30 BEST Places To Visit In July

July is the classic time for a summer holiday, so enjoy the warm weather. It’s one of those months you can find about anything you want. Most of us are more than happy to welcome the warm weather of the Northern Hemisphere. Destinations such as Mozambique, Canada, Scotland, Bali, and Iceland have ideal weather in July.

It’s the perfect month whether you want to safari in Tanzania, sunbathe in the Canary Islands, or hike in the Austrian Alps. Many of the Northern Hemisphere’s beaches enjoy hot weather and warm water, so it’s a great time for a beach vacation. It’s a great month to get off the beaten path as the most popular destinations, like Italy and Greece, are overly crowded. Here are some of the best places to visit in July.

The Best Places to Visit in July

Michigan, USA

Michigan Romantic Weekend

Michigan is a surprisingly superb destination to visit in July. It has a great blend of natural beauty, activities, charming towns, and cultural experiences. Its most treasured asset is its fantastic to the Great Lakes, which provides a myriad of water activities. No better place to take in the views of Lake Michigan is Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, with its network of hiking trails and towering sand dunes.

Many towns and cities ripe for exploration are dotted along its lakeshores, such as Saugatuck, Holland, South Haven, Petoskey, Ludington, and Muskegon. The most notable is Traverse City in July, as they kick off the month with the National Cherry Festival. It’s the destination for all things cherry, from chocolates to pies.

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse Michigan

Even Detroit has shaken off the worst of its financial crisis and has plenty to offer travelers with restaurants, museums, parks, and artisan shops. The city also hosts many concerts and professional sporting events in July. Natasha is from Michigan, so the state holds a special place in our hearts. It is the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend getaway with your loved one.

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Mozambique White Pearl

Mozambique is unlike any other destination on this list, and we have often sung praises about the country. It has a stunning coastline with pristine beaches and vibrant coral reefs. Marine life here is a huge highlight, with excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. Add to the mix a culture that is a fusion of African and Portuguese that results in an explosion of colors, food, and even music.

A Market In Mozambique

Gritty beach towns like Tofo Beach offer an excellent base for surfers and those looking to get up close with marine megafauna such as whales, rays, and sharks. Mozambique is a destination for adventure travelers as the country still attempts to recover from a brutal civil war that lasted for decades. It remains one of the poorest countries in the world, and the infrastructure here is challenging at best.

Mozambique Travel

However, those willing to work will find Mozambique an engrossing country. We still dream of its empty beaches, friendly locals, and delicious seafood. July is one of the best months to visit as it’s the dry season, and temperatures are cooler and more comfortable. After a few weeks in Mozambique, it remains one of the top places we can’t wait to return.

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Langkawi, Malaysia

Where to Stay on Langkawi

Langkawi is often called “the Jewel of Kedah” as the island is one of the Andaman Sea’s most beautiful. Treasures here include golden sand beaches, traditional villages, tropical rainforests, and a network of limestone caves. While there is one main island, it’s an archipelago of 99 beautiful islands best explored by boat.

Things to do in Langkawi - Kilim Geo Park

The islands are all fringed by sandy beaches, limestone cliffs, and clear waters for snorkeling and diving. Further inland, the jungles have entrancing waterfalls, exotic birdlife, and colugos, which are like flying lemurs. There’s no shortage of adventures and activities such as kayaking, estuary cruises, cable car, hiking, and quad bikes.

One of the best times to visit Langkawi is in July, during the midseason. During this time, the weather is pleasant, with only an occasional rain shower, but tourist numbers are down, so you’ll have beaches and hotels more yourself!

The Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks

The natural wonders of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks are astounding. They are arguably some of the most idealistic landscapes in the world and make for a hiker’s and climber’s paradise. The most famous park, Banff National Park, continues to grow in popularity thanks to the incredibly photogenic Moraine Lake. The lake can only be accessed from June to October. July is, without a doubt, the best time to visit Banff. It is a beautiful summer month in Banff. Rainfall is low; if you’re lucky, your vacation will be filled with sunshine and long days. . Other spectacular alpine lakes include Lake Louise, Peyto Lake, Emerald Lake, and Bow Lake.

