The BEST Travel Packing List on The Internet (2023)

This is the best travel packing list to make sure your next trip. It’s pretty tough to nail down one packing list for any type of trip so we’ll share all of your basic needs on a trip and then share a few destination-specific packing lists.

After years on the road filled with tons of successes and failures, I hope we can shed some light on how to pack for a trip.

The Ultimate Travel Packing List

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This is such a broad subject because no trip is the same, but if you follow the right guidance you’ll be able to pack for any trip or destination without a problem. To make it easiest we break down the key accessories you don’t want to leave at home.

A lot of people allow the task of packing to stress them out, but the idea here is to remove some of that stress. With the best travel essentials, clothes, and a quality piece of luggage you’ll be prepared for your next trip whether it’s to The Maldives, Peru, Italy, Bali, Tanzania, or Iceland.

Travel Packing List Item – Luggage

The right piece of luggage is the first step in creating a good travel packing list. You need a quality piece of luggage that fits your travel style of destination. For young backpackers that could be a backpack or for a business traveler the right hard-sided suitcase.

Travel Backpack — Osprey Farpoint 55L

Osprey Farpoint Best Osprey Bags For Women

The Osprey Farpoint is the bag we would recommend to anybody for travel. It’s a unisex bag and one of the best Osprey backpacks for women and men as well. The Farpoint has become the golden standard for travel backpacks.

The backpack is referred to as front loader meaning it opens similar to a suitcase for easy access. It’s pretty lightweight, features a removable daypack, zip-away suspension, and a side handle to top it off. The side handle of the bag is an added bonus, making it easy to grab out of an overhead bin and carry it off of a plane. Most backpacks are built for hiking, but with the Farpoint, you get a travel-specific bag.

The only drawback of the pack is the less comfortable suspension and its unisex design which means it is not ideal for every woman or every man. It also really lacks any proper organization compartments and instead has one big open space.

However, the portability makes it an awesome choice for the best women’s travel backpack or men’s travel backpack. The front load and the ability to keep your clothes folded is awesome. The 40L is great for carry on luggage, while the 55L and 70L backpacks are good for long-term trips. Since the Farpoint really does not have organizational sections we suggest pairing this bag with packing cubes.

Hiking Backpack — REI Co-op Flash Pack

REI Co-op Flash 45 Pack - Men's

We love to shop at REI and love their gear. Their backpacks are a great value and we’ve used them for years. The Co-Op Flash Pack is one of the best lightweight hiking backpacks on the market. If you plan on hiking with your backpack this is your bag!

It’s made out of ripstop nylon and is a great 45 L trekking backpack for both men and women. With 45L it’s manageable for a gear-heavy day hike, an overnight trip, or a minimalist multi-day trek. The REI compression technology helps keep your belongings up and in to help your balance, stability, and posture while hiking. Its super lightweight frame is great and where the bag saves a few ounces.

There are attachment loops on the front to allow ice axes, poles, and other tools to be stored as well as snappable water bottle pockets on the hip belt. The mesh back panel allows for airflow keeping you cooler when walking in the sun and the removable top lid offers customizable pack volume. We think this pack is perfect for those on a long weekend hiking trip in the mountains, Inca Trail Trek, or to the base of Mount Everest.

Carry On Suitcase — eBags EXO 2.0 Hardside

We picked up the full set of this suitcase and absolutely love it. Even after a full year of use, the bag has held up like new. Previous hard suitcases we have used have shown serious signs of wear at this point in time. It’s our go-to for international travel and survived at least 60 flights in the last year.

The hard shell outer case ensures all your valuables are well protected. We travel with a lot of electronics that are fragile so we love having a bag that has a tough outer shell. The bag opens at the center to two separate sides of compartments. Once there it is so easy to stay organized with this bag.

There are two compartments within the bag, one designed for clothes with a compression system and the other is designed for shoes, toiletries, and where we store our electronics. Included with the bag is a nylon dirty clothes bag to separate clean from dirty and keep your clothes looking fresh.

