15 Best Places to Visit in July (in the WORLD)

There’s really no better time to plan a trip than July. The weather is great in many places around the world, so choosing the best place to visit in July is easy peasy.

Still, there are many destination options, and being July, it’s also an expensive month to travel as families and children take their summer holidays around the globe. Hitting that sweet spot can be tough! To help, we’ve created this list of our favorite places to travel during July!

The Best Places to Visit in July


Michigan Romantic Weekend

Most Americans and foreigners alike don’t think of Michigan when they are planning a vacation. Images of abandoned houses and factories in Detroit, water crises, and country farms come to mind. However, the mitten state has much more to offer than that.

I was born in Michigan, so the state holds a special place in my heart. The beautiful winters, clear beaches, and cute historic small towns scattered throughout the state are what I think about Michigan. It makes for the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend getaway with your loved one. Michigan has four seasons, and in my opinion, the very best one is the summer. There’s nothing quite like summertime in Michigan, even Kid Rock thinks so!

July is the best time to explore Michigan, especially northern Michigan like Traverse City, Petoskey, and up in the Upper Peninsula. Temperatures in Michigan in July are very comfortable with the sun shining most days. Temperatures in Michigan in July range between a 70-80 °F all day.


Best Places to Visit in July

Mozambique is truly one of the best destinations in Africa. We have sung praises about Mozambique in the past. It’s one of the best places to visit in July that I bet you have never thought about!

Mozambique brings something much more to the table that any adventurous soul will come to love. With a few weeks in Mozambique, it remains one of the top places we can’t wait to return.

Every day I dream of empty beaches and delicious seafood on the African coast. If you are looking for somewhere truly out of this world unique to go in July, Mozambique is a great call. It’s one of the best months to visit as it’s the dry season and temperatures are cooler and comfortable.


Where to Stay on Langkawi

Have you ever heard of the island of Langkawi off the coast of Malaysia? We hadn’t until a few months ago when we started to plan our trip there. Langkawi, known as “the Jewel of Kedah”  is an archipelago of 99 beautiful islands in the Andaman Sea.

The islands showcase the best of tropical rainforests, white sand beaches, and unique geological formations. To see the large bays filled with lush islands transports you on to the set of a travel movie filmed on a lost island. Only it is not lost and there are a plethora of things to in Langkawi. We were stoked to arrive and spend just over two weeks exploring all of the activities and beaches the archipelago has to offer.

One of the best times to visit Langkawi is in July, during the midseason. It’s during this time that the weather is pleasant, with only an occasional rain shower, but tourist numbers are down, so you’ll have beaches and hotels more yourself!


Banff - Best Places to Visit in July

July is without a doubt the best time to visit Banff. It is a beautiful summer month in Banff. Rainfall is low and if you’re lucky your vacation will be filled with sunshine and long days.

As such, the town and the national park are filled with visitors who want to come and experience Banff’s beautiful nature for themselves. Camping, enjoying the wildlife, hiking – everything’s on offer. You’ll likely need reservations for the popular camping spots, and if you’re staying at a hotel you’ll be paying high prices for it.

The average temperature is 24°C, but tends to be warmer in the afternoon. Yes, this means you can finally forget about winter, though you’ll still want to pack a packable down jacket and a shell jacket just in case.

All that sunshine and melting snow has made the mountainsides a lush carpet of greenery. There’s also a lot of sunshine – about 16 hours a day, meaning the sun doesn’t set until about 10 pm. Clear, cloudless skies at night equal great stargazing conditions.


Best Time to Visit Iceland

July is a great time to do warm(er) weather activities in Iceland. Things like scuba diving in Þingvellir or hiking around Iceland are great this time of year. Of course, you can still do these activities in the colder months, but I think we can all agree it’s more enjoyable with some sunshine. It may be warmer and you’re guaranteed some beautiful green landscapes, summer in Iceland comes with a few issues. Because of all this July is one of the best months to visit Iceland for photography.

It’s peak season in Iceland so expect prices to be through the roof. Also, like most places around the world summertime is when most people take their vacations, especially Americans. And Americans LOVE Iceland so you can expect to find a lot more people in the country. That being said I visited Iceland in July and had a fabulous time. I hiked during the day, biked around Reykjavik, partied until the sun “set” at 2 am, and joined my Icelandic friends at the public swimming pools. People are happy in the summertime and you just can’t beat that vibe in Iceland.

The Yukon

Best Places to Visit in July

The Yukon is one of the most beautiful places in Canada. The Yukon, a territory in northwest Canada, is wild, mountainous and sparsely populated. It is home to vast swaths of wilderness that is teeming with wildlife like bears, moose, caribou, and wolves. We enjoyed a road trip there last summer and it blew us away — we know we’ll return soon as it’s a dream destination relatively close to home.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Gold Rush towns in the middle of nowhere and jaw dropping landscapes the Yukon is for you. You can even consider driving into Alaska via the scenic Top of the World Highway.

One of the best times to visit the Yukon is in the summertime. When the weather really can’t get any better and the foliage comes alive. See the photo above!


Things to do in Crete, Greece.9

July is one of the best times to visit Crete if you don’t mind crowds. On the Greek islands, temperatures can be a bit cooler, with an average of about 24°C; though the south is much warmer, naturally, than the north in July. If you’re looking for a good time of year to island-hop around the Aegean, it’s July.