A View Of Spray Lakes From Tent Ridge At Golden Hour

The Canadian Rockies are a lot more than just Banff National Park, as the mountain range is largely protected through a series of national and provincial parks that are all interconnected. These include Yoho, Kootenay, Jasper National Park, Kananaskis Country, Mount Assiniboine, Mount Robson, and Height Of The Rockies Provincial Parks. It all adds to a sprawling amount of natural spaces home to abundant wildlife. It’s all easily accessible from the wonderful resort towns of Banff, Canmore, and Jasper.

It’s the first month you can finally forget about winter in Banff, though you’ll still want to pack a packable down jacket and a shell jacket just in case. All the sunshine and melting snow turn the mountainsides into a lush carpet of greenery where wildflowers abound. It’s the time for long adventures, and big trail runs with nearly 16 hours of daylight. It’s high season and the season to experience the best of all the mountains offer. The downside is you’ll likely need reservations for the popular camping spots, and if you’re staying at a hotel, you’ll be paying high prices.

*We have a home in Canmore and may be slightly biased about how much we love this place! For more information, check out The Banff Blog, which covers Banff and Western Canada.

Ring Road, Iceland

Best Time to Visit Iceland

No destination feels more like visiting another planet than Iceland, and we’d say that includes Antarctica! The truth is Iceland’s landscape can be found nowhere else. A mixture of hot springs, glaciers, wet deserts, lava fields, and a dizzying amount of waterfalls makes Iceland an adventure destination dream. Add to that Iceland’s charming and quirky culture with a love for hot springs that keeps visitors returning for more. Some of our favorite hot springs include Hvammsvik, Vök, and Reykjadalur.

Natasha Sits In A Field In Front Of A Waterfall In Icleand

July is a great time to do warm(er) weather activities in Iceland. Things like scuba diving in Þingvellir or hiking around Iceland are great this time of year. Of course, you can still do these activities in the colder months, but we can all agree it’s more enjoyable with sunshine and long days. You’re guaranteed some beautiful green landscapes and decent weather. Because of all this, July is one of the best months to visit Iceland for photography.

With the daylight and decent weather, it’s a great time to drive the famed Ring Road. The highway circumnavigates the island nation and stops by many of the country’s highlights. It’s not a long drive, 14 hours, but we recommend visitors plan for at least a week to drive the road.

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A White Sandy Beach On Fiji

If you’re searching for a tropical island escape, it’s hard to find a better fit than Fiji. Its 333 islands cater well to visitors after sparkling blue water, white sand beaches, and luxurious resorts. Divers and anyone who loves to snorkel will appreciate the archipelago’s fantastic coral reefs. Adventurous surfers can find some incredible surf breaks.

Fiji is truly a unique destination worldwide, thanks to its remoteness. The closest destination to Fiji is New Zealand’s North Island, which is 1,300 miles away. This means that the island’s culture remains distinctly Fijian, who act as excellent hosts with fantastic hospitality. Fijians are proud of their cultural identity and happy to share it with island visitors.

High season is in full swing for Fiji, as it’s the ideal time to lounge on the islands’ sandy beaches! If you plan to visit in July, booking a hotel in advance is a good idea as it is peak season. This largely concerns summer holidays, but if you can swing into the shoulder seasons of June or September, that’s a great idea.


Natasha Hiking In The Cairngorms Of Scotland

Thanks to its warm locals, culturally rich history, and rugged landscapes, Scotland holds a special place in hearts. It’s one of our favorite places to travel; we know we’ll always return. Weather remains unpredictable any time of year in Scotland, but July is a safer bet. Summer is a great time to explore the outdoors in destinations like the Cairngorms, Outer Hebrides, Highlands, and Orkney Islands. Those landscapes and coastlines offer many experiences, such as hiking, biking, climbing, horseback riding, and even surfing.