We also love the security of the bag with a built-in TSA approved lock. It’s also extremely stylish and looks great when traveling and fits easily into overhead luggage space. The best part is you can buy this with a checked bag component as well, making it one of the best luggage sets by eBags!

Extended Suitcase — Samsonite Winfield 2

There are a number of instances in which a large checked bag is necessary. If you’re on extended, professional, or specialized trips you’ll likely need a checked bag. Generally, we suggest bringing a checked bag if you will be traveling for two weeks or more. It’s pretty often that people overpack and using too large a bag is the first step to overpacking.

For extended trips try out a 28″ wheeled hard-sided case. Above we recommend the eBags set which comes with a 28″, but this Samsonite is similarly priced and an excellent choice.

The hard shell outer case ensures all your valuables are well protected. We travel with a lot of electronics that are fragile so we love having a bag that has a tough outer shell. It’s a clamshell suitcase that comes with a divided separator, comes with a divided clothing organizer, and TSA approved lock.

Duffel Bag — Patagonia Black Hole

A duffel bag is a tremendous option for a large multitude of trips. If you’re on an active holiday with gear, headed to the beach, or a safari in Africa a duffel bag protects your belongings and is easy to transport.

The Patagonia Black Hole is an established classic for adventure travel. We’re avid fans of the companies products and it’s likely anyone who’s big into outdoor adventure sports is loves them too. The Patagonia Black Hole bag is one of the largest of the Patagonia brand and perfect for extensive travel.

The bag can pack down small when empty so it’s great to stick in your bag. It was also plenty easy to stuff and organize, thanks to the large U-shaped zipper and two mesh pockets on the top flap. It’s also super lightweight an important aspect we look for in our travel gear.

Travel Daypack — Osprey Daylite

Osprey Daylite Best Daypacks for Travel

This is one of my favorite daypacks! The bag is tremendous for the average traveler with the ability to hold everything you could need for the typical day.  It’s one of my favorite travel purchases and has held up marvelously. That is to be expected as Osprey backpacks come with a lifetime guarantee.

The pack is sleek, feels great on your back, and can carry a fair amount of stuff. It’s not the biggest pack with only 13L of space, but the two water bottle holders free up some space you can store on the exterior. It’s also made by Osprey who make some of the best large travel backpacks on the market.

Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW

This is the latest addition to our collection of backpacks and I couldn’t be more stoked on the bag. The camera bag is purpose-built for those who shoot photos and video in the harsh elements, specifically winter conditions such as climb or ski. It’s definitely one of the best backpacks for photographers, but it does come with a high price tag. Since it is designed for tough winter elements the build quality and design are truly impressive.

I love that the bag opens from the backside and allows you to comfortably throw the bag on the ground and reach for gear without fear of the bag tipping. It also has side and front straps designed to carry a snowboard, skis, ice axes, or hiking/ski poles (massive win for our snowboard season). I like the pullout rain cover for heavy weather. The suspension system is also the most robust I’ve found in a camera bag so far, which is great when carrying 40lbs of gear up a hill.

My only complaints would be the size of the top compartment which would be great for storing thing like a phone charging cables, or whatever accessories I may need on the mountain. There is a front compartment on the bag, but it’s one large section directly next to the camera gear so it needs to be able to bear weight. I’d also love a water bottle holder on the sides.  For carrying such a large bag designed to be outdoors I need some form of hydration.

This bag is the perfect kit addition for any outdoor enthusiast looking to carry some gear high into rough conditions.

Travel Packing List – Luggage Accessories

Packing Cubes — Eagle Creek Pack-It

Packing cubes are a great way to organize your clothes for easy access in your suitcase. They are tremendous for smaller items like undergarments, shirts, socks, or even your pants. We like the Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression set a few years ago on a mega sale at The Container Store. The Eagle Creek brand is great.

They are slightly more expensive than most other packing cubes on the market, but that’s what you get for brand recognition. We like the compression set because it compresses, but to be honest it doesn’t save a ton of extra room in my luggage! I love stuffing my packing cubes full and then having the option to zip them even tighter. In my opinion, these are the very best packing cubes for backpacks like mine.

