour to Turtle island altogether.

While Zakynthos is home to these amazing creatures, our human presence has threatened them, and they have fallen victim to mass tourism. Unintentional or not. For one, the eggs laid on the beaches of Zakynthos have been smashed by careless tourists who place beach chairs on them or let children dig them up. Turtle hatchlings have also been killed on Zakynthos roads as they are disoriented after hatching from the bright neon lights.

Even if a “turtle tour” markets itself as eco-friendly, I would be wary about it. The turtles are easily disturbed, and with hundreds of boats and snorkelers crowding them in the water, they come distressed, which affects their breeding and eventually their survival.

If you do happen to see a Loggerhead Sea Turtle randomly while swimming anywhere, consider yourself lucky! However, it’s best not to engage with a tour.

The Dark Side of Animal Tourism • 10 Unethical Animal Encounters to Avoid

Take a Greek dancing lesson  

greek dancing

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in one of the country’s oldest and most popular traditions – then letting your hair down and taking a Greek dancing lesson is a perfect option. Spend your evening dancing away to Greek musicians whilst being guided by a local professional with years of experience. 

Various places offer guests a night of traditional Greek food and wine amongst an idyllic backdrop alongside the dancing lesson.  

  • Location: Zakynthos Town  
  • Price: Dancing Lesson: €15 per hour   
  • Evening out with meal + wine: €50  
  • Top Tip: Have a little research into traditional Greek dancing before you go, it will definitely enhance your experience.   

Rent a Car and drive around the island 

things to do in zakynthos

A driving trip around the island is the ultimate way to explore all the hidden treasures Zakynthos has to offer. Renting a car in Greece and driving through the hills is a great way to explore further than just the amazing beaches Zakynthos has to offer. 

By renting a car, you will be able to visit amazing pit stops at your own pace, including the spectacular Vrachionas Mountains, and you will be able to drive towards the highest point on the island.

Indulge at one of the island’s traditional tavernas 

Lofos Restaurant and Pizzeria at sunset
Lofos Restaurant and Pizzeria at sunset

Traditional Greek food is widely regarded as delicious throughout the world, with so many unique flavors and spices. Each island adds to this uniqueness with personal spins to popular Greek dishes. 

There is arguably no better place than to try the island’s cuisine than at a traditional taverna. Try the island’s range of food, including alterations of popular dishes, such as spetsofai, tzatziki, melitzanosalata, and dolmadakia.  We had one of our favorite sunset dinners at Lofos Restaurant and Pizzeria up in the hilltop village of Ano Gerakari. They serve delicious food and the taverna is run by a friendly local family. The best part is it’s extremely affordable for the high quality of food!

In the summer, we recommend making reservations if heading here around sunset, as they have one of the best sunset views on the island, Lofos gets quite busy between 6 and 7.

Venture to Kefalonia for the day  

melissani cave kefalonia
Us at Melissani Cave on Kefalonia

Kefalonia is the largest island of the Ionian Islands, and it’s home to extremely diverse landscapes full of breathtaking natural beauty. With multiple ferries leaving for Kefalonia from Zakynthos every day and the island less than 2 hours away by boat, it is an easily accessible day out.

Once arriving to Kefalonia, get ready to explore the plethora of incredible mountains and quaint towns; we were surprised by how much of the island we could see in a day!  

Although you can take a ferry for the day over, we highly recommend staying longer. There are so many things to do in Kefalonia! We stayed 9 days and didn’t want to leave. Quite honestly, we loved Kefalonia way more than Zakynthos, and if we were to redo our trip we actually would have spent less time on Zakynthos and more on Kefalonia.

The reason? Zakynthos is just as beautiful as Kefalonia, but Kefalonia sees far fewer people. The vibes are more laid back, less party and commercial vibe, there are fewer cheap bus tours, and we found Kefalonia is where you can dive deeper into Greek culture. Trust me on this one!