City Center Street Of Edinburgh At Suset

It’s not just the countryside that allures travelers, as Scotland’s cities are just as vibrant. Edinburgh and Glasgow are historical cities that host plenty of festivals, events, and outdoor activities in the summer. Temperatures range from the average temperatures between 11°C to 19°C, but you’ll still see some wet days. That being said, it’s rare for it to pour the entire day, and instead, you’ll likely get scattered showers with clouds to make your vacation photos moodier. It’s the ideal time to enjoy Scotland’s history and warm hospitality.

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Ruaha National Park

Tanzania is beloved for its safari holidays, fascinating tribal culture, gorgeous beaches, and wild landscapes. It has the Serengeti, Mt Kilimanjaro, Lake Tanganyika, Ngorongoro Crater, and Zanzibar Archipelago, all worth visiting. Add the warm and welcoming Swahili culture, and visitors are in for a treat. You can climb one of the seven summits or kick back on a beach and embrace the idea of “hakuna matata.”

Zanzibar Beaches

Tazania’s wildlife may be one of its greatest assets, with phenomenal safari experiences from Ruaha, Selous, Mahale, Katavi, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and Serengeti. The Serengeti is naturally the most renowned, as its abundance of wildlife, endless plains, acacia trees, and rocky outcroppings (kopje) inspired The Lion King.

As with many African destinations, the country lacks great infrastructure and public transport options. It is possible to rent a truck, but it still requires confidence and skill. We recommend visitors book a personalized trip through an agent like Timbuktu or a packaged trip through SafariBookings.com.

July is a great time to go on safari in Tanzania. It’s the dry season, meaning the chances of spotting safari animals significantly increase as brush reduces visibility and the animals congregate around water sources. The great wildebeest migration in the Serengeti usually takes place during July, so if that has always been on your bucket list, book a ticket there now!

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Bali, Indonesia

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Bali is an island destination that hardly needs an introduction. Bali is a vibe. Most importantly, it’s an island of many contrasts. Bali, a Hindu island, contrasts with Indonesia, a predominantly Muslim nation and conservative in values. So, traditional Balinese culture is starkly different from their neighbors. It’s often referred to as the “Island of the Gods,” and anyone who’s spent time on the island can attest to why.

The island has some staggering landscapes thanks to its towering volcanos, terraced rice fields, hidden waterfalls, ancient temples, and dramatic coastline. July is the middle of the dry and surfing seasons (head to the Bukit Peninsula for big offshore swells) until September. Humidity is at its lowest amount in July, so the weather is enjoyable. Bali is a dream destination for many, and getting there is worth the long flight! Our two favorite spots in Bali are Uluwatu for its gorgeous surf spots and Ubud for its tremendous yoga studios.

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Nomadic Homes In Kyrgyzstan

July is a wonderful month to visit Kyrgyzstan as it enjoys its most pleasant weather. The central Asian nation has some sublime mountain landscapes and plains and is home to a rich nomadic culture. Summer brings excellent hiking opportunities in the Tien Shan Mountains and access to subalpine lakes such as Issyk-Kul. This makes it an excellent time for photographs and enjoyment as the landscape turns green and fills with wildflowers.

Kyrgyzstan Summer Landscape With Horses

Across those landscapes are the nomadic people’s yurts that dot the countryside. Travelers can arrange homestays with these families to taste some Kyrgyz hospitality. It’s an immersive and authentic experience that is increasingly difficult to find as global tourism rises. Best of all, it’s an incredibly affordable destination, making it a hit with backpackers. However, any traveler who tries to reach the landlocked country will walk away with a rewarding experience.

Copenhagen, Denmark

A Copenhagen Canal On A Sunny Day

The Danish capital city of Copenhagen comes alive in the summer months. July means long sunlit days and pleasant weather perfect for exploring the city’s picturesque streets and waterfronts. Like Amsterdam, the city is famed for its extensive network of canals lined with stately Renaissance homes. The Danes provide an excellent selection of bakeries, theaters, cafes, museums, restaurants, art galleries, and crafters.