Toiletry Bag

This men’s bag is simple and that’s what makes it great. Dopp bags don’t need to be full of sections, dividers, or new features.

I’ve often traveled with a simple bag and it’s the only way. Synthetic bags are tremendous when you’re traveling in coastal regions and in constant humidity. We were thankful our synthetic bags in the Seychelles, Mozambique, and Zanzibar! In my opinion, synthetic bags like this are the best toiletry bags on the market.

Makeup Bag — Yeiotsy Cosmetic Bag

Make up can easily ruin clothes or other toiletries so it’s best to keep cosmetics separated in your luggage. This bag has a stylish design and plenty of features to help keep your toiletries organized. What makes this bag stand out is its organizational elements. Elastic bands on the lid allow you to store cosmetics. The outer shell is durable and water resistant and will be right at home in the wet environment.

Shoe Bag — Lermende Travel Shoe Bag

We always travel with at least two pairs of shoes since we workout on the road. I’m a minimalist so I will wear a classic boot and then pack my lightweight trail running shoes in my luggage.

To protect my clothes and luggage I like to use a nylon bag to store my dirty shoes. If you’re looking for a quick packing hack to find a suitable bag, steal one of the disposable laundry bags from your hotel room.

Or you can buy these ones for a pretty affordable price. We just picked up a set of this shoe bag as we liked the clear mesh that allowed for damp shoes to dry and easy selection.

Laundry Bag

We like to travel with a small nylon or mesh bag for our dirty clothes. This keeps the rest of our clothes from getting dirty and smelly. It’s really important that you do not use a plastic bag or something that does not breathe as it will cause damp clothes to mildew.

If you have a wet bathing suit and don’t have time to dry it before packing, try using a waterproof bag like this one here. What’s great are these bags are cheap and easy to order online. Plus with an abundance of manufacturers, you can often find a cute set for a couple of bucks.

First Aid

It doesn’t hurt to carry a small first aid kit on any trip. There is always the option to buy a kit, but I find it’s lighter and cheaper to just make your own and throw a few essentials in a container or ziplock bag.

The key here is to have something small that won’t eat up a lot of luggage space which is why we recommend you create your own kit. As another tip avoid medications that are the same color or shape that way you know the difference.

Here is what we recommend you pack in a basic first aid kit.

  • Ibuprofen — NSAID. Treats pain, fever, swelling.
  • Tylenol — Pain reliever that does not thin blood in case of a concussion or medical issue.
  • Benedryl — Bites, stings, allergies, and a sleep aid.
  • Pepto Bismol — Antimicrobial that helps treat stomach issues.
  • Imodium — This is is used to prevent dehydration in the event of diarrhea, but should be avoided as it does cause constipation. (Good for developing nations)
  • Bandaids/Gauze — Great for cuts, blisters, or scrapes.
  • Medical Tape — This is great for compression to reduce swelling, a deep cut, building a splint, or stabilizing a rolled ankle.
  • Antibiotic Ointment — Use the disposable packets as it helps to save weight with only one or two in your bag.
  • Petroleum Jelly — This one never hurts as it’s great for treating cracked skin or aiding in a burn.

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Travel Packing List – Clothes For Travel

Travel Underwear

best hiking underwear

You should try to pack several pairs of travel underwear. We like to pack a mix of underwear and garments on extended trips. Sports or travel specific underwear is often antibacterial and quick drying. This way it stays fresh for longer and you can easily wash in a sink if you run out of clean clothes. In general, we’ll pack in our suitcase five to seven pairs of underwear for a trip. As a woman, Natasha likes to pack a little more based on the length of the trip.

For men, I have a couple of pairs of the ExOfficio boxer briefs I’ve been traveling with for years now. For women, it’s all about personal preference, but the Patagonia Barely underwear comes in both bikini and thong versions.