  • Price: Ferry Transfer- €10 each way with Ionian P Lines. Check on Ferry Hopper.
  • Top Tip: Head on one of the earlier ferries to get as much time on the island as possible, ferries depart twice daily in the high season from Agios Nikolaos harbor.  

Visit Agios Dionysios Church

Dionysios Church


Agios Dionysios is a picturesque church located on the main harbor in Zakynthos Town. A historic landmark on the island, it is a must-visit for history lovers. The church has added a museum that allows an insight into its history and reconstruction since the earthquake in 1983. The church is free to venture in, but donations are encouraged.

Take a trip to the bay of Porto Roxa  

 Porto Roxa  

Porto Roxa provides a secluded bay on the island’s west coast and is hidden away from tourists. With little information from the tourists’ boards about these shores of Porto Roxa, you will find significantly fewer tourists than other attractions in Zakynthos, making it a bit of a secret paradise. 

Spend the day soaking up the sun in the beautiful azure waters. Attempt the bay’s springboard board where you can take the more adventurous entrance into the water experience plunging yourself into the sea.

There aren’t many facilities in Porto Roxa, so make sure you come prepared with plenty of water, sunscreen, and food.   

Explore Tsilivi   

Explore Tsilivi   

Tsilivi is a small coastal town on the island’s east coast. Its soothing atmosphere is home to a few traditional tavernas, market stalls, and beautiful sandy beaches. While other articles recommend Tsilivi as a hidden quiet gem, we actually found it quite busy and popular with the party Brits at night (and during the day!). Though there are some high end Zakynthos hotels and resorts here, but we recommend a car so you aren’t stuck in the Tsilivi area for your whole trip!

Go Kayaking at the Keri Caves  

 Keri Caves  

Just off the villages along the island’s southern coast lies the blemished white rocks of the Keri Caves. A variety of boat tours offer trips to the caves, but we’d recommend taking the more adventurous route and booking a kayaking tour. 

Feel closer to nature and weave in and out of the 984 feet-high white cliffs before taking a dip in some of the purest and clearest waters I have ever seen.   

  • Location: Keri Caves (Accessed from Limni Keriou and Laganas)  
  • Price: €30  
  • Top Tip: We would recommend going with Eco-Zante, they are a great company with ethical and sustainable values and provide a fun and non-touristy day out. (You can also book with them to go to Turtle Island).    

Relax at Xigia Beach

Xigia Beach on Zakynthos


A hidden beauty on Zakynthos’s northwest coastline lies the charming pebbly beach of Xigia. If you’re looking for a natural fix to relieve some tension, soaking up the waters here may help. The water is said to be a natural treatment for aches and pain with rich qualities in the water. As you draw near to this enchanting cove, one of the initial impressions that will captivate your senses is the astonishing hue of the ocean.

The sea exhibits an almost surreal, delicate shade of turquoise, a spectacle partly attributed to the freshwater springs intermingling with the sea, gathering traces of sulfur as they cascade through the rocky terrain. In numerous locations, you can even observe the unabsorbed minerals streaming into the sea.

Xigia Beach
The beach around 11am

The minerals here create a rejuvenating spa environment and it is believed that conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and arthritis may find relief and improvement due to the abundance of minerals present in this setting.

Xigia Beach is narrow and sits in the shade for a large portion of the day, you’ll have to hit it just right in the afternoon to catch it all in the sun!

Xigia Beach is one of the most popular places to visit in Zakynthos, just keep in mind that while visiting Xigia Beach is free, but parking is not.

Visit the mountain villages of Kambi and Anafonitria 

the mountain villages of Kambi and Anafonitria 

Many visitors to the island won’t do this, but I promise it’s one of the best things to do in Zakynthos. Head inland and visit the area of Zakynthos that has been left almost untouched by development and tourism. Spend some time venturing through the picturesque villages of Kambi and Anafonitria, wandering through local farmland where you can observe locals harvesting grapes. 

There are several vineyards where you can stop and explore the grounds and gain an understanding of Zakynthos’s rural history and culture.  