It’s an exceptional place to enjoy the hygge, a Scandinavian term that describes the feeling of comfort and contentment — like a good cup of coffee in a quaint setting. Copenhagen is a hip city that never seems to take itself too seriously. You can even travel to Europe’s most famous amusement, the historic Tivoli Gardens. July has the best weather of the year and makes for the ideal time to enjoy the outdoor cafes and city gardens.

Yukon, Canada

Mount Logan In The Yukon

The Yukon, a territory in northwest Canada, is wild, mountainous, and sparsely populated. It is home to vast swaths of wilderness teeming with wildlife like bears, moose, caribou, and wolves. Our road trip through the Yukon blew us away with its dramatic landscapes and sense of wilderness few destinations can deliver. The scale here is humongous and can quickly humble even the most experienced outdoor adventurers.

An Old Wood Bridge In The Yukon

The Yukon is for you if you’ve ever wanted to see Gold Rush towns in the middle of nowhere and jaw-dropping landscapes. You can even consider driving into Alaska via the scenic Top of the World Highway. One of the best times to visit the Yukon is in the summertime. When the weather really can’t get any better, the foliage comes alive.

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Where are the Seychelles

Seychelles encapsulates what we imagine to be an island paradise. The island nation stretches across an archipelago that offers sublime beaches and pristine natural landscapes. Undeniably, the islands’ key attraction is their near-perfect beaches, such as Anse Lazio and Anse Source d’Argent, with their powdery white sands and azure waters. The towering granite boulders and tropical forests flanking the beaches add the perfect dash of dramatic scenery.

Anse Lazio Seychelles Island

Beyond the beaches, thick tropical vegetation covers the islands. The forests provide an ideal home to many exotic birds and plants, such as the coco de mer palm, which has the largest seed on earth. Its marine-rich waters have amazing opportunities for divers and snorkelers. It is the ideal island retreat for those looking to escape. Some wonderful resorts and homestays on the main islands of Mahe, La Dique, and Praslin are certain to ensure the utmost relaxation. It’s not all about relaxation either, as the island offers excellent conditions for water sports such as sailing and surfing.

Western Austria

Hiking in Austria in July

Austria’s western states of Vorarlberg and Tyrol are an excellent mountain playground in July. The rugged granite mountains offer expansive glaciers, huge summits, pristine alpine lakes, rolling meadows, and charming villages to explore. It’s an outdoor hub for climbers, hikers, bikers, and anyone wanting to soak up mountain goodness. Give it your best, Julie Andrews, and twirl along a mountaintop.

Mountain Biking In Montafon Austria
Biking in the Montafon Region Of Vorarlberg

Some spectacular highlights include Grossglockner, Hallstatt, Zell Am See, Gosausee, and the Krimml Waterfalls. Two of our favorite activities in Austria include mountain biking and climbing via ferattas or klettersteigs. After a full day in the mountains, refill your batteries with hearty mountain staples and fresh alpine cheese. Afterward, soak in any of the numerous spas that dot the countryside. It’s not the countryside, as the cities of Innsbruck and Salzburg dazzle and captivate too.

Normandy, France

Normandy is a gentle escape known for its wooded countryside, historic villages, and artisnal food products. It’s steeped in history from the path of William the Conquerer to the beaches of D-Day. The region of France also has some showstopping sights, such as Mont-Saint-Michel and the cliffs of Fécamp. July also brings vibrant festivals and events, such as the Deauville American Film Festival, adding a cultural flair to the trip.

Its abundant apple orchards, rolling pastures, and bountiful sea produce excellent products such as calvados, camembert, and mussels. Although it’s a beautiful destination year-round, to make the most out of it, visit when temperatures are pleasant. Be warned, Normandy gets very busy in the summer, so booking your accommodation early is best!



While East Africa offers the quintessential safari experiences, it can also mean crowds. Those seeking a true wilderness experience with mind-boggling game density and close encounters head to Botswana for safari. The Southern African nation has adopted low-impact and high-value tourism, a superb safari experience for those with the cash. Lodges here can have some truly eye-watering price tags for most travelers. However, opportunities for moderately priced safaris and more easily accessible destinations, such as Chobe National Park, offer decent value.