Sports Bras

Africa Packing List - Sports Bra

No need to wear push up bras as they’re often cotton based. Tasha likes to pack several pairs of sports bras as they’re more versatile and like sports underwear hold up better than a traditional bra.

It’s easy to forget bringing a sports bra as you might not be headed to the gym, but they’re tremendous for active or hot summer days. This one from Patagonia is tremendous as it provides support in a more a subtle cut.

Wool Socks

Wool Socks - Morocco Packing List

We’ve learned to love our feet with a good pair of socks. You will want to keep your feet nice and dry while you walk around. Most importantly wool socks stay fresh for several days as they have natural antimicrobial properties.

We travel with a couple of pairs of the Darn Tough Merino socks and our feet have never felt cold or wet. You have several options for size, but on the average day or the summer, we like to wear thin wool socks. However, in the winter months or on an adventure, a thick pair of hiking socks are always good to have in your luggage.

Performance Shirts

Men's Hiking Shirt

I love to wear a comfortable shirt on hot days. It’s best opt for shirts that are made from a performance fabric that handles sweat and the sun. A good number of tee shirts to pack for a trip is around three.

You should look for a fabric that is lightweight, breathable and has quick dry qualities such as merino wool, nylon, or polyester. Even if you don’t plan to work out they work great as undershirts.

Technical Shirt

A technical long sleeve shirt looks great and is typically well constructed. You should look for a nice blend of synthetic materials that allow for quick drying. A long sleeve shirt like this allows for greater comfort moving from chilly mornings into warm days.

It’s a great travel shirt as it avoids wrinkles, resist stains, and looks better than a relaxed tee. It’s a tried and true wardrobe staple for travelers all around the world. Of course, a good dress shirt definitely has its time and place and should not be neglected. However, we feel pretty safe recommending a shirt like this for almost any trip or environment.

Dress Shirt

Dress Shirt - Italy Packing List

I’d look pretty ridiculous wearing a T-shirt or a flannel out to a nice meal in Europe. Men should pack at least one or two dress shirts for a trip to Europe. I like to stick with a classic color like blue or white that will never go out of style.

I recently ordered a new selection of shirts and ties from the Tie Bar and so far I’ve loved my clothes. All stylish, nice quality, and affordable. Plus their online website makes it easy to order a new wardrobe with suggestions for what matches and inspirations for outfits.

Wool Sweater

Italy Packing List - Wool Sweater

If there is one article of clothing made for travel in cool climates it’s the wool sweater. Sweaters are a tremendous travel outfit staple. They’re comfortable, stylish, and warm. It doesn’t matter the season either as most of many of our favorite destinations around the world are temperate and remain cool year round. This means comfortable day time temperatures during the day and chilly evenings in the summer.

I have a number of sweaters, but my favorites are from organic materials like wool or Alpaca. It’s even become my favorite travel souvenir and I treasure my Scottish wool and Peruvian Alpaca sweaters. Ever since then we’ve been living out of them in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Ireland.

Of course, you can still find a great sweater at home. I love this recycled one from Patagonia, one of our favorite outdoor brands.

Down Jacket

best down jacket for women

There are only a few travel items we recommend everyone has and one of those is a down jacket. A down jacket is a staple for travel and outdoor activities as it’s tremendously versatile.

We always recommend you bring a great packable down jacket on just about any extended trip. When you’re dealing with the mountains and wide temperature shifts it’s a great way to keep warm without eating up too much space in your hiking backpack. Plus if you have any last minute plans and find yourself in a cool environment they’ll help you out in a pinch.

Shell Jacket

A great item to have on the road is a shell jacket that is designed to protect you from the wind and rain. This is not about wearing a winter jacket, but a rain jacket that lends a little more versatility when combined with a down jacket.

The alternative to a shell jacket is something light like an anorak or more stylish like a trench coat. Either way, you can’t always expect the skies to be sunny when you’re traveling.

We both have rain jackets made by Kathmandu and Patagonia. They are lightweight, durable, packable, waterproof, and windproof. Any jacket can do the job, but the top dollar ones will hold up and really help in inclement weather. The reason we love shell rain jackets are their ability to pack down and fit inside your suitcase.