It’s hot and sunny throughout the month with practically no rain. Humidity is at its peak, but it’s never like uncomfortable like Southeast Asian levels; only around 50%.

Beach-goers are out in full force. The water is around 24°C – perfect to cool off from the radiant heat of the sun. If you’re after white sand beaches and crystal clear water, rent a car and head to Crete. See the photo above! That was taken in July.


best hikes in ecuador

Ecuador is one of the best places to travel to in July. With low rainfall and pleasant temperatures, it’s a great place for exploring the beautiful city of Quito, or heading to the jungles.

If you are more into adventure activities there are plenty of hikes around Ecuador to check off during this time. Anything from hiking Rucu Pichinchato exploring Lake Cuicocha is on the table!


traveling Scotland

July is officially the start of the top travel time for Scotland as a whole (particularly the Isle of Skye, Glencoe, Orkney, and Edinburgh) thanks to much warmer weather and sunnier days. Get ready for days averaging 16° and rising as high as 20°C. Because of this nicer weather, this is also the start of the summer travel rush, when traveler numbers will be at their highest. Scotland doesn’t experience many months with summer as good as this, so be prepared for crowds, but that’s okay when you have all the green grass and sunshine!

If you are traveling Scotland during July you’ll want to make sure you book your accommodation in advance. This is peak season and the prices will go up the closer to your dates you get.

Austrian Alps

Halltal Hikes in Austria

Whether you want. to go hiking and just sing in the hills reliving The Sound of Music, the Austrian Alps are amazing during July. It’s when hiking season is in full steam here, and you’ll can get some of the best hikes in Austria under your belt.

After you climb that mountain head down to one of the colorful towns below for lunch. Afterward go for a walk alongside sunny meadows and clear lakes. Doesn’t sound like you get a much better July in my opinion!


Best Zanzibar Beaches

By July, temperatures have dropped in Zanzibar, making it one of the best places to travel in July. Hovering around 24°C on average with highs of approximately 26°C, making this one of the cooler months of the year, a very comfortable time to visit. There’s plenty of sunshine to soak up and warm seas (also 26°C) to wallow in, though. 

There’s not a lot of rain, humidity is at 60%, and it’s a pleasant time of year to visit. It’s a busy time on the islands, being the time of year for one of Zanzibar’s major festivals (more on that later). It’s also the start of the summer holidays in many countries, so holidaymakers start making their way here towards the end of the month.


Best Places to Visit in July

I couldn’t think of a better time to go see sights in Normany like Mont Saint Michel or Honfleur. Normandy, France is truly out of this world special. The month of July is peak season – because the weather is fantastic.

You can’t get much better than sipping French champagne while snacking on oysters in the small French countryside. If you want a more active holiday, hiking in France is awesome during this time. Although it’s a beautiful destination year-round, to really make the most out of it visit when temperatures are pleasant. Be warned, Normandy gets very busy in the summer so it’s best to book your accommodation early!


Best Places to Visit in July
Hiking in Norway in July

Norway happens to be one of the safest and most beautiful countries on earth! It’s a fascinating part of the world filled with natural wonders and history. It’s one of the best places to visit in July because the weather is simply fantastic.

Think sunny and daily averages of 22°C – what could get much better! Just stay away from some of the main hotspots in the country. This is also the busiest time of the year to visit Norway, so you’ll want to plan ahead to score a good deal.


The Selous, Tanzania

For many, Tanzania may be the most well-known country in Africa. It is the country that has become synonymous with the Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar.

People from all over the world flock to Tanzania to have a safari and live out their “Lion King” moments in some of the best national parks in the world. The country is staggeringly beautiful, populated by a warm Swahili culture, and home to some of the best wildlife on this planet. There are plenty of things to see and do in the country and you don’t have to choose between beautiful beaches, unique wildlife, and vast mountain landscapes.

July is a great time to go on safari in Tanzania, in particular. It’s the dry season, meaning your chance at spotting safari animals greatly increases.

The great wildebeest migration in the Serengeti usually takes places during July, so if that has always been on your bucket list book a ticket there now!



This southern Africa nation left us enchanted with its vast landscapes, varied wildlife, and hospitable people. After a month in Namibia, we arrived in Botswana with little expectations.

Of course, we have seen Planet Earth and watched the wildlife from television so we had some idea. However to witness the spectacle that is Botswana in person is entirely different. Botswana is truly where African dreams come true, there’s really no other place in the world like it. However, it’s a very expensive destination and you’ll want to time your trip right.

The best time to visit Botswana is between May to September, during the dry season and winter, meaning cooler temperatures and great wildlife viewing. Also it’s when the Okavango Delta is flooded!

Plan & Pack for Your Trip in July

Travel Insurance

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Travel Shoes

If you’re wondering what travel necessities to bring around the world then good walking shoes should be your top concern.

Traveling in Italy
Kindle Paperwhite

I love real books, but for traveling it can be easier to carry a lighter and more compact item like a Kindle. Plus, then you can download new books on the go!

Best Travel Water Bottles

Please consider purchasing a travel water bottle before your trip! We hate to see one time use plastic bottles ending up in the ocean. The tap water is so good here – seriously please don’t be one of those tourist that buys plastic water bottles in Italy. It’s a waste of money and plastic!

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