What to Wear in Italy All Year Round

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What to wear in Italy

It’s the night you have been waiting for. The night before you leave for that long awaited trip to Italy. No more work for awhile – the mind is now caught somewhere in between gelato, pasta, the colosseum, and cappuccinos. It’s time to pack for Italy and what you pack is important. Wondering what to wear in Italy? Or what about where to stay? Well, you’re not alone. Italy is a stylish place, but it’s also a country that leaves much to be explored on foot and varies season by season. There is a huge difference in style and weather between the different regions in Italy, and nailing down what exactly to throw in your suitcase may be daunting.

what to pack for italy in september

What to Wear in Italy


Walking shoes: A comfortable pair of walking shoes for both men and women is essential. Most of the cities in Italy are 100% walking cities, so prepare to work off that pasta! In case you missed it, the Italians are quite stylish so wearing a pair of New Balance sneakers will make you stick out as a tourist like crazy. Cameron likes wearing these types of walking shoes for men, and I don’t think you can ever go wrong with Clarks for women.

Small purse: You’re going to Italy! Chances are you will want to buy something and stash it somewhere. Not much of a shopper? You will still want a nice purse to keep your valuables safe and together. Men – put your wallet in your front pockets when at big tourist sites.

A variety of coats: The weather in Italy differs drastically, and freak days can spring out of nowhere. When we were Amalfi Coast we were scheduled to have sunshine for the entire week. Instead, we were met with mostly showers. It didn’t matter to us though, we had rain jackets to venture into Positano with! Depending on the season I would make sure to pack a good winter coat (yes it gets cold in Italy,) as well as a stylish peacoat so you blend in with those stylish Italians.

a rainy day in positano

Sun hat: It gets sunny in Italy, and unless you’re walking around museums you will be outside most of the day. Make sure to protect your face with a nice sun hat. Boys – please don’t get caught in a baseball hat in Italy, you will 100% be pegged for as an American tourist – and not in a good way.

Hair Products: Italy is a pretty stylish place. If you can fit it in your bag I would defiitely bring your favorite stylig tool. I like putting a little bounce in my air with a large barrel curling iron. 


Phone: Bring your phone! Most cafes in Italy have some sort of WiFi and it’s always nice to pop into these places and catch up on anything you may need. We also use our iPhone for maps to get around the city – which you will need in the big ones like meme and Florence.

Camera: Investing in some sort of higher quality camera will most certainly pay off in Italy. It’s one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to and I can’t imagine if I didn’t have a camera to capture some sort of memories of the Cinque Terre or Sicily. I travel around with my Fujifilm X-T10and 200mm telephoto lens, but I’m also never afraid to take out our tiny and discrete GoPro  whenever necessary.

what to wear in italy in september

Earbuds: Many of the big touristy sites have self-guided tours. Like the Colosseum and Roman Forum, I find it’s always nice to have your own personal earbuds to stick into your ear for these tours.

Adapter: Remember that Italy uses both the  “Type L ” Italian adapter and the Europlug. Many adapters are interchangeable, so make sure you find a good one like the one I have to keep you charged.

Clothes to Consider

Yoga pants and active wear: There are many outdoor activities in Italy (hello Cinque Terre), that require some flexible clothes to hike in. So when you’re wondering what to wear in Italy consider packing at least one active outfit.

Exploring the Cinque Terre Trail

A dinner outfit: My first trip to Italy I only had backpacker clothes. I didn’t have one single item that would of looked suitable to go out to dinner in Florence in. Make sure to pack a nice black dress for nights out.

One Shawl: Anice shawl is always a nice option to have to wrap around your body on a cold night while still looking chic.

Other Useful Travel Items

Lifestraw Go: The water in Italy is completely safe to drink from the tap, but for those that want the extra assurance then the Lifestraw is a great option. Also – bottled water is a huge waste of plastic and extremely expensive in Italy.

Protein Bars: It may seem silly bringing food to Italy. I mean, the country is world renowned for their amazing food. However, restaurants can get quite busy and I can count a number of times where we didn’t have easy access to food on a hike. Pack a couple extra food bars to make sure you don’t get hangry.


To review here is the full list of things to bring to Italy:

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What would you pack for Italy?

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