A pair of chinos works on both sexes for a classic look that works in a multitude of enviroments. It’s a classic look that when combined with a sweater, dress shirt, tee shirt, or blouse.

We love to go for simple colors that will work with multiple shirts. A good brown, white, pastel for women, or grey is always a safe bet. What’s great about chinos are they look equally good on the beach as they do a nice restaurant or bar.

Hiking Pants

Africa Packing List - Pants

Lightweight pants that are made from synthetic material are tremendous to add to your travel packing list. As with many technical clothes, their shelf life in your bag is much longer than cotton-based alternatives. There are many kinds that work as a more casual pant and will be just as comfortable on the city streets as the mountains. For example our favorite hiking pants down below.

For women, Tasha likes a pair of hiking pants made by  prAna that roll into capris. For men, prAna makes the Stretch Zion Pant, one of the best pairs of hiking pants on the market for a reasonable price. If you want to check out more of the best travel pants we have a post for that!

Outdoor Shorts

prAna Stretch Zion - Hiking Short Packing List

A great pair of shorts are self-explanatory for keeping yourself cool on hot weather days for that we love a pair of hiking shorts. Even if you’re not an adventure or outdoor trip outdoor shorts can have a nice style while retaining technical details that help with travel. Things like quick dry, wrinkle resistant, and comfort.

prAna makes some tremendous lightweight hiking shorts that are both comfortable and affordable.



I don’t think there has ever been a time we regretted having a swimsuit in our luggage. Everything on this list about comfort and being prepared, but a swimsuit is the one thing you’ll kick yourself if you don’t have in your luggage. There have been numerous trips any time of the year or destination where we had the chance to swim whether that’s a real beach trip of a heated pool in the Alps. You never know.

For active swimsuits, Tasha loves swimsuits made by Patagonia. Many of their pieces retain some style, offer support, and are not too revealing. So if you have plans to go surfing, bodyboarding, or play beach volleyball these swimsuits are for you. For affordable and stylish bathing suits check out AdoreMe.

For men a classic pair of board shorts are staples. A lightweight surf pair from a company like Billabong or Quicksilver won’t eat up much room in the bag and they’re super comfortable.


Toad and Cue Sustainable Dress

It’s a tremendous idea to have a comfortable sundress. Not only is it more comfortable, but it’s also cute and doubles as a cover-up. Tasha got the Krawcheck Dress from Title Nine who have several different colors of this sundress.

It has built-in support and sturdy straps, so you can be active in this dress. It’s even possible to take easy hikes in the dress, like in Waimea Canyon on Kauai. We’ll admit this one probably belongs a little more in the beach or city packing lists, but it’s so versatile we thought we’d add it here.

Athletic Gear

It never hurts to bring some athletic gear in your backpack or suitcase. Just because you’re traveling or on the road doesn’t mean you have an excuse to not be active.

Buff Headband

We have a collection of buff headbands and bring them everywhere. They’re great for a multitude of reasons such as sun/wind protection, a scarf, headband, or an ear warmer.

We always have one in our suitcase or backpack no matter the destination and consider it one top travel accessories. I imagine most people have one or two of these by now! They aren’t the most stylish thing in the world so maybe a scarf will make a better fit.


Belt Patagonia — Travel Packing list

This is one of those obvious things that can be really easy to forget at home. I’m partial to the simplicity of a canvas belt that has a locking buckle. I’ve had one that I use almost every day and it’s lasted for almost four years.

Hiking in Canada

Shoes For Travel

Leather Boots

These are great all year round as you can never go wrong with a pair of leather boots. Women can wear them with a pair of chinos and a blouse while men can pair them with just about anything from jeans, chinos, and even a suit.

With the right pair of boots, you’ll be ready to climb the Alps, stroll through The Louvre, or eat to your heart’s content in Italy.