Here you can buy a bottle of homemade olive oil to take home from one of the local vineyards, it is some of the best we’ve tried and will help to support local rural workers.   

Visit Cameo Island  

Cameo Island on Zakynthos

Cameo Island is a lush, green, and picturesque island connected by a bridge to mainland Zakynthos. You will only need an hour or so to explore the island due to its small size, but a visit here is certainly worth it.   

  Access to Cameo Island is straightforward. You can reach it from Laganas Beach via a short swim or walk across the causeway, which you’ll find is a bit submerged in water at high tide and exposed at low tide.

Watch the sun go down at Keri Lighthouse

Overlooking the Myzithres
Overlooking the Myzithres


Looking for that perfect Greek sunset that you see in those perfect travel photos? Then look no further than Keri Lighthouse. This is probably the best place on Zakynthos to watch the sun go down over the Myzithres, with immaculate views overlooking the azure waters. 

In the summer months, the golden-red sun dissolves perfectly into the sea, creating a spectacle for visitors. Easily accessible but extremely popular, we’d recommend heading there an hour or so before sunset to ensure you get a perfect position.  

Keri Lighthouse Restaurant
The Keri Lighthouse Restaurant

If you want to have dinner as the sun goes down, reserve a table at the Keri Lighthouse Restaurant, however, you’ll have to plan on having dinner to have one of the better seats. When we arrived at the restaurant and explained we only wanted cocktails, they put us in the back of the restaurant with no view, so we left and went to…

Have a Drink at Mizithres Summer Vibes

A paloma at Mizithres Summer Vibes
Enjoying a Paloma at Mizithres Summer Vibes

If you want a more laid-back vibe to the Keri Lighthouse Restaurant and still want to watch the sun do down over the Myzithres, we highly recommend checking out the Mizithres Summer Vibes cocktail truck right next to Keri Lighthouse. These guys do it all – coffee, wine, beer, and craft cocktails.

What’s better? These cocktails are half the price of the Keri Lighthouse restaurant, with the same view!

Myzithres From Below or Above!

Myzithres viewpoint

Emerging dramatically from the sea’s depths beneath the towering 300-meter vertical Keri Cliffs, the Mizithres Rocks, in the photos above, are two colossal conical-shaped limestone formations, that offer a visual spectacle.

These natural wonders, sculpted by millennia of seismic forces, are located on the island’s southwestern peninsula, less than two kilometers from the charming village of Keri and just 15 kilometers from Zakynthos’ main town. To behold the Mizithres Rocks in all their glory, you have three prime vantage points, one is the Keri Lighthouse mentioned above, but there are two other options.

  • Atop the Keri Cliffs: A popular thing to do is see the view from the Mizithres Viewpoint which is a spectacular viewpoint from the cliffs above. As you approach the cliff’s edge, prepare to be mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of Mizithres below—a vision that will leave an indelible mark on your memory. A word of caution first as there are no safety railings along the cliff’s edge, so exercise extreme care, especially if you’re with children. Tragic accidents have occurred here.
  • Aboard a boat on the water: Rent a motorboat from Keri Beach to get to the stunning Mizithres Beach. Yes, you can see this view from the water in the luxury of your own boat. You can rent your own boat, or have it skippered and spend the day out on the water.

Keri Beach

Keri Beach
Keri Beach

En route to Keri Lighthouse and Keri Caves, make sure to stop at Keri Beach. It’s a nice place to relax and you can expect a wide but shallow coastline here.

Go on a cycling adventure  

Cycle around Zakynthos

If you’re looking for a more adventurous thing to do in Zakynthos, this is for you. Venture through delightful villages by bike, encountering numerous through the vineyards, olive trees, and churches on an epic cycling adventure from Zakynthos’s town.

Rent a bike starting at €30 with Go Electric and take a gentle ride through picturesque landscapes. Stop off and have a coffee at one of the village cafes; here you will get to see a more authentic side of Zakynthos and get to know some of the local villagers.  