Linyanti Expeditions Tent Safari

However, it’s the Okavango Delta that steals the show and makes frequent appearances in nature documentaries. The humongous remote floodplain in the country’s north has insane game density and is known for dramatic wildlife encounters. It also houses the country’s most exclusive lodges that deliver a true six-star experience far from civilization. The best time to visit Botswana is between May and September, during the dry season and winter, meaning cooler temperatures and great wildlife viewing. Also, it’s when the Okavango Delta is flooded!


The beginning of this website.

Norway enjoys mild, warm weather, with plenty of sunlight in the summer, perfect for enjoying its dramatic landscapes. Without Norway in the summer, this website would not exist — over a decade ago, we met in Norway on July 8th for a backpacking trip through Europe. It was the start of a beautiful life together. We can thank Norway’s epic natural fjords for the inspiration. Many of them are lined by old fishing cabins that still remain in use as summer getaways for Norwegians.

Norway Facts you'll love

Norway happens to be one of the safest and most beautiful countries on earth! It’s a fascinating part of the world filled with natural wonders and history. Norwegians love spending their summers out in nature, and they take full advantage once the weather warms up.

Everything is available, from hiking, fishing, kayaking, coastal walks, biking, swimming, and camping. Most quintessential is finishing the day off with a “uteplis” or a beer outside in the sun. It’s one of the best places to visit in July because the weather is fantastic for road-tripping and hiking. This is also the busiest time of the year to visit Norway, so you’ll want to plan ahead to score a good deal.

Canary Islands, Spain

The sun-soaked Canary Islands are an excellent beach destination with unique landscapes. Set off the coast of Africa, the Spanish archipelago enjoys a subtropical climate with warm waters all year. As the islands are volcanic, they feature towering peaks, dramatic cliff faces, forests, deserts, and pristine natural beaches. La Palma, one of the most popular islands for visitors, is known as “La Isla Bonita” or the beautiful island.

With their diverse landscapes, there are a plethora of activities to keep travelers entertained on the islands. It starts with the island’s historic towns, such as Betancuria, Garachico, and Teguise. Beaches such as Las Teresitas, Playa Jardín, Playa del Matorral, Playa de la Tejita, and Playa de Cofete draw visitors with their warm waters.

View of Las Teresitas Beach, in Tenerife, Spain

Plenty of sports are on offer for the more adventurous, such as hiking, trail running, kite surfing, windsurfing, and sailing. Naturally, with warm, clear waters, it’s also a wonderful spot for diving and snorkeling. We also love activities such as whale watching and star gazing from the Teide Observatory. As if the islands’ offerings were not enough Nuestra Senora del Carmen and Jazz & Mas are popular festivals in July. 

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Alaska is like another country compared to the rest of the United States. It contains the country’s most dramatic and breathtaking landscapes. The glaciated St. Elias Mountains are the highest coastal mountain range on earth and tower over the state’s coastline. Adventure seekers will appreciate the long daylight hours for hiking, wildlife viewing, fishing, climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking. It all culminates with the midnight sun towards the end of the month.

The state’s wildlife is particularly active during this period, providing perfect opportunities to spot bears, moose, whales, and various bird species. It’s a great time to tackle the state’s scenic drives along the iconic Alaska Highway, venture into Denali National Park to see Mount Denali, or explore the stunning Kenai Fjords. Alaska is America’s Last Frontier, and that still remains true. Its vast, untamed wilderness makes for an ideal summer escape.

San Francisco, California (USA)


Thanks to ocean currents, San Francisco enjoys lovely cool weather in July, making for a great city escape without all the heat. The city has been an icon for years thanks to landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. However, the city’s history of open-mindedness has cultivated music, art, tech innovation, and lifestyle for decades. Explore an abundance of culinary delights, vibrant bars, engaging events, and distinctive shops contributing to the city’s dynamic and eclectic character.

Yosemite National Park

It’s not just the city that plies visitors, as there is a wealth of worthy day trips and gorgeous natural landscapes to explore. The Marin Headlands are a famed stretch of coastline that lies just north of the city known for its healthy sea lion population. However, Redwood National Forest and Yosemite National Park are the real draw – few natural landscapes are as celebrated in the United States.


Summers are lovely in Newfoundland, and July is a fantastic time to visit. The allure of visiting Newfoundland lies in its rugged and breathtaking landscapes, charming coastal villages, and warm hospitality. Newfie culture is known for being the most quirky in Canada, with an accent unlike anywhere else. St John’s, one of North America’s oldest cities, is a great base and starting point.

The wild beauty of Gros Morne National Park will blow away those seeking nature, where hiking trails provide plenty of space to unwind. Those looking for even more should tackle the East Coast Trail, an extensive network of trails that cross nearly the entire island of Newfoundland. Many ocean activities include fishing, sailing, whale watching, and kayaking. However, the most unique option is the ability to tour the Iceberg Alley and witness towering chunks of ice.

July in Newfoundland brings a vibrant energy, with numerous festivals and events celebrating the province’s rich history and cultural diversity. You can attend a folk music festival, taste local food, or watch regattas along the coast, in July find it’s easy to enjoy Newfoundland’s warm and convivial atmosphere.

Hokkaido, Japan

Biei Flowers In June On Island Of Hokkaido

Japan is often described as an attack on the senses as its most popular attractions remain in its cities, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka. Despite having the largest metropolitan area in the world, the country has no shortage of green spaces, as most of it is forested. The Japanese have long revered nature as Shintoism, the country’s primary religion, places great importance on the harmony of natural spaces and spirits. This is apparent when visiting destinations such as the ancient pilgrimage trek, Kumano Kodo.

Inside A Busy Restaurant Of Sapporo

However, July is the middle of the summer monsoon season on the main island of Honshu. This means that for the best weather, travelers should head to the northern island of Hokkaido. The countryside of Hokkaido is remarkable, with serene farm life, breathtaking volcanoes, and expansive forests. Most notable during this period is Biei, in which flower farms bloom across rolling hills. Those still after the city experience in Japan will find immense enjoyment in the island’s cities, such as Sapporo, Hakodate, and Otaru. Sapporo has to be one of my favorite cities in Japan for its culinary delights and incredible seafood.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod Masssachusetts

While the iconic Cape Cod in Massachusetts beckons with its upscale waterfront residences, those on a budget can discover hidden gems along the more tranquil stretches of the peninsula. Opt for the serene charm of the Outer Cape beaches near Cape Cod National Seashore, where affordability meets coastal beauty. Visit Head of the Meadow Beach for its expansive views and pristine sands, ideal for long walks or peaceful contemplation. Alternatively, Corporation Beach on Cape Cod Bay offers a family-friendly setting with gentle waves and breathtaking sunsets.

For wallet-friendly accommodations, explore options in towns like Wellfleet and Harwich. The Cape Codder Resort & Spa in Hyannis provides a comfortable stay with an indoor water park for family fun. Provincetown, with its vibrant arts scene, remains accessible and inclusive, providing diverse experiences for those arriving via the ferry from Boston.

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Lake Kivu In Rwanda

Perhaps you’ve never thought of Rwanda as a destination for a vacation, but in recent years, this East African country has become a top destination in the world. Rwanda is easily one of the best places to travel in Africa, and there are more reasons than just the dry, hot weather to go there in July! The country’s nickname is the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” and that’s evident after a glimpse across its verdant landscape.

One of the top things to do in the country is gorilla tracking, but so many other things make Rwanda such an amazing place to visit. Explore the trendy capital of Kigali, where you’ll dine in top restaurants, hang out at the beaches along Lake Kivu, and visit top attractions, including the Kigali Genocide Memorial, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Inema Arts Centre, and Niyo Arts Gallery.

Gorillas in Uganda

Almost every traveler to Rwanda will visit the famed Volcanoes National Park, home to habituated mountain gorillas. After a trek through the thick jungle, travelers will spend an hour observing the wild gorilla family. There are few experiences as soul-stirring as looking into the eyes of some human’s closest genetic relatives — it’s humbling.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming (USA)

Mormon Row Jackson Hole Grand Teton

Hiking, boating, fishing, biking, and rafting are best done when temperatures are comfortable and precipitation isn’t forecast. That’s why Jackson Hole is a perfect destination to travel to if outdoor adventure is what you’re seeking. 

The days are longer this time of year, too, so you can enjoy seemingly endless days in the woods, on the lake, on the river, or the trails. Grand Teton National Park, National Elk Refuge, and National Museum of Wildlife Art are must-see attractions in the area.

Hvar, Croatia

The Marina Of Hvar Croatia

Croatia’s dramatic coastline continues to increase in popularity thanks to its historic Venetian towns and deep blue Adriatic waters. One of the highlights of their coastline is the island of Hvar, with its lavender fields, craggy bays, and historic marina. It’s a refined island with a laid-back Mediterranean vibe that offers heritage and history.

The welcoming atmosphere on the sun-drenched island of Hvar is renowned, attracting celebrities like Beyonce, Prince Harry, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise, who have made waves with their visits on private yachts. From its seaside restaurants and beach clubs, you can dine on fresh Adriatic seafood and party late into the next morning.

Drone Shot Of Island of Coast Of Hvar Croatia

When not wining and dining, hike along ancient goat paths to abandoned villages, sunbathe au naturel in secretive coves, or race along dirt roads. Like much of the Croatian coast, the island is known for its hedonistic culture. The start of the high season and summer in Europe. July is a fantastic but busy time to visit. Book your accommodation early.


A Landscape Of Machu Picchu

Peru is the quintessential destination for those looking to explore the Andes Mountains. No visitor’s trip to the country is complete without the classic Machu Picchu, one of the world’s most incredible wonders, along with many other Incan sites and trails for visitors to explore. However, there is much more to Peru than the former Incan Empire. The country has a fantastic coastline with surf, the Amazon River, a vast swath of rainforest, and historic colonial towns.

The Central Square In Cusco

Peru experiences dry winter months in comparison to its rainy, hot summers. It’s one of the driest times of the year in Peru, so it’s excellent for hikers. It’s also a tremendous time to visit Andes sites like Cusco, Machu Picchu, and other historical sights. It’s a dry and sunny month for Peru’s coastal region.

Colorado, USA

Vail Colorado Horseback Riding

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado is amazing all year round, but if you want to get the most out of the state’s many attractions and outdoor adventures, July is one of the best months to go. The warm days make it perfect for hiking and other outdoor pursuits, and it’s easily one of the best places to visit in July in the USA. The nights are cool and crisp, perfect for curling up around a fire or under a clear night sky. 

Colorado Trail Marker In July

Festivals in July include the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival, the Denver Underground Music Showcase, and the Vail Dance Festival. Check out the ancient cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park and many other attractions, including Rocky Mountain National Park, Garden of the Gods, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

Best Places To Travel In July – Quick Answers

Where are some cool places to visit in July?

Much of Europe, North America, and the rest of the world are incredibly hot during July. Every year seems to be getting warmer as well. We all know the threat of global warming is real.

However, some places are much cooler than others. Our suggestions include Alberta, Iceland, the Yukon, the Faroe Islands, and around the Midwest.

Where are the Best Places to Travel in July for a Beach Holiday?

Michigan has some fantastic beaches! Other beach destinations on this list include Mozambique, Greece, and Zanzibar.

Where is the Nicest Weather in July?

The Canadian Rockies have some superb weather in July, with temperatures around 25 Celsius. Other countries and destinations with very ideal July weather are Norway, Switzerland, and Colorado.

Where are the least crowded places to visit in July?

July is a crowded month throughout much of the world, as it is when many people take summer vacations. However, perhaps some of the least crowded places on this list are Botswana, the Yukon, and Mozambique.

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