I’m a leather boot fiend and love a classic boot. For an affordable option check out Clark’s or Timberland for leather boots. However, if you want quality and boots to last a lifetime check out Chippewa, Danner, or Red Wings boots all manufactured by hand in the United States.


Hitting the sidewalk and letting the city or world unfurl around you is one of the best ways to get familiar with a new destination. A comfortable pair of shoes for both men and women are essential when packing your bag for a trip.

However, I wouldn’t recommend packing those terrible clunky hiking shoes or athletic shoes many tourists like to bring. You want a stylish shoe that is both relaxed and comfortable.

We like to opt for a pair of casual Vans. These old school skate shoes have a great look to them that will keep your feet comfortable and look great with a pair of jeans, shorts, or chinos.

Trail Running Shoes

Hoka One One Speedgoat - Packing List

When it comes to athletic gear and travel we love versatility such as trail running shoes. This way you get more value out of your shoes because they’re capable of handling the gym, street, park, or trail.

We both picked up the Hoka One One’s Speedgoat 3 last summer had a great time on the trails. They’re pretty heavily cushioned so they protect your feet from uneven or rough surfaces and can even double for hiking shoes.

I would recommend you look at the weather and your shoe preference before you pick either a nice hiking boot/shoe or trail running shoe. In the cooler temperatures we appreciate the added insulation in hiking shoes, but in the warmer months prefer the breathability and lightweight nature of trail running shoes.

The Speedgoat’s are rated as some of the best trail running shoes on the market and so far they haven’t let us down add them to your travel packing list.

Black Flats

A pair of black flats is always great to have in a suitcase. They’re stylish comfortable and they take up minimal space in your luggage.

My tip, stay away from heels as many destinations around the world have uneven streets and you don’t want to break an ankle trying to look good.


Sandals are meant for the beach or hot weater destinations, but considering how many destinations that fall into they are an easy add to your travel packing list.

We travel with our Rainbow leather flip flops and they’ve lasted for years.

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Travel Packing List – Toiletries For Travel

Prescribed Medications

This should be at the top of the list, but if you have any prescribed medications make sure not to leave them at home. It’s best to keep them separated from your first aid kit as to not confuse.

If you have multiple types of medication try using a pill organizer instead of traveling with a handful of pill containers that consumer luggage space. Just make sure to have any prescription forms in case you’re traveling with any controlled substances, like pain killers. To further that point you should do research if traveling internationally to make sure you’re within legal restrictions.


This should be a no brainer, but don’t forget your toothbrush. We’ve actually taken to packing two toothbrushes. We pack a toothbrush in our carry on bag and our electric one in checked luggage.

You never know if you’ll be separated from your checked baggage and if you’re on a long haul flight it’s great to be able to brush your teeth so always have one on you. Another great item to have for your toothbrush is a small toothbrush cover to protect it from germs and allows to throw in your bag.

All Natural Deodorant

Dedoerant is a travel kit essentials items. I like to bring my special all natural deodorant with me when I travel since the all natural stuff can be really hard to find abroad.

If you use specialty products like this make sure to bring it with you when you travel as sometimes they can be very hard to find. However, generic roll-on sticks can be found at pharmacies around the country.

Eco-Friendly Toiletries

We’ve taken the pledge to lead a more environmentally friendly life. Ethique makes some of the best eco-friendly skincare products on the market right now.  Ethique has a wide range of toiletry products ranging from shampoo to face cream. All of their products use natural and organic ingredients and use completely eco-friendly packaging on their products.

Oh, yea it doesn’t hurt that this small business was started by a woman and every product is Cruelty-Free, TSA Friendly, and Compostable. There are 80 billion shampoo and conditioner plastic bottles thrown out every year and they all make their way to the ocean. By purchasing one bar from Ethique you are saving three plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill.

We have a whole post on eco-friendly products and it’s jam-packed with more great travel accessories aimed at reducing waste. Essentials like shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothpaste and body lotion can all be bought

Eco Friendly Toiletries:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Face Wash
  • Toothpaste
  • Body Lotion

Dopp Kit

Within your toiletry bag make sure not to forget all of your other necessities. These are all of the things that we like to make sure are in our bags.

It’s easy to forget something like dental floss or contact solution, but they can be a pain in the ass to grab once you’re on the road.

  • Dental floss
  • Brush/comb
  • Contact lenses/solution
  • Shaving supplies
  • Feminine-hygiene products
  • Nail file/clippers
  • Birth control
  • Tweezers


This one is for the ladies, and I wanted to make note of it for anyone still wondering what to pack for a trip. If you’re coming from America the makeup in Europe can be expensive in comparison to prices in the States.

On her first trip to Europe Tasha had enough to laste almost a year. It’s nbest to have enough mascara, eyeliner, and foundation to get through your trip plus a week or so.


Skin cancer is for real! Don’t forget your SPF during the summer. We recommend ordering some online before leaving the house as you will need it underneath the sun.

We highly recommend getting an eco friendly sun cream that does not contain harmful chemicals. They’re mineral based and usually only cost a few dollars more to help protect our oceans.

If you’re not going to swim in the ocean or lakes just go with a reliable name brand. You can learn more about eco-friendly travel products here!

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Travel Packing List – Electronics

Travel Adaptor

You will definitely need an adaptor for your electronics on your packing list for Ireland. We always keep one handy in our carry-on bags, that way we can charge electronics on arrival or at the airport.

You’ll need the British “Type G” three prong adaptor for the United Kingdom. However, most of Europe uses the Type C, F, and E adaptor. Check out the one I have which is good for all of Europe.

Roku Express

Best this travel accessory must have is one you haven’t thought about. Just because we are traveling doesn’t mean we like to fall behind on our shows and movies.

We have traveled for three years now with a Google Chromcast and Roku Express and it seriously makes Airbnb’s and hotel rooms so.much.better. We just plug in the streaming device to any TV when we travel and Voila – Netflix!


best cameras for safari

A high-quality camera is an important packing item for Ireland if you want some great shots while on your vacation We travel with a bunch of cameras, but the one we universally recommend is the RX 100.

They make a number of models at different price points, but it’s a simple to use point-and-shoot camera that anyone can operate. It also takes superb images with a 20mp resolution and full manual controls.

Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle For Road Trip Essential

While I love having a good real book when I travel sometimes it’s just not practical because of the weight. I’ve recently switched to a Kindle Paperwhite which is small and compact, plus it has a backlight for reading at night without a harsh glare.


Almost all international flights have entertainment systems on board, but the headphones are often lackluster. That’s why I think headphones are a airplane travel essential you need.  It’s best to travel with a decent pair of noise canceling headphones to save your ears.

They’re also great for entertainment with long layovers. These headphones by Sennheiser may not be the best in the pack, but they’re affordable and will sound great to the average ear.

 Portable Charger

I love traveling with a power bank to make sure my phone never dies. The majority of the time I don’t need to use it on long flights as some of the nicer airlines provide entertainment systems with USB ports! We also make sure to find a charging point during layovers, but getting to a new city without your hotel reservations and map can be a major pain in the ass.


We travel with our MacBook Pros to keep up with this website and YouTube when we are traveling; however, a MacBook is probably not necessary for most travelers!

We just got our hands on the Google Pixelbook which is an ideal computer for most travelers who don’t have to work all the time on the road. It’s super slim, lightweight, and does everything your computer at home can do. We love the way it flips around too so that we can stand it up and watch movies on the plane with it.

Some other fantastic features of the PixelBook is that it houses all apps, like a phone – except it’s a computer! An all-day battery delivers up to ten hours of power from just one single charge. If you don’t have the time to charge it I love that you still get 2 hours of battery life from only 15 minutes of charging. It also has automatic security, software, and features from Chrome OS.

Travel Packing List – Accessories

Water Bottle — Grayl Ultralight Water Purifier

A water bottle is a travel must have to save money and cut down on plastic. Like my other favorite, the Lifestraw Go this bottle also features a filter. However, the filter design is entirely different than the Lifestraw. Most important is that this water bottle system purifies water vs. filters which removes viruses and virtually removes all threat of waterborne illnesses.

It’s the perfect water bottle for those spending a significant amount of time in developing nations with questionable water supplies. We love filtered water bottles because they save space in our daypacks when we’re on a hike.

Take note, this is an expensive water bottle and it may make consumers think twice about purchasing. However, as avid travelers who’ve spent more than our fair share of time in developing nations the Grayl Filtration Cup is a travel essential item for us every time.

Hand Sanitizer

Walking around and taking part in everyday activities in can get pretty dirty.

It has been a reoccurring theme to not find hand soap while traveling. You can’t go wrong bringing some hand sanitizer and baby wipes in your bag.


best hiking sunglasses

Make sure to protect your eyes from the sun since you’ll likely spend a lot of time outside. There are a lot of options for sunglasses and everyone should own at least a pair. It’s best to make sure they do have UV protection for the health of your eyes.

We made our first investment in quality polarized sunglasses with a pair of SMITH Optics Lowdown 2. Truthfully, not everyone needs to invest $150 in a pair of sunglasses; however, we love ours and will never buy cheap ones again.

Sports Watch

This is a travel staple that’s often overlooked, but having a watch on the road has become a must for me. It helps keep me on time when I’m out in the water, on a hike, or catching the next plane on a layover.

Travel Towel

Nomadix Travel Towel

We always recommend bringing a travel towel when you’re on the road. If you plan on staying in hostels or more budget accommodation you’ll often need your own towel.

If you head to the beach or want to take a hike it never hurt to have a towel packed away in your day bag. Consider a towel an essential for your Europe packing list.

The biggest complaint about travel towels is that they often feel nothing like the plush cotton towels we are accustomed to at home and in hotels. However, with the PackTowl you can forget about all of that because they set out to create a towel that mimics its cotton counterparts with the technical features of a travel towel.

Travel Pillow

We’ve suffered through enough red-eye flights to never forget to pack a travel pillow for international flights. My favorite travel pillow is the Cabeau Evolution Pillow, but we break down more of our favorite travel pillows here.

Umbrella — Repel Windproof

Whether you’re hurrying to an important business meeting on the road or you’re only visiting a particular city for a couple of days and need to see the sights, a little rain shouldn’t be allowed to stand in your way!

We’re more impartial to rain jackets, but they are not great for formal occasions or professional trips. For that, you’ll need an umbrella that can pack up in your luggage.

Herschel — Strand Tote

No matter where you plan on venturing, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll need something to hold your daily items when you set out to explore a new place; whether that means wandering through cobbled streets in bustling European hubs or boarding your next plane ride. See the rest of our favorite travel totes here.

Yoga Democracy

Travel Essentials


If you’re taking a trip internationally don’t leave without your passport and appropriate visas! It really helps to have a travel wallet that holds your passport or at the very least some form of protection. It’s not a good idea to travel with your passport unprotected as it the most vital document you carry abroad.


Another essential before you leave home, but we need to add to the list. Make sure to do a full rundown of your place before you leave we like to turn the A/C up or the heat down and enter a power saving mode whenever we leave our home.

Travel Wallet

Even if you’re a grizzled veteran, a good travel wallet is a relatively small investment, considering the headache it could save you down the road. This guide to the best travel wallets will help you make a wise purchasing choice.

Boarding Passes (Printed or Confirmed)

If you’re catching a flight you better have your boarding passes ready before you arrive at the airport. We like to check-in online and then have a mobile version on our phones beforehand. Most things these days are fine to be stored on your phone and save on paper.

However, if you are depending on your phone make sure important documents are saved in your email or cloud as a backup. The power bank we mentioned above is also important in case you find yourself with a dead phone and need to access your documents.

Travel Insurance

Things to do in Crete

We don’t travel without travel insurance and neither should you. You never know what can happen while traveling so it’s best to be prepared. HeyMondo provides excellent short-term and long-term travel insurance plans. 

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