Go Scuba Diving  

The most spectacular place to go scuba diving in Zakynthos is off the uninhabited island of Marathonisi. Diving meters underwater will give you a spectacular view of the area’s marine wildlife, and you may be lucky to spot one of the loggerhead turtles swimming around. 

Along with turtles, you will have the opportunity to take a glimpse of other local species, including flying fish, octopi, and parrotfish.  

  • Location: Marathonisi Island  
  • Price: Double dive €130 with full equipment with Zante Diving
  • Top Tip: We would definitely recommend doing more than one dive, as this isn’t enough time to experience the spectacular marine life Marathonisi Island has to offer.  

Take a Greek cooking course  

Greek cooking course  

So, you’ve spent your days trying all the delicious cuisine but want to know how you can make it? Then learning how to cook some of the island’s famous dishes at Green Frog cooking course is the perfect way to find out. Spend your evening cooking up a traditional Greek feast with the help of a professional before ending the course with a glass of fine wine.  

Climb to Bochali Venetian Castle

Bochali Venetian Castle

Bochali Venetian Castle is located on the south-eastern side of the island along the stunning Vasiliki Peninsula. Explore the castle’s historic ruins dating back to the 15th century whilst experiencing spectacular views over the Zakynthos Town Harbour. 

This is a steep but short hike, but come prepared with plenty of water as the trail is in direct sunlight. After you’ve finished exploring the castle, you can take the trail down to Bochali Village, home to numerous quaint cafes serving an excellent selection of traditional Greek snacks.   

Madrakia Beach

Madrakia Beach
Madrakia Beach

We found ourselves at Madrakia Beach after enjoying a lunch at Madrakia Taverna. This is a small beach near Agios Nikolaos, so if you find yourself waiting for a ferry or boat tour, you can spend a little time on this brilliant beach.

Madrakia Taverna
Lunch at Madrakia Taverna

The beach area itself is quite small and secluded, but the water is bright blue and inviting. Perfect for a quick dip when the weather is scorching hot.

Try the selection of watersports at Banana Beach

Natasha at Banana Beach
Banana Beach


Banana Beach isn’t the most spectacular beach in Greece, but it is the longest stretching beach on the island. The beach provides a variety of activities for adrenaline addicts, including flyboarding, parasailing, and jet-skiing. 

Be aware the prices of these activities are reasonably high due to their popularity amongst tourists, but it is definitely worth it if you’re in need of that adrenaline kick.   

  • Location: Banana Beach  
  • Beach Entrance: Free  
  • Jet-Skiing: €45  / Parasailing: €60  / Waterskiing: €40  / Flyboarding: €50  
  • Top Tip: Try out flyboarding, it was our favorite activity at Banana Beach and is not as common in other destinations.   

Gerakas Beach  

Natasha at Gerakas Beach  
There’s a long stairway leading to Gerakas Beach  

Located on the southern tip of Zakynthos is the golden sand beach of Gerakes, one of the most popular beaches on the island. Surrounded by rocky and sandy hills and beautifully blue waters, it is the perfect place to relax. It is also home to a group of turtle species that lay their eggs early in the morning (wildlife workers protect these and are frequently there). 

If you venture away from the shallow waters, you may also find yourself sharing the waters with these striking animals. (It is important to make sure you keep your distance from the turtles.)

There are sunbeds for rent here, but if you don’t want to splurge on a sunbed for the day, bring your own towel. Don’t forget sunscreen, snacks, and water – there’s nowhere on the beach to purchase these items.   

Porto Vromi Beach

Porto Vromi Beach
Porto Vromi Beach

If you’re looking for a quiet and secluded beach away from the hustle of Zakynthos head to Porto Vromi Beach. Porto Vromi is a small seashore filled with white-colored pebbles and offers swimmers a very calm place to take a dip. We even swam to the next beach over from here!

This was one of our favorite little spots to stop in Zakynthos and we combined it well with our visit to Navaijo Beach. You’ll even find plenty of boats here as this is a spot where you can book a boat trip to the scenic Navagio Beach.

See the Old Olive Tree

The Old Olive Tree
The Old Olive Tree

In the heart of Zakynthos, within the village of Exo Hora, stands a living legend – the island’s oldest olive tree. This ancient marvel, believed to be over 2,000 years old, commands attention at the junction of the main street. Despite its gnarled and imposing appearance, this venerable olive tree’s resilience is nothing short of captivating. It’s worth stopping at to admire if you are already in the area!

Dinner at Grampsas Winery

natasha at Grampsas Winery
Wining and Dining at Grampsas Winery

The best meal we had on Zakynthos was at Grampsas Winery and Estate! Best reserved for special occasions as it’s pretty pricey, Grampsas is the best restaurant on Zakynthos. Make reservations and get prepared for a magical night on the estate. We spent hours here enjoying their award-winning wine and listening to traditional Greek music.

Grampsas Winery
The Flank Steak Black Angus (Beef) in Espresso – so good!

Do yourself a favor and get the Flank Steak BlackAngus (Beef) in Espresso, it’s one of the best steaks I’ve ever had! If you have other dinner plans, the winery hours during the summer are from 10:00-18:00, and is when you can book a wine tasting. During this time the staff will guide you on a journey through their cellar to see the wines mature, afterward, enjoy the beautiful garden while tasting six different wines. Keep in mind that, it’s recommended to make an appointment for wine tastings in advance.

Note: Steer Clear of the Turtles

Zakynthos Turtles
After the renowned Shipwreck Beach, the Loggerhead turtles, scientifically known as Caretta-Caretta, take the spotlight as Zakynthos Island's second major attraction. Each day, throngs of tourists descend upon the Marine Park's beaches and join excursions for a chance to witness these magnificent creatures in their native environment. Spotting them is a breeze, especially in the Laganas Bay, and here are two straightforward reasons why:
Zakynthos Sea Turtle Rescue & Information Center is free to visit

After the renowned Shipwreck Beach, the Loggerhead turtles, scientifically known as Caretta-Caretta, take the spotlight as Zakynthos Island’s second major attraction. Each day, throngs of tourists descend upon the Marine Park’s beaches and join excursions for a chance to witness these magnificent creatures in their native environment and you will see turtle tours marketed all over the island, and turtle stuffed animals in every cheap gift shop.

These turtles nest on the islands and deserve not to be bombarded by tourists, we urge you to please not go chasing after turtles as most of the tours offered are not eco friendly or benefit the Loggerheads. If you want to learn a bit about these magnificent creatures on Zakynthos, head to Zakynthos Sea Turtle Rescue & Information Center, a Marine Life Center doing absolutely amazing work.

Where is Zakynthos Island?

Zakynthos (also called “Zante”) is the third-largest Ionian Island and a popular destination in Greece, just south of Kefalonia. It’s most well known for the Instafamous view of Shipwreck Beach and for being somewhat of a party island for Brits and other European holidaygoers. However, it’s not as party-going as say Ios, Kos, or Rhodes. There is a lot more to Zakynthos than meets the eye.

One small airport (ZTH) serves the island with frequent flights to Athens and the UK. Though you can also travel here by ferry from other Ionian islands or the mainland. Like the other Ionian Islands, Zakynthos is ultra lush and has brilliant white pebble beaches with bright blue water.

Best Things to Do in Zakynthos Map

things to do in zakynthos
Best Things to do in Zakynthos Map / click for interactive map

Other Great Restaurants on Zakynthos

Best Restaurants on Zakynthos
  • Achilles Restaurant Bar (Laganas): One of the best things to do in Zakynthos is eating at a Traditional Greek Taverna. They serve up delicious and often cheap food.
  • Cave Damianos Restaurant: An upscale restaurant with a fabulous setting ideal for sunset. Cave Damianos is famous on the island and is the perfect place to head for date night and for delicious seafood.
  • Spartakos Taverna (Zante Town): Family-run restaurant with some of the freshest seafood in town. Try the Shrimp Saganaki!

How Many Days Should You Spend on Zakynthos?

We spent a full week on Zakynthos, and thought it was ample amount of time to explore. Three days would give you a good grip on the island and let you enjoy a few of the best things to do in Zakynthos, but surely not everything. I would recommend at least five days on Zakynthos so you aren’t running ragged around the island trying to do as much as possible.

Though if you’re really short on time, I would spend more time on Kefalonia and Ithaca than Zakynthos, that is if you prefer more quiet Greek island vibes to European party vibes.

Is Zakynthos Safe?

the best things to do in zakynthos

As with most Greek Islands, Zakynthos is very safe. The Greeks are some of the most hospitable people in the world, and there is very little crime on the islands. Rest assured knowing you will have a safe experience in Zakynthos. Of course, always take normal precautions when traveling.

Is Zakynthos Worth Visiting?

Is Zakynthos Worth Visiting?
Bus tours all over Zakynthos

We’ve now been to 22 Greek Islands, and although I tried hard to love Zakynthos, it will go down as one of my least favorite Greek Islands. Not because the island isn’t pretty, like all the other Ionian Islands Zakynthos is STUNNING. However the reason I didn’t love Zakynthos is because it was too busy. We visited in early/mid September, when many other islands like Tinos, Serifos, and Milos are winding down for the summer. However, Zakynthos seemed to still be going strong. With the busyness came annoying big bus tours, and cheap party tourism in more places than just Laganas.

All that being said, Zakynthos is still worth visiting, we have just been to many Greek islands and spent nearly 6 months traveling around Greece, so we get pretty peculiar with what we are seeking nowadays. Even with its growing popularity it remains one of the prettiest islands in the world. It’s hard to get sick of the cliffside views, bright blue water, and delicious Greek food.

Zakynthos is also a great starting point for a Greece trip, seeing that there are multiple direct flights per day from London and mainland Europe.

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Where to Stay on Zakynthos

Olea All Suite Hotel
We loved our stay at Olea All Suite Hotel

How to Get Around Zakynthos

Our Rental Car on Zakynthos
Our Rental Car on Zakynthos

The best way to get around Zakynthos is by car. The island is quite large, and if you want to get to all these Zaykynthos attractions, it is best to have a car. We typically rent a car on every Greek island we visit and Zakynthos was no exception. After searching for the best rate, we rented our car with SIXT at the Zakynthos airport for €30 a day, they provided excellent service and a great car!

Experience driving in Greece is helpful, as I can almost guarantee the mountain roads are nothing like driving back where you are from. Roads are winding and often dilapidated. You can see our tips for renting a car in Greece here.

Search and Compare Prices for Rental Cars

When is the Best Time to Visit Zakynthos?

When is the Best Time to Visit Zakynthos?

The best time to visit Zakynthos and the Greek Islands, in general, is in May and September when the weather is sunny and mild, but summer tourism is not as present. June, July, and August are the busiest months on the Ionian Islands, and are when you will find higher prices and more crowds.

My favorite time to visit Greece is always September, which is when all the photos in this article are taken. We visited Zakynthos around September 5-13 and found the island to still be plenty busy and lively, so I can’t imagine what August would have been like!

When is the Best Time To Visit Greece?

How to Get Around the Greek Islands

Taking a ferry in Greece
Taking a ferry in Greece

There is one airport that services Zakynthos. The Zakynthos Airport Dionysios Solomos is a small airport that connects to mainland Greece and other European destinations. We flew to Zakynthos from London, and departed Zakynthos on a one way ticket to Venice.

You can also connect to Kefalonia, Igoumenitsa, Kyllini, and Bari (Italy) via ferry. We recommend checking schedules on Ferry Hopper.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide on things to do in Zakynthos! Hopefully, you found it useful. Here are a few relevant articles for more travel around Greece